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Ghost Deep Night Body Lotion

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Brand: Ghost / Type: Body Lotion

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    2 Reviews
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      05.01.2013 22:27
      Very helpful



      One of the very few body lotions I'd splash out on!

      I got this body lotion in a set with the Ghost perfume in a present from my sister. It actually got pushed back in my cabinet with all the other potions and lotions I had but recently when searching for a particular one i rediscovered it.
      Ghost (Deep Night) aswell as coming in a perfume & body lotion also has a matching shower gel which I'd like to try!

      The tube I have differs from the one in the photo- seeing as its slightly older & came in a gift set. Its a deep purple colour much like the perfume. Its a small 50ml tube but is lasting quite a long time as a little does go a long way.

      The same as I said with the perfume- the scent is very fruity and feminine. Can be used any time of day but definitly more suitable for evening wear.
      I definitly find the scent is more obvious and longer lasting when applied as a body lotion then as the perfume.
      Its one of those smells you apply then keep going back and smelling- I'm sure I'm not the only one who does this!

      The lotion is of a thick, white consistency. As you rub it in its a little greasy so please bear in mind a little goes a long way. I dried fairly quickly after rubbing it- around a minute I'd say. I think this is fine, not great for if you're in a hurry but if you're in a hurry I assume you'll skip the moisturising stage! It definitly does leave skin that slight bit more soft and smooth.

      You can pick up a gift set (with 30ml perfume & 50ml lotion) at the perfume shop-www.perfumeshop.com for £23.99. Id reccomend going through ebay for a more pocket friendly price.
      This item does also come in a bottle but I struggled to find the price of one via google! Personally I'd reccomend the tube for ease of use and so you dont waste any!


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      19.12.2010 22:00
      Very helpful




      Ghost is a fragrance company founded by Tanya Same and now owned by P&G Prestige Beaute. In the past decade, there have been 14 fragrances releases from Ghost including the current line up of :

      Ghost the Original
      Deep Night

      *~*~*In The Depths of the Night*~*~*

      Deep Night is described as being a floral and fruity fragrance for women and the fragrance of love. It is aimed at a strong, confident women who wishes to wear for the transition between day and night. It is available in an Eau de Toilette. To allow the wearer to top up the scent and allow it to last longer, the matching shower gel and body lotion can also be purchased.

      *~*~*Soothing and Moisturising*~*~*

      The Deep Night body lotion isn't just a normal body lotion. It is a soothing and moisturising body lotion which has been infused with the Deep Night fragrance. It can be applied to the skin alone or before spritzing the EDT for a long lasting fragrance.


      Deep Night body lotion is available in a gift set size tube or a full size bottle. The bottle is made of clear plastic and is rather stumpy yet chunky. A black lid screws onto the top and houses a rather large, dispensing hole. Silver lettering on the main part of the bottle simply states Ghost but a label on the base confirms the Deep Night fragrance is present within the bottle.


      The body lotion should represent a subtler form of the Deep Night fragrance, with this in mind, we should expect a blend of the following notes :

      *Top notes of Indian Rose and Belle de Nuit (night lady)

      *Heart notes of orange, white tree and apricot

      *Base notes of vanilla, amber and musk

      *~*~*Availability and Price*~*~*

      The body lotion is 250ml in size and available online.

      www.escentual.com offers this at £19.00. The gift set which includes a 30ml EDT and 50ml body lotion can be purchased here for £23.00.

      *~*~*My Thoughts*~*~*

      Deep Night is by far my favourite Ghost fragrance, I first experienced its scent a few years ago. At this time, I received a gift set but I had convinced myself that fragranced body lotions would bring my rather sensitive skin out in a rash so I always got shot of them. I now have many of them from different brands and fragrances and have yet to experience a reaction.

      I haven't had a bottle of Deep Night in the past 2 years but I plan on purchasing one in the sales this year. Normally I use up smaller sizedbody lotion tubes from lots I buy on ebay and rarely have full retail sizes. A few months ago though, my sister presented me with a brand new 250ml bottle of body lotion which she had picked up at the carboot. I had to check online to confirm which fragrance range it belonged too but I could tell from the first sniff it was one I knew and loved.

      The bottle isn't one which I would have expected a Deep Night body lotion to be presented it. The Deep Night EDT bottle adopts a moon shape and I would have expected this to be similiar. I am not too keen on upright bottles as I feel that some of the lotion can be wasted at the bottom. The smaller tubes in the gift sets are certainly more convenient in terms of getting full usage of the lotion. The bottle is pretty boring but the body lotion inside looks delightful.

      The appearance of the body lotion is off white and creamy. On screwing off the lid, the instant aroma is pleasing and fresh. The bottle can be squeezed slightly and needs to be tipped up to allow some of the lotion to be dispensed. The body lotion is quite thick and has the consistency of condensed milk. I like to apply this liberally to my arms in the morning as I don't often get the opportunity to get out at night.

      The lotion sits comfortably on my skin and due to its thickness, doesn't run off my body. It feels quite cool but not as cool as others I have previously used. The lotion spreads well and the small dollop I dispensed is more than sufficient to cover each arm. I notice that as I spread the lotion over my skin, it is smooth and soothing. My skin especially on my arms, is rough and often irritated and sore but this lotion did an ideal job of sorting it out.

      The initial appearance of the lotion was that it was ultra creamy and thick but as I massaged it onto my skin, the creaminess quickly dispersed and the texture became quite oily. Naturally, the lotion turned clear but a slightly sticky and greasy sheen remained on my skin and this resulted in me needing to take a few moments to allow it to settle before putting any clothing on. This isn't a long process, perhaps a few moments but no good when you want moisturisation in a hurry!

      The effects of this body lotion are instantly detectable by the smoothness of my skin. Once the greasy layer has fully been absorbed, my skin feels soft and supple to the touch. The lotion allows my often tight skin and dry skin to feel deeply moisturised throughout the day and well into the night which I really appreciated.

      The most important aspect of a fragranced body lotion is of course the scent and this one doesn't disappoint. In my opinion, this body lotion offers a very true account of the Deep Night fragrance which I really love. Of course it is subtler and less powerful but once massaged onto the skin, it creates the ideal base for to develop and enhance the fragrance on.

      With fragranced body lotions, I often find it difficult to pick out the different stages of fragrance notes. With Deep Night body lotion, I can confirm that the overall scent in clean and fresh from the outset invoking a slightly floral and delicate opening. It developes quickly into a deeper ensemble which captures a zesty and subtly floral heart.

      The depth of the scent developes a few hours after application and the fresh and inviting scent transforms into a warming and enchanting base. Here my favourite combination of base notes are used and are detectable to me. The vanilla blends with the amber to become a perfectly sweet and warming aroma. The musk adds a sort of spicy edge to avoid a sickly composition and it is all blended to perfection.


      Deep Night body lotion would suit anyone wishing to wear a lotion which is moisturising and adopts a scent which sits close to the skin. If you are a fan of the fragrance then this would be the ideal base for a longer lasting scent. Personally I would apply this during the day for a touch of fragrance and top up with a spritz of EDT in the evening to carry you through the night.


      Yes I recommend Ghost Deep Night body lotion. The scent is true to life and the effects of the lotion are brilliant. Yes it is expensive but a little goes a long way and the bottle will last for ages. I would prefer the lotion to come in a tube due to its thickness but I suppose I can't grumble too much as I got the bottle for free! I would recommend checking out ebay and trying to get some of the little tubes cheap.

      Thanks for reading x


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