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Boss Intense Body Lotion

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Brand: Boss / Type: Body Lotion

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    1 Review
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      06.09.2010 00:04
      Very helpful




      Hugo Boss is a fashion and beauty company which originated in the 1970s. Starting out as simply Boss, the company specialised in selling businesswear for men before extending to other fashion lines.

      Renamed to Hugo Boss in 1993, the brand now includes fragrances, accessories, eyewear and shoes. The main themes centre around colour ranges including orange, green and black.

      ~~~Product and Range~~~

      Boss Intense is a fragrance released in 2003 and has since been discontinued.

      The range includes an EDP, shower gel, shimmering body lotion, roll on deodorant and a body lotion.

      Boss Intense is described as being a seductive scent which entices the men until under a spell. Known as a feminine, sensual and sophisticated scent which is sure to capture ones imagination.

      The body lotion is perfumed with the Boss Intense scent and created to moisturise the body leaving its distinctive scent on the skin.


      Top notes - oxygen accord, kumquat and spices. These are the initial opening notes.

      Heart notes - jasmine, vanilla orchid and rose make up the main scent.

      Base notes - sandalwood, patchouli, musk, amber and styrax. The base notes leave the final trace of scent on the skin.


      The tube is 150ml in size. The body lotion is encased in a tall, plastic tube with slanted edges. The dispenser is under the flip top cap located on the bottom of the tube.

      The colour design of the tube is strong and powerful. A black cap sets us off upwards to a distinct dark red colour. The red progresses to become darker and finishes off in black at the top of the tube.

      The writing is black with the brand name and product name of the front. The Intense name in red, can be seen running up the black part of the tube.The back of the tube offers us the size and contact details.
      The tube can be recycled and has a shelf life of 12months from first opening.

      ~~~Availability and Price~~~

      Although this has been discontinued, it can be found online.

      Amazon @ £20.33
      Ebay @ £31.95 - this includes a 50ml EDP in a giftset.

      ~~~My Opinion~~~

      Hugo Boss isn't a brand which I am extremely familiar with. I have sampled a few of their fragrances but that has really been my limit. I picked up a 150ml tube of the body lotion at a carboot. A few things sealed the deal for me..one was the stunning colour design which is striking and appealing as I love black and red! It is quite gothic and simply gorgeous and as it is a tube, I can squeeze it all out! The other important factor was the low price..£1.00! I handed over my gold coin and scurried off with another gem to add to my overgrowing expensive body lotion collection!

      I haven't experienced the EDP of Intense so my opinion of the scent is purely based on the body lotion.

      This is apparently a seductive scent but I personally don't buy into these claims as I have yet to wear a body lotion that has men or even my fiance lusting after my body but I shall play along! Flipping open the tube, a refreshing, light floral scent is evident. The lotion literally pours from the tube with very little effort and resembles a runny, yoghurt like consistency. It is a glistening, creamy white shade and is cooling as it makes contact with the skin.

      The lotion spreads well and as I massage it over my skin, the creaminess lets go and the lotion begins to turn rather oily. The lotion slowly seeps into the skin leaving a visible but not overly obvious, layer which is shiny and almost shimmery in appearance. This soon fully settles into the skin leaving no stickiness or residue behind. What it does leave is a light shimmer which reflects in the light and would make it ideal for a night out. My skin took to the body lotion well and felt softened like I had applied a baby lotion product to it. It also felt less tight and moisturised.

      The scent is extremely important in a body lotion which is designed to be like an EDP. The scent suprised me. My nose first detected a unique freshness with a deep backing. I appreciated this as it isn't common in any other lotions I have tried for a scent to be fresh with so much depth. This combination soon left my skin leaving a delectable and divine floral combination with a light sweetness. I recognised the jasmine as the prominant note. The vanilla also jumped through as it is one of my favourite notes and took the edge of the floral scent with its unique sweetness.

      The main body of the scent quickly made way for the combination that should have engulfed my skin for the remainder of its time. The notes used to make up the base of the scent are very common in many scents and lotions. There was a wonderful depth to the finishing scent which took away from the freshness I had experienced before. The scent oozed a slight woody blend with the usual musks and amber making its regular appearance adding to the overall warmth. A slight sweetness can be detected and is gorgeous.

      The scent I feel is gorgeous and the note combinations work extremely well together but I don't feel it suits the Intense name. My impressions of Intense would be a long lasting scent which remained strong and detectable throughout its time..one which would prompt passersby or admirers to question your scent. This scent makes its exit from my skin after around 4hours which isn't very impressive for such an expensive offering. The sensation that the body lotion produces on my skin lasts for the 4hours and perhaps up to around 5hours depending on what I am doing. Nothing too impressive on this aspect either.

      If I were to recommend this for a particular time, I would say a short night out topped up with the scent otherwise it wouldn't be strong enough.

      I will use my tube up but I would never pay full price for this as it simply doesn't perform as well as my other expensive lotions.

      Thanks for reading :)


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