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Gucci Rush Body Lotion

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Brand: Gucci / Type: Body Lotion

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    2 Reviews
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      14.03.2013 17:53
      Very helpful



      A well fragranced body lotion

      ~Get the Gucci Rush!~

      I must admit that when I first saw the bold red plasticy product containers that hold the Gucci Rush fragrance and its matching body care products I thought they lacked a certain finesse that I might have expected from such a premium brand, however once I tried the very same fragrance and the body products I found I really liked them. I would never have thought this range was all that special having seen the product presentation but having tried the body lotion I found that it smells divine and also works really well on my skin. The fragrance the lotion gives off lasts for many hours, softening and mellowing in nature, making the Gucci Rush lotion one of my most favoured go to choices. I find that the body lotion is smooth and silky once on the skin, with the fragrance changing over time yet still giving off an amazing effect that I really like.

      ~Product presentation and ease of use~

      The presentation used for the Gucci Rush body lotion is bright and bold yet not nearly as classy as you might hope it would be given the high price tag of the product. I found that the body lotion comes in a simple plastic squeezy tube style container, that is a little thicker in texture than some similar body lotion tubes I have used. This thicker casing does protect the body lotion inside from knocks and bumps, although I find that it means you have to squeeze the tube a little more to get the right amount of lotion out of the tube. I suppose the thicker tube is good in many ways, as in my opinion it would be quite difficult to pierce by accident, although for those with limited mobility in the hands it may be harder to apply the right amount of pressure to the tube to dispense just enough of the lotion without wasting any.

      I find that it can also be a little harder to get to the last few drops of body lotion when the contents of the container is low, meaning I have to cut the tube open to get every last drop out. In use the lid that is used on the body lotion tube is easy to handle and can be twisted on or off as required with very little effort. I have found that the lid can be used to stand the container on if wanted, in order to allow the remaining body lotion to drain down towards the lid ready for future use, although sometimes the tube can tip over if stored this way. The bright bold red colour used on the plastic covered EDT bottle is not fully carried through to the body lotion tube, as the shade used on the lotion tube does differ very slightly, being less bright in my opinion. As you cannot really see through the coloured plastic of the product tube, I find that it can be difficult to know just how much body lotion is left.

      ~Texture/ fragrance/ effect~

      I have found that the texture and feel of the body lotion is thin yet not overly so, meaning that this is not an overly creamy or heavy feeling body care product in any way. In use I find that I need just a tiny amount of lotion in order to get a very nice fragranced effect on the skin, which means that a little of the body lotion goes a long way. The lotion does help leave skin smooth and soft although in my opinion it works best as an alternative to the EDT product rather than as an all over body moisturiser, as it can be expensive to buy. I find that the body lotion has the same initial tangy sweetness that the EDT has, with it giving off a nice soft vanilla and patchouli scent once on the skin for longer periods. Over time when I wear this body lotion I tend to get the feeling of there being a light coffee flavour hidden in there some where which is mixed with chocolate smoked bourbon. I like this combination as it works really well on my skin and I feel that it makes the Gucci Rush fragrance feel very daring and grown up.

      ~Fragrance notes~

      ~Top notes ~ Peony, gardenia and bergamot make up the top notes of this fragrance. I find that these top notes are less bold in the body lotion, making it something that can be worn on its own without the matching EDT, for a much lighter Gucci Rush fragrance effect that still lasts really well.

      ~Mid/ heart notes ~ Jasmine, violet, rose and vanilla add an exotic twist to Gucci Rush. I really like the florals in the lotion as they work wonderfully with the vanilla, enfolding your skin in a warm floral vanilla scented haze. I find that the fragranced body lotion has a little less depth than the EDT yet still offers the same seductive vanilla scented warmth.

      ~Base notes~ Patchoulli and bourbon help to add warmth and spice to the body lotion. I always get the feeling that this blend gives off a slightly alchoholic, yet almost coffee scented feel once mixed with warm chocolatey vanilla and exotic florals. In use I find that the body lotion has a lighter feel than the EDT towards the end of its wear time yet still manages to stay fixed on the skin.

      The Gucci Rush body lotion uses soft warm fruity florals, spicy coffee chocolate coated vanilla and boozy bourbon to great effect in my opinion with the fragrance having a sophisticated yet sultry and gown up feel to it that I feel makes it stand out amongst the crowd.

      ~Product rating and price~

      I really like the Gucci Rush body lotion as it has something different about it that makes it stand out from the crowd. The lotion is easy to apply to the skin, sinks in quickly, leaves no oily or greasy residue and fragrances the skin for many hours. I have found that I can wear the lotion without having to use the EDT for day wear as the fragranced effect lasts so very well. The price of a 200ml sized tube of Gucci Rush body lotion can be as much as £18 which I feel is rather expensive, however the lotion is very often included in fragrance gift sets which include the EDT and a smaller sized body lotion tube. Gift sets offer best value in my opinion, especially when bought in the sales when I find I can pick up a set for no more than £25. My rating for this product is 5 stars as it really is something that I enjoy wearing, with it being strong enough to be worn on its own if wanted.


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        04.02.2009 13:52
        Very helpful



        Birthday wishlist better pay off!

        I got this perfume years ago as a present. It has a lovely and fruity scent which I thought was brilliant. Needless to say it went rather quickly. I lived in the states at the time and everywhere I looked had this scent at stupidly high prices.

        Spotted it again this year whilst walking around a department store over Christmas and thought how nice it would be to have again. Then I spotted the price. Still years on this perfume / lotion is still expensive. For a 50ml perfume I was lookinf at spending £35 and the lotion was around £22. Maybe doesn't sound much to some people but I can't justify it right now. It's on my birthday wish list and I'll go mad if nobody gets me some of it.

        Gucci discribes this scent as warm, deep and intense. I've never been very good at discribing a scent but let me just say it's wonderful and I was always having compliments!


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