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Ed Hardy Shimmering Body Lotion

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Brand: Ed Hardy / Type: Body Lotion

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    2 Reviews
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      14.04.2013 00:56
      Very helpful
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      A lovely unusual scented lotion.

      I have very pale skin, and I've never gotten along with fake tans. One of the ways I stop myself looking quite so pasty is by using shimmer body lotions to give me a subtle glow. I have quite a range - some scented, some unscented, some liquid, some in bar form, in various different shades, one of my favourites is my Ed Hardy Hearts and Daggers Shimmering Body Lotion, which is part of a gift set I received for my 30th birthday last year.

      Mine comes in different packaging than the one shown above (I believe that is the 'Love Kills Slowly' variety, which I've not tried). Mine comes in a squeezy tube, with a dark bright pink cap that is flat and allows the tube to be stood on its end. The centre of the image is Ed Hardy's well known 'Love Kills Slowly' tattoo, on a background that is very busy - roses, skulls, tigers, koi - not an inch of space on the tube is left uncovered by a tattoo. Towards the bottom is a dark vibrant pink banner, bearing the name of the scent this lotion is based on 'Hearts and Daggers'.

      This tube came in a smart box, mainly black but with a tattooed frame, and the Love Kills Slowly design and Ed Hardy signature taking up the centre of the box.

      Squeezing some out, this has a thick cream consistency, thicker than I was expecting. Its a light blush pink in colour, with hints of bronze. It feels very luxurious when rubbing it in, and takes quite a long time to absorb - I don't think it ever really did, it sort of left a thin layer sitting on the surface of my skin. The lotion doesn't really change the colour of my pale legs as such - they didn't turn from bright white to baby pink, but what it does do is spread tiny light catching particles all over my skin, making it look a little healthier and more even, and catching the sunlight (assuming there is any nearby, not an assumption one can make in the UK. It's a very subtle difference - in fact, I don't know whether most people would even notice looking at my legs that I'd applied anything. But I know it's there and it does wonders for my confidence when out and about. It makes my skin feel lovely and soft, and well cared for.

      Now, this is a companion product to the Hearts and Daggers fragrance (though available to purchase on it's own) and does bear some resemblance to the scent, albeit much lighter to make it suitable for scent layering. It's a light and fruity fragrance, with orange, apple, and jasmine being the most noticeable elements of the scent, and I find it quite fun a lighthearted. There is something about fruit scents that cheers me up and makes me feel more energetic, and this body lotion does that when applying. The scent lasts a good few hours, but not all day, but then it is a lotion designed to be used with it's companion fragrance.

      I'd suggest shopping around for this product - prices online for a 200ml tube vary from £6 to £12. Whilst I actually think this certainly worth somewhere towards that top end price due to it making me smell and feel great, and really nourishing my skin, if I were to buy it for myself again I'd always opt for saving a few pounds!

      4 stars - one off for it never feeling fully absorbed, but apart from that I love it.


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        03.11.2011 17:06
        Very helpful



        I love it!

        Ed Hardy was a tattoo artist. In 2004, Christian Audigier was granted the rights to use the Ed Hardy designs for a clothing range. The range has now been expanded to include fragrance lines.

        *~*Ed Hardy Original*~*

        The original female fragrance from Ed Hardy is simply named "Ed Hardy Original". It is often referred to by its tattoo designed name of "Love Kills Slowly - Life, Love Luck". It is offered in an Eau de parfum, a shower gel and a body lotion. This review discusses the "Shimmering Body Lotion".

        This body lotion is enriched with the scent of Ed Hardy Original. The scent is described as being "an explosion of sensations" with "a rock and roll edge". The shimmering body lotion is designed to be applied over the skin to give shimmer and leaves the original scent of Ed Hardy on the skin.


        The full size product is presented in a round, plastic bottle with a pump dispenser. The bottle is clear to allow the baby pink lotion to be visible. The bottle is adorned with the traditional Ed Hardy tattoo trademark.


        The original scent is infused into this lotion and promises :

        *Top notes of ruby red grapefruit, wild strawberries, apple and tropical mango
        *Heart notes of black freesia, linder blossom and watery muguet
        *Base notes of sensual musk, warm amber, tonka bean and vanilla


        The body lotion can be purchased from the following stores in a 200ml size :

        *www.fragrancedirect.co.uk - £17.50
        *www.amazon.co.uk - £4.99
        *www.ebay.co.uk - £7.50

        A gift set can also be purchased on Amazon. For £44.29, you will received 100ml EDP, 90ml body lotion, 90ml shower gel, 8ml mini perfume and a bracelet.

        *~*My Thoughts*~*

        I'd often admired the Ed Hardy perfume bottles in Boots. One day I spotted some goodies on the clearance shelf. One of the sets had became damaged so Boots did a shocking thing and split the set up! Someone had got to the perfume before me but I became the owner of the shimmering lotion and the shower gel!

        The tubes are pretty being bright pink but the tattoo designs give a rock chick edge. The tube were convenient enough to slip in my toiletrie bag back in June when I went to Blackpool for an overnight. I have just about used them all up and will certainly be purchasing a bottle given the cheap Amazon price!

        *~*Rock It!*~*

        This lotion is more than your average, scented lotion. It claims to offer enhanced shimmer so is perfect for going out for the night. The lotion is quite thick and more of a cream. It is baby pink and very cool and smooth to the touch. The lotion spreads very well coating my skin in a thick, creamy layer which feels very much like I am applying a body butter.

        I wouldn't say that the lotion every full sinks in. My skin manages to drink up most of it but I am constantly aware of a slightly sticky residue on my skin for an hour or so after applying. It isn't sticky enough to make my clothes cling to my skin though, I can just feel it there! The lotion provides ample hydration to my skin and smoothes out dry areas with ease. It doesn't provide as long lasting moisturisation in comparison to other perfumed lotions but does last the night. My skin is fairly soft whilst wearing this lotion.

        The shimmer aspect of this lotion is minimal. If you want full on glitter particles which glimmer at every turn, then you will be disappointed! The lotion appears quite shiny as I spread it across my skin and once settled, the sticky surface glistens every so slightly. I would say it looks subtle and pretty as it catches some light but it isn't as intense as I would have expected from an Ed Hardy product. It isn't Rock Chick glittery and more shy girl, sit in the corner shimmery for a few hours.

        *~*Oohh Errr It's A Fruity Surprise!*~*

        As I apply this body lotion, it has a rich, creamy aroma which isn't very distinctive. Once it has been rubbed onto my skin, the scent comes into it's own and offers the most gorgeous cocktail of fragrance notes. The scent isn't overly strong but strong enough to be appreciated by those lingering around me. I enhance it by using the matching shower gel and this does help to increase the concentration of the scent.

        The scent is ultimately very fruity and quite sharp at first. The mango and strawberry infuse together to create a delightful sweet aroma whilst the apple creates a refreshing, uplifting undertone. The grapefruit doesn't come through strongly but prefers to linger behind the prominent scents and simply adds a sharpness to the sweet top notes.

        I wouldn't say the floral heart every comes through whilst wearing the body lotion. The intense sweet cocktail presented in the top notes overides any other scent which tries to float through. I do notice the scent changing slightly and become deeper and more sensual thanks to the fressia but it maintains a heavy sweetness throughout. The fruity sweet combo lingers for a good few hours before dwindling and making way for the final trace of scent.

        A heavenly concoction greets me with the vanilla and amber creating a gorgeous, deep sweetness. It is complimented by a light coating of musk and appears very natural in scent. It isn't a strong combination and sits close to the skin but is a delight to sniff. The overall scent lasts around 5-6hours alone or 6-7hours when used with the shower gel.


        Ed Hardy Original combines traditional fragrance notes with a vibrant, modern feel to it. I would say the scent is aimed at the younger market but I personally find it to be ideal for any age providing you like strong sweet scents. As the shimmer aspect isn't too noticeable, this lotion would be perfect to wear day or night and for any occasion. The scent is definently and uplifting one and ideal for Summer or Spring wear as it isn't too heavy or cloying. It is the right level of sweetness.


        For £4.99 this is an absolute steal. You get a stunning bottle, a bit of shine, moisturised skin and the most amazing scent. I don't have any complaints about this product. A small blob is sufficient for covering a large area of skin and is very soothing and gentle even on my sensitive skin. This would make the perfect gift.

        I can highly recommend this body lotion and thank you for reading x


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