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H&M Candy Pink Body Splash

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Brand: H&M / Spray / Type: Body Spray / Subcategory: Splash

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    1 Review
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      15.07.2013 14:57
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      sweet as candy

      I picked up this little Candy Pink Body Splash from H&M when I spotted it in the sale at just £1. I'd bought the other fragrance in the range, the Juicy Pear Body Splash, at full price - which is only £1.50, a month or so ago after reading a review about it here on Dooyoo.

      The Candy Pink body splash comes in a cute little boxy and chunky, plastic pump action bottle, a bit like a plant spray bottle! The bottle is a vibrant and bright pink colour, but it is kind of a transparent pink so that you can see through to see how much of the body splash is left. It's 100ml in size. The nozzle was shrink wrapped for hygiene so unfortunately I couldn't test it before buying it, they didn't have any open bottles as testers either. At just £1 though for the 100ml bottle I figured I may as well give it a go anyway, even without actually smelling it.

      Once the shrink wrap is removed then you also need to twist the little plastic 'lock' underneath the trigger around to 'open'. The little lock will twist back around again to locked, so that you can pop the body splash in your handbag and not worry about the trigger getting accidentally pressed and soaking everything.

      The spray nozzle does works perfectly, but it does spray a very large and a very wet mist, as opposed to a concentrated spritz that you would get with a bottle of perfume. Each spray from the trigger covers a very large area and I find that on my arms and legs especially a lot of the spray just bypasses my skin and ends up in the air. The 'wet' spray does then take quite a few minutes to dry on my skin. The body splash is suitable to use all over your body, and I do spray mine all over. I spray it all over after showering in the morning, and then I do also need to top it up a few times during the day as well.

      This is a bit of an acquired smell. It smells very very sweet, actually bordering on the sickly sweet. It's a sugary sweet fragrance, I guess a 'candy' like fragrance. It's quite an intense sweet fragrance initially, but after around 15 minutes it settles down a little bit and the sweet fragrance then seems much lighter, and much nicer. It's quite a summery fragrance as it's so sugary sweet. It does need topping up every few hours as I find that it doesn't actually linger for very long on my skin, maybe a few hours at most.

      I'm probably going to end up grabbing another couple of bottles of these body splashes whilst they're still got some left. Not because I love them, they're just ok, their staying power - or lack of - being my biggest issue.. But because I can think of lots of uses for the empty bottles, and at just £1 each I've got the body splash to use up first and then the empty bottle to reuse.


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