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Garnier Body Sensitive Soothing Restorative Balm

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Brand: Garnier / Type: Body Lotion / Subcategory: Body Balm / What it does: Restores, regenerates, Soothes,

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    2 Reviews
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      13.03.2011 21:20
      Very helpful



      great balm

      Garnier is a beauty brand which is part of L'Oreal. They are known for their range of hair care, skincare and body care products as well as tanning related products.

      *~*Letting Garnier Take Care Of Your Body*~*

      Garnier claim to use highest performing active, yet natural ingredients in their body care products including mandarin zest, camomile, maple sap and shea butter. They offer different types of ranges designed for various skin types. The Body Sensitive range is suitable for those who have dry or sensitive skin and require products that are fragrance free and hypo-allergenic.

      The range includes a hand cream, a moisturiser for the body and a moisturising balm. The balm is given the title of Soothing Restorative Balm. It confirms its sensitive status with it being fragrance free and hypo-allergenic and promises to relieve dry skin leaving the area smooth and nourished. It contains maple sap extract and allantoin and is non greasy for quick and hassle free application.

      Garnier claim that immediate results include hydrated, soft and smooth skin. They also claim that if used for 2weeks, tightness of the skin should be reduced.


      The balm comes securely housed within a tall, thick plastic tube. The flip top lid is at the base concealing a dispensing hole. The Garnier logo is prominent at the top of the tube. All information is clear in sections and the tube carries a white, red and blue colour scheme. The tube can be recycled and should be used up within 12months of opening.

      *~*Availability and Price*~*

      The 200ml tube can be purchased from www.amazon.co.uk at £2.79. It seems to have been discontinued from shops so online is the best option.

      *~*My Experience*~*

      I suffer with dry and sensitive skin and if a product doesn't agree with me, it results in sore, red skin. I am not so afraid to try out perfumed products as most them have been ok so far but there are times when my skin isn't looking as healthy and as good as it should. I therefore like to top up its moisture with something a bit kinder and less scented. I buy alot of products in reduced sections and this Garnier Sensitive Balm was one I bought for £1.00 in Boots a few months ago.

      The 200ml tube is sturdy and well designed without being fancy or over the top with information. Its smooth plastic is quite sleek and easy to hold. I tend to apply body moisturisers after my shower to lock in hydration and keep me going throughout the day. I shower every morning and evening so do go through quite alot! I use this as an alternative to my scented lotions or body butters.

      *~*Soothe Me With Your Balm*~*

      As I squeeze a small blob of this out the tube, I can smell a delicate, sweet aroma which at first confused me as its supposed to be fragrance free! The balm is a shiny white colour and is very thick, almost somewhere between a cream and a butter type consistency. I find really thick products soothe my skin better than runny lotions. The main areas I apply this to are my arms and legs as I suffer with dry skin worse in these areas.

      The lotion clings to my skin and spreads smoothly over a small area. Its thickness doesn't allow for too much spreadability but not much is needed to cover a larger area. Its cooling nature offers a pleasant, soothing sensation as I massage it onto my dry skin. I can almost feel it sinking into my skin relieving any dryness that gets in its way. The scent that was once sweet, changes to an almost soapy, plastic scent which isn't too bad but certainly not one you will be sniffing constantly. Thankfully it doesn't appear to last!

      The balm doesn't immediately soak into my skin has claimed. It takes quite a bit of massaging as it turns slightly creamy on the surface of my skin. I find the driest areas which are my elbows, tops of my arms and my knees appreciate this balm the most. They areas cause discomfort to me and tightness but the balm envelopes them in a hydrating cover and makes them feel smoother and less tight.

      Whilst the cooling sensation works its way through my skin, it is quite relaxing and makes me feel like I am applying an after sun lotion or cream which is providing great relief. Fair enough, it isn't as indulgent as applying my favourite perfumed moisturisers but I do feel that I am being kind to my skin by applying something less harsh. It offers my skin a deep down moisture boost and if I want to add a scented product over the top I can!

      The balm feels lightweight on my skin even as I apply it. Once the white cream layer has absorbed, a little greasy texture remains on the surface of my skin which means I cannot immediately get dressed. After 5mins or so, it fully sinks in and it feels so good. Sometimes I go out and I can feel tightness and soreness mainly on my arms..not with this balm. Everything is relieved and my skin feel soft, supple and smooth. Of course the results are good from first application but they continue to improve with each time I use this lotion.

      I've been using this perhaps 4-5times a week for the past 6weeks and have noticed an improvement in my skin. Once I apply it, I'm good to go for the rest of the day. Recently I took a reaction to a shower gel and I came out in red, sore bits around my skin. I applied a layer of this and my skin felt immediately soothed and hydrated which was a great feeling. I can't help feeling this would be ideal if you had sunburn as it does soothe and reduce redness and tightness whilst being gentle. I apply this with my hands and even after washing them, they feel smooth so this is another potential advantage!

      *~*Conclusion and Recommendation*~*

      Its a pity this has been discontinued but I wouldn't hesitate to purchase it from Amazon. My tube is lasting well despite regular use and it is well worth the money. Although my love is for perfumed lotions, it is good to treat my skin with something a bit more suited and gentler and really just give it a boost of hydration and softness.

      I highly recommend this balm for those with dry and sensitive skin and thank you for reading :)


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        05.01.2010 12:18
        Very helpful



        A great stable product suitable for use by all.

        My boyfriend bought this after not being able to find my usual product and I won't be going back to my usual!
        I suffer from dry, itchy and quite sensitive skin and have struggled to find body moisturisers that combat all three issues. Garnier Soothing Restorative Balm was great at all of them. The balm is thick and feels luxurious but is absorbed quickly and without the greasiness often associated with moisturisers for dry skin. At present I am only applying the balm once a day, following a bath but am finding this is more than sufficient as my skin feels moisturised for the next 24 hours and no itching!!
        I'm always a bit sceptical of claims by companies that their products "nourish" skin - exactly what is this? Oddly enough though since using this product I would have to agree that my skin does feel nourished! (Even if I still can't pin point exactly why!)
        I am a little disappointed by the smell of the product (It smells a little "hospitally" and clinical) but I suppose if it's being targeted at those with very sensitive skin then it needs to be fragrance free and the odd smell does disappear quickly.
        Due to the price, it wouldn't have been a product I would have tried, it was only because it was on offer that my boyfriend picked it up in the first place. As it comes in a tube it also means that you don't use too much as I am often guilty of with products in tubs like E45.

        I would have given it maximum stars had it not been for the full price cost and I'm trying my hardest to be frugal!


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