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Ghost Sweetheart Moisturising Body Lotion

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Brand: Ghost / Type: Body Lotion / Subcategory: Moisturiser / What it does: Moisturizes,

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    1 Review
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      05.02.2011 21:58
      Very helpful



      one of my favourites

      Ghost is a fashion and beauty brand founded by Tanya Sarne. The brand is ultra feminine and aims to give confidence to all women through its products.

      *~*~*Ghost and Fragrance*~*~*

      The Ghost fragrance collection currently includes 7 scents for women.

      *Deep Night

      and Sweetheart. Sweetheart is available in an Eau de Toilette spray, a body lotion and a shower gel allowing the wearer to layer the scent onto the skin for long lasting fragrance. Sweetheart is given a description of being "sweet and cheerful" but also "alluring and sensual". It allows the wearer to open up into a realm of first love and a touch of romance.

      This review discusses the Sweetheart Moisturising Body Lotion which can be applied before spritzing on the EDT. The body lotion offers the skin the opportunity to be deeply hydrated and left soft and smooth. Whilst it performs this duty, it leaves the scent of Sweetheart on the skin to be appreciated by those around you.


      The full size bottle containing the body lotion, offers the same round and smooth design as others in the collection. It is made of thick plastic and is finished off with a silver lid and white writing confirming its scent etc. The bottle is an orange colour with a hint of pink and this allows us to tell it apart from other lotions in the range. Inside the bottle, a small dispensing hole is present.


      A perfumed body lotion is often infused with the same scent notes that its matching perfume contains and Sweetheart is no exception. Classed as a feminine, oriental scent, what does it have to offer us?

      *Top notes - a generous but soft opening of spearmint, sweet lemon and pineapple.
      *Heart notes - a floral body of rose, Heliotrope and jasmine.
      *Base notes - a sweet offering of tonka, caramel and vanilla finishes off the scent.

      *~*~*Availability and Price*~*~*

      The body lotion is available in a 200ml sized and is most commonly found online. Current prices :

      www.escentual.com - £19.50
      www.fragrancedirect.co.uk - gift set including 30ml EDT and 50ml lotion £19.99
      www.amazon.co.uk - £18.00

      *~*~*My Experience*~*~*

      I have had positive experiences with Ghost perfumes and body products so was over the moon to receive a 50ml tube in an ebay beauty lot. Whilst I haven't had the pleasure to trying the actual perfume, I will be adding it to my to buy list as if the body lotion is anything to go by, I will love the perfume! I love pampering my body with butters, lotions and milks and I prefer perfumed lotions for a pick me up when I am not feeling my best. My tube of Sweetheart is lasting quite well and I now feel happy to tell you all about its wonderful features.

      I find the tube very convenient as opposed to a bottle. With a tube, the lotion is ready to be dispensed without much squeezing and I can ensure I get the last dregs out of it when nearly finished! The design and colour scheme of the tube is quite basic but attractive and feminine. I apply this lotion to my neck area and also my arms are those are the most exposed areas to others around me. My arms are dry and bumpy as well as being sensitive so I am always happy to apply lotions that promise to hydrate and moisturise. The lotion squeezes out with ease and I only apply a tiny blob for optimum coverage.

      The lotion is white in colour and appears creamy and light. It actually gave me a surprise as I began to rub it onto my skin. Normally a lotion would thin out and sink into the skin, but this one seemed to thicknen up as I rubbed it onto my skin. It wasn't as cooling as many lotions I have used but it gave my skin a gentle, warm feeling which was very pleasant and unexpected. Despite how thick it developed, my skin was eager to drink it up. The lotion absorbed into my skin with very little rubbing and was dry to the touch. No oily layer was present and it wasn't sticky on the surface. This is ideal for applying on the go as it means I can dress quickly after applying without fear of my clothes sticking to my skin!

      This lotion performs extremely well in terms of moisturisation. My skin on my arms can often feel sore and tight which leads to me being fidgety and uncomfortable. Using this lotion offers a reasonble amount of relief. It seems to go deep down into my skin and freshens it up whilst adding a light moisturisation throughout. The surface of my skin feels smooth and soft and the bumpy texture is reduced but not eliminated as it never will be due to my dodgy skin problems! The hydration and softness remains present throughout the day but I did notice that a gentle, powdery texture takes hold a few hours after application.

      The scent of Sweetheart is simply beautiful and has prompted me to consider purchasing the perfume. Not many body lotions have this effect on me but this one is different. It is feminine and approachable and combines an unusual blend of notes for a scent that suits me and my personality perfectly! Most body lotions I have used have mixed all the notes together to create a one continuous scent but Sweetheart is more multi dimensial with a developing scent throughout its time on my skin.

      When I first apply the lotion, the scent that greets me is sweet and clean smelling. I have never worn anything with spearmint as a scent in it but it gave Sweethearts top notes an unusual edge. The sweetness of the pineapple was prominent and quite exotic and special. The lemon though not overly strong, adds a zesty and smooth addition to the sweetness and the spearmint just tops it off to set it above more predictable scents available on the market. The opening of Sweetheart isn't too strong but sits at a comfortably level to be detected by those closest to me and I can fully appreciate its scent myself.

      Within an hour or so, a floral heart develops and it is very subtle, girly and modern. Its lightness is ideal for me as I don't like overly strong florals and Sweetheart offers the right balance in the heart. The heart is gently fresh and sweet due to the addition of the rose. Rose can often be a mature scent but it is light and young here. The jasmine blends with the rose and adds a deeper, sensual aroma and the heliotrope although a scent I am not sure about, seems to add a creamy, powdery edge to the floral heart. The heart is mainly sweet and sensual with the freshness of florals twisting in slightly to open the scent up a bit to new possibilities.

      The heart of Sweetheart remains at a subtle level for a few hours before giving way to the base and final scent to be appreciated. The base of Sweetheart is certainly desirable and for a sweetness addict like myself, it offers the perfect finishing aroma to any body lotion or perfume. The base offers a significant depth and the notes used would lead you to believe it was some kind of sweet dessert! I can confirm it lives up to its base notes and they are smoothly blended for a gourmand concoction.

      The vanilla is the most prominent note in the base and rears itself in a natural state. Vanilla can often smell very artificial and overly sweet but not here. The vanilla is at a perfect strength to appeal to those desiring sweetness. The caramel and tonka blend together and create a deep, creamy sweetness which is delicately laced with a burnt and sugary aroma which just adds to the uniqueness of the scent. The sweet notes present may conclude that the scent would be too sweet for some and I do agree with this but it doesn't overpower and blends into the background after an hour or so only to be distinguished when the nose is placed up close to the area you have applied the lotion too.


      Sweetheart as a scent and the body lotion as a stand alone product, would suit a young female perhaps late teens to 30s. Its developing scent would suit day time or early evening wear and a gently spritz of the EDT would enhance the scent further.

      *~*~*Recommendation and Conclusion*~*~*

      I adore this body lotion as it makes my skin feel lovely and pampered and this lasts throughout the day. The scent is unusual but I really appreciate its uniqueness as it is something different. The transition from sweet to floral to sweet is smooth and provides me with enough of everything I like. The scent lasts very well on my skin with only a small amount of lotion being used and once I buy the perfume, I will be able to add to this.

      The lotion is expensive but look out on ebay for the 50ml tubes as they last well and give you a good chance to determine your feelings of the body lotion. This is by far my favourite of the Ghost body lotions.

      Thanks for reading x


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