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Lee Stafford Pink Body Lotion

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Brand: Lee Stafford / Type: Body Lotion

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    1 Review
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      14.12.2008 00:57
      Very helpful



      A must for Lee's fans of course lol

      In this weather believe me I'm not raring to whip my clothes off and slap on body lotion! Brr it's too cold and with best of intentions (God knows I need it right now on my scaly skin) I just can't bear the thought let alone bare the act of doing it! I'm straight out of the bath or shower, dried quick smart, in my pjs, under my duvet and roughly blow drying my hair and putting on some deodorant. I'm not brave, I'm not big and I'm not clever neither! I just don't fancy slapping my bits around with cold cream and waiting for them to dry and stuff. Like I say my skin could really do with it. What with dry skin issues due to weather conditions and going in from cold into central heating and stuff yep my skin is suffering big time. I didn't actually know how much so till the other day actually. I used some cream on my legs under the duvet. To the touch, the skin felt amazing and smooth and what I did was wiggle my toes and I swear, they felt so dry in comparison it was awful which made me have to slap stuff all over my body which was not a simple task but I didn't half feel nicer afterwards for doing it!

      So not really am I into body products at the moment. My limit is using a really nice moisturising shower gel or some decent bath oil but that's where I draw the line to be frank lol Well I thought it was until I bought this Lee Stafford Body lotion.

      Now I got mine in with a set of Lee Stafford products which cost me about £11.95 and compromised of the Eau De Toilette, Body Spray, Shower Gel and Body Lotion. I treated myself to it because I am a regular wearer of the perfume and body spray anyway and was running low on those products so when I saw the shower gel and body lotion (I hadn't seen before) I almost burst a blood vessel in excitement! I ran to check out forgetting I was meant to be treating other people to gifts this Christmas lol

      Now although I have only seen this on sale in the set which is as I said why I bought it I have heard this is on sale at £3.95 a tube. If you cant find it, it should be available more widely soon and it can be found online to buy singly. I found it as cheap as £2.95 online when I looked for it so it's worth looking for but if you want to sniff and try before you buy it I've only seen Lee Stafford products on sale in Boots so that's where to keep your eyes peeled I think.

      Now the Lee Stafford range 'Pink' (this) is based on the smell of his haircare range. If you are familiar with his hair care collection you will also concede one reason to buy it was for the fragrance. I know before these bath and body products were launched earlier this year that I wrote many reviews on the hair care stuff saying 'If only there there would be a perfume with this smell'. Low and behold it happened and I say hi Lee and thanks for listening to me lol As far as I'm aware he has launched this and one other fragrance line and I have a feeling with this and the shower gel being recent additions to his range we may see a few more products from him in the future! I certainly hope so....

      The Packaging....

      75ml clear pink plastic recyclable tube with a matching flip top lid concealing a small hole underneath. On then there is a small shiny silver dog that adorns all Lee Stafford products and under that in small white writing I'm told it's Lee Stafford and then the rest is all in dark pink letters and I'm told length-ways down the tube It is 'Pink' and then under that I'm told it's perfumed body lotion and the size is stated as I've listed already. On the back of the tube in dark pink and white writing I'm told a bit about the product, ingredients are listed, contact details for QuantumBeauty are given (the manufacturers of Lee Stafford products), the recycle symbol is shown and finally there is a bar-code on there. It's ok packaging but does look rather young and it could do with being a bigger size when it's a product such as this! I'd say when it comes to using this you'd be lucky to get a couple of full body uses out of it so to make this last really you'd be best to use it where it's needed or if along with other products from the range to again use it where you would be able to smell it!

      About The Product (According To The Back Of The Tube)....

      An intense fruity combination of passionfruit, bergamot, and cassis opens to reveal a rich oriental patchouli and vanilla base brushed with indulgent chocolate, honey and sweet caramel.

      Using It....

      Well this lotion is very, very light indeed. It's white in colour, squeezes out of the tube easily and is really quite thin in it's consistentency. For this reason it's easy to spread and very easily absorbed on the body. However cos of it being so quickly absorbed alot is needed for an even coverage over the body. Rather than feeling greasy you can really feel what feels like a high water content to it when applying it. It doesn't feel odd but it lacks body but it's very simple to apply and once applied it blends in, sinks in and vanishes within a couple of seconds meaning you can get dressed immediately and you can't feel it on the skin at all.

      The fragrance for me isn't as much of a Lee Stafford smell as usual at all. I said this about the shower gel (read the review) that somewhere it didn't quite hit the mark smell wise compared to the other 'Pink' stuff but this goes down a further notch from even that. Yes it's pleasant and I like the smell quite a lot as I did the shower gel and used in conjunction with the perfume and body spray and everything else in the range yes there is minimal difference and the products all mix and match and blend incredibly well but as a stand alone product, smell wise (for starters) this isn't a good advertisement. The thing about Lee Stafford 'Pink' smell is that it is is young, fun and flirty. The haircare products and the perfume and body spray all have a really rich sweet chocolate and honey smell to them. Well the shower gel, and this body lotion they really smell strong patchouli and bergamot. Too strong in my view and it's rather one dimensional in smell. It does smell a little bit sweet, creamy and quite floral but gone is the passion fruit zing and the lovely warm chocolate and vanilla that wafts so deliciously within the other products I have mentioned. To me this is a rather old fashioned smell of a body lotion and only works well with the other products smell wise.


      As a body lotion it hydrates skin ever so 'slightly' and I repeat, to me this is a product really to layer scent with in conjunction with other Lee Stafford bath and body products. If you need a good body lotion this really isn't it as the results it gives are so very slight. On the upside of things it's rather quick drying and it stays fragrant on the skin for hours. It's simple as anything to use and fuss free, doesn't give any skin irritation and although doesn't cure dry skin it really doesn't upset greasy skin either.

      So in conclusion for me, I use this with other products from the range on special occasions for going out. It isn't all that economical having just getting a couple of uses out of it but it's ok I just can't over enthuse about it!


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