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Ghost Anticipation Moisturising Body Lotion

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Brand: Ghost / Type: Body Lotion / Subcategory: Moisturiser / What it does: Moisturizes,

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    1 Review
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      09.02.2011 20:43
      Very helpful



      my second fave ghost

      Ghost is a feminine fashion and beauty brand directed by Tanya Sarne.

      *~*~*Ghost Fragrance Collection*~*~*

      There are currently 7 fragrances available for women from the Ghost brand :

      *Deep Night

      and Anticipation. Anticipation is available in an Eau de Toilette and also a matching body lotion. Anticipation offers itself as a playful and sensual scent which captures a night of adventure and fun. The body lotion is a moisturising one which as well as providing the scent of Anticipation on the skin, it also claims to hydrate and pump the skin. It will leave the skin smooth and soothed with a gentle shine making it ideal for evening wear.


      The body lotion bottles from Ghost follow an almost identical design. The hard plastic bottle is tall, round and perfectly smooth. A silver lid is screwed off to reveal a dispensing hole. Each individual fragranced lotion can be identified by its bottle colour. Anticipation presents itself in a deep pink/lilac bottle.


      The body lotion has been infused with the scent of Anticipation. When both the lotion and EDT are used together, the scent can be intensified allowing it to remain apparent on the skin for longer. The notes used within the scent develop in stages performing an enchanting show.

      *Top notes - a generous offering of cranberry, mandarin and a touch of powdery violet.
      *Heart notes - a feminine floral heart of orchid, freesia and peony.
      *Base notes - a seductive base of vanilla, white woods and white amber.

      *~*~*Availability and Price*~*~*

      The full size body lotion is 200ml and is available in a few different online stores.

      www.escentual.com - £13.58
      www.amazon.co.uk - £15.80
      www.fragrancedirect.co.uk - £16.50

      *~*~*My Anticipations Revealed*~*~*

      I am a huge fan of Ghost perfumes and body lotions and currently own nearly every body lotion available from the collection. I own a 50ml tube of Anticipation Moisturising Body Lotion. I received my tube as part of an ebay lot and rather than sell it on, it went into my personal beauty box! Sitting alongside the likes of Prada and Gucci, its pinkish and feminine appearance allows it to stand out as being pretty and sensual.

      I have yet to sample Anticipation EDT but it is my intention to do so in the near future so my thoughts are based on the application of the body lotion only. I find body lotions are the ideal way of providing my dry and sensitive skin with a much appreciated hydration boost. The addition of the scent within a lotion, entices me to go without a perfume over the top as the strength within high quality lotions can often be enough to see me through the day and leave me smelling beautiful.

      *~*~*Anticipation Becomes Real*~*~*

      Whilst I normally apply body lotions in the morning after my shower, this one is certainly intended for evening use which I will confirm soon. The lotion is thick and creamy adopting a shiny white appearance. It feels incredibly rich and sumptuous on my skin and massaging it into my skin proves relaxing and calming. Despite the cool feeling it provides, it is generously sensual as it settles on my skin. The thickness of the lotion is desirable as it spreads smoothly and evenly.

      The lotion soaks into my skin fairly quickly leaving a slight, tacky texture on the surface of my skin. Fully settling in over a period of 5-10mins the appealing, moisturising effects become noticeable. A soft and smooth feeling is evident on the surface of my skin. I notice this particularly on my arms where roughness is common but as with this and the other Ghost lotions, this roughness is relieved to a high standard.

      Any tightness or soreness due to my dry skin is reduced as the hydration from the lotion takes effect. The lotion moisturises well and I feel this is down to its generously rich texture. My skin feels relieved and soft throughout the day and I feel comfortable wearing this lotion. Appearance wise, the lotion helps to allow my skin to look healthier. My arms are often sore looking with redness but I have noticed a reduction in the redness through using this lotion and other lotions so this one cannot take full merit.

      The lotion adds a gentle, pretty shine to my skin hence the appeal for evening wear. I only apply a small blob to my arms and shoulder area and this is sufficient to provide a shine that is suitable for a night out. It isn't an over the top sparkle or glitter explosion but so gentle that it just adds a lovely, subtle shine which I really like. The shine doesn't last as long as the scent or moisturisation though so perhaps for a short lived night!

      *~*~*The Ancticipation Was Worth It*~*~*

      The scent of this body lotion is certain gorgeous and took me buy surprise. Judging by the notes provided above, you could be forgiven for thinking this would be your typical fruity top, floral heart and sweet base. Ok it is that but it goes way above this assumption on many levels and if the EDT smells like the lotion then I would happlily purchase it on this alone.

      The initial scent offered by this lotion is favourable. It is confident and enticing and allows me to feel more confident when wearing it. Even with only a small application, the scent travels well and layers itself onto my skin enveloping my body, soul and those around me into a secure and comfortably aroma. A pleasing aroma takes hold and is expertly blended with the fruity notes being juicy and seductively sweet. The violet really adds something to the top notes that I feel sets it apart from many fruity opened scents. It is generous and offers a sensual touch which really promotes its evening use perfectly.

      The opening scent gradually dries down and as the floral notes make themselves known, the aroma I could detect puzzled me. It took a good few wears on my skin for me to finally determine what I thought it was and it hit me..parma violets! Those little lilac sweets with a weird but strangely appealing taste. Anticipation certainly has something different to most scents and I feel this is down to this sweet and distinct scent..I would love to know how they managed that one to be honest!

      The scent of the florals is subtle enough to not overpower yet offer enough strength to be detectable to those closest to me. I feel that the notes used here are ideal and perfectly combined. If Ghost were aiming for a day time scent, the florals would be fresh and inviting. Here though, the scent is sensual and deep which allows it to be just right for evening wear. The freesia is light and beautifully presented with the orchid. The peony in my opinion, sweeps around the orchid and freesia reducing any freshness they may have provided and replaces it with a soft yet appealing sweetness which sits perfectly on my skin.

      Later in the evening and not long before I turn in for the night, the base of Anticipation comes into play. A smooth, creamy and gently sweet aroma settles on my skin and is different from many bases. It has character and what it lacks in strength, it makes up for in scent. The vanilla isn't as prominent as I expected it to be and masks as an undertone. It nestles under a warm and woody aroma and only appears slightly to add a natural sweetness to the concoction. The base is detectable as I go to sleep and its gentle blend is soothing enough for me to be able to drift off appreciating its kindness.

      *~*~*Who Could Handle This Anticipation?*~*~*

      If you are a fan of the EDT this will suit your perfectly. Its confident and feminine nature would ideally suit a mature young lady going out on a night out. It is inoffensive but the parma violets resemblence won't appeal to everyone. Night time wear is certainly recommended for scent and also the shine it provides the skin with.

      *~*~*Was The Anticipation Worth It?*~*~*

      This body lotion is truly stunning on many levels. It moisturises my skin with little effort and leaves it feally and looking healthy with a gentle shine. The scent is the best part and reflects the reason why I appreciate Ghost scents so much. It is feminine, sensual and multi dimensial offering so many different aromas packed into one lotion. Each set of notes is expertly put together to allow it to be different and very desirable to myself and I recommend you give it a try.

      The price may perhaps put many off but at just over £13.00 for 200ml it is well worth it as only a small amount of lotion is required for optimal appreciation and results. It comes in at a second favourite behind Ghost Sweetheart lotion but I love it for different reasons and for different occasions.

      Thanks for reading x


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