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Escada Body Lotion

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Brand: Escada / Type: Body Lotion

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    2 Reviews
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      14.10.2010 22:23
      Very helpful




      **Please note that there is no specific body lotion scent mentioned in the title but the picture is off the Signature Precious which I will be reviewing*

      Escada is a fashion company which went into bankruptcy in 2009. The company was founded by Margaretha and Wolfgang Ley in 1978 and in 2009, was bought over by an Indian steelmaking family.

      Fashion ranges were the most popular within Escada but they branched out to offer accessories, shoes, childrens wear and fragrances.


      The Escada fragrance collection includes over 10 different scents. These scents includes Ocean Lounge, Sentiment and Pacific Paradise. To compliment the scents, you can also purchase the matching body products.


      Escada signature is described as being a "refreshing" and "sensual" scent due to its notes. The perfume appears to have been discontinued but is available online. As well as there being an Eau de Parfum, complimenting products include a shower gel and body lotion.

      ~~~Signature Precious~~~

      Escada Signature Precious Body Moisturizer, is the complimenting lotion for the perfume. When used together, a perfumed layer is built up on the body which leads to a longer lasting fragrance.


      The overall description of Signature is that it is a blend of blackcurrant, bergamot, leafy greens, Italian lemon and a splash of sea breeze and honeydew melon.

      I researched further into this scent and discovered a whole host of added extras which make up this refreshing scent.

      *Top notes include blackcurrant, nectarine, green leaves, cucumber, cassia, bergamot and the lemon.

      *Middle notes combine peony, magnolia, orange blossom, freesia, jasmine, lily of the valley and rose.

      *Base notes settle with iris, sandalwood, patchouli, musk, vanilla, amber and tangerine.


      The full sized bottle stands upright and is quite flat in appearance. I have the gift size set tube which has the silver lid at the base for easy dispensing. The tube is clear and the silver writing simply states the Escada name and product name, size and contact details for Escada in Paris.

      ~~~Availability and Price~~~

      The scent has been discontined though online stores still stock the products. The fullsize bottle is 200ml and can be purchased at the following prices.

      Amazon @ £22.00

      Ebay @ £6.99 - this is set containing a 7.5ml perfume and 50ml body moisturiser.

      ~~~My Thoughts~~~

      I love my perfumed body lotions and was delighted to receive a 100ml tube of Escada Signature in an ebay lot last month. Whilst I don't have much personal experience of Escada scents, I had a sniff and was confident I would like this one. I don't own the perfume so my thoughts are based purely on the body lotion.

      The tube is convenient and I much prefer a tube to a bottle as I can get the majority of the product out easily. It is simple yet pretty and reminds me of my Gucci Envy Me body lotion. The moisturizer is an off white colour and appears runny even whilst inside the tube. I like to apply a moisturizer daily to my skin to keep it in hydrated state. I usually switch between my perfumed ones and normal lotions/butters as my skin is sensitive and dry.

      On opening the tube, the initial scent isn't too powerful to the nose but it is refreshing and reviving. The moisturizer flows very quickly from the tube so I tend to be gentle with it so avoid wastage. The consistency of the moisturizer is rather thin and reminds me of a milky cleanser.

      The offwhite colour brightens as it comes into contact with the skin and spreads easily with very little effort. A little certainly goes a long way. The moisturizer is instantly cooling and I can imagine it would be ideal for those with a touch of sunburn.

      I notice that when I spread it onto my skin, it looses its milkiness and adopts a shiny, oily appearance and texture. This worried me at first as I didn't want there to be a visible oiliness sitting on the surface of my skin. I like to gently massage moisturizers into my skin and found that this one took longer to fully soak in - not ideal if you are in a rush to get ready as clothes stick to the skin! Once finally sunk into the skin, the results of the moisturizer are apparent - supple and rather silky skin. I am able to smoothly run my fingers over my skin without interuption from bumps and it feels so good!

      The most important aspect of a perfumed body moisturizer, is of course the scent. Whilst I cannot confirm if it really resembles the EDP, I can confirm that it is a somewhat confusing scent. I only researched the contained notes for the purpose of this review so was going by what my nose could detect before this time.

      Going by the description offered to me by Escada, the scent would open with a floral, fruity and refreshing blend before settled down to a mainly floral middle. It would finish with a confusing floral, fruity and warm base.

      Although I cannot detect all of the individual notes mentioned, I can pick out a few from experience. My opinion is that the opening scent on my skin is strong and quite nosetingling. It is without a doubt refreshing and uplifting. To me this appears that the bergamot and leafy greens scent are working together well. There is a slight, zesty edge which would be expected with lemon high up in the ranks!

      After a short while on my skin, the floral notes come through but don't overpower. I am not a huge fan of strong florals but this blend was subtle yet still detectable. I could detect the jasmine and magnolia as I am familiar with these notes and there was a slight hint of a sweet rose sitting in my background, wishing to push through. I was quite impressed with the body of the scent as it kept a unique freshness throughout.

      After an our or so, the scent detectable on my skin changed to a deeper and warmer ensemble. This signifies the scent settle on my skin for its remaining span. I am familiar with vanilla, amber, sandalwood and patchouli in the base of scents but there was something so much more appealing about Escada signature. There was a slight twist to the usual base notes which whilst being deeper, kept that sense of freshness and lasted the duration. I can only assume this is owed to tangerine which makes itself known in the closing performance.

      This is by far the freshest body moisturizer I have tried as it balances scent with freshness and moisturizing perfectly. It is strong and noticeable to those who you choose to be around by giving off uplifting vibes. A tiny amount is sufficient to cover the skin and it does well to cool, soothe and hydrate my dry skin, especially on my bumpy arms. The scent lasts for most of the day and I like to wear this alone as it would react with my sweet perfumes.

      This moisturizer whilst taking into consideration the feel and scent, would suit being used during the summer as a replacement for perfume. It is expensive but for the quality and effects it is very much worth the price tag - and I thoroughly recommend it.

      Thanks for reading!


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        28.12.2009 17:26
        Very helpful



        A nice body lotion to use as a treat

        My friend must love me! I got a lovely present from her this year; a bottle of this body moisturiser. I have never seen this one before and had to have a look to see what it actually was online.
        I'm always moaning that my arms feel dry, and the fronts of my legs get so dry they are itchy, really not a good look for me. So anything that will give my skin a drink is fine by me.

        Escada make fragrances and this body lotion is the same scent as the signature escada scent. I only know that by looking online as the only thing it says on the box is Escada. Online it retails for about £11-£27, quite pricey on its own so its had better be good.

        The box is gorgeous, its glittery, white at the top and turquoise at the bottom, very glam. The bottle is plastic, flat and quite understated. I did have a giggle at the writing on the back, there is a long list of ingredients then it says; Moisturizing the upper layers of the epidermis. Indeed!

        The smell is lovely quite floral without smelling old ladyish. It is a very delicate scent with top notes of bergamot, black currant, lush leafy greens and cucumber, heart notes of magnolia, jasmine, muguet, rose & orange blossom and base notes of amber, musk, nectarine, vanilla & patchouli wear. I can certainly smell the cucumber and it does smell nice and fresh.

        The texture is amazing, soft and runny but it sinks in in seconds and wow my arms feel amazing! At first it felt like applying a cheap lotion but it warmed quickly and sank in to leave my skin soft and scented, I can still feel the effetcs after 4 hours which is great. I wouldn't spend this much on myself normally but as a gift I love it! Thank you!

        I think I will have a sniff of the scent that goes with this if I ever see it as it would be a great light fragrance for the day time. I haven't spotted this in the high street but then I haven't looked but it is readily available online if you want to have a try, enjoy. xx


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