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Ghost The Fragrance Soothing Body Moisturising Lotion

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4 Reviews
  • no residue at all
  • great for layering with perfume
  • none
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    4 Reviews
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      04.11.2014 23:14
      Very helpful


      • " no residue at all"
      • " great for layering with perfume"
      • " quick to sink in"
      • " easy to rub in"
      • "lovely scent"


      • none

      A Ghost not to be afraid of!

      I got a Ghost gift set with the fragrance and matching body lotion in it a while ago.
      I love the original Ghost fragrance. It has such a lovely scent, yet it seems to have a very simple composition, with rose being the strongest note in it combined with a light, woody note.

      ~ Packaging ~
      The body lotion I have is a 50ml tube, which is fairly plain in design, with the word, ‘Ghost’ across the front and ‘soothing and moisturizing body lotion’, in metallic silver lettering towards the bottom of the tube.
      It sits on its silver screw off lid.

      ~ In Use ~
      The body lotion is white in colour and it is quite thin in consistency almost like a cleansing milk.
      It has the same lovely scent as the fragrance and the scent is quite strong even in the body lotion.
      I absolutely love the scent. It has a strong scent of rose and the woody note is almost more of a papery scent like magazine pages. I love it.
      The lotion is very thin in consistency so it is easy to rub in and it sinks in to my skin very quickly and easily. There is never any stickiness or residue left on my skin at all and it doesn’t feel as though I have a product on my skin like it does with some cheaper body lotions. I think this body lotion is very good quality.
      The body lotion leaves my skin feeling soft, smooth and hydrated.
      The scent of the lotion lingers on my skin for a while after application. I usually layer this body lotion with the fragrance to intensify the scent and help to make it last longer, even though the fragrance has excellent staying power on its own. It lasts over 12 hours on my skin.
      Layering the lotion and fragrance makes me feel more confident that the fragrance will last the whole day.
      The body lotion is quite hard to get hold of on its own, but the gift set is available from Boots every Christmas which costs between £12.99 (in January) and £29.99. For that price you will get 50ml of body lotion and the 30ml Ghost eau de toilette.
      I think this body lotion is well worth paying a bit more for as it has a lovely scent and it feels better quality than your average body lotion.
      It is moisturising without feeling sticky or heavy on my skin and the scent is a bonus.
      I would definitely recommend this lotion and would definitely purchase it again.


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      09.04.2013 19:59
      Very helpful



      A top class smelling body lotion that many would be happy to receive

      Ghost The Fragrance Soothing Body Moisturising Lotion

      I got a small sample of this in the Ghost Fragrance gift set I received for my birthday. I love Ghost fragrances but never thought to try or buy their body care products, so I was very happy to give this a

      The packaging for this Ghost Fragrance soothing body moisturising lotion is quite plain looking, or rather 'classic looking' like many of the Ghost products on the market. The lotion comes in a frosted pale blue coloured plastic tube, which has an ever so slight glow to it in the light. The tube I got in my gift pack holds 50 ml of lotion and is a typical tubular shape with a twist off cap.

      This lotion comes with the Ghost Fragrance perfume and as such has many of the perfumes qualities and fragrances in it. Both the scent and body lotion contain ingredients such as musky ambrette and floral roses, sensual jasmine and fruity hibiscus. The base of this scent is made up of sandalwood, vanilla and incense which gives it a bit more depth and intensity.

      The body lotion is a smooth and light white cream that is very shiny and bright. The lotion is much thinner than many other body lotions that I have tried in the past and a little goes a long way which I think is always a bonus with stylish branded items and as such it gets extra brownie points straight away.

      I mainly used this on my arms and legs and found that I only needed to use a couple of light squeezes of the lotion bottle to cover this large area! The cream slides easier over my skin and leaves it with a nice light shine and glow. The lotion, although thin, is quite slow drying and can take a while to totally sink into your skin, but as you don't need to put gallons on this is quite manageable and I managed to get a good feel for how much I should use very easily.

      The scent of this lotion is really nice, not as strong and obvious as the perfume but the musky and floral scents transfer onto your skin really well. The scent sticks onto your skin for a good few hours and I get wafts of it during the day which I enjoy. As for the moisturising qualities this softens my skin and gives it a nice, rich and smooth texture, but it does not do as good a job as a splatter of body butter. I wear this as more of a night out overall application of lotion perfume, with the addition of the perfume itself and feel very special and fancy for my evening out.

      As I say I got his in a gift pack and it is generally available at Christmas time. On ghostfragrances.com a 30 ml scent and 50 ml body lotion costs £25, but you can often find this cheaper on the High street in shops such as Boots and Superdrug. Overall I have been impressed with the staying scent and smoothness it gives to my skin and as such give this 4 out of 5.


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      01.09.2012 17:16
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      great little product normally found in gift sets from Ghost

      Over the years I have been a huge fan of the Ghost perfume range and also the gift sets which contain great products such as body lotions - which I am also a big fan of. Generally I find the best body lotions do come from the perfume manufacturers as they smell exactly like the perfumes which give your skin an excellent boost of scent. One of my favourites is Ghost The Fragrance - which I will be reviewing for you today.

      I have acquired this body lotion in the past in gift sets which have came with the matching perfume but you can also purchase the lotion on its own in 200ml form - the gift set version gives a decent 50ml 1.7FL.OZ.


      Ghost the brandname was launched in the UK in 1984 specifically for women and this particular fragrence was launched by the company in 2000. In total there are 20 fragrences to date I have tried two of them and in my opinion very different from the competitors in terms of scent and bottle design.


      The matching Ghost perfume to this body lotion is a delicious light day scent which in my opinion would suit women of all ages - I also liked this as a teenager so would also suit a younger nose.

      The notes for this particular scent are as follows :

      Top notes : Rose petals & ambrette seed

      Heart notes : White flowers, jasmine, sandalwood, incense

      Base notes : Vanilla, musk, amber, apricot

      Together, all the scents really compliment each other and it makes it a very different smell to all the other perfumes out there.


      As previously noted this lotion comes in a 50ml size squeeze tube which is semi transparent and has a tint of blue to the packaging - similar to the perfume bottle. The tube stands upright with the screw top lid situated at the bottom which is silver/grey in colour. The lid tightens very well reducing the risk of spillage from the tube. The overall bottle is made out of a reliable hard plastic, although it is soft enough to allow you to squeeze the product out of the tube with ease.

      The front of the tube tells you that this is a "soothing and moisturising body lotion" and the back reveals the product has a shelf life of up to 12 months.

      Before applying the product you notice the scent of the lotion smells exactly like the perfume like you would expect and when squeezing the product out of the tube the consistancy is quite runny rather than thick, although I can tell you it can be rubbed into the skin very easily and doesn't take forever to dry.


      My verdict

      The is the body lotion that I am using mainly at the moment - I have been using it daily after a shower for the last 2 weeks and still have around 1/4 of the tube left to use which isnt bad going considering I started off with only 50ml.

      In my opinion the lotion does last longer on your skin than the matching perfume does - to be more specific til the end of my working day at 3.30 you can still smell this on your skin.

      To me the scent is about the only benefit, as I do not notice that my skin is in anyway nicer/softer than before, but if you are just after a nice scent boost to your skin and the condition of your skin doesn't bother you too much this is the lotion for you.


      It was hard for me to find this body lotion online as many other fragrances from Ghost seem to be more popular but I found this at www.bp4e.com priced at £12.75 for 200ml which isn't a bad price when you compare to other body lotions from the Ghost range.


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        23.09.2011 17:13
        Very helpful



        my least favourite ghost lotion!

        Ghost is a collection of female fragrances by Tanya Sarne. The collection includes Anticipation, Cherish, Deep Night, Luminous, Captivating, Sweetheart and Enchanted Bloom.

        {Ghost The Fragrance}

        The original, aptly named Ghost fragrance was released for sale in 2000. The Eau de Toilette spray is widely available with a shower gel and body lotion available in the gift sets and as individual items on certain websites. This review discusses my use of 'Ghost The Fragrance Soothing and Moisturizing Body Lotion'.

        The actual Ghost fragrance is described as being "soft and gentle with a warm aura and hidden depths". The body lotion can be used alone and should offer soft, smooth and Ghost scented skin. It could also be used as a base then topped up with the EDT for a longer last, more concentrated scent on the skin.


        Whilst the picture shows a curvy bottle identical to that of the perfume, the most common packaging for this body lotion is a tube. The tube is a transparent, pale blue colour with silver writing and a screw off silver lid. It is worth noting that once the lotion has been opened, it should be used up within 12months.


        The body lotion carries a subtler but identical fragrance to that of the EDT.

        *Top notes - rose petals and ambrette seeds

        *Heart notes - apricot, hibiscus and jasmine

        *Base notes - sandalwood, musk, vanilla and incense


        To purchase the 200ml size lotion, head to www.amazon.co.uk where it is priced at £22.95. Ebay offer the 50ml sizes for various prices. The gift set contains 30ml EDT and 50ml EDP - some include a shower gel. These sets can be purchased for around £22.00 from Amazon, Cheapsmells and Boots at Christmas.

        {My Thoughts}

        I love the Ghost range of fragrances and have reviewed several of the body lotions so far. I kept this one to last as to be honest, it isn't my favourite. I first tried the actual fragrance in my teens and quite liked it due to its rather grown up scent and gorgeous yet fairly plain bottle. Anyway, a tube of this body lotion joins my overgrowing collection of fragranced lotions.

        The tube is attractive and the light blue colouring is quite calming which I believe is a true reflection of the actual scent. The tube is convenient due to its squeezy nature and I can easily dispense a blob of this lotion. I apply my body lotions after a shower and really what I look for is soft, hydrated skin which is scented. So how does this one compare to the other lotions in the collection?

        {Grease Lightening!}

        The pure white lotion is easy to dipsense directly on to my skin. It isn't as thick as I would have expected but not too fluid like. The lotion spreads out effortlessly and feels ultra cooling on my dry skin. I do find it is rather oily and greasy at first and it certainly doesn't absorb as quickly as other lotions. The oily layer is present on my skin for a good 5mins despite me giving it a good rub in so this limits how quickly I can get dressed.

        Once fully absorbed, the surface of my skin is quite smooth and feels rather fresh due to the cooling aspect of the lotion. I can't say I found it to be as hydrating and moisturising as the other Ghost lotions which disappointed me. The lotion doesn't have much impact on dryer areas of my skin such as knees and elbows and really only concentrates on softening the area it comes into contact too. The hydration is short lived - perhaps a few hours but I would expect more from a high priced body lotion.

        {Original and Best?}

        As I have lots of other Ghost fragrances to compare this lotion too, I can safely say this is my least favourite scent so far. After applying to my skin, the scent is quite strong and confident. It does smell exactly like the perfume from all angles and like I previously mentioned, is more grown up and sophisticated. Initially, the scent comes across heavily floral thanks to the rose. It is also quite powdery smelling which adds to the maturity of the overall scent.

        The scent lightens as it wears on the skin, adapting to a more subtle, floral fresh aroma. This is shortlived and although not present in the notes list, I think of violets when wearing this lotion. It is a rather sickly scent despite being so light. It certainly isn't as vibrant and girly as the other scents but is wearable. Around 2 hours after application, the scent softens to reveal a pleasant, more appreciated base. The jasmine makes a late appearance and adds a sensual touch to a sweet vanilla and warming sandalwood. There is a hint of musk present and the scent can be detected for 4-5hours. If I top it up with the EDT, I can extend the wear for several hours.


        Whilst not the most appealing scented body lotion in the collection, it is different. It isn't too strong but heady at certain levels. A small amount is needed to create an acceptable level of scent though adding too much to enhance moisturisation is pointless as it adds more oil to my skin and that doesn't look or feel nice at all. It is nice enough to wear during the day but don't expect too much from it.

        I feel this body lotion is extremely overpriced for what it is. If you fancy it then search around for the smaller tubes to try it as it won't be for everyone.

        Thanks for reading x


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