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Lush Charity Pot

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28 Reviews

Brand: Lush / Type: Body Lotion

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    28 Reviews
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      25.02.2014 13:54
      Very helpful



      not the best from lush

      I'm not a die hard have to mositurise every day type person, I do it if I remember and if it isn't too cold when I get old the shower or bath or depending on the time of the day, so I don't really go around trying to test a lot of these of find out which one is the best because I don't pay too much attention too it. However in January in my Lush store visit I thought I would buy a charity pot which cost me just over £13 I didn't mind paying this because every penny excluding VAT goes to the charity which is displayed on the top of the pot.

      This charity pot is for hands and the body and is made with fair trade cocoa butter and floral scented essential oils. When opening this is quite a runny cream and not as thick as I would of liked it to be, it is also yellow ish in colour. The scent on cocoa is very distinct when smelling this as well as floral undertones but for me I can't smell anything specific other than cocoa, in my opinion this is fine by me as I love chocolatey scents in moisturisers and it's usually the only scent I would go for if I was to ever properly browse for a moisturiser.

      When using after my bath or shower I found this really runny and I would have to get it on to my skin as soon as possible before it dripped off my hands where as usually I would rub this in my hands and then apply to ym skin but this had to go straight onto my skin. Saying that due to it being so runny a little bit does go a long way. Its been almost two months of using this almost everyday and I've barely used any.

      Once on the skin the cocoa scent disappears almost instantly which I don't like at all, If I'm going to use a scented butter I'd usually except the smell to stay on my skin. I also found myself just stood there trying to find something to do in the bathroom while it took it's time to actually soak into my skin. When it was dry it was still difficult to get dressed without my clothes feeling all sticky and weird like my skin wasn't dry, but it was.

      Overall I am glad I spent the money on a charity and got a treat for myself of course, and it looks good in ym ever growing Lush collection however the scent goes really fast once on the skin and it takes ages to dry and afterwards just feels sticky, it does make my skin feel soft yes but there are other moisturisers a lot cheaper and much better than this.


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      24.06.2013 16:16
      Very helpful



      A great product for a treat,

      =Lush Charity Pot=

      This almost feels like a sad confession, this is only the 2nd Lush product that I have owned, I helped a friend out over a few days with getting organised and she knows that I love smellies, and she gave me this Lush Charity Pot as a thank you. (She got me the large pot).

      After checking on line, I found that the lotion retails at
      Sample pot - 10 grams - £1.00
      Middle Pot - 95 grams - £6.95
      Large Pot - 240 grams - £12.75

      The Charity Pot is named after the fact that Lush donated to various charities, each pot has the details of the charities that will benefit.

      The aroma from the lotion is primarily a cocoa aroma, in the product there is Fair-trade Cocoa Butter, Yang Yang essential oil, there is also a unfraganced version as well.

      =The Pot=
      This comes in a black pot and has a screw top lid, also in the black plastic, the lotion is slightly runny, so you do need to make sure have put the lid on properly.

      =Long Lasting Moisturising=
      This is a premium product this comes to the forefront when applying the lotion, it is smooth easy to apply, soaks into the skin well without being greasy, and keeps my skin really soft, if I put some on before bedtime, in the morning my skin still feels soft as though I had a little fairy who comes out at night and reapplies the cream,

      =Best Time for me=
      I find that if I apply it after a shower, that it seems to melt into my skin, whether that is because the pores of my skin are refreshed from the water, I don't know.

      =Would I recommend=
      I would highly recommend this lotion, even better for the wallet when someone buys it for you.

      =Would I buy myself=
      I would treat myself to a pot, but for me it is not cost effective to have as a regular purchase, but hey I can dream.

      Defiantly a 5/5 from me.


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      09.05.2013 05:42
      Very helpful



      One of my favourite skin products.

      I've received this hand and body lotion as a gift on a couple of occasions, being a big fan of Lush products and the company's commitment to avoiding animal testing and using ingredients that are vegetarian-friendly. The lotion retails for £6.95 (95g) or £12.75 (240g) and there's a sample size of 10g for £1.00.

      Charity Pot is named after the fact that Lush donates to various charities on all purchases of the lotion. Each pot has details of the charity that will benefit. However, for me this is just an added bonus of buying this lotion, which is of sufficiently high quality that I would purchase it anyway.

      The lotion has a distinctive cocoa aroma that you will either love or hate. I personally love it, but it may be a little strong for those who prefer unscented products. As well as Fairtrade cocoa butter, there are essential oils such as ylang ylang in the lotion, but the overall smell is definitely cocoa butter.

      This is a lotion rather than a cream, and there's a risk of spillage with the Lush pot design. The lotion comes in a black plastic pot with a lid that twists on and off, and on a few occasions I've tipped the pot slightly on opening and some of the lotion has spilled out. The lid does tend to become a little messy.

      Unlike other lotions, however, this product does tend to give longer-lasting moisturising benefits to my skin. It absorbs well, and leaves the skin feeling like a thicker cream has been used. You can tell that there is plenty of premium quality cocoa butter in this lotion.

      I find Charity Pot a suitable lotion for applying on a daily basis after showering. It has never caused any irritation on my skin, and feels like it is doing the skin some good, unlike short-acting products that are full of chemicals.


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      17.02.2013 17:13
      Very helpful



      A body lotion which softens the skin and leaves it looking conditioned and healthy

      I apply body lotion everyday to stop my skin from getting dry and dull. I go through pots of the stuff and I thought when I bought my most recent pots that I would try something new. The Charity Pot by Lush caught my eye because as well as having a lovely new body lotion, I would be helping others too. Now you can't say fairer than that!

      What does the product do?
      The product is a light lotion which will hydrate the skin leaving it feeling soft, smooth and comfortable. The lotion promises to be quickly absorbed by the skin to leave it conditioned and healthy looking. The lotion has been created using a range of Fairtrade ingredients including Cocoa Butter and Almond Oil which hydrate the skin deeply, both nourishing and protecting the skin. It includes essential oils such as Ylang Ylang and Geranium Oil to restore and improve the skin. These oils also work with the Cocoa Butter to give the lotion a chocolatey aroma.

      What makes this product that much more special is that every penny that you spend on the lotion goes to charity, excluding the vat. There is a charity page on the Lush websites which explains all of the different charities that your money will go on to help so this is a purchase that will make you feel good about yourself!

      Packaging and Price
      The product comes in the typical black tub that you would expect from Lush. It has a sticker on the top telling you which charity you will be helping with you donation. Another sticker around the tub gives you more information about the product and the black lid pulls on and off easily. The product will cost you around £7 for 65 grams or you can buy a larger 240 grams pot but this obviously costs more. It can be bought from your local Lush store or from the online website.

      Aroma and Consistency
      The product has a lovely feminine aroma which is strong and bordering on sickly sweet but I like it. It smells to me like a mixture of chocolate and jam which sounds strange but it actually smells quite nice. The product is a lotion but it is thicker than most lotions that I have used. It is by no means as thick as I butter but it's not as light as I was expecting.

      Application and Performance
      The product is easy to scoop from the pot and you can control exactly how much you want to dispense so there will be no wastage. It is easy to smooth on the skin and it does glide over the body without any pulling dragging. It isn't instantly absorbed by my skin and you do need to massage it into the body for a while before it's all gone. It does leave a slight stickiness on the skin and a slight sheen but this subsides after a few minutes. It does instantly make my skin feel more comfortable and removes any feeling of tightness or signs of dryness. It stops my skin from looking dull and it does give my skin a conditioned and healthier appearance. That lovely aroma lingers on the skin for ages after use which is great if you like it but not so good if you don't. The consistency of the product is rich and it does feel like you're given your skin a real treat and it even improves the tricky dry spots like my knees and elbows.

      All in all, this is a lovely lotion which is rich and nourishing on the skin leaving soft, smooth and conditioned. It does take a while to absorb fully but once it has my skin looks much healthier. It smells delicious and you are helping a charity with your purchase so you can't go far wrong with this one.


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      06.01.2013 15:28
      Very helpful



      Another Lovely Lush Product

      Lush has to be one of my favorite places to shop and I could spend hours in there smelling all the lovely products and tend to leave with a large paper bag filled with the stuff. I have shopped there for many years now and whilst I love trying out there new products I do also have some favorites that I keep going back to time and time again, one of which is the Charity Pot Hand and Body Lotion which I am reviewing today. I bought a small tub of it a few years back and had absolutely loved it and I have repurchased it many times since then, so I was more than happy to receive a tub of it amongst some other Lush goodies this Christmas.

      The Charity Pot Hand and Body Lotion is presented in a plastic black tub with a screw on lid. The usual Lush black and white labels are stuck on the front which show the brand logo along with the product name. A suitable for vegans sign is proudly displayed on the front. The pot itself can be returned to any Lush store for recycling, if 5 clean full size pots (or tubes) are brought back to lush they will give you a fresh face mask for free which is a nice added incentive. As with all Lush products this lotion has not been tested on animals. Ingredients are given on the back. A circular sticker shows a cartoon picture of the person who made this product, in this case it was a man called Muhammed. The sticker also shows the date it was made along with the use by date. My bottle was made on the 06/11/12 and the use by date is 06/01/14 so there is plenty of time to use this product, but it is best used fresh. 

      According to Lush this product is "a cream that wants to change the world. Give / use generously". 100% of the sale price of this product (minus the VAT) goes to small charities specifically chosen by Lush, it is wonderful to see a company being so generous. Often companies that support charities only give a percentage of sales to their given charity (eg the total profit) rather than the whole lot. Usually an example of one of the charities Lush is supporting will be given on a sticker on the lid of the Charity Pot, however the pot I currently have does not have this. An extensive list of charities the that lush support is given on their  website. They tend to focus on small charities working in enviromental, human rights and Animal protection. For those wanting to recommend a charity an email address is given on the pot. 

      The lotion contains fairtrade Organic cocoa butter, almond oil and a variety of essential oils including ylang ylang, geranium and tagetes. Of course cocoa butter is well known for its moisturising properties and it is also an excellent emollient. Whilst essential oils restore and improve skin, plus they smell yummy. 

      The first thing that hits me upon opening my charity pot is the strong fragrance, you can really smell all those essential oils and they all work really well together plus there is a added hint of chocolate, it smells absolutely delicious. I have found that the colour of the lotion can vary slightly from pot to pot, which I guess is something to expect from "natural" products,  the lotion in my current pot is of a nice yellow colour. I tend to take a generous helping of the lotion and massage it onto my body. I do feel that the consistency of the lotion is on the runny side, it is slightly more watery than I like. It can therefore be a bit messy to use and can cause a few drippages onto the tub and lid causing it to become slightly sticky, which is a bit of an annoyance. All that being said the lotion sinks into my skin well and is absorbed within a few minutes leaving no sticky after residue on my skin. Whilst using this product I have not experienced any dry skin problems, infact I have always been left with wonderfully soft healthy looking skin. The fragrance also has a decent staying power, if I apply it in the morning I can still smell a hint of it on my skin by evening. I have heard of people using this on their face but its not something I have ever done so cannot really comment on how well it works for this.

      I really like Lush's Charity Pot Hand and Body Lotion and will continue to buy and use it. It would be great if they released some different charity pots too. Its nice to buy a product and know that all the money you spent on it will be going to a worthy cause. It is also generally just a lovely hand and body lotion that really works, it certainly leaves my skin looking good. Plus, it smells lovely. All that being said I do feel the lotion is slightly too runny and it is for this reason that I knock a star off. 

      The Charity Pot Hand and Body Lotion is available in most Lush stores and their website (delivery charges may apply)

      10g - £1.00

      95g - £6.95

      240g - £12.75


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        28.06.2012 15:24
        Very helpful



        Impressive lotion for good causes.

        I am a regular customer at highstreet Lush stores and first noticed their Charity Pot Hand and Body Lotion as my payment for other items was being processed. The store keep trial sized versions of the cream (costing £1 for 10g) in a basket on the checkout till so that you are tempted to add one to your shopping goods. This is exactly how I came to purchase the Charity Pot lotion and I later discovered the lotion is also sold in larger sized pots of 95g and 240g.

        If you purchase the trial sized version of this you recieve it in a little metal tin which looks about the same size as a lip balm tin or an eyeshadow. The tins are good for keeping after you've finished the cream as you can re-use them or recycle them. I use mine as a tin to keep moisturiser when I'm travelling and am only going for a few days - I don't want to take a whole bottle of face cream so I squeeze a bit into the tin. The tins are small and secure and have screw off lids which are easy to open. The larger sized lotions come in plastic pots which are more widely used in Lush stores. The plastic pots can also be reused afterwards if, for instance, you like to make up your own body scrubs or hair conditioners.

        Lush's Charity Pot lotion is a unique item since it's a rarity in that it's a product that is sold so that ALL of the profits from the sale go to charity. Lush choose charities whose ethics or ethos matches those of the company. They also support charities who have small bases and often struggle financially. One example of which charities benefit from the sale of this lotion is the Captive Animal Protection Society. You can read more about where your money goes on the Lush website on the product page for this lotion.

        The lotion is made from some special ingredients which are specifically good for softening and improving the condition of the skin. The ingredients include almond oil, ylang ylang oil, fairtrade cocoa butter, greanium oil and gardenia extract. Full ingredients are printed on the packaging.

        The lotion is a creamy vanilla colour and looks a lot like melted white chocolate. It has a creamy, gloopy texture which differs from most other lotions I've used. The consistency is definitely unique - it actually feels like it could be melted chocolate as you dip your fingers in it. When you rub the lotion into your skin it feels more oily with a slight stickiness to it. My skin drinks up this lotion but is left feeling quite oiled and damp afterwards. Due to this I find using it on my fingertips and palms to be less than ideal. Your hands remain slippery for a while after use so I now try and just use it on my knuckles and back of the hands during the day and then apply all over the hands last thing at night. You can use this lotion anywhere you like but I find that my hands, arms, shoulders and neck are the best places to use it.

        The lotion is super softening and I would go as far to describe this as an 'intense' moisturiser. It changes how my skin feels and looks, turning dry areas into supple, smooth areas. It's wonderful if you have been working with your hands as it can renew them overnight and transform them from scaly claws into women's hands again!

        One of the best things about the lotion is that it has an amazingly good fragrance. It smells like milk chocolate or chocolate cake and creme fraiche. It smells so good I want to eat it! The fragrance is strong and lingers on the skin for a long time after applying it. The fragrance makes you feel like you are indulging yourself. It's typically a feminine fragrance though.

        I'm a really big fan of this lotion and although I find it quite pricey I would love to use it all of the time if I could afford to. It's definitely worth trying this as I think you'll enjoy the experience. Even the small £1 pots are a fantastic treat and I feel great buying this lotion knowing that worthy causes will benefit.

        You can buy this in store or at their online shop in the £1 trial pots or at £6.95 for 95g or £12.75 for 240g.



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        19.05.2012 14:40
        Very helpful



        A nice Lush body moisturiser made with lots of nice ingredients but still has parabens


        Lush as a company pride themselves on trying to create products as naturally as possible. I often have a moan about the parabens in their bubble bars and soaps but on the whole I do believe they are an ethical company and their heart is in the right place.

        They also do a lot of work with fair trade and charities. After the Japanese tsunami they produced a special soap and all the profits went to help the victims of that disaster. They have an ongoing charity collection that they share out amongst small charity groups that might not attract the attention of the public otherwise. The charities they donate to change from time to time and the money donated to the groups comes from the sale of these Charity Pots of lush moisturising cream.

        Lush state that all the money from the sale of these Charity pots, except the taxes, are given to these small charity groups. " The groups we support are small and work on issues that are difficult to raise funds for, many of them are run by volunteers or just a handful of staff. We help them because we can, and because we enjoy doing it. We never ask anything in return."

        On the top of the pot when you buy it there will be a sticker saying which charity is being given the money at the time. Recently they have given to 'The Fresh Start Foundation' which is a charity giving education, healthcare, food and water to vulnerable children in The Gambia.

        Another charity was 'Restore the Earth' which encourages people to restore, replant, renew and recreate so increasing your positive handprint as opposed to rating on about the negative effects of carbon footprints.
        My pot tells me that my money went to a small charity in Georgia which works in the community to foster vulnerable young adults and orphaned children. They also promote environmental camoaigns and traditional Georgian healing music. I am more than happy to have my chariyty money going to any of these worthy causes.

        Thus is no small amount of money we are talking about because according to Lush sources between November 201 and 0October 2011 they sold 8,370 Charity pots, 102,595 Charity pot trial sized pots which raised a pretty substantial £177,524 for just about a year of sales of this one product.

        Lush take pride in the fact that they do not have over packaged stuff and this cream comes in one of their standard black pots. The ingredients are printed on the label and of course there is the little sticker to say when it was made and who made it. The lids on these pots are really good as they fit securely yet they are easy to get off. I often take these travelling and have never had one spill on my clothes or I the toilet bag as some things do.

        I do like the way Lush describe their products and the way they tell you how to use them. They are friendly and normal not stuffy and up themselves. On this one we have :-
        " Generous Hand and Body Lotion: Lusciously creamy, skin softening, fair- trade cocoa butter and almond oil lotion with a chocolately scent that makes life worth living. Help your skin and change the world at the same time. Apply generously, use it up quickly and buy a new pot."

        Well stupid question as not only am I giving my contribution to charity through Lush but I also benefit as I get a wonderful pot of moisturizer too.

        All kinds of creamy goodness goes into this pot and these include almond oil which is very good for all skin types, almond oil eases itching, soreness and dryness and it has a pleasant, gentle fragrance. Fair trade cocoa butter also a brilliant natural skin food. Glycerine helps soften the skin and make it more ready to absorb the previous two ingredients.

        Tagetes oil is also known as African marigold oil -I hadn't heard of this so had to investigate what this was. Apparently it comes from Africa originally and has spread across the world. It is known for its' anti biotic, anti microbial, anti parasitic, anti septic, anti spasmodic, disinfectant, insecticide and sedative properties.'
        Limonene which is found in the essential oils of citrus fruits and many other plant species and has a pleasant orange scent.

        Linalool is in here once again for its scent and has been called the 'sweetness' of many oils the most usual of which is though it is found in many species of plants. Once again some studies have found it helps reduce cancer cells. This is interesting and I do hope that it is the case.

        Apart from these ingredients you also have the ylang ylang essential oil, geranium oil and gardenia extract to give a pleasant scent and other skin improving or relaxing benefits.

        I am a bit saddened to see that both methylparaben and propylparaben are also in this mixture and cannot really see why they would be needed. Please Lush stop putting these chemicals in your products as they are nor nice and I am sure other more people friendly and environmentally friendly alternatives can be found.

        I do quite like the smell of this one, it has a sort of earthy herby aroma and is not at all sweet. I imagine some people would prefer a sweeter more floral scent but it isn't unpleasant. I can't say it is one I would choose as a perfume as it is quite strongly earthy, a bit like a combination of marigolds and something creamy and marigolds are not my favouite smell. It is okay as a smell but not one I would rush to buy for scent alone.
        As a moisturizer it works brilliantly but I do find it is quite greasy when I use it on my hands. I have to massage them well for quite some time. It does in fact make a great massage cream as it doesn't instantly sink into my skin.

        I like to use this when my skin is very dry in winter and also tend to put it on after my bath at night when my skin is ready to soak up all the goodness. As the smell is not one I want to wear as a perfume I find it gives me all the good benefits at night and the smell doesn't linger with me all day which can happen if I put it on my neck area in the day.

        I find this an excellent moisturizing cream with a smell that is a rather acquired taste. I can't say this is my favourite product from the Lush cream and moisturizer range but it is a quality product despite those parabens and also whenever I buy a pot I know my money is going to a good cause as well.

        If you want to try it then you have a few options. First you can just pop into a Lush shop and try it there in the shop. You could ask for a sample which they will happily give you in a little pot or you can buy the similar sized sample pot for £1 and if you like it bring the little pot back and you get £1 off the full pot. If you don't like it then still bring the pot back and get £ off another product ( just take the paper sticker with the product name off first).

        Don't forget that this black pot that the cream comes in is one of the recyclable black pots that Lush use for most of their products. Bring five empty clean pots back and you can choose a fresh face mask or fresh hair mask for free.

        Everything about this product is worthwhile. All money goes to charity and you get a quality moisturizing product as well. A great idea Lush and fits well with their company ethics.I have to give it five stars because of the charity connection.

        Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same username.


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          29.04.2012 15:09
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          A great body lotion, well I use it mainly as a hand lotion, but the tin is awful!

          Lush Charity Pot Body/hand Lotion

          I bought this product a while ago from a lush store as it was only a £1 at the time and I think it still is in lush stores at this price. This body lotion is the first lotion I have purchased from lush as I have only bought their facial skin care or bath bombs/bubble bars before - but I am really quite impressed with this lotion.

          - Product description (from lush.co.uk)

          "This is a light lotion that is kind and gentle enough for all ages and all parts of the body. The gentle loose emulsion means this sinks in quickly whilst leaving the skin softly conditioned. A great lotion for all members of the family that also makes a nice gift for friends."

          - Ingredients

          "Water, Almond Oil, Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter, Glycerine, Stearic Acid, Ylang Ylang Oil, Geranium Oil, Tagetes Oil, Triethanolamine, Cetearyl Alcohol, Benzyl Alcohol, Benzyl Salicylate, Isoeugenol, Benzyl Benzoate, Methyl Ionone, Geraniol, Citronellol, Hydroxycitronellal, Limonene, Linalool, Farnesol, Perfume, Gardenia Extract, Methylparaben, Propylparaben."

          - About the product

          I bought the 10g sample pot of this lotion (well I bought two but I have used one already) but the full size is 240g or you can buy the smaller 95g pot. The hand and body lotion that contains some fair-trade ingredients and flower oils. The pot version that I have is a bit annoying due to the small tin that the lotion is in, as the tin is fairly hard to open and the lotion can spill out of the sides of the lid and go everywhere! So I would recommend buying the medium sized 95g pot of this, not really the £1 pot as it is fairly messy and not very good for traveling as the lotion can leak out.

          - Scent

          The scent of this product smells almost exactly like the donkey oatey bath bomb that was bought out for easter last year (not this year for some strange reason as it is one of my favourite bath bombs from lush, but I do have a couple saved from last year). The scent is just divine - I wish lush made this scent in perfume form as it is so gorgeous. The scent is like chocolate to me but it is a creamy, smooth chocolate scent, it is not bitter to smell at all. The scent also has some fresh, floral notes in it too which works so well with the rest of the ingredients in the lotion. On my skint he scent is just that of chocolate - a gorgeous smooth, creamy chocolate - not good when I have chocolate cravings!

          - Using the product and results

          Using this product is not as easy as it sounds due to the small metal tin. Firstly the tin is really quite difficult to open especially when some of the lotion has leaked out slightly around the edges of the tin making it slippy and gloopy. Once the tin is opened the gorgeous creamy, milk chocolate scent is released and it is just gorgeous and my favourite thing about the scent is that it is not just chocolate but it has some freshness and floral to it, which just makes the scent so unique and gorgeous, in my opinion. The lotion is a creamy white colour, like melted white chocolate; the lotion is also really quite thick. Although when applied to the skin the lotion just melts and turns into a quite thin consistency which was a little strange and it also feels slightly greasy on my skin when it has just been applied.

          Although this slight greasy/oily feeling does not last and the lotion itself makes my skin feel so incredibly smooth and soft and it also makes my skin smell really nice too - the scent of this product on my skin is just the same as it is in the tin. Once fully applied to my skin, my skin feels a bit greasy but it does only take about 5 to 10 minutes maximum to fully absorb into my skin but when it is fully absorbed it does not make my hands feel dry again, it keeps my skin feeling smooth, soft and moisturised for hours (obviously after washing your hands this does come off somewhat but the moisturised feeling remains for a while after application). Overall, I love this scent of this lotion, the application and the results on my skin - soft, smooth, moisturised skin in five minutes!

          - Price and availability

          As stated previously I bought this £1 sample pot of this hand lotion from a lush store quite a while ago (early last year I think) and it has lasted well - in terms of the expiry date and I only use this occasionally as the scent is fairly strong (which I like) but also because I have a lot of other hand/body lotions to use up. This £1 can be purchased from the lush website and there is also a 95g pot for £6.95 or a 240g pot for £12.75.


          *Gorgeous scent
          *Absorbs fairly quickly
          *Does not leave my skin feeling oily or greasy
          *Scent stays on my skin for a good few hours
          *Keeps my skin moisturised for a while too


          *Tin - difficult to open and the lotion can leak out everywhere!

          Thank you for reading my review


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            19.03.2012 22:24
            Very helpful



            a nice lotion

            I bought a sample size of this when i bought my lush lemony flutter cuticle balm, simply because the sales lady was raving about it and i was so curious to try it out. To me one of the major selling points was that the entire sale, ax VAT goes to charity, which considering most brands only give about £1 of their charity profits to charity is fantastic in my eyes.

            The trial size cost me £1 for 10grams of product and lasted me about a week, but is available in many different sizes of 100g and 240g.

            Lush's charity pot is made with fairtrade almond oil and cocoa butter, both of which are organic. Lush claim that it is a light lotion that is kind and gentle enough for all ages and all parts of the body. It also contains a whole host of essential oils, such as tagetes and geranium

            As usual it comes in the standard black lush pot for all the larger sizes. My small trial pot came in a small silver tin, which i hate. I struggle to open it, and regularly have to use my teeth to push the lid of the pot. The product itself is a light yellow custard colour and is very very runny. Its a lotion to the extreme end of lotion, but a tiny amount goes far. It does smell a little strange, and i'm not too sure i really like it.

            On application it spreads brilliantly, it really sinks into your skin so quickly and leaves it feeling incredibly soft. I can't comment on the longevity of the product as it is marketed as an all over body lotion and i only used a trial size on my hands. But it lasted for a week, so i can only assume it doesn't have the best longevity. Its a good cream but i doubt i'd be rebuying it due to not liking the smell. However i was very impressed with the quality and the results of the product and on that note i will be looking to try out more lush body creams in the future.


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            24.02.2012 11:36
            Very helpful



            A lovely body lotion from Lush

            I received a pot of this in a Lush gift set that I got for Christmas a couple of years ago.

            The body lotion is the same colour as custard, a light yellow shade. It's a nice colour and it doesn't look horrible. I would describe the scent as quite floral and rather feminine. The body lotion is VERY runny in consistency. It's very thin and it sometimes leaks from the pot so store your pot as upright as possible and never transport the lotion to another container. Never carry it around with you as you'll end up with a layer of it in the bottom of your bag! The lotion is designed to be used on the body but it's not to be used on the face, so I was told. I did use it on my face once but it left me with spots so I wouldn't recommend using it on the face myself! The smell would be too overpowering too if it's on the face.

            The body lotion feels lovely when it's rubbed into the skin. As the lotion is runny I would suggest using small amounts of it at a time and building it up. The lotion itself is very moisturising and it is perfect for people who suffer from dry skin. I suffer from dry skin myself and this stuff is like a big drink for my skin. Plus the moisturising effect is really long lasting so your skin feels lovely and soft all day after using this.

            The lotion isn't greasy either and it doesn't feel unpleasant on the skin.

            I would recommend this body lotion but don't be shocked at how runny it is!


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            18.01.2012 21:45
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            A body lotion with a difference

            **Charity Pot**
            Charity Pot, in Lush's own words is a kind and passionate body lotion that wants to change the world. The thing that attracted me to this product was mainly the fact that 100% of the money raised from selling each pot is given to a charity that Lush supports, which are mainly small charities where people are just getting on and doing things themselves. Before I bought my pot, I was very curios of the actual charities that my money from buying this could be going to and was very impressed at the wide range - there's animal protection charities, human rights charities and environmental charities.

            When you actually get your pot of Charity Pot, it will state the charity that your particular pot supports, meaning your money will go towards that specific charity rather than keeping you wondering which charity it was. My particullar pot supports 'Bicycles for Humanity', which i've never heard of but it makes me feel quite happy and good about my self knowing that i've helped out a charity while getting something in return if that makes sense!

            **Product Claims**
            Aside from the charity side of things, Lush claim that this body lotion is combined with essential oils, which have been combined together because of their ability to restore and improve the skin. The product is classed as a body lotion in the product description on Lush's website however on my pot it also states that it can be used as a hand lotion, which I suppose all body lotions could be used as however I thought it would be worth mentioning as some people prefer to use body lotions specifically designed for hand care too. Lush describe the product as a generous hand and body lotion which is lusciously creamy and state that it is a skin softening lotion with fair trade cocoa butter and almond oil.

            They describe the smell as been 'a chocolatey scent that makes life worth living.' Their line that sums the product up is 'help your skin and change the world at the same time.' Lush don't make any huge claims with this lotion, they don't claim that it will even skin tone, heal skin or anything like that and it's pretty clear that it's a lotion that simply moisturises and softens the skin and keeps it in nice condition. Another, minor claim is that the lotion is light and creamy, which may not seem like a claim at all to some people however I often find that any product which has cocoa butter in the ingredients is quite thick and body butter like, however this is lovely and lightweight - i'll move on to the texture in more depth later in my review though!

            **What's In It?**
            The list of ingredients in Charity Pot is quite lengthy, however as always with Lush, all of the ingredients are natural and suitable for Vegans - a brilliant advantage to the product. The main ingredient that Lush focus on promoting with this product is the cocoa butter, which is organic and fair trade. Cocoa butter is a natural emulsifier and has many advantages. When used as a body lotion or hand cream it softens and moisturises the skin and it is also proven to effectively relieve itchy, dry skin when applied topically. It is also a skin conditioner so will keep skin looking bright and feeling gorgeously soft and well cared for.

            Another brilliant ingredient is almond oil. Almond oil is emollient, demulcent and nutritious. It has high vitamin E content which is a brilliant product to use for skin care as it keeps skin soft, silky smooth and bright. Another ingredient is ylang ylang oil. This is an oil which has been extracted from the flowers of a tropical tree called yland. Ylang ylang oil is used in Charity Pot for its scent, as it has uplifting properties in treating stress and depression. Targetes oil is another ingredient that contributes to the unique scent. This particular oil has unique, fresh scent. There are lots of other lovely ingredients in this product, and for obvious reasons I will not list them all. A full length of the ingredients in Charity Pot can be found on the Lush website.

            **Price, Value For Money and Availability**
            Charity Pot varies in sizes and therefor varies in price. The smallest pot, which weighs in at 10 grams costs just a pound, while the 100 gram tub retails at £6.95. The largest tub, which weighs in at 240 grams costs £12.75. I usually buy the 100 gram tub. This is much better value than the 10 gram tub and it still isn't too expensive. Value for money wise, I think it's great. I love that the money goes to charity and so I don't mind coughing up the cash. I actually bought four medium sized tubs of this for friends at Christmas purely because I knew the money would be going to charity and that my friends would love the product.

            In a 100 gram tub you get plenty of product and a tub will last me for around 3 weeks with daily use if I use a sensible amount. A little goes a long way though and it spreads so evenly that you don't need a thick layer to get a good amount of coverage, it sinks in nicely too leaving the skin noticeably softer and hydrated meaning you don't need to pile loads of it on to start feeling the effects, and the tub therefor lasts longer/is good value for money. The use by date is a year from the date it was made, this is a good life span for a Lush product and it means I don't feel rushed to use the product up in a set amount of time. Charity Pot can be purchased either in store from your local Lush or via the Lush website, which is worldwide.

            The packaging slightly varies with Charity Pot. The smallest 10 gram version comes in a lip balm type metallic tin, where as the two larger versions come in the black Lush pot. The pot has white font which has the product description, ingredients and some additional info on the charity which your particullar pot supports, for example mine supports ''Bicycles for Humanity'. The colour scheme is unisex and although simplistic isn't ugly - it definetly doesn't look out of place on my dressing table and it is easy to use, you simply open the tub and scoop a bit out. I suppose people who are big on hygiene would prefer it in a pump however I like the packaging.

            **Smell and Texture**
            Charity Pot has a unique smell. I was slightly let down at first by the smell if i'm honest as Lush describe it as having a chocolatey scent, when in fact it smells more like marzipan with a hint of turkish delight! It has a rich, creamy scent but it definetly doesn't stand out as being chocolatey - not to me, anyway, and the scent did put me off a little at first as I found it slightly overpowering. Bizzarely enough, it has slight floral undertones and there's also quite a prominant hint of almonds.

            Although heavy, the scent is still reasonably fresh, I love the scent of the ylang ylang oil which I find quite relaxing. The smell overall is definetly quite an accuired scent, however everyone who has tried it in my group of friends have all liked it. The only down side is obviously the fact that it isn't as chocolatey as Lush claim, and chocolate, in my opinion is not the dominating scent. The texture has a nice consistency - the type that's just right. It reminds me a little of the texture of Lush's dream cream, or perhaps E45 cream but a little thicker with a creamier type of feel to it. It is easy to spread and feels lightweight on my skin rather than feeling like it's clogging up my pores. It sinks into my skin quickly and it doesn't feel greasy, nor does it leave a greasy, wet feeling behind.

            **My Experience**
            I first tried Charity Pot mid 2009 after I recieved it as a birthday present. At the time I wasn't really a Lush fan/wasn't aware of Lush as much as I am now and I think I ended up giving it away as I wasn't largely into skin care and didn't have a beauty regime. I then, in 2011, decided to purchase a pot via my local Lush after seeing it advertised on their website. After a brief bit of research on the charity side of it, I felt that I wanted to be a part of it - I rarely donate to charity as I am a big believer in charity starts at home but I thought that the fact that you actually get something for the money you donate was a brilliant deal. I checked with an employee what it actually did etc and she was a big fan of it her self. She reccomended it to me as a lightweight body lotion which would moisurise and soften my skin as well as keeping it hydrated - at the time I was suffering with dry skin, particullary on my legs. The charity side is what mainly appealed to me though, and I coughed up the cash.

            Since then, Charity Pot has been a regular product in my shopping basket and i've repurchased several tubs of it - every time a tub looks as if it's almost finished I nip and get another one. A 100 gram tub lasts me for around three weeks which I think is pretty good considering that I use it as a daily all over body lotion. It is a brilliant moisturiser and I use it in the morning all over my body after a shower, however before bed I apply a more intense and mild smelling moisturiser as I don't think that Charity Pot has a very relaxing smell and it also isn't quite as effective as my preferred moisturiser which is Dream Cream. It also definetly doesn't have any healing properties and it is a no-no to use on eczema - trust me, it stung like mad and made it more inflamed than it was to start with, one of the ingredients in the lotion is described as been an anti inflammatory and soothing, however I didn't find the cream at all soothing on eczema, so obviously don't use this if you have an itchy skin condition. It also does not relieve itching.

            When used on clear skin that isn't inflammed or sore it is definetly very refreshing and pleasant to use though and it sinks in to the skin incredibly fast, it doesn't leave the skin greasy or gooey either meaning I can get dressed after applying it without worrying it'll make my clothes wet and gross! The cream always leaves my skin feeling soft, hydrated and smooth after application and it is a very effective lotion for dry skin - my legs used to be incredibly dry to the point of been slightly flakey (how gross!) however with a little help from my trust E45 and this stuff, they're silky soft and look amazing if I may say so my self, lol. It's one of those creams that leaves my skin actually feeling nourished, and the effects are long lasting. I only use this cream in the morning, and it keeps my skin feeling soft and silky all day. It is definetly moisturising however it isn't an intense moisturiser if that makes sense, however I am very picky when it comes to moisturisers so for people who want a lotion that will keep their skin soft and feeling smooth, this is ideal. When it comes to spots and scars or anything like that, this stuff has no effect, which doesn't particullary bother me as it doesn't claim to reduce spots or fade scars.

            This isn't really anything special, it's an average moisturiser however the softening effect is definetly evident - my skin is always silky soft and smooth after using it and it also makes my skin appear considerably brighter and healthier. The only downside that I can think of is the smell, which I imagine alot of people will not be very fond of purely because it's quite a 'mix' of smells and it does unfortunetly linger for a while after application, however besides this I would reccomend it and I think that it is a brilliant product due to the charity side of it - it's a fabulous idea - well done Lush!


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              12.11.2011 12:03
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              giving to charity

              Lush is a beauty company offering fresh, handmade cosmetics such as bath bombs, soap and perfume.

              {Charity Pot}

              Lush offer a few different body lotion products and one regular product is Charity Pot. Lush do not profit from the sale of Charity Pot hence the name of the product. All money from the sale of this pot (minus VAT) goes towards helping small charity organisations.

              "A kind and passionate body lotion that wants to change the world".

              Charity Pot is a hand and body lotion which is vegan friendly. It is described as being a "loose emulsion" which once applied to your skin, should sink in and condition it.

              Charity Pot contains various ingredients (natural and synthetic). The main ingredients are :

              *Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter - for softening properties and also for the chocolatey scent
              *Almond Oil - to protect the skin and leave it smooth
              *Essential Oils - ylang ylang, tagetes and geranium oil are added to improve the skin

              {Packaging and PriceI}

              Charity Pot is presented in a typical Lush, tall black pot. The pot has a screw top lid and there is various bits of information about the cream dotted around the pot.

              The average shelf life is just over a year and there will be a sticker saying who made it and when etc. Charity Pot is available in a standard 240g size and is priced at £12.75. It can be purchased from www.lush.co.uk or in a Lush store.

              The 10g size can be bought for £1.00 and comes in a sample tin.

              {My Thoughts}

              I quite like Lush products and most of them are worth the higher cost considering the fresh aspect of their products. I was first introduced to Charity Pot last year when buying a few bits and pieces. To be honest, I was bribed into buying it as I struggle to say no when it comes to giving to charity. Had it been any less than the full amount going to charity, I would have thought twice about my purchase.

              The packaging is sturdy enough and keeps the contents fresh. The pot I received was almost full to the brim. I have since used up my pot and currently have some small, 10g tins to use up I would certainly recommend that you try out the smaller tin at £1.00 before buying! I do feel you get a lot for your £12.75 but this is still expensive when compared to regular body lotions but cheap by Lush standards.

              {A Treat For All Over}

              I often worry about using a combination product. My hands are quite dry as is my skin. Sometimes 2 in 1 hand and body products are either fine with one part but not intensive enough or too greasy for the other part. I think Lush have got the balance just right here. That being said, this lotion does take a bit of getting used to.

              I can understand the logic of the pot given the name of the product but I think a bottle would have been more suitable. The lotion is a creamy white colour, quite shiny and although it appears quite rich with a first glance, the consistency of the lotion is quite fluid like. This means application is a little messy as you need to dip your fingers into the pot and attempt to not drip the lotion everywhere.

              I like to use this after a hot shower and mainly as my skin has just patted dry but there is still an element of moisture left The lotion spreads wonderfully across my skin and has a lightweight, cooling texture. Due to the fluid like consistency, I find the lotion to be a little "sticky" at first but my skin soon drinks it up and absorbs it all without leaving any residue on the surface of my skin. I of course apply this with my hands so do not need to do a separate routine. Any excess lotion from applying to my body, I use to rub around my fingers, nails etc and it absorbs fairly quickly but perhaps not as fast as a stand alone hand cream would.

              My skin loves this lotion and despite me only using a small amount and it being quite thin, I notice good results each time I use it. I wouldn't say it is as intensive as a body butter but is up to the same standard as a thick body cream. My skin feels very soft and smooth and this lasts for several hours. It works wonders on extra dry areas but I do feel it may be too intensive for those with normal skin.My hands also reap the benefits of this lotion and generally look less sore and dry after use. Luckily they don't feel to greasy and I can get on with things I need to do.

              Overall, a rather indulgent, effective lotion for my skin which moistuisers very well.

              {And The Smell..}

              I wasn't keen on the scent of Charity Pot at first but it has grown on me. It has a very natural and fairly strong aroma as the pot is opened. For the 8months or so that my pot was used, the scent never faded and the contents remained as fresh smelling as they did the day I bought it. This lotion could be kept in fridge though to preserve it further and keep it cool. Now, where was I? Oh yes..the smell!

              The initial scent is very creamy overall but the essential oils are very strong and jump out. Personally, if I hadn't looked at the oils used on the Lush website, I would have gone with Rose oil being a key ingredient. Charity Pot has a strong, Turkish Delight aroma and you could be forgiven for believing you had actually opened a box of the stuff. I'm not overly keen on Turkish Delight but I quickly began to appreciate the sweet floralness that it adds to this lotion.

              The scent doesn't stop there though. Cocoa butter isn't just added for its softening properties. Cocoa butter has a distinct, chocolate aroma and it does shine through as I spread Charity Pot lotion across my skin. The Turkish Delight aroma does remain and receives a coating of slightly bitter, rich chocolate with a powdery edge. Think those chocolate Turkish Delight sweets (is it Fry's that make them?), melt it down and pop it in a pot and voila..it's a Charity Pot.

              The scent is strong enough to last throughout the day on my skin. It is initially a bit strong and sickly but gradually settles and I can still detect a hint of sweetness when I go to bed at night. I appreciate that it has a different and unusual aroma compared to run of the mill body lotions.


              Although pretty expensive, I purchased this in the knowledge that charities would benefit from my purchase. I am glad I did buy my initial Charity Pot and I plan on purchasing another pot next month when I visit Lush again. I cannot really fault it despite it taking a while to get used to (scent and consistency wise). My pot lasted around 8 months with me using this as a treat a few times a week. I would say that represents excellent value for money as you are combining scent with deep down moisturisation and fairly natural ingredients as well.

              Overall I can recommend Charity Pot.

              Thanks for reading x


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                16.08.2011 20:27
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                A fantastic product, kind to skin, to humans, to animals and to the environment!

                During a recent visit to my local shopping centre I, as always, went into the Lush store to have a good browse. One of the first things I noticed was this charity pot, I'd never seen it before and my attention was immediately drawn to the packaging which was a plain black tub containing information on the Animal Rights Action Network charity, the work they do and how Lush donations help it. I'd never heard of this particular charity before but I am a huge supporter of animal rights charities in general and found the information on the packaging very interesting to the point where I went home and did my own personal research on this charity via the internet.

                Upon closer inspection I realised that every pot of this hand and body lotion contained information on a different charity which Lush supports, all very good causes! Some animal rights charities, some environmental charities and some human rights charities, all causes I am interested in helping with in whatever way I can.
                Just when I think I can love Lush no more, they introduce a way I can give money to these charities whilst getting beautiful soft skin!

                Every penny you pay for this hand and body lotion, excluding VAT, goes straight into the Lush charity pot which then gets donated to these various charities, such a good idea!
                To top it off, the product itself is actually really good, I'd happily still buy it if the money wasn't going to such good causes.

                As with all Lush products this hand and body lotion is suitable for vegans, completely environmental, animal and human friendly. The lotion itself contains fairtrade organic cocoa butter and all other ingredients are completely natural, no harsh chemicals or perfumes are used in this lotion so it's very kind to your skin!

                Personally I found the product to smell a little soapy, it's an okay smell, nothing wonderfully amazing but nothing off putting and nasty either. I myself can't really detect the smell of cocoa butter this product contains but the first thing my sister said when she smelt it was 'is that cocoa butter?' So I'm not too sure about that one. Regardless, the smell is nice and pleasant.

                The lotion is white and a little runny but not to the extent where it becomes awkward to use. It's easy to apply and rub in and my skin absorbs it perfectly and quickly, no white marks are left behind. The results are pretty much immediate.
                I always suffer from horrendous dry patches of skin on my elbows, there have been occasions where people have compared the feel of my elbows to sandpaper! Naturally, this was the first place I tried this lotion. I felt a difference straight away, my elbows were immediately softer and nicer to feel. After two days of apply this twice daily my elbows were completely soft and smooth and felt the same as the rest of my skin. I couldn't believe it.

                I ran out about a week ago and haven't applied any of this lotion to my elbows since but, as I type this review, my elbows are still soft and smooth, probably more than they have ever been before! I am genuinely impressed with the effects of this product.

                This lotion comes in tubs of 250g and costs £12.75 (£10.63 of which goes into that charity pot). At the time of purchasing it was only a few days before my pay day so I didn't have an awful lot of money. Luckily, however, this lotion also comes in a 'trail size'. This pot contains 10g and costs just £1. That's 83p going into the charity pot. The trail size pot comes in a small silver, metal tin with a black sticker on top with the Lush logo and 'charity pot - trail size' written in white. So you don't get all of the charity information on this particular pot. I purchased that and, just using it on my elbows twice a day, I got about two and a half weeks out of it, can't complain really! I'll definitely be purchasing the bigger tub when I'm next in Lush that's for sure!


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                  20.03.2011 20:26
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                  a great little product for your skin and for charities

                  My brother is obsessed with giving money to charity so long as it's a charity he believed in. Therefore, when I last dragged him into Lush and he spotted the charity pots he asked what charities the money was going to. The assistant said there were a few and she wasn't sure which but off the top of her head they were things like anti-fox hunting. That was more then enough for him. He bought 7 of the pots - one each for us, one his girlfriend and a few just because.

                  The Appearance

                  This comes in two sizes 10g and 240g.

                  The trial size round metal container has a black label on the top telling me that this is Lush's charity pot containing hand and body lotion. On the back there is a use by date, which is 12 months.

                  The larger pot is black with a flip top lid. On the lid is some information about one of the charities they are supporting. The front of the pot tells me that this is Lush's hand and body lotion and that the tub contains 240g.


                  Since I have only used the smaller tub for the basis of this review assume I'm talking about the trial pot.

                  Opening the pot is easy, it simply twists open and despite little apparent grip my hands don't slip at all. By simply touching my fingers on the top of it I get a decent amount onto my finger tips and spreading this over my face is easy. I have been using it on dry skin for my face and I find that just touching my finger on the top of the lotion twice is enough to cover over half my face.

                  The smell isn't really obvious at all and is only noticeable if I hold some of the lotion under my nose. It's a tricky scent to try and describe but it reminds me slightly of a sweet white chocolate.

                  After putting this onto my face it rubs in very easily and has disappeared within a few seconds. It doesn't leave a greasy layer on my skin either like some other moisturising lotions can.


                  My skin to begin with was extremely dry and red. After using this for around a month twice a day it has completely healed and is now soft and smooth. I do need to keep using it, if I stop it just dries up again but I this is more to do with my skin then the product and so I can't blame it for that. It doesn't leave behind an oily or greasy layer either it just feels very soft and moisturised.

                  As I said before the scent isn't very strong at all and so isn't really noticeable but if I smell my hands I can smell it for around an hour after applying.

                  Since I use so little each time I can see this pot lasting 2-3 months.

                  Other Information

                  This product is suitable for vegans, the ingredients are mainly essential oils and plant extracts. It does however contain parabens (Methylparaben and Propylparaben). One of the ingredients (organic cocoa butter) is fair trade.

                  All the money received from these pots (except VAT) goes to support local charities suggested by customers. I won't go into all the charities here but for those interested the charities the money went to in 2010 are listed on Lush's website.

                  As with all Lush products none of the ingredients have been tested on animals.

                  Price, Availability and Recommendation

                  Being a Lush product this is only available from Lush. The trial pot (10g) costs £1 and the larger 240g pot costs £12.75. This does seem a lot but it really does last forever and remember that all proceeds go to charity anyway.

                  Considering the effect this has had on my skin I have no hesitations over recommending it. As the smell isn't really strong this is disappointing but I think it would have been too sickly sweet if it had been stronger so I won't mark it down for this either.


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                    10.10.2010 09:27
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                    Fantastic lotion from Lush!

                    When I placed an order at Lush.co.uk I received a few free samples and one of them was a sample size of Lush Charity Pot. I believe this lip seal sized pot has been available in Lush stores for just £1.00 and it seems the ideal size if you want to give a product a try without spending £10 or so on a large pot only to find you don't really like it.

                    This cream has a thick consistency and is a beige colour (living up to the name of 'cream'!). Infact, the cream is so thick that I can hold the pot upside down without a single drop moving. This is quite handy when this is thrown in to my handbag as I don't have to worry about it spilling all over me as soon as I screw it open.

                    The cream applies well and gives a lovely sheen to my skin. I find that a thin layer is more than enough to give me a generous coating and put some moisture back in to my skin. The cream soaks in to my skin quite fast and within a minute I'm ready to apply my gardening gloves and get cracking on with my day.

                    This cream has a light scent to it which has an almost perfume like quality to it. I feel like the scent has a little hint of cocoa in it but apart from that I'm not able to really distinguish one particular scent. The scent is long lasting and not so heavy that I get sick of it by the end of the day. I find that the scent is long lasting providing I have covered my whole body in this lotion and overall I'm very happy with the quality of this product.

                    I love the results that this has on my skin as I can feel that my skin is smoother and was even from the first use. I am very pleased with the scent of this product and I would have no qualms with purchasing it again in the future. This can be purchased from Lush stores or www.lush.co.uk with a sample pot costing just £1. I think the price is very reasonable and I would feel quite good about purchasing this as all proceeds (after VAT) are donated to charities and causes so it's nice to look after your skin and help our charities at the same time.  


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                  • Product Details

                    Our newest hand and body lotion is made with fairly traded, skin-softening cocoa butter and almond oil to make your skin feel lovely and has a scent you'll want to sniff all day long / It's worth every penny / Talking of which, every penny that you pay for it (not including the VAT which we have to give to the exchequer to pay for things like schools, hospitals and speed cameras) will go into our Lush Charity Pot Fund / Each time you buy a pot it'll have a label on it telling you a little story about one of the charities, good causes, and hand-picked groups that we have supported /

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