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Elle MacPherson The Body Spritz Set

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Brand: Elle MacPherson / Type: Body Care

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    1 Review
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      23.02.2011 17:43
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      Nothing special

      Elle's dregs
      I popped into Boots in the new year and all their festive gifts were half price. Never one to resist a beauty bargain I had a little look through the dregs that were left, and this was the only item that really caught my eye. I have never tried any of the Elle MacPherson The Body range, and I thought that three body spritzes for £6 (reduced from £12) was a good price for my first taste of the range.

      I delved a little further to find out a bit more about the range. Elle apparently developed the range herself and there are three 'sub-ranges' - Bare (must-haves), Self (me time) and Glow (going out). And indeed inside the little box are three spritzes called Bare, Self and Glow.

      The packaging is very nice and simple - a gold box and you can see the three bottles through the front. The bottles too are very nice looking. Each bottle is 25ml and is simple in its design - tall and slim (like Elle I guess), and made from clear glass with a black pump action spray, black lid and black lettering, with the name of the spray in pale lettering. You can see the liquid inside the bottles and each is a pale, pastelly colour. These went straight onto my bathroom shelf when I got them home as I do like the way they look.

      With three new treats to try out, I decided to check out the diferent smells to see what was in store...

      Self is described as "an indulgent sheer body fragrance with essential lavender oil for calm and relaxation" and the spray is a pale lilac colour.

      The first smell I detected was definitely lavender, which I must confess isn't my favourite smell. Then another smell hit me which was really familiar but it took me ages to work out what it was ... cheap cola! Not even a good, brand name cola, but a cheap supermarket version. I have nothing against this particular fizzy drink but I don't really want to smell of it, so I have to say I was unimpressed with this particular smell. Luckily it wasn't a strong smell and it didn't linger very much, but this was a bad start to the three spritzes for me!

      Glow is described as "a sensual fragrance with a blend of patchouli, rose and geranium", and the liquid inside the bottle is a pale honey colour. I am not a big fan of patchouli or geranium so I wasn't sure about this spritz, but strangely I think it is my favourite of the three. Of the three ingredients, it is only really the smell of rose I can detect (which is lucky considering my aversion to the other two ingredients) but overall it is quite a fresh, sexy smell which I really like - it is definitely not as floral as I had expected. Again, it doesn't have great staying power, but it is a fragrance that I like.

      Bare is a nice blue colour and is described as "an energising fragrance spritz for the body scented with mandarin, bergamot oil and fresh limes". I love orangey fragrances so I was looking forward to trying this one out.

      The first smell that hit me when I sprayed this on was definitely limes - it was quite strong and citrussy, but not unpleasant. However, the lime scent definitely mellowed a lot after the scent was on for a few seconds, and the bergamot came through a little more. This was quite a nice combo in the end but was a bit too faint for my liking, and had pretty much disappeared within an hour or two.

      Going, going, gone
      Despite my mixed feelings on the scents of these spritzes, one of the problems I have with all three is they lack any staying power - I find I am lucky to get an hour's worth of scent from one or two squirts. However, at £2 a bottle I guess this is to be expected, but I am glad I didn't pay full price for these. I am not mad on any of the fragrances and they don't last a long time but the packaging is very attractive, I think, and I do like how the bottles look. I also thing that the Glow and Bare fragrances are quite nice and they are quite good to spray on if you need a quick boost - they are quite handy to take out and about with you in a handbag, and I currently have 'Bare' in my desk at work.

      Overall this wasn't a great introduction to this range and I am pretty indifferent to these spritzes! But they look good and none of them smell awful, so I'll give the set three stars.


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