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Guerlain L'Instant Shimmering Body Fluid

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Brand: Guerlain / Body Fluid / Type: Body Lotion / Subcategory: Body Fluid

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    3 Reviews
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      01.08.2012 19:22



      Treat youself to a little bit of luxury with Guerlain's shimmering body lotion

      I purchased Guerlain L'instant shimmering body lotion for women just before I went to Mexico last September in order to look more beautiful on my wedding day and also to look more sophisticated whilst on my honeymoon holiday. This is a 6.8oz perfumed body lotion for all women who appreciate the soft scents of sweet spice and all things nice and a tangy combination of orange flowers. Due to the attractiveness and delicious scent of this Guerlain L'instant shimmering body lotion, I would say it has the power to make any woman feel feminine and overwhemingly sensual. L'instant has a sexy appeal that I associate with it every time I use it because it is easy to apply, smooth with an addictive mixture of Citrus honey, Magnolia and amber. This shimmering body lotion was perfect for my romantic wedding and honeymoon in Mexico because the aroma was long lasting and so ideal to wear on long, hot, passionate evenings. I purchased this eye- catching body lotion in the first instance because my best friend informed me that when ever she wears it, it reminds her of the first time she fell in love with her husband. Therefore, with this idea in mind I went ahead and purchased Guerlain L'instant body lotion mainly for the benefit of my wedding.
      In my opinion, the texture of this super gentle shimmering body lotion has the incredible effect of softening your skin while it is being hydrated. This L'instant body lotion has a texture which is lightweight, luxurious and creamy. I found that this body lotion was absorbed into my skin extremely quickly. My experience of using this Guerlain shimmering body lotion was that thanks to its sparkling radiance it left my skin perfectly soft and conditioned not only on my wedding day, but also on every evening during our romantic Mexican holiday. It easily fitted into my suitcase and was an adequate size for two weeks on holiday. I am delighted to inform yopu that I have seen this body lotion for sale at www.perfumestyle.co.uk priced reasonably at 14.27 pounds. So, why don't you pamper yourself a little and purchase Guerlain shimmering body lotion today? I'm sure it will make you feel a million dollars!


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      24.02.2012 00:23
      Very helpful



      Add glitter to your skin

      WHAT IS IT?

      A moisturising body lotion with glittery particles.


      Massage into clean skin anywhere you want a hint of sparkle. It has a very thin consistency that absorbs quickly into the skin, applying it after a bath while your skin is damp helps it to keep the moisture against your skin.


      As a moisturiser I don't think it's worth the money, you need to use a lot for each application so the 200ml bottle doesn't last long. It leaves my skin softer but not incredibly so, the consistency is too thin to be an intensive moisturiser.

      I like how it adds a healthy glow to my skin and the glitter creates a sheen, it's not overbearing but helps me add a fun and sexy element to my party make up. I use it to emphasise my shoulders, cleavage, arms and legs and the lotion does this well although can make the skin on my shoulders greasy.

      The smell is sensual and feminine. There's a musky smell that is also floral and punch smelling, this smell lingers for hours and I can smell it on my skin strongly through the day.

      5 Dooyoo Stars.


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      02.09.2011 13:14
      Very helpful



      its glittery!

      Guerlain is a French premium beauty brand offering fragrance, skin care and make up products.

      ~L'Instant De Guerlain~

      L'Instant is one of female fragrances available from Guerlain. The main range includes an eau de parfum, eau de toilette, shower gel, body lotion and a body cream. An addition part of this range is the L'Instant Shimmering Moisturizing Body Fluid which I will discuss in my review.

      This body fluid is the ideal base on which to build the L'Instant scent. It promises to moisturise the skin whilst allowing it to sparkle. The fluid is enriched with the L'Instant scent which is a blend of citrus, honey, amber and magnolia. The combination of fragrance notes is said to be feminine and sensual and therefore ideal for a romantic night.


      The body fluid (sounds so icky!) is housed within a tall, rectangula shaped bottle which curves at the base. It is clear and made of plastic with a few bits of white writing on the front. A chunky, thick plastic lid adorns the top of the bottle and conceals a small dispensing hole. Once opened, the fluid should be used up within 18months.


      Whilst not available on the high street (as far as I can see), this body fluid is available on various websites in a 200ml bottle. Prices are as follows :

      *www.thebeautyparlour.co.uk - £21.84
      *www.perfumestyle.co.uk - £14.81
      *www.fragrancex.com - £13.91
      *www.amazon.co.uk - £26.33

      ~My Thoughts~

      I love expensive body lotions and most of my collection were received as gifts over the past few years. My sister received this Guerlain Shimmering Body Fluid as a gift and it didn't appeal to her so I received it in my next "clear out goodie bag". Guerlain is a brand I have mixed opinions of. Whilst I have tried and had decent results with their skin care and make up products, I do feel their perfumes are a little old fashioned for my skin.

      I had never heard of L'Instant before so wasn't sure what to expect to be honest. The packaging of this product looks and feels cheap and not at all what I would have expect from such an expensive brand. The fluid looks really tacky when inside the bottle. There is a mass of golden glitter pieces (note I used pieces instead of particles as these are far from being tiny) and an orange gel. To be honest, it reminds me of those little pots of glitter I used to get in makeup sets when I was a girl! Anyway, lets see what it has to offer..

      ~Ooohh Errr Jelly Surprise~

      I would recommend keeping this upright as the lid isn't very secure in my opinion and a leakage from this stuff would spell disaster! Anyway, I like a bit of shimmer if going out somewhere at night and would usually opt for my Urban Decay Body Balm but on a few occasions now, I have used this fluid as an alternative. Dispensing the fluid is fairly easy though the bottle should be tipped and squeezed with extreme caution as its very flexible!

      I find a small blob of this fluid will spread well and cover a decent area of skin. Like many products, I use this across my arms (which are very sensitive) and my chest area if I am wearing a lower cut top. Once applied to my skin, the fluid has a gel like consistency but not a thick gel. It resembles the consistency of jelly which hasn't quite set properly. It turns transparent as I start to massage it over my skin though does feel rather oily and greasy. I would recommend applying this if you do have access to a sink and some decent handwash afterwards!

      The fluid feels extremely cool on my skin and offers a soothing sensation like an extra cold flannel has been applied. It is certainly ideal for a post shower cool down and has a calming effect on my skin. The greasy feel does leave me skin with a slightly damp appearance and feel which hangs around for a good 10mins so not ideal if in a rush to get ready and head out. As the fluid absorbs, it does leave my skin feeling fresh and hydrated much like how a body butter or cream would perform. The surface of my skin although a little tacky at first, soon drinks up the fluid and is soft to the touch.

      ~Glitter and Scent Explosion...~

      As I said before, in the bottle, there is lots of glitter pieces so at first, I was little apprehensive as to how is fluid would appear on my skin. I used caution and only applied a small blob across my arms and chest. This proved to be a wise option and that amount was sufficient to hydrate my skin and provide a suitable amount of shimmer. Inside the bottle, the glitter looks very gold in colour. On the skin, it is a little different. In dim light, it glistens with a shimmery, gold effect. If it catches a stronger light, the glitter changes colour slightly and appears to be a blend of red and green but this might be an illusion of some sort!

      The glitter pieces come in all sizes but are mainly tiny little flecks. A few more noticeable pieces are present but not too many. The glitter clings to my skin and doesn't feel abrasive in any way. It doesn't fall off and cover every inch of area in a shimmery mess. If applied in moderation, the glitter offers a subtle shimmery effect on my skin for around 6hours and looks pretty especially if it catches the light. It isn't overdone or cheap so nothing like the packaging would initially suggest. Any left over glitter can be wiped off with a baby wipe or washes off in the shower.

      Now I have to mention the scent of the fluid as of course, this fluid is based around one of Guerlains actual perfumes. The scent didn't immediately appeal to me and I didn't feel that it suited a glittery type product such as this fluid. As with many of the Guerlain scents, it is quite old fashioned scent which on opening the bottle, comes across as quite musky.

      When applied to the skin, it is a little more appealing to my personal tastes but definently not something I could wear on a regular basis. I don't think the EDP would appeal to me but as a light version of L'Instant, it is nice enough. The scent is different to many I have tried before and is quite subtle yet noticeable enough if someone is sitting close to you. My fiance commented on it when out for dinner recently and said he quite liked it but you do need to be close to someone to experience it.

      The scent of this fluid in my opinion, is mainly sweet thanks to the honey. The honey offers the heart of the scent and is very sweet but surrounded by the other notes which bring it down to a more appealing level. The citrus is barely noticeable but I do feel it adds an element of freshness to the scent. The magnolia allows a floral undertone to be present and take the edge of the sweetness. I do find the amber to be a delightful addition here as it adds the sensual edge to the scent. It all sounds a little confused but it works well. The scent, although fairly subtle and close to my skin, remains consistent for 6 or so hours which is fantastic for a fluid. I couldn't wear a perfume over the top as this is just the perfect level of scent for going for a cosy dinner.


      Whilst I feel the scent is not really for me, it is nice enough for me to recommend it. This fluid lasts extremely well on the skin and offers moisturisation, scent and shimmer in one fairly quick application. It is expensive and although I have used it around 5 or 6 times since it was given to me, the bottle is still almost full so certainly, it will last me quite some time.

      I won't use this regularly but if you are a fan of the L'Instant scent or Guerlain scents in general, you could get away with wearing this often. I would say the scent is aimed at those over 40 perhaps although the glittery aspect may not appeal to those over this age.

      Thanks for reading :)


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