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Hugo Pure Purple Body Lotion

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    2 Reviews
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      17.07.2012 12:26



      You smell yummy all day long

      There were 2 reasons why I bought this particular perfume okay well 3 really...the first is the fact that purple is my fave colour of all time so it made sense to me, secondly I love almost all of the Hugo fragrances and the third reason was the price...as I was on the boat I got it duty free, but on top of that there was a sale and I for 90ml for the knock down price of £24 and considering its around £20 for 30mls in the shop this was the best bargain ever so I couldn't resist!!

      This particular scent was released by Hugo in January 2006 and once again they have not let themselves down. It makes you feel happy and energetic...pure purple is purely feminine, the perfect fragrance for the summer, its so good I would recommend wearing it either in the day or night no matter where you're going...you will fall in love with this scent, its also a favourite with my boyfriend as when I don't use it he notices and says "thats not the nice new perfume your wearing today" lol.
      The Hugo website describes the packaging as: HUGO Pure Purple looks the way it feels. Inspired by the beauty and energy of a woman in motion. It's sheer kinetic energy.

      The falcon is a graceful tringular helix of silhouetted purple tinted glass with the uniquely twisting sculptured motion as it rises to the raident transparent cap and reflective silver details at the top. The out packaging offers a light metallic finish to the softly textured purple, making it come alive.
      Not only can you get this is Eau De Parfum, it is also available as a shower gel, body lotion, spray deodorant and also as a roll-on deodorant.

      This is an upbeat fragrance resonant with mouthwatering floral accents. There are top notes of White Cyclamen, Nectarine, heart notes of Floral Bouquet, Black Violet and base notes of Amber, Suede, Marzipan. All of these combined make the one of the best smelling perfumes I have ever purchased and all of this just because I love the colour purple...im so glad I went with my instincts on this one and I would recommend it to women of all ages as it makes you feel refreshed and vibrant and happy and the scent stays with you all day long so no need for wasteful top ups through the afternoon...what more could you want from your perfume!!
      This fragrance normally retails at around £40 for 90ml, £31 for 50ml and £20 for the 30ml bottle, though it can be purchased for cheaper online for example www.cheapsmells.com sell the 90ml for £22.55, the 50ml for £18.31 and lastly the 30ml for the great pruice of £13.44 though out of all these options the best one to get is obviously the 90ml as you are getting it for nearly half the original recommended retail price.

      Also on ciao under same name =]


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      07.01.2009 01:43
      Very helpful


      • Everything!


      • "None at all!"

      A must have for Deep Purple fans!

      I absolutely love the smell of Hugo Deep Purple Eau De Parfum. It's one of them fragrances that when I run out of it, no matter how skint I may be off I pop to my local Boots to get some more of it. Most fragrances I can take or leave but a few are my favourites and I don't go without them for long no matter the cost involved (where there's a will there's a way lol).

      I always love top to toe fragrancing when I've got a hot date or I'm going somewhere special. I love to be able to use a shower gel, body lotion and perfume all together from a range as it makes me feel nice and polished and together and for me it gives me a really expensive luxurious feel. Granted, although I own ranges of stuff it's rare I do actually ever give my self time enough before going out to do it all as I always seem in a frantic rush to get somewhere on time but on the odd occasions I can I will really pamper myself if I can.

      This is why when I saw this Hugo Deep Purple Body Lotion in my local T.J Hughes for the tiny price of £1 a bottle I actually bought ten of them for future use and stocked up big time lol! I couldn't believe the price and knew that I'd use it for my big nights out (if I could ever be bothered lol!)

      The Packaging:

      Well mine came in a plastic tube with a purple flip top lid situated to the bottom of it concealing a small hole of which you get the product out of. The colour of the tube is a silver at the top that goes into purple and in red writing at the top I'm told it's Pure Purple then length-ways down the tube I'm told it's Hugo and under that I'm told it's Hugo Boss. At the bottom of the tube I'm told it's Body Lotion (Lotion Pour Le Corps) and the size is stated which in my case is 75ml, 25 FL OZ (other sizes are available). On the back of the tube and still all in red writing I'm given the website address for Hugo Boss which is www.hugo.com, the ingredients are listed, the recycle symbol is shown (along with other symbols that I don't understand) and contact details for P&G Beaute are given (the manufacturer of Hugo Boss products). It's a nice functional tube and a bit masculine looking really however it does go with the fragrance bottle very well and is in keeping looks wise with the rest of this line of products to be fair to it. It just isn't all that a pretty range in my view.

      The Product Itself:

      Well it's a body lotion. You simply give the tube a gentle squeeze and you are greeted with white, rather runny lotion. It isn't like water or anything and drippy but isn't thick and creamy looking at all. It's simply a white thinnish lotion. The first thing you will notice about this isn't really the lotion, its the smell from the moment you flip the lid back. If your familiar with the Hugo Boss Deep Purple fragrance at all well then you'd love this because note for note this is entirely the same and boy is it pungent and rich smelling! You could use this alone instead of a perfume if you wanted to it's so strong and not only is it strong when you apply it, it stays that way from dusk till dawn.

      Like the actual fragrance this is a heady mix of Cyclamen, Nectarine, Black Violet, Amber, White Suede and Sweet Marzipan. It's dark and mysterious in smell and I'm sure that the majority of people would either love or hate the smell and for me I love it. I can really smell the violet and cyclamen within in making this a rather floral number with the nectarine making those smells seem to stand out more and backing them up with a zesty tone and the marzipan sweeping over it giving it a sweetness that isn't (in my opinion) too sickly sweet or girly. In my view this fragrance is that of an evening one as it's so heavy and strong and long lasting and definitely for the more mature palette.

      So I use this as a body lotion and on a clean body. Because of the rather thin consistency a little goes a long way making my tube last about twelve full body uses which is a lot from a 75ml tube! It goes on of course cold (as you would expect it to) and the odd thing about this is it gives a rejuvenating feeling as it's applied. I can't explain it completely to you but it just sort of wakes you up and that and has a really good feel about it. It absorbs into the skin quickly and with no greasy residue so thst you can dress almost immediately after applying it and it doesn't irritate my combination skin in any way shape or form. Just use it and forget about it and when it comes to getting rid of the lotion and the smell off your body it's simple. Just wash it off! It does fragrance clothes, does stay fragrant for hours and gently hydrates the skin.

      Not often do I think that 'designer' body lotions are all that great to be honest with you. I think in the main they are fragranced the same as the perfumes they are designed to go with but that's where the good stops. However with this it really does gently hydrate the skin and using it is a pleasure and it's unfussy and doesn't take an age to use.

      Am I a fan? Completely but only when I wear it alone or with the matching fragrance. I wouldn't use this with any other fragrance I own because it really is that strong but once it's on it does it's job very well and give me smooth and nice to the touch skin but gives me the fragrance I love keeping me feeling fresh and up for owt too! It's a confidence boosting must have for fans of this fragrance and simply really lovely!

      As I said I picked mine up for £1 in T.J Hughes but do Google it online and look in Boots for best prices.

      This review is also posted on Dooyoo under this same username.


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