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Garnier Body Ultimate Beauty Oil

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4 Reviews
  • Nice scent
  • cheaper than some body oils
  • spray goes everywhere
  • No real results
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    4 Reviews
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      12.05.2015 17:18
      Very helpful



      Garnier Ultimate Beauty Oil

      The Garnier Ultimate Beauty Oil is available for GBP 7.30.

      The beauty oil is described as follows. "Illumination, nourishment and protection
      Skin perfecting formula with 4 precious oils. Ultimate Beauty Oil is a perfecting oil. Its blissfully fragranced formula will visibly beautify the look of your skin. Enriched with Argan, Macadamia, Almond and Rose."

      The bottle is roundish oval and has a mist attachment. So that you can spray on the skin. Since you already can see through the bottle, the product I found it visually appealing. But now for use and my satisfaction. The oil lies like a fine mist over the skin and the application is really easy. Thus, the spray head is protected, it still has a cap over it. The fragrance is pleasantly flowery and slightly sweet. He reminds me of the summer, so I like it real. I use it mainly at night and in the morning after showering only when I see that my skin looks really dry overnight again. The oil is absorbed quickly, so that I have only minimal rub and immediately my skin looks radiant maintained from. For this purpose I like the smell really like. Although it absorbs quickly, so I wear it best at night. I just got more time for me. The fragrance is very long lasting and also clouded a discreet but noticeable. I've tolerated it very well and I must say that it has also a long time. Because the price is then yet affordable. But towards the end I had the problem a little rest no longer be able to pump out, so I poured it with then on the hand - economical course and meditated so rubbed. Worked also.


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      30.12.2014 18:47
      Very helpful


      • "Nice scent"


      • "No real results"

      Not so ultimate

      To call this an 'Ultimate beauty oil' is a bit cheeky as it didn't exactly blow me away and I didn't see anything 'Ultimate' about it.
      It's good but not great.

      Blended with four main oils:

      I used this because of the claim and due to the power of the brand being really good and very well respected, I assumed this would be a knockout and I would notice a difference but I struggled to see a major difference if any.
      My skin was only slightly dry and I just basically wanted something to nourish it and protect but I didn't see an impact, after about 12 hours I had to reapply the oil which I was disappointed to do.
      I purchased this on special offer at Superdrug and I am a little grateful that I didn't pay more.
      The oil doesn't sink in very well either. I used a small amount to begin with and it took half an hour to sink in after a few hours my skin was not noticeably soft at all. It didn't look like I had applied anything to be honest.
      The scent is quite possibly the best thing about this product.


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      28.11.2014 17:54
      Very helpful


      • "contains four natural oils"
      • "cheaper than some body oils"


      • "Not sure how much of the content is natural oils"
      • "spray goes everywhere"
      • "difficult to hold and spray"
      • "stupid shape bottle"

      Is this the Ultimate body oil - I think not despite the lovely scent

      This is one I bought when it first came out some time ago as it was on special offer. I was taken in by the label saying it was enriched with 4 precious oils - Argan, Macademia, Almond and Rose. That may well be true but I strongly suspect that the rest is petroleum based given the price and the fact they say 'enriched ' with and not all natural.

      It is a dry oil spray which I am ever convinced by as the oil is difficult to spray accurately and I get it all over the bathroom floor instead of on me. I far rather have a pour out oil.

      The bottle is a really stupid shape. It might look like a cool droplet but for a spray it is rubbish. You have to hold the thin neck and spray. once it gets slippery that is nigh on impossible with one hand. I ended up unscrewing the top and pouring mine onto my hand.

      This is a body oil but I have read about people using it on their face - not sure that is a great idea as it is probably too greasy and will clog the pores. The only oil I use on my face is a face oil as it is 100% natural.

      Garnier say this "Ultimate Beauty Oil is a perfecting oil, 5 times more concentrated in nutrients than our regular body lotion." I am not convinced as I find the lotion goes in to my skin better. I find the oil only really work well if I spray it on when I am warm and wet from a bath or shower and then it does spread and soak in well and saves drying with a towel too!

      Garnier also say " The natural oils of Garnier soothe and nourish your skin so it looks refreshed and feels ten times more smooth and supple." I am not sure how they measure the ten times but again I am not convinced my skin looked any better than using my usual body lotion and certainly not as nice feeling as using a plain almond oil or my lovely Avocado oil both of which are all 100% natural so do sink into the skin rather than sitting on the surface.

      The four natural oils do make for a lovely smelling oil and that is a positive . If you have a nut allergy then take care as this does have macadamia nut and almond oil.

      Persoanally I would buy a cold pressed natural oil and add your own essential oils and it would do a better job that this and cost about the same. I was not that impressed.


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      09.11.2014 20:52
      Very helpful


      • "smells amazing"


      • "bit greasy"

      Lovely smelling body oil

      I have been using a bottle of the Garnier Ultimate body oil for a few weeks now.

      The bottle is a tear shape and clear so you can see how much is left. The top is a pump dispenser but not a spray.

      First impressions
      I love this body oil's fragrance... its key ingredients are lemon, mandarin and grapefruit so as you can imagine it is really fruity and citrus smelling.

      In use
      I have been using this for a few weeks as an anti cellulite treatment although I use it on the full length of my legs and find it massages in really well. I use around 18 pumps in to the palm of my hand to do a full leg and you really can see the level go down in the bottle. Perhaps I use too much per application then!

      This bottle of oil is £8 which is not too expensive as body oils go.

      My thoughts
      I use this as a treatment and like to apply it first thing in the morning when I have a few minutes spare so it can work its magic all day. I like using it under jeans or leggings but am conscious of getting oil on my work trousers so skip it that day and do it in the evening instead.

      Final word
      I have been enjoying using this as the months turn colder and I do like the way it feels on my skin. I don't know whether it has improved cellulite dimples but I do accept I have them and this is not something I am probably going to turn around all that quickly! I think I would buy this again but would look out for it on offer or at least look to get some Boots points back when buying it!


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    Garnier Body Ultimate Beauty Oil will leave your skin looking beautiful! This unique and fabulous oil will illuminate and nourish your skin and leave it fully moisturised and help to reveal your perfect, glowing skin / '