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Johnson's Hair Minimising Body Lotion

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5 Reviews
  • Good body moisturiser
  • It is very pleasing to use
  • I do not think it helps to stop hair growing
  • Doesn't minimise hair
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    5 Reviews
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      08.11.2014 14:42
      Very helpful


      • "It smells nice"
      • "It leaves my skin soft"
      • "It is very pleasing to use"


      • "I do not think it helps to stop hair growing"

      Johnsons hair minimising body lotion

      WHAT IS IT?

      This is body lotion that is made by Johnsons, it has got a chemical in it that can reduce the time you have to spend shaving your legs and underarms by making it harder for hairs to grow.


      I am Italian and my body hair is very dark so because I like to have smooth and hairless skin I have to shave my legs very often, I have heard of laser treatment but I do not think it is wise to permanently remove the hair so I look for ways to make shaving and waxing easier and to take up less of my time.


      I do not think it makes very much difference in my hair but I have still used this body lotion for many years because it is very good at moisturising my skin and it smells very beautiful also.


      I think it is a pity that this body lotion is very hard to buy in the UK now and I am glad that it is still available widely in Italy under a different name. It is nice to use because it sinks into my skin nearly as soon as I first apply it and I do not have to spend very long rubbing it in, that is good in the morning when I am in a rush.

      I pay the most attention to my legs and that is in case the hair minimising action works but I do not think it does, I shave my legs the same as I used to before I started to use this body lotion and when I could not get a replacement bottle I did not have any for 3 months and I saw then that my shaving or the appearance of the hairs on my body had not changed.

      My skin feels very soft when I have used this body lotion but that does not last all of the day and evening so to keep the same feeling I have to use this or another moisturising product when I arrive home from work. I do not care about that because I change my clothes then anyway and I like to use a different body cream at night with a different perfume because I buy very many products and need to use them not just one.

      4 Dooyoo Stars.


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      27.10.2009 14:20
      Very helpful



      A product to help minimise hairy legs

      I think before I start I should have a warning on this review .. this is about Johnson's Hair Minimising Body Lotion a product which minimises the hair on legs (the product is aimed at women) its not a particularly glamorous nor exciting product. But as all (well most) the ladies reading this will know leg hair and stubbly feeling legs is not nice and drives me mad. Therefore when I seen adverts for Johnson's Hair Minimising Body Lotion I thought I would give the product a try in order to minimise the "stubbly leg feeling".

      The product comes in a 250ml plastic bottle. This is a white/ pink colour with a pink plastic lid. The problem I find with the packaging is that because the bottle is not see through it is difficult to judge how much lotion is left inside.

      Johnsons is written clearly on the front of the bottle and there are also claims that the product helps you to shave less often and will leave the skin smooth and soft.

      Although this is not the most eye catching packaging it is simple and does the job.


      For a 250ml bottle from Boots this costs £4.99. I have noticed that this product is priced at £4.99 in Asda and Tesco too. Not the most expensive of products but considering you are required to use this product on a daily basis it does work out quite expensive in comparison to some other hair removal methods which actually remove hair rather than "minimise it".

      ***The Claims***

      The claims on the bottle are:

      "This advanced formula with an exclusive combination of natural soy and other skin conditioners works to soften the hair and make it less noticeable"

      The bottle states that the lotion has been shown to reduce the need to shave your legs.

      Noticeably this did not say by how much this reduces the need to shave legs so I did not know what to expect from the product.

      As a bit of background to the hair on my legs (how delightful) it is not the thickest or darkest of hair and I probably need to shave my legs a lot less frequently than a lot of my friends do. After around 2 days after shaving I start to get regrowth and the unpleasant "stubbly feel" to them. I would probably shave my legs four times a week at an absolute maximum so was hoping that the lotion from John's would reduce the need to shave my legs to around twice per week.

      ***Application and Results***

      The Hair Minimising lotion is a cream/ white colour. When you skirt this product into your hand you can immediately notice that it feels quite thick. The scent of the lotion is noticeable but not overpowering and is very light. The scent of this lotion is very much like almonds but has a clean fresh scent to it which I find very pleasant.

      The directions for use on the bottle are to use once per day. After showering I dried my legs then applied the lotion on a daily basis. The lotion applies very easily to the legs although the lotion feels quite firm if you squirt it into your hands. The lotion is quite greasy therefore rubs into the legs very easily and a little amount of the product goes a long way. The lotion once applied and rubbed into the legs feels quite wet and sticky. I left my legs uncovered for around 10 minutes before I applied clothes. After this time the lotion felt that it had absorbed into my skin.

      The immediate results on my legs were not really apparent in terms of minimising hair growth. However in terms of leaving skin soft and smooth after one or two uses my legs felt lovely and soft and looked smooth. The dry patches of skin I often get on my skins had completely disappeared therefore the product did seem to live up to the claim that it left skin soft and smooth.

      After around 2 weeks of using the product when the hairs on my legs started to grow back they did appear to be softer and less stubbly however in terms of the amount of hair growing back and the colour of it, this was exactly the same as before I started using the product.

      After the full eight weeks of using the product I did start to feel a difference to my legs. My legs were definitely smoother and softer and the hair on my legs growing back was extremely soft. The product did live up to the claims that it reduces the need to shave legs. I was needing to shave my legs about 3 times per week at most however being honest I had expected the product would have taken this figure down to 2 times per week although I was being quite hopeful. The amount of hair growing back was the same but the actual hairs on my legs appeared a lot thinner and each hair felt softer. This meant that when I ran my hand up my legs before I shaved my legs, this felt less bristly and stubbly.


      I did feel a noticeable difference to my legs after using the Johnson's Hair Minimising Lotion, but this was not significant enough for me to use this all of the time. The hair on my hair felt softer when it grew back and less "stubbly" and as a result the regrowth felt thinner however this only reduced the amount of times I shaved my legs by one occasion per week. Because the lotion needs to be applied daily this means that you go through quite a lot of this product. I used quite sparingly and the bottle lasted 8 weeks but I felt that if I used this "normally" I would have gone through a bottle within about 6 weeks. When you take into consideration that using on top of other shaving products this does add to the cost of shaving your legs and I would prefer to spend this money on waxing which has longer lasting results. This may work for those with thicker more noticeable leg hair but for me although it hurts waxing still is the most effective and least time consuming over the long run. A product which is a good idea but for those with more patience than I have.

      ~~~Also posted on ciao 2011~~~


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        26.07.2009 15:50
        Very helpful



        Rich moisturiser that, in the long term, reduces the thickness of hair, making it less noticeable.

        I have been using this rich, very lightly scented, moisturiser on my legs for about 3 years.

        It reminds me of the sort of smell you get when baking sweet cakes but it is very mild. I think it also smells similar to Johnson & Johnson's baby products range.

        The consistency is quite thick, so a bottle lasts longer than I would expect for this amount of lotion.

        Although I didn't notice any significant improvement in hair regrowth in the short term, I continued using it because I found it an ideal moisturiser for my very dry calves and feet.

        I didn't use it anywhere else, as the rest of my body doesn't need as rich a moisturiser as this.

        == Use with Epilated Hair ==

        To remove hair from my legs I use an epilator, and had done long before I used hair minimising lotion. This looks a bit like an electric shaver, but instead of cutting the hair, is designed to remove the hair AND ROOT, with a rotating tweezer-like action. (I needed an ice-pack to calm my skin down when I first started using an epilator, but my skin eventually got more resilient.)

        Three years ago coarse dark brown hair regrowth made it necessary to epilate once a week to keep my legs anything near smooth.

        Now I only epilate once every four to six weeks in summer, and less often in winter, when I am wearing long skirts or trousers.

        While this gradual improvement has been taking place, I have had the confidence to wear short skirts more often. Sun exposure lightens my hair, but darkens my skin, so this has further increased my confidence about how my legs look. I am now on a roll!

        I will add a note of warning here. I haven't deliberately laid in the sun to get a tan, and when relaxing in the garden sit under a sun shade to stay cooler and safer on sunny days. I only have a light tan, instead of having the ghostly white legs I did have. Most of the sun exposure I have had has been while walking backwards and forwards to the shops, and doing light gardening. The stretching involved in my gardening, and the walking seem to be all the exercise I need to keep my leg muscles looking good.

        Some unkind people may say that all I need now is a fix for the rest of my body, but I say, "Just look at my great legs!"

        == Use with Shaved Hair ==

        Epilated hair leaves the skin smoother for a lot longer than shaving, and the regrowth after shaving is often coarser than epilating.

        Due to the ultra slow benefits to my epilated hair, I would expect most who shave their legs every day, or every other day, to be disappointed with the hair minimising qualities of this lotion.

        == Availability ==

        I haven't seen this in the usual shops I would expect to find it in (Boots, Superdrug, large Supermarkets) for ages.

        When I recently published a review on my favourite beauty products, I included this, and asked if anyone knew where I could still buy it.

        I only had one comment about availability, which was from another member who had been searching for it for months, without success.

        Then this week I had a lucky find in my local 99p store. The bottle shape looks the same as I was used to, mainly white with a pink lid, and the writing on it said Hair Minimising Body Lotion, with a very small Johnson & Johnson logo. What I hadn't been looking for was the prominent Natusan logo. It appears to me to be the same product, but judging by the languages on the bottle, made for the Scandinavian market. At 99p for 250 ml, I have stocked up.

        I have also now spotted this lotion, with a picture of the bottle made for English speaking countries, on sale from one of the merchants on the Amazon site. This is priced at £5.04 plus £2.95 shipping.

        == Similar Products ==

        Hair minimising products, in my experience, in the long term reduce the thickness of hair, making it less noticeable.

        Johnson & Johnson aren't the only ones claiming to have a hair minimising product.

        Avon were the first company that I noticed, and I used their hair minimising underarm anti-perspirant. Avon have now discontinued this. I don't know why, as I was pleased with it, and wanted to continue buying it.

        Now Dove have recently launched their version. As Dove advertises that their product range contains more moisturisers than many, I am not surprised that they have come out with a hair minimising product, in which I believe the moisturisation process plays a big part. As I don't usually pay the full price for my toiletries (which in this case appears to be £2.99 for the 150 ml spray and £2.49 for the 50 ml roll on), I am hoping to find it on special offer soon.

        Avon do still currently sell Skin So Soft and Smooth Hair Minimising Lotion, which I haven't tried yet. This has a full price of £5 for 250 ml. Wait for it to be on one of its regular special offers, and you probably won't have to pay more than £3.

        == Conclusion ==

        I find Johnson's Hair Minimising Lotion an ideal rich moisturiser for my legs and feet, and that was my main reason for continuing to use this product.

        Over 3 years the hairs on my legs have gradually become softer and thinner, and therefore less noticeable.

        As it is not a quick fix for coarse hair, users need to be patient and persevere, but the moisturising effects are immediate and long-lasting.

        Used in combination with an epilator over three years, I now feel the need to remove hair from my legs roughly every 6 weeks, instead of weekly.


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          08.07.2008 01:03
          Very helpful


          • "Good body moisturiser"


          • "Doesn't minimise hair"

          Doesn't minimise nothing!

          Anyone who regularly reads my reviews will know all to well by now that A) I hate shaving my bits and B) if there are products that promise me multiple things, I'm lazy and therefore seduced into trying them.

          Now for anyone who doesn't read my reviews regularly let me clarify something right here and now. Although lazy I DO shave! All the time and it's a job I detest. I can't wax because I have delicate tissue like skin and losing half a leg on a hot wax strip isn't my idea of looking beautiful and I find that depilatory creams (any make, I've literally tried them all) makes me itch for days after using it and don't work for me. I'm approaching my 40's and I started shaving my legs at about 15 years old. I became obsessive and have shaved everyday since and now because of that the hair grows astonishingly quick and is very coarse indeed. So I'm stuck with having to shave everyday or I feel grubby.

          Now I own loads of body lotions, creams and potions etc. I'm obsessed with beauty products and almost daily I purchase stuff and always loads of it. I, like many women love the idea of a nice body lotion etc but I'm lazy and I hate feeling greasy and cold and literally I can't be bothered with the rigmarole of using it so I buy them, use them once and bin them, give them away or let them collect dust in some dark corner of my life. So when I saw this is a body lotion and hair minimising lotion of course I bought it rather intrigued by its concept.

          The Packaging:

          This product comes in a 250ml white plastic recyclable bottle with a light pink flip top lid situated to the top of it. On the front there is a white sticky label telling me it's Johnson's, Naturally Soft, Hair Minimising Body Lotion and then I'm told in small writing that it helps you shave less often and gives soft, smooth skin, shown a small photograph of a pair of legs with a hand running down them and then at the bottom I'm told it's a Johnson & Johnson product. Then on another sticky label on the back of the bottle I'm told what its for, the ingredients listed, we are given contact details for Johnson & Johnson and the weight is stated (as I've listed already. Loads of stuff is written in foreign languages that I don't understand too. This is a nice curved shape bottle with lots of information on it and because of the indentation/curve its easy to hold and to handle.

          What It's For:

          Johnson's Naturally Soft Hair Minimising Body Lotion has been shown to reduce the need to shave your legs. This enhanced formula with an exclusive combination of natural soy and other skin conditioners works to soften the hair and make it less noticeable. Applying it daily you will need to shave less often. The rich, fast-absorbing lotion spreads easily and immediately softens and smooths the skin.

          Sounds great eh?!

          Using It:

          Firstly lets talk about the lotion. It pours out of the bottle and its fairly runny but not too thin. It's a sort of translucent, whitish colour and smells fresh and light though I can't tell you what it smells like at all! It does have a creamy kind of undertone to it and I guess if I had to describe it as something I'd say it's slightly green in smell lol Fresh and light and very, very nice indeed.

          Now cos of the consistency of this it goes on like a very greasy product but it isn't at all. As soon as you apply it to the skin it simply absorbs very quickly and you need a really tiny amount. The size of a 5p piece goes a real long way! Even though I use such a small amount I do feel damp and need to dry for 5 minutes after using it so I don't transfer it anywhere.

          Now when I apply it, I slap it on everywhere and use it as a general body lotion as I like to get fragranced by one body product as I don't like lots of different smells on me. As I say it really applies easily and it's very cooling.... apart from where you've shaved as I find it stings for a little while but not agonising or anything but I can feel it's a bit uncomfortable even if I apply it a couple of hours after shaving I still get this feeling. Also I find a bit of a problem with this is that putting it over a shaving rash it stings terribly and what I really don't like is sometimes when I've shaved I look at say my legs and there isn't a rash this can bring one out. I'm not saying it's not there but it does help it to put in a appearance I think!

          As a body lotion it's really lovely though. It really softens the skin and hydrates and gives, in particular silky smooth, velvety pins. That feeling lasts all day long as does the lovely smell. I don't feel clammy or greasy but I can tell I've put the effort into using some sort of body product. I of course apply it with my hands and hands really do get softened with this so it's a good hand cream too!

          Hair minimiser? No. I've used mine daily for the past couple of weeks and no change in any way shape or form. My skin feels better and looks in tip top condition but hair regrowth, for me is the same as ever. I still have to shave the same as usual and I cant see how it would work anyway. It doesn't say how long you need to use this product for to start seeing results but I'm sure something should be happening by now after daily usage!


          A really nice body lotion that gives me no problems as long as I let it dry. Economical and works well at moisturising and I for one would buy it on them grounds but as a hair minimiser, er no. No change. Even when the hair grows through it isn't softer or more sparse or anything. It's simply the same as ever!

          I bought mine in Boot's at £4.99 and it gets 4 out of 4 stars for a body lotion but 1 out of 4 stars for hair minimising! This is a hard one to rate as it is avertised as a body lotion and hair minimiser!

          This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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            22.10.2005 16:14
            Very helpful



            Reduces hair growth

            In a quest to make anything make me feel or look better than I already do (oh, I am so not vain!) I went on a shopping spree to Boots to find products to test before the summer sets in and various parts of my body are exposed. I had seen adverts on the TV and in magazines for Johnson’s Hair Minimising Body Lotion so off I went and bought myself some. For 250ml, this product will currently cost you £4.99 at Boots and can also be found at supermarkets.

            The day before I went to buy products, I saw the advert again on TV so that reminded me to buy it. I watched it carefully to see how long it took for there to be results and how many people took part in testing the product. The advert said it took 8 weeks so I decided to take this test on myself and see what progress I noticed.

            Before testing:

            Before testing the product, here is a description of what my legs would normally have been like etc.
            I have very dark brown hair, which can almost look black at times, which means I have very noticeable hair on my legs. I normally shave which can be a total pain because the growth comes back very quickly and I need to shave quite often. Most times I notice that if I shaved in the morning, I would feel the growth start coming back through again by the evening. This seemed like an ideal product, which would mean less noticeable hair and no pain whatsoever from shaving, waxing, epilating; using a Silky Mit…I thought this would be ideal to test on me - I’d be able to physically notice results. I don’t normally use a moisturiser on myself so this could be hard to remember to do everyday for 8 weeks!


            The bottle is a nice simple design - the front giving the product name, the company name (Johnson and Johnson) and the hope that it:
            • Helps you shave less often
            • Soft, smooth skin

            The back of the bottle gives the instructions and a short description in English, Russian and some other strange language as well as the ingredients. There are quite a few ingredients and I am no expert so no idea what I should warn anyone about or what ingredients do what.

            The product:

            This is a cream and I’d have to say is one of the best I have ever used. If I do use moisturising cream, it would be a cheap one or sometimes Johnson’s Baby Lotion. The difference between the Baby lotion and the minimiser is immense! To start with the cream is off-white in colour and doesn’t have that strong a scent. I was using it one day and trying to figure out where I recognised it from and I realised that it was a little like marzipan on a Christmas cake although quite weak. I don’t like marzipan but this does smell nice - if you use this on your body, it isn’t going to ruin the smell of perfume you may put on as some other highly perfumed lotions will do. It says “This advanced formula with an exclusive combination of natural soy and other skin conditioners works to soften the hair and make it less noticeable” - I’m guessing that means it makes it thinner… we’ll need to wait and see!

            It only says it has been shown to reduce the need to shave your legs but I also started using this in my armpits, as the hair can also be quite thick there. This isn’t a good idea if you are going to get sweaty or are naturally a sweaty person because this could make it worse but using it occasionally when you aren’t over exerting yourself isn’t going to do any harm - if it works, great! If it doesn’t, well at least I know! After all, it is a “body lotion”.

            The directions:

            The bottle doesn’t actually give you a bullet point description telling you to do what or when but it does say this product should be used daily. I used it at different times of the day - morning, afternoon, evening (just depends when I get up really!). I would use the product after a shower - no point using it before if I’m going to wash it off again and always after shaving.

            To use the cream, I normally put a grape-sized dollop on my palm and start rubbing it in to my legs. You don’t need a lot of this, as it seems to go quite far. When the cream was on my palm, it was quite thick and looks to have a circle of watery liquid round bottom edge. With normal lotions I always find it takes ages to absorb and I always need to wash my hands after using it or else it would feel like my hands were sweating. This one was different. A few minutes after using it, my hands were dry and there was only the slight smell of the lotion left on my hands. A slight problem can be if your hands get wet - this seems to activate something in the cream and your hands will feel like you have just put lotion on the again. Never mind as it still dries again!

            After massaging the lotion onto your body, it is a good idea to wait a few minutes before putting clothing on just so you don’t get everything else covered in it! I haven’t noticed any staining - even on black coloured clothing, which is a big thumbs up.

            That is all you need to do! Just repeat this daily and wait to see if there are any results!

            My test:

            Ok, so the advert said it would take 8 weeks. I began using this product on Friday 28th January 2005, which means I will have noticed results by Thursday 24th March 2005…

            WEEK 1 (28th Jan - 3rd Feb):

            I first used this product after using the Silky Mit (sandpaper which exfoliates and removes hair) and there are no immediate effects. Hair growth was still noticeable that night and it had probably grown about 1mm (5mm by the end of the week). My legs are not feeling as dry as they normally do so at least I know the cream is moisturising!

            WEEK 2 (4th Feb - 10th Feb):

            Well, that's two weeks over and I thought I was noticing results but I think it was just my mind playing tricks. Hair growth and thickness still seems to be pretty much the same.

            WEEK 3 (11th Feb - 17th Feb):

            Slowly getting there. I noticed I still have just over half the bottle left so not sure if it will last the whole 8 weeks! Still no dramatic changes... I’ll keep going though!

            WEEK 4 (18th Feb - 24th Feb):

            Kind of forgot to use it a few times this week. I have noticed that my hair doesn’t seem to be as thick as it has been but I’ll need to let it grow a little longer to make sure I’m not just imagining it.

            WEEK 5 (25th Feb - 3rd March):

            Still not noticing much although I think the hair is thinning. It doesn’t seem to be as dark as it normally is. Still got 3 weeks to go so who knows!

            WEEK 6 (4th March - 10th March):

            Have hair growth although looking back at what my starting legs were like, I think there is noticeable improvement - it doesn’t seem as thick as it once was.

            WEEK 7 (11th March - 17th March):

            Well having a close look at the hair on my legs it certainly doesn't seem to be as thick and as dark. The product hasn't made a huge amount of difference that I might have expected but still a week to go!

            WEEK 8 (18th March - 24th March):

            Well still have hair growth although I do actually see a difference – it’s lighter and less noticeable.

            Well, that is my testing over with and I am happy with the results but it is a VERY slow process and it doesn’t stop hair growth in any way. The hair has only become thinner but as before testing the product, it was very dark and very noticeable - still grows at the same rate. The product lasted the whole 8 weeks (just) with daily application and making sure I wasn’t using too much. During week 8 I didn’t shave to see what it looked like if I didn’t shave for a while and it was still noticeable although less so.

            Would I recommend this product? At £4.99 for 250ml it isn’t that bad a buy - there are more expensive products on the market and most of them don’t have the ability to make you less hairy! The product is not over powering in its aroma but is sweet smelling if you are not wearing perfume.

            Think I’ll have to give it 4/5… for those with thinner, lighter hair, the hair could become even thinner but for those with dark hair, it will take longer… I could do with another 8 weeks of this if I were to be happier which means spending around £10… where does the spending end?

            The advert claims that only 70% of the people testing the product noticed results… it doesn’t say how well it worked for them though!


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