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Elizabeth Arden Red Door Body Lotion

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3 Reviews

Brand: Elizabeth Arden / Body Lotion / Type: Body Lotion / Gender: Ladies Bath and Body

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    3 Reviews
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      25.07.2010 21:43
      Very helpful



      A Real Bargain

      Elizabeth Arden Red Door Perfumed Body Lotion - 100mls for £3.99

      I really like Elizabeth Arden products and I was astonished to find Red Door Body Lotion for £3.99 in my local TJ Hughes Store. In the past I have paid around £16.99 for 200mls so £3.99 for 100mls is a real bargain. The only disadvantage is that it was not boxed.

      Elizabeth Arden Red Door Perfume has been around for over 20 years and is used by women all over the world - it is one of Elizabeth Arden's best selling fragrances. Red Door Body Lotion was first introduced in 1982 and since then millions of tubes of this body lotion have been sold worldwide.

      This body lotion is available in 100ml and 200ml sizes and can be purchased at all Elizabeth Arden Cosmetic Counters Worldwide and at online stores like fragrance direct etc.

      The body lotion comes in a white plastic tube with a bright red lid. The lid of the body lotion sits at the bottom of the tube making it very easy to dispense the lotion. The tube has the Red Door logo on it which is a picture of a red door, it has the name of the body lotion and the name of the maker - Elizabeth Arden.

      The body lotion is a shiny white colour. It is a very thick and luxurious body lotion and as soon as you apply it you can smell the Red Door fragrance, it's a very strong and distinctive smell. The body lotion sinks into skin really well and offers intensive hydration for the skin. The moisturisation on skin lasts all day long, it's a very effective body lotion, it's especially nice if followed by Red Door Perfume.

      The fragrance of this body lotion has an inviting blend of sweet fruits and heavy florals, it has lower notes of moss, woods, spice and amber. The fragrance is very long lasting and instantly recognisable. To sum the fragrance up it is like a spicy floral bouquet of winter flowers. It smells divine.

      If you can find a 100ml tube of this body lotion at TJ Hughes for £3.99 then I am sure you will be very pleased with this body lotion.

      Lovely to give as a gift and at this price 5 Dooyoo stars.


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      05.07.2009 17:21
      Very helpful



      A great perfumed body lotion for Red Door fans. It is slightly weeker than the perfume but good.

      ~Elizabeth Arden~
      ~Red Door~
      ~Body Lotion~

      ******************REASONS FOR PURCHASING******************
      I really like the fragrance of Red Door by Elizabeth Arden and have used the perfume before in this range, many times and recently saw the body lotion on a well know website for sale and thought I would treat myself to some. Well Summers nearly here and I go through bottles of moisturisers and body lotions at this time of year, as I spend a lot of time gardening and always have a tan. Well I like to keep my tan and stop my skin peeling and drying out and I quite like body lotions with a nice fragrance to them, so I thought, for the price I would try this one out. I bought this body lotion for around £5 or around and thought this was quite good value indeed.

      The Elizabeth Arden Red Door perfume is a very romantic perfume in my opinion and a really nice fragrance, that I really enjoy wearing a lot. Well I thought the body lotion would be great to try out in this fragrance and I certainly was right about it, as I really was pleased, when I first received this product in the post and tried it out. It really smelt as good a fragrance, as the perfume spray when I first tested it out on my arm and I was very pleased I had purchased it.

      *******************DESIGN AND PACKAGING*********************
      Well this Elizabeth Arden Red Door Body Lotion packaging is nothing fancy or what you could give as a gift really. It is more a product you would buy for yourself unless you buy the gift set which contains the perfume also. The body lotion I received just came in a plastic tube container with no gift box with it. The one I received was old stock I guess as the new body lotion comes in a red tube like container, but the one I received was a white one and not the one pictured on the website. Well I guess it does not matter though, as I purchased this at a great price I think.

      The Elizabeth Arden Red Door body lotion I bought, comes in a 100ml tube or 3.3FL.OZ. It is a handy sized tube in my opinion and fits well into my handbag, without taking up to much room. The tube is just a tube, made from white plastic. It has a deep red lid and a picture of a red door on the front and of course the name of Elizabeth Arden printed in red. On the back of the tube, clearly printed is a little about the product and how it smooth's and dazzles your skin with the Red Door Fragrance.

      Overall it is a tube of body lotion, that is nothing very exciting, but it looks nice and also has a nice matching deep red screw top lid that closes securely after use, opens easily enough when you require it to and I find it does not leak out either.

      The body lotion it's self comes out of this tube very easily indeed, with just a gentle squeeze of the bottle also. Overall it is very well made, strong, durable tube and of a handy size I personally like, as it is not to big for me to carry it around in my handbag with me.

      *********************MY FIRST IMPRESSIONS********************
      When I first ever used this body lotion by Elizabeth Arden, I really was pleased with the actual body lotions consistency it's self. It really was not to think or hard to rub into my skin at all. It really was the perfect consistency and it rubbed into and over all my skin very well and actually, one squeeze of this body lotion covered one of my arms. The cream is a creamy white in colour and really feels luxurious on my skin. You really can feel this is an expensive product on first ever using it and from first rubbing it into your skin.

      This Elizabeth Arden Body Lotion also does not dry in too quickly. I find it gives me enough time to rub it over my arms and legs before it dry's in. It really makes my skin feel so smooth and hydrated, instantly. It's a great body lotion indeed in my opinion, that works well at hydrating my skin and making it feel so smooth and soft like velvet.

      My husband has actually commented ( and it's not like him) on how soft my skin feels recently, so it really does soften your skin, if he notices this. Well I certainly love the feeling of my skin from using this product myself. Overall a great body lotion that works well with noticeable results all round.

      ***********FRAGRANCE OF RED DOOR BODY LOTION*****************
      The fragrance of this body lotion is really very nice indeed. If you like the RED DOOR perfume spray, then you really will love this body lotion and I highly recommend buying it if you do. It is a really romantic fragrance in my opinion, that will get you noticed when you wear it. The body lotion is excellent at delivering the same, unique floral fragrance, that really feels, as if you have perfume on actually (although slightly milder). I feel it is a sophisticated and quite elegant sort of fragrance, that makes me feel good inside, when ever I have applied this to my skin.

      The strength of this body lotion is great. Compared to many scented body lotions I have, this one really is noticeable and lasts very well indeed also. The Red Door fragrance has a deep and very feminine fragrance, that has combined floral scents in it of roses and orchids. They really blend together very well indeed to create this most unusual and likeable fragrance. Red Door also contains honey, spices and other exotic floral blends.

      Well I personally feel this scent is beautiful. I really feel great wearing it. I apply this body lotion usually after showering, as I find it is better to apply these sort of lotions to cleansed, and slightly damp skin. A little bit of this body lotion applied to my skin really does go a long way indeed I find.

      As soon as I apply this Elizabeth Arden body lotion, I instantly feel my skin a lot smoother and also a lot softer. I really love the fragrance also, as it's a very clean and fresh scent that honestly makes you feel great. My husband also likes the scent of this Red Door body lotion and always comments on how soft my skin feels and how fresh it smells, since I have been using it.

      I have a tan at the moment, from being out in my garden a lot and this body lotion has kept my skin hydrated also, as it has not flaked or started peeling. It really is a luxurious body lotion that works very well at softening skin, with an added bonus of smelling heavenly indeed! I am pleased I bought this body lotion and certainly will be buying lots more of it in the future.

      I really think this fragranced body lotion, is great for evening wear, so if you are going somewhere special, I would certainly apply this lotion, after your shower and before going out. It really does last well without fading and smells as good, as the perfume in this range.

      *Red Roses.
      *Exotic Flowers.

      ********************MY OVERALL OPINION********************
      Well as I said before, if you like Elizabeth Arden's Red Door perfume, then you really will love this matching body lotion. I think for the price of it, it certainly is great value indeed, as you are not only getting the unique and elegant fragrance from Red Door but you are also getting the added bonus of smooth and soft moisturized skin. It really is a must for Red Door lovers in my opinion.

      I really am pleased to have came across this body lotion online and if you shop around you will get this at bargain prices. This body lotion I bought, really has gone a long way in my opinion, as I use this almost daily and there is still over half a tube of it left, from when I bought it over a month ago. The body lotion really goes a long way over your skin, and rubs in very well indeed, without drying in too quickly. I really love the way it makes my skin feel after applying it. It really feels very soft indeed.

      The fragrance is just beautiful and it really is a very unique blend of floral scents and unlike a lot of fragrances I have used before. I also find if I apply this body lotion at night, I can still smell the exotic fragrance of the Red Door scent, the next morning, so it certainly lasts a long time indeed without fading.

      Overall this is an excellent luxurious body lotion. You can feel it is expensive by the way it applies to your skin, the way it makes your skin feel and just the overall fragrance it's self is very sophisticated indeed. It really is a great scented body lotion that I certainly will be buying lots more of.

      Would I recommend this Elizabeth Arden Red Door Body Lotion? Well I certainly would highly recommend it to all women out there, especially if you like the Red Door fragrance it's self. It really is a great scented body lotion, that works very well, gets you noticed and makes you feel great inside when wearing it. A big thumbs up from me. Honestly try this body lotion out yourself. I really think you will be pleased with it in every single way, like I am. Full marks from me Red Door.

      Online prices from £3 - £12, so shop around for this.

      Also on other sites by me hildas/hillhead.


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        21.12.2008 18:02
        Very helpful



        Not for me but it isn't awful lol

        When it comes to fragrance I do like a bit of all over fragrancing especially when it comes to using more designer fragrances so in the main I own alot of gift sets. This particular product I got in a gift set a couple of months back (available to purchase separately of course) along with the perfume and some like talc dusting powder stuff. To buy this singly I think it's about £14.00 a tube and comes boxed but I advise you to look online at sites like Ebay and online beauty stores as this can be purchased ever so cheaply nowadays as I don't think it's popular as it used to be lol!

        The Packaging:

        100ml white plastic tube with a red cap situated at the bottom that screws on and off and conceals a small hole. On the front all in red writing I'm told it's Elizabeth Arden, Red Door and under that a drawn on picture of red doors can be seen. Under that I'm told it's Perfumed Body Lotion (Lotion Parfumee pour Le Corps). On the back once again in red writing I'm told a bit about the product, there's loads of information given in foreign languages (I don't understand to be honest with you), size is stated and contact details for Elizabeth Arden are given. It's a simple easy to use tube you simply give a squeeze to and the lotion comes out easily.

        A Bit About The Product (According To The Back Of The Tube):

        The luxury of Red Door is a rich, emollient body lotion that caresses skin with a glorious allover smoothness and surrounds you with the dazzling Red Door fragrance.

        Using It:

        Make no mistake you really do need to use this in conjunction with Red Door Perfume and the likes due to it being a high powered and quite intoxicated fragrance. Wear it with other products not from the range your going to smell a bit odd in my opinion! However this could be worn on it's own in the summer time for all over fragrancing and hydration rather than a perfume if you wanted to.

        Using it is very simple indeed. Dispense a small amount of the light beige coloured liquid and gently caress the skin with it and a little goes a long way. It doesn't need to be rubbed in as it's fast absorbing, none sticky and incredibly light in consistency. You can use this and get dressed almost immediately afterwards with no fear of grease transference or residue of any kind though it will fragrance you and your clothes a hell of a lot....

        The fragrance is meant to be a mix of red roses, ylang-ylang, peach, plum, Winter oriental orchid, jasmine, forest lilies, wild violets, freesia, vetiver, honey, sandalwood, amber and musk and yes you can smell a well blended mix of most of the above ingredients. In my view it's a very heavy and old fashioned scent and where this body lotion differs from the perfume is to my nostrils it's far muskier and the jasmine is far more apparent though don't get me wrong it smells very 'Red Door' like indeed.

        Once applied the fragrance stays heavy on the skin for hours and hours. It doesn't melt or become greasy over time and it ever so gently hydrates the skin rather than is a heavy skin treatment. To me this is simply another way of adding some fragrance to your body rather than it's a hard worked lotion but as I say it does give skin a slightly more soft feel and makes skin feel a wee bit more comfortable.


        If you like the perfume you'll like this product.... I think. If not keen on it then you won't! lol. It doesn't do much apart from layer scent on the body but if you want a very rich smelling and easy to apply lotion then this could be a treat to yourself!

        This review is also posted on Ciao under this same name.


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      • Product Details

        A high performance daily use body lotion to protect, smooth and soften your skin. Lightly scented with Elizabeth Arden's Red Door. Apply to skin after shower or bath

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