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Lacoste Touch of Spring Pour Femme Body Lotion

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Brand: Lacoste / Type: Body Lotion

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    1 Review
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      14.12.2008 17:38
      Very helpful



      Not for me..yuk!

      When it comes to shower gels and body lotions I do like what I consider be things that are a little bit special. I openly admit I'm not a Radox and Imperial Leather kind of girl and prefer to spend out a little bit more on more luxurious items to pamper my body with. Particularly when it comes to body lotions. I've reviewed a couple lately and I make no effort to hide the fact that in this weather I'm struggling to use them but that I feel like my skin needs a bit of extra help in the moisture stakes. When I saw this on offer at for a £1 a bottle in T.J.Hughes I couldn't resist but to purchase a couple of tubes of it knowing I was making a huge saving and that with a fragrance promising to smell like spring it may be a joy to use!

      The Packaging...

      Bright green and yellow 75ml recyclable plastic tube with flip top lid situated at the bottom that conceals a small hole. On the front all in white writing there is a drawing of a Locust and under that I'm told it's Lacoste, Touch Of Spring (Pour Femme, Lotion Pour Le Corps), Body Lotion and the size is stated. On the back I'm given a list of ingredients, the recycle symbol is on there, contact details for P&G Prestige Beaute are given (the manufacturers of all Lacoste products) and finally the bar-code is on there. It's ok bright packaging which looks young and with it's bright colours and it does have a feel good feel to it.

      Using It....

      Well it's a very white runny lotion. You do have to squeeze the bottle gently for it to come out but it really comes out very runny indeed. After noticing that you come on to the smell which is really rather strong and overpowering. Lacoste say this smell is a mix 'quince blossom, aquatic accord, Amazon water lily, osmanthus, hosta, sandalwood and musk'.

      Well I have smelt water lily before and that's what hits my nostrils the most. Basically it smells outdoorsy and green and well.... watery. It does smell of what you think spring should smell like really it's quite odd to try convey that to you. However the smell of this spring is far foo much for me personally and if I sniff it for too long I start to feel a little sickly. For me this fragrance is most suited to active girls on the go who love the outdoor life and the smell of grass etc. Me, well I'm best suited with Oriental florals so this really isn't hitting my spot on the smell front at all and I'm really not impressed with it.

      So to use it you choose the amount depending on how big you are and the area you want to cover of course so I can't give an estimation on how much to use. My tube which is 75ml (and it's also available in 250ml) has lasted me 3 all over body applications so far and I do have some left in the tube (though not alot). However if you wanted to use this as an as and when required product sure it's last a damn site longer of course.

      So applying it is incredibly simple. A small dollop blends into the skin and absorbs very easily. Once the lotion has vanished bang your done, it's a really quick process. It's a quick of rub in type of product and incredibly fuss free and it's dry within seconds which means your ready to dress quick smart. The smell lingers on the skin for hours and hours (great if you like it lol). I have applied mine on my dry arms at about 7am and have still detected it on my skin hours later. Now the good thing about this product is that it doesn't upset sensitive skin. I can apply it on dry patches and greasy patches of skin alike and it hurts neither and I haven't noticed any new spots or anything appearing on my over sensitive skin because of using this.

      However it doesn't do very much full stop. It's so mild and gentle that apart from fragrance it provides nothing so really so I think you need to make sure you like the fragrance because me...I can't actually stand it and that's being polite! As for giving softer skin...nope it doesn't do that.

      This is only recommended by me as a cosmetic product. Lacoste do this product in the perfume etc and I think this in conjunction with that would be fine as something to layer the scent with if nothing else but as a body lotion, for me it's an expense I wouldn't bother with as it doesn't work! Simple as that but fragrant... yes totally.

      Not keen here I'm afraid!

      This size will normally cos £12.99 in places like Boots.


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