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Jennifer Lopez Live Luxe Shimmer Touch Body Lotion

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Brand: Jennifer Lopez / Type: Body Lotion

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    1 Review
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      01.01.2009 21:05
      Very helpful



      A brilliant, fruity body lotion that feels great on the skin and is easy to use and looks great!

      With New Year approaching and me dead excited about it I purchased many items in preparation for the big night out with my family. As it stands I did get ready but felt so down and fed up I never bothered and stayed in and pigged out instead! However I did use this which was the plan it was just that no one saw it to be honest!

      I do like a bit of glitz and glamour I admit which was what pulled me into purchasing it in Boots for £9.00 when I saw it. Shimmer was what I wanted and I'm very wary of using glitter products because I don't want the mess and residue to end up everywhere it shouldn't which is why I went for a more upmarket product.

      The Packaging....

      200ml recyclable blue, shimmery tube with a flip top lid concealing a small whole at the bottom. On the front in red and yellow writing I'm told it is Live Luxe, Jennifer Lopez, Shimmer Touch Body Lotion (Lait Precieux Pour Le Corps) and the size is stated (as I've told you already). On the back all in yellow writing I'm told the ingredients, given contact details for Coty Prestige (the manufacturers of this product), the recycle symbol is shown and finally there is a bar-code on there. It's nice packaging and not one bit tacky looking though very understated for a Jennifer Lopez product.

      Using It....

      When you squeeze the tube gently white slightly shimmery but opaque liquid comes out. It doesn't blob out it comes out in a line that you sort of break so it's a bit like toothpaste only smoother lol

      A little goes a long way with this product. On touch with the skin it melts quickly, loses it's colour immediately and looks like water on the skin and ends up glossy. As you rub it in you can feel the softness on the skin and the gentle hydration it gives but you can also feel a bit of a grating feeling which is the glitter particles. There are particles of shimmery, light pink glitter within it that are tiny it's just that you can feel them slightly but it isn't uncomfortable or anything and they go onto the skin and not stick all over your fingers etc.

      It blends in quickly and easily and spreads a really small amount of glitter on to the skin very evenly indeed like speckles here and there. You don't need much of the lotion it spreads easily as I have said and although it feels dry on the skin to the touch and you can dress within a few minutes skin looks glossy but you can't feel it. It isn't a greasy product but it does hydrate the skin a little bit. The glitter particles 'set' on to the skin. If you touch yourself you don't get caked in it it just stays put and twinkles slightly. Overall the skin looks healthy and not full of a product. Skin feels comfortable and it's a good quality body lotion.

      The smell is rather nice as well and with this it's so fresh and 'green' that you don't have to use it along with other products from Jennifer Lopez's range if you don't want to. Although it's quites heavily fragranced with a blend of fruits which smell to my nostrils like strawberries and mango that means it mixes very well with your chosen perfumes and stuff. It's a long lasting fragrance too and although it's quite strong and holds it's fragrance from dusk till dawn (and still hydrating and twinkling on the skin nicely for hours) it really is a nice blend that doesn't smell one bit cheap or overly fruit.


      I really like this as an evening product in the main due to it's glitter content. It is a body lotion and does that job really well. It's easy to use and has a very nice scattering of glitter within in that any age of woman could use without looking like the fairy off a Christmas tree and of course if you want more of a glitter look you can add more product if you so desire. Put it all over your body or where you want to twinkle! As you don't need very much the product is very economical indeed and everything about it is a joy to use. I do appreciate this as a stand alone product and that Jennifer Lopez hasn't made this to only be used with other products from her own range.

      I purchased this in Boots as I said and I'm not sure where else stocks it but do look online at discount stores and at places like Ebay for bargains. Recommended for subtle glamour!


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