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J.R.Watkins Lemon Cream Hand & Body Lotion

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Brand: J.R Watkins / Type: Body Lotion / Subcategory: Hand & Body Cream / Suitable for: Hand & Body

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    1 Review
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      07.05.2010 17:00
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      Well worth trying if you like natural products.

      J.R.Watkins Lemon Cream Hand and Body Lotion
      As a regular visitor to Superdrug I will often browse the collection of reduced items they have in my local store. In the past this has yielded some excellent bargains, and has often introduced me to some ranges which have previously been unfamiliar to me. A few weeks ago I did just this and saw a collection of paraben free toiletries made by JR Watkins. If you pop into your local store now you might just find some, as I think it is a range they stocked for a while, but may not be continuing to do so.

      A little bit of research followed my purchase of several of these items, which were in the body and hand lotion categories. Enticed by not only the paraben free status these products had, but also by their delightful fragrances, I found myself in possession of a bottle which forms the subject of my review today- The lemon Cream Hand And Body Lotion. It is comforting to me that Superdrug are stocking more and more lines of natural toiletries now, and many of these are being offered at highly competitive prices. The Lemon Cream lotion I purchased was only £3 for 325mls.

      J R Watkins- A Little History.
      To get a picture of the history of JR Watkins you need to go on a journey back in time to 1868, to America and to the town of Winona on the banks of The Mississippi River. Here Watkins began to sell his natural lines, not only for personal care, but also for the home. He has long since passed away, but the company he created still thrives to this day selling natural products. The market for these is growing year on year, gaining in popularity now as many people are looking for alternatives to mainstream toiletries and household items. They are not only committed to making natural products, but also to ensure that they operate in a sustainable way as possible, ensuring that their packaging is biodegradable, and that they operate ethically. They take part in many community projects, using their skills and expertise to make a difference wherever possible. Today the company is one of the largest employers in South Eastern Minnesota, and what I really value is that they never test any of their products on animals.


      Here in The UK it is possible to mail order their products at www.watkinsproducts.co.uk Many sellers on Amazon.com also stock their items and will ship to The UK for reasonable prices. Be careful when you search for the product though, as you are looking for the new version which is paraben free, as also listed is a product which is not quite as natural which was the predecessor to this.

      The Lotion
      Presented in a tall bottle with a dispenser the packaging is lovely. It has a French look to it with the title repeated in French - Crème de Citron. A lovely yellow and white label has a lemon growing on the branch of a tree depicted on the front. The cream is a thin light milk, and it dispenses easily and rubs in well. The beauty of this is that it can be used on both hands and body, making it a really versatile product.

      Usage and My Opinion
      The scent is incredible, it smells like the inside of those lemon puff biscuits. I wouldn't say it is a fresh lemon scent- more a sweet lemon meringue pie fragrance, which is rather odd really, but nevertheless unique and very pleasant. I found that it moisturises well, probably due to the fact that it contains ten natural oils, including apricot, coconut, avocado, and jojoba, and hands are not greasy after application which I liked. I wouldn't say that the moisturising effect lasted long at all though, and repeated use was necessary. The company also make a Shea Butter body cream, which is also designed for use on hands and body, and this retails in a tube rather similar in size to most toothpastes. I did purchase this in Superdrug, and it is the same fragrance, but is a thicker paste like cream. The beauty of this over the hand and body lotion is that is ideal for carrying in your handbag. This product again needs repeated applications to ensure continuity of moisture throughout the day.

      Would I purchase Again?
      In terms of price this product is excellent as even when not on offer it is very reasonable. I am so pleased about this as many products in this natural paraben free category are simply too expensive to be used everyday. This is a good value product which has a lovely sweet pudding like fragrance. The downside is though that I didn't find it moisturised my hands for long enough, making repeated applications necessary, which isn't always convenient. This makes me slightly hesitant about recommending it as being an entirely first rate product. I am planning to purchase again, though, as I really like the fragrance. Furthermore compared to the body lotions I have which are paraben free, for example I have several in the range made by the Greek manufacturer Korres, this is a lot cheaper. Korres does however have the lasting attribute which sadly this does not. In terms of value for money though, I think this is excellent, as it softens skin, smells beautiful, and looks stylish and exceptionally pretty in its yellow and white bottle adorned with lemons.

      Short Shelf Life.
      Parabens are preservatives and as this product is free from these it does have a use by date, which you should adhere to, clearly marked on the bottle. I find this to be the case with many natural products, and so it isn't something you want to stock up with, but just order and use as needed.

      Apart from not getting the cream into your eyes there are no specific instructions regarding this, other than to use liberally. I have been doing this and in a way it's rather good as your hands smell lovely and of lemon cake all day long!

      Hopefully they will continue to stock this in Superdrug for a while longer. If you do visit the store don't forget to register your cards on the website at www.greasypalm.co.uk first as all purchases in store will then yield 3% cash-back for you.

      Well worth trying - just 3* though as I would like to see it last longer as a moisture retentive agent than it does.



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