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Giorgio Armani Code Women Body Lotion

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2 Reviews
  • a little goes a long way
  • extends the life of the perfume
  • price just too high
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    2 Reviews
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      03.09.2014 09:48
      Very helpful


      • "a little goes a long way"
      • "non greasy"
      • "extends the life of the perfume"
      • "compliments the perfume"
      • "Long lasting fragrance"


      • "price just too high"

      A great compliment to the perfume, just too expensive

      Armani Code is one of my staple fragrances and is always on my birthday/christmas list. Last birthday I received the code perfume in a gift set with a small body lotion as well. I have to be honest and say that often when i get the sets the lotion goes in the back of the bathroom cabinet and tends to be forgotten about. However, on this occasion the lotion ended up on my dresser next to the perfume and i began using it on my arms and upper body whenever i used the perfume.

      Like the perfume the lotion has the same "Simple yet sensual, comforting yet captivating...A spellbinding fragrance" (Perfume Shop). With other body lotions the scent tends to differ slightly but the Armani code one was spot on.

      The lotion itself came in a small pale bottle, that you simply squeeze to dispense. The lotion is silky and light and a little goes a very long way. It also is a lovely moisturiser. The fragrance is quite strong when first applied but fades enough within a few minutes. When applied along with the perfume they seem to elongate each others life and I can still smell the Code after a full day at work.

      My only problem with the lotion is the price. When i looked to buy some when my gift size one ran out, I was shocked to find it was nearly as expensive as some perfumes. For 200ml is averages at a price of £29! I know the Code perfume isn't the cheapest at £40-£65 per bottle but nearly £30 for body lotion is hard to justify. I therefore didn't buy any but I am planning to ask for some for Christmas ha ha!


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      29.07.2012 20:11
      Very helpful



      I love this!

      Giorgio Armani is an Italian fashion designer. The Armani brand currently includes couture fashion, accessories and fragrance.

      ~Armani Code~

      'Simple yet sensual, comforting yet captivating'.

      Armani Code is available for men and women. A spin off fragrance titled 'Code Luna' is also available. The Armani Code Pour Femme (for her) collection includes an eau de parfum, an eau de toilette, a shower gel and a body lotion.

      Armani Code is described as being 'a spellbinding fragrance evoking the same elegance as a Giorgio Armani dress...'. (Armani website).

      If you are a fan of layering a fragrance, you may wish to apply the matching, perfumed body lotion prior to spraying on some of the perfume. A perfumed body lotion is also perfect for creating a lighter scent on the skin if you do not wish to wear the perfume. Armani Code Body Lotion is marketed as being a lightweight lotion which should hydrate and scent your skin.

      The fragrance notes used in this body lotion include orange blossom, bitter orange, vanilla, jasmine sambac and honey.


      The full size bottle of this body lotion follows a simplistic yet classy design. The plastic bottle is tall and slim with a curved middle. It is a white/silver sort of colour with a black lid and is simply labelled with the relevant product details. The packaging can be recycled and this product has a 12month shelf life.

      ~Price and Availability~

      You can locate this body lotion from online stores. A full size bottle contains 200ml.

      *www.escentual.com - £25.05
      *www.thehut.com - £39.93 (gift set containing 200ml lotion and 50ml EDP)
      *Amazon UK - £30.25

      ~My Thoughts~

      My Mum and sister are often given or buy fragrance gift sets. Most of the time, they only buy them for the perfume alone and I usually end up with the other contents of the gift sets. I get to try lots of designer body lotions for free which suits me perfectly. I have a 50ml bottle of Armani Code Body Lotion. I have had the opportunity to try this out on its own and also with the matching perfume which I occasionally pinch from my sister!

      Like with many premium body lotions, you are paying for the scent and its staying power - anything else is a bonus. Whilst the design of this bottle lotion isn't anything spectacular, the bottle is well made and functional. I use body lotions on a daily basis. I reserve my fragranced body lotions for special occasions and like to alternate between the various brands I have. I own a few Armani lotions and find that this one is up to the high standards of this amazing brand.

      ~Cracking The Code~

      The first time I opened my bottle and had a sniff, I wasn't convinced that this was going to be a strongly fragranced body lotion. It came across as smelling quite soapy with perfumed undertones. I do not judge by one sniff though. My concerns were blown out the water after I applied the lotion to my skin.

      The lightweight claim offered by Armani is fufilled. Whilst I often use thick body butters to hydrate my dry skin, I do not mind a lightweight lotion as long as it smells gorgeous. I dispense a small blob of this white, lightly creamy lotion each time and it spreads like a dream. It isn't too runny - it has a pleasant consistency and glides effortlessly across my skin. This body lotion is not ideal for providing heavy moisturisation and has very little effect on extra dry areas of skin. It does however, soak into my skin quickly and leaves the surface feeling soft and silky smooth for 8 hours or so. It isn't the most intensive body lotion out there but it does provide ample hydration for less dry areas. It would definitely suit someone with normal skin in my opinion.

      The scent of this body lotion is gorgeous and it is very much like Armani Code edp but of course, in a much subtler form. As soon as the lotion had sunk in, I was completely taken by the delightful scent which graced my skin. This body lotion leaves my skin delicately fragranced with a mild yet enticing blend of fragrance notes. When I first apply it, the bitter orange shines through - sweet and zesty and a true treat to witness. The scent develops further to reveal a sensual jasmine which gives the scent a modern, grown up feel. It doesn't come across as too heavy or mature.

      From the moment I apply this body lotion, I can detect a creamy undertone to the orange and then the jasmine. After a few hours, I discover that it is the vanilla trying to surge through. At first, it isn't strong enough to take over but instead, it chooses to mingle with the other notes and add a bit of variety to the scent. When the body lotion has been on my skin for around 5 hours, it turns very sweet - a natural sweetness which laces the skin beautifully. It is different from a typical vanilla scent which I feel is down to the inclusion of the honey note. The honey adds a warm, comforting touch to the vanilla which I love. The overall scent is light, inoffensive and ultra feminine but without the floral frills.


      Whilst this body lotion isn't highly fragranced compared to most, the Armani Code scent in general is perfect for evening wear. I would recommend applying the lotion late afternoon and adding some of the EDP. This combination is strong enough to last the night. The body lotion alone is light enough for day time use too and lasts around 7 hours. I find it perfect for wearing when out and about with friends in the evening.

      Armani Code isn't a fragrance which I feel is suited to just one age group. It is a modern scent which is neither too young nor too mature so would suit a wide range of ladies. I the fragrance as does my Mum and sister. It isn't a 'look at me' sort of scent. It is more understated and simply stunning in my opinion.


      Whilst expensive, I feel this body lotion is worth a premium price tag. It is perfectly scented and feels quite special to use. I wouldn't buy it for its moisturising abilities as it is basic but for the fragrance, it is perfect and I can highly recommend it. The gift set offers best value for money. I plan on purchasing a set of my own when stores such as Boots and The Perfume Shop have them back in at Christmas as it usually works out that you the body lotion for free with the perfume. I have a small amount left in my bottle but have managed at least 10 applications from my bottle.

      Thanks for reading :)


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