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Elemis Vitamin Rich Body Lotion

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Brand: Elemis / Type: Body Lotion / What it does: Enriches,

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    3 Reviews
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      06.04.2011 14:42
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      smells delicious

      Elemis is a spa brand founded in 1989. They offer spa packages and an extensive range of beauty products. The current range of products available includes anti-ageing, skincare, men, nail care, body care, gifts and hair care. Elemis claim to combine natural ingredients with innovative technology to create their high profiled products.

      ~~~Time To Spa~~~

      The Vitamin Rich Hand and Body Lotion (not just body lotion as shown above) is part of the Time to Spa range from Elemis. Elemis claim that this lightweight lotion will nourish your skin due to its inclusion of carrot and sweet almond oil and wheat germ. You can purchased a stand alone body lotion but buying the 2 in 1 gives two different uses from one bottle.


      The full size version is a tall, flattish plastic bottle which is clear showing the white lotion within. A handy pump dispenser is present on top of a silver lid which allows for less mess and fuss. The information on the bottle is basic with blue writing confirming the brand name, product name etc. The bottle can be recycled. The smaller, 100ml bottle I have is round and is topped with a white lid and pump dispenser. A clip runs around the base of the pump to ensure no lotion is dispensed accidently.

      ~~~Availability and Price~~~

      The fullsize bottle is 300ml and is priced at £16.40 from www.elemis.co.uk orwww.timetospa.co.uk. Ebay has this at £13.99 and the 100ml size at £5.75.

      ~~~My Experience~~~

      My hands take a lot of abuse from cleaning and doing dishes. I have a bit of an OCD with washing my hands and even though I use good handwashes such as Dove, my hands dry out and do not look their best. My skin is quite dry and sensitive and anything that helps relieve discomfort and make it look healthier, is always welcome in my home!

      Until Christmas, I had been using Soap and Glory Hand Food and my tube ran out. I raided my cupboard of beauty treats and decided that the Elemis Vitamin Rich Hand and Body Lotion would be my choice of hand cream. Elemis is a brand I have became familiar with through selling on ebay. I managed to get hold of a large joblot of this hand & body lotion last year and sold most on. I can only assume I kept this one as the bottle had became a little bashed at the base.

      My size is 100ml and it is the perfect size for travelling or putting into my handbag. The bottle design is quite basic considering the price for the full size. I like a pump dispenser as it allows me to use a small amount without the risk of spillage or wasting any. As I initial started using this as a hand lotion, my main views are on this aspect. I do now, however, use it as an occasional body lotion.

      ~~~A Spa At Home~~~

      The lotion itself is a musky white colour and one pump releases enough for my hands to be well covered. The scent isn't too strong with a little amount and the lotion is creamy and milky feeling very soft and cool on my cracked hands. The lotion spreads very well and I usually massage my hands together ensuring I get in around my fingers, my palms and the front of my hands aswell as a little on my nails.

      The lotion feels incredibly soothing and a treat to apply to my hands. Its texture is light on my hands but effective. I do find that the lotion turns slightly oily as I rub it in and does need quite a bit of massaging to full absorb into my hands. Not one I can really use if I need to touch something quickly afterwards! Once absorbed, there is no stickiness or unpleasant texture present. The scent is powdery and doesn't transfer.

      My hands feel smooth and very soft to the touch. Through regular use, I have noticed they are less cracked and dry (especially given the cold weather up here) and appear more healthy than before. I apply a small amount of this after washing my hands at home and the effects are apparent for a few hours and make my dry hands feel comfortable.

      ~~~Vitamins For My Body~~~

      As a body lotion, this is ideal to apply post shower or as a little pick me up. A generous blob of 2 pumps is needed to cover my arms and 3 to cover my legs with a plentiful dosage of vitamins. I pump it onto my hands and spread it over my arms, appreciating its soothing nature as it hydrates me skin. Using my hand to apply this lotion also gives the benefit of my hands getting an extra moisture surge.

      The lotion turns very creamy as I spread it over my arms and legs. The scent given off here is much more appealing and noticeable that when using on my hands. Perhaps more lotion is more scent and I really love the scent. It isn't floral or fruity but quite understated and very much like baby powder with a hint of essential oils about it. It is relaxing and soothing in terms of scent and texture.

      The powdery scent is further fueled by the feeling of my skin after applying this lotion. My arms in particular, feel smooth and have a light, powdery feel which makes me feel like I have doused myself in Johnsons Baby Powder. It isn't a deep down hydration and more of a surface hydration which remains there for a few hours. Combined with the scent, it lasts on my skin for a few hours and is delightful to smell and run my hands over my skin.

      ~~~Conclusion and Recommendation~~~

      This hand and body lotion is effective and abosorbs at a reasonable pace. It offers my skin and hands some hydration and makes them feel beautiful whilst capturing me with a generous scent which is unusual and very appealing. At full price, I don't personally consider it worth it but if you can pick up a 100ml cheap on ebay, it is well worth it.

      Thanks for reading :)


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        11.11.2009 20:11
        Very helpful



        A Luxury Moisturiser

        Having worked in the beauty industry for many years I have come across the luxury brand Elemis many times and I have used this on many clients and its a luxury brand that is always on my christmas list.

        ===== A Little History Of Elemis=====

        Elemis was founded in 1989 and was created as a luxury range of products that were sold to the high end beauty salons and spa.
        They pride themselves on using as many natural products as possible from extracting pure essential oils at source and using cutting edge technology to create the best from these ingredients.
        All the products are salon and spa standard and are all used exclusively by the spas and salons before general release.
        The range includes skin care and body care and they do a fantastic mens range.
        They also do not use any animal testing or use any synthetic perfumes or coloring.

        ===== The Product =====

        The vitamin rich body lotion is made with pure extracts of carrot seed, wheat germ and sweet almond oil in a milk protein base.
        It is designed to be used as an everyday body moisturiser.
        The bottle is a heavy duty plastic and the bottle I have has a white screw off lid although this can be purchased with a dispenser pump and without any lid.

        ===== Texture and Scent ====

        I have used many elemis products and I love the scents but each one is quite dramatically different.
        This product has a very subtle scent and the main note in the scent is the almond oil as a say it is very subtle and wears off when the lotion is rubbed into the skin.
        This is a lotion and not a cream however when you squeeze it out you notice that it is quite a thick lotion and is cream in colour. the texture is not unlike double cream.

        ===== How To Use =====

        You can use this anywhere on your body and as often as you want. the lotion as I have said is quite thick and when you apply it to your skin so you only need to stroke the lotion onto your body and it sinks straight into your skin.
        When I use another body moisturiser I always apply it after a bath or shower as any cream or lotion sinks in better this way, with this product however I find that I can apply it anytime and always get the same smooth and soft results.

        ====== The Results =====

        As soon as you rub this on your skin you can actually feel your skin soften under your strokes.
        Even though it is a lotion this will suit every skin type as I do have some dry skin on my body and it felt as though it was actually melting away my dry skin.
        The lotion sinks in straight in to your skin but leaves a very subtle sheen on your skin.
        The feeling of softness lasts ll day and I have noticed that after using this product for a while my skin feel softer in general even if I have not used the lotion for a few days.
        I really noticed the difference on my really dry parts such as my heels and elbows and knees.

        ===== My Conclusion =====

        I think that this is a great all over body moisturiser and although it is quite expensive if you use it for a while your skin in general will feel smoother and you can get away with only using it once or twice a week and you can use a less expensive one on other days.

        ===== Price and Availability =====

        Elemis products can be purchased in salons and spa and also online and costs for the 200ml bottle approx £22.00.


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          08.10.2000 05:00
          Very helpful



          This is another of the milk whey protein series from Elemis; a lovely collection of body care products that are especially effective for anyone who has very dry or very sensitive skin or who suffers from skin complaints. This isn't the cheapest range around, but if you've tried everything else and it irritates or if you want to be certain of only putting quality ingredients on your skin, this one is well worth checking out. Unlike the much of the Elemis range, this isn't strongly scented, so the body lotion is ideal if you're wearing a different fragrance. It's very moisturising indeed, but sinks in very quickly, in fact you'll probably be quite surprised at just how effective it is on very dry skin, because it doesn't seem thick enough to do the job. The active ingredients in this lotion are milk protein, wheatgerm, carrot extract, coconut, sweet almond oil, and tocopherol (vitamin E). The price below is for the 200ml size which goes a long way because it is so moisturising. If you haven't tried it before several outlets do trial sizes as parts of kits which I think is a great way to check out this range.


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