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Grace Cole Moments of Sensuality Set

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Brand: Grace Cole / Type: Beauty Treatment

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    1 Review
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      16.01.2012 18:34
      Very helpful



      a lovely gift set by Grace Cole

      *~*About Grace Cole*~*

      Grace Cole is a company based in England. They pride themselves in offering beautiful gift sets. The brand is split into different ranges including Mayan Spa, Miss Cole and Signature.
      The 'Moments' range is said to "fuse strength with femininity". There are different gift sets in this range which are aptly named moments of harmony, joy, passion and sensuality.

      *~*Moments of Sensuality*~*

      A set of pampering treats for your mind, body and soul. This gift set contains 4 products from the range :

      Reviving Body Wash 150ml
      Polishing Body Scrub 150ml
      Silky Smooth Body Butter 100ml
      Cleansing Soap 100g

      The products are slotted in a plastic container and presented in a hot pink and black cardboard box with a love heart design. Each product is foiled sealed for freshness. The products are designed to compliment each other but can of course, be used as stand alone body treats. Each product is infused with the same scent..

      Top notes - yuzu, mango and mandarin
      Heart notes - rose, jasmine and passion fruit
      Base notes - vanilla, peach, amber and musk

      *~*Price and Availability*~*

      This specific set retails at around £5.00. It is currently on offer in Semi Chem at only £2.99. The website also stock it.

      *~*My Grace Cole Experience*~*

      Until Christmas, I had only heard of Grace Cole but didn't know much about the brand. When I unwrapped a hot pink box on Christmas day, I thought it was some fancy chocolates but it was this lovely Moments of Sensuality set. I received it from my fiances brother and his girlfriends as a small gift. This gift set looks more expensive that it actually is..£2.99 is a bargain price!

      These products work very well as a set and a lovely to use together during and after a shower. The scent of each product is appealing though subtle. Using the different products together does increase the concentrate of scent on my skin though. I would say the scent is quite fresh rather than sensual. It is feminine, creamy and whilst i am using the products, I can detect a gorgeous fruity aroma. The scent settles on my skin and is lovely and sweet.

      Anyway, I have said that the products work well as a set - we have a scrub followed by a body wash (or the soap if you want) and then we have the body butter to moisturise the skin. But what is each product like to use?

      *~*Body Scrub*~*

      "Reveal smooth, radiant skin with this delicately fragranced body scrub"

      I do not use a scrub daily as my sensitive skin cannot handle too much scrubbing. I normally opt for Soap and Glory but am always willing to try something different.

      Presented in a chunky pink and black tube, this body scrub is easy to dispense. The scrub is clear with evident white scrubby bits dispersed through it. This scrub takes a while to get used to. It has quite a runny, jelly like consistency which slides on the skin. Once I got the hang of using the scrub, it is quite pleasant to use.

      As I massage this scrub across my arms and legs, a light, fragrant lather forms on my skin. The lather is very gentle and offers a smooth base for the scrub particles and therefore avoids too much discomfort. I can feel the scrub particles gently exfoliating my skin but they never fully dissolve and I always have to rinse the excess scrub off alongside the lather.

      This isn't the best scrub. It buffs the surface of my skin without being too harsh or causing redness. It doesn't feel effective enough to give my skin a really good scrub and therefore not ideal for using as a prep before tanning. It leaves my skin feeling smooth.

      Overall 3/5 - not the best scrub I have used but not the worse either. It does last well as only a blob is needed but my skin doesn't feel as smooth as with other body scrubs. I have used it every 2nd day which is sufficient.

      *~*Body Wash*~*

      "Refresh and revive your senses, enjoy a luxurious shower taking in the aromatic fragrance of this delicious scented body wash"

      I go through a lot of body washes and as long as they cleanse me and smell pleasant, I will use them. I do prefer a pump bottle for a body wash but do not mind squeezing a big blob of gel from this pink tube. There isn't anything overly fancy about this body wash and I wouldn't class it as being luxurious. It has a medium, gel consistency and is clear.

      I find that I get the best results from using this body wash on a shower puff. Applying it directly to damp skin results in a slippy, sloppy mess and I end of losing most of it down the plug hole. Dispensing onto my puff and smoothing across my skin, I am treated to a refreshing shower experience. The body wash turns into a soft, creamy lather which is burst with the delicious fruity scent of Moments. My skin feels refreshed and cleansed - perfect for a morning shower.

      After stepping out the shower, I feel clean all over and the beautiful scent from these products lingers on my skin. My skin is very soft and smooth. This body wash is ideal for using every day as it is sensitive skin friendly and smells delicious. I do feel I need more of this body wash on my puff than other brands so the tube is becoming empty rather quickly!

      Overall 4/5 for the body wash - it does the job but isn't indulgent.

      *~*Body Butter*~*

      "The ultimate moisturiser, this body butter leaves your skin feeling temptingly smooth and seductively fragranced"

      I love body butters as I like my skin to experience a moisturising treat after my shower. Having dry skin, I need a butter which will penetrate the dryness and leave my skin feeling wonderful. The body butter within this set is presented in tub form with a screw top lid.

      This butter is very easy to use and is rather indulgent. Each time I have showered using the other gift set products, I have always looked forward to slathering this butter across my tummy, arms and legs. It is white and has a bouncy, rich creamy consistency which feels very cooling against my skin. A little of this body butter goes a long way as it spreads like a dream across my skin and absorbs almost instantly.

      This butter leaves my skin feeling nourished and super silky. It is on par with a rich body moisturiser and my skin really appreciates how moisturising this butter actually is. The results aren't as long lasting as many body butters but my skin does feel moisturised for several hours. Whilst all of the products carry an almost identical scent, I notice that the more prominent scent from this butter is peach - a rich and creamy peach sorbet sort of scent. It is lovely and smells beautiful on my skin.

      Overall 4/5 - a treat to apply and smells yummy!


      "Luxurious and rich, this gentle soap cleanses skin beautifully with an exotic and seductive fragrance"

      I cannot say that I really like using soaps bars to cleanse my body as I can find them quite drying. I have however used this soap as a hand soap more than anything and it is perfect for this purpose. The soap is quite basic - it is a square block which is a creamy colour and initially wrapped in clear cellophane. It is presented in a beautiful white and pink box.

      There isn't much to the soap. Unwrapped, it looks, feels and smells like a basic soap with a slight fruity hint. Being square shape, it is a bit awkward to use at first but I have managed to soften the edges a little allowing a more comfortably hand washing experience. The lather produced by this soap is lovely being really rich and creamy. The scent doesn't improve which is disappointing but my hands are left feeling soft and clean. Thankfully this soap doesn't dry out my hands and further and I do not feel the need to slather hand lotion on straight after using.

      I did break off a little soap to use in the shower but because of the lack of scent, I wasn't impressed. It did leave my skin smooth though which is a bonus. The soap doesn't seem to be reducing in size much and still looks fresh and new.

      Overall 3/5 - nice lather but basic scented soap and I would much prefer Lush or Dove.


      These Moments products looked lovely in my bathroom - very girly. I am pleased with the quality of this set given the price of it and am happy that I received it as a gift. This does make a beautiful treat for a girly girl in my opinion but I wouldn't class any of the products as being "sensual". They are pretty though and smell lovely.

      I would give this set 4 stars as I am almost fully impressed!

      Thanks for reading :)


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