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Lush Friends With Benefits Massage Bar

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Brand: Lush / Bar / Type: Massage Bar

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    1 Review
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      22.11.2011 18:25
      Very helpful



      A chocolate smelling massage bar

      What do you need to come home to when you have had a crap day at work, a day where everything that can go wrong has gone wrong and your frown lines on your head are threatening to become permanent? A massage that is what. Only I can't be bothered with going to a professional to be pampered and rubbed, instead I've got a rather gorgeous husband at home who does the job just as well and what's more for me his services are free.

      Whenever I am stressed, have a lot of work on my plate and generally feel a bit rubbish I like to have a hot soak in the tub followed by a massage using a Lush massage bar, which over time I have become a huge fan of and cant get enough of. Thankfully I always have one in the house stored in the Lush massage bar tin to keep it fresh, so whenever I am in need of that massage all I have to do is ask Hubby nicely. I love the Lush massage bars not only because they always smell wonderful but they are a great way of getting my husband to massage my neck, back and shoulders but they come in an array of shapes and sizes they are quite a fun product. Then once the massage bar of choice has been purchased all that I is required are two things - one is my loving husband and one pair of warm hands.

      Despite the picture showing above which is actually for the Lush Therapy massage bar and not 'Friends with Benefits' which I am reviewing, I love the products name, when I saw it in the shop I smiled and thought it came with some many connotations it would make a great gift for someone and bought two. To look at however it isn't that exciting, it reminds me shape wise of a bar of Pears soap and it is cream coloured, similar to the one pictured above, but on the top of the massage bar are three flowers, which are also made out of the massage bar and they are about as exciting as it gets. However, as a fan of massage bars, I have come to realise that it isn't about the colour, shape or even the pattern on top or in it, its about what it smells like and what it does for you. In this instant for me it smells of chocolate and whilst I might want to eat it I don't actually think it would taste as good as it initially smells. This product from Lush is around 65g for that size you can expect to pay around £6.50 making it slightly more expensive than most of the massage bars. When purchased it comes wrapped within a paper bag which clearly displays the Lush logo and the paper bag is closed with a sticker detailing when it was bought, who made the product and how much I paid for it.

      For anyone who has yet to try a Lush Massage Bar and to be honest, I really hope that after reading all my reviews that there are not many of you left in this category, it is one of the easiest things in the world to use, much easier in my opinion than using massage oils and much more economical because you don't need to use the whole bar in one massage it can last for weeks and in a few cases over a month giving you plenty of ammunition to ensure your other half has to massage your shoulders to avoid wasting money (that's my excuse), there should be very little or no spillage but most of all there should be a lot of lovely massages.

      So how do you use it? Well most of us still use bars of soap and haven't yet succumbed to those pump action soap dispensers right? As the principal of a massage bar is that it will contain essential oils which are released onto the hands of the masseur as soon as it becomes warm all you need to do, is imagine you are using that bar of soap and rub the massage bar between your hands as this then softens the Shea butter, which the massage bar is primarily made of, and releases some of the essential oils used as ingredients to enable you to massage who or whatever much easier. You should find that as the massage bar becomes warm between your hands and fingers they will become covered in the essential oils thus making them easily glide over the skin making the massage much more delightful. However, just one word of advice and warning that when it comes to these products they can become in some cases become quite messy and I would advise you to have a towel at the ready and also have something covering whichever surface the person is laying or sitting on, depending on what you are massaging of course, to ensure no oils leak onto those surfaces. Also, these massage bars can be used all over the body and one other piece of advice would be to make sure the person massaging you has warm hands when they begin to massage you, there is nothing worse than a cold handed masseuse.

      After using the massage bar you may need to towel off any excess oils because as good as it is at disappearing totally into your skin I have always found there to be parts that have been missed and unless you want to leave stains around your home, always double check that it has all been massaged into your skin or that you do towel yourself off afterwards for double checking.

      So, Friends with Benefits, as a massage bar to me might be dull in looks and colour, but the smell and the after effects make it for it. Yes I am hugely biased because I am a big fan of Lush massage bars but the look and smells are important to me. So to the ingredients, with most massage bars we have Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter which are known to soften and moisturise the skin. Both Cocoa Butter and Shea butter is referred to as an Emollient and that means that they are substances that soften and sooths the skin. There is also Cocoa Absolute which produces the chocolate aroma that first hits you when you smell this massage bar, it's quite a strong smelling chocolate smell, although delicious and it is used for its fragrance in quite a few Lush products such as Whipstick Lip Balm which I also love. The final ingredient to mention is called 'Tagetes Oil' which acts as an antifungal oil and helps to heal wounds but is an ingredient that should be avoided during pregnancy. There are also many other ingredients contained within this massage bar and they can be found on the Lush website.

      When it comes to usage, how long you use the massage bar to be massaged with completely up to you and the person who is massaging you, but Lush make a suggestion of massaging your body (or should I say, get a loved one to massage it for you) for at least 30 minutes so that you can ensure your entire body has been thoroughly covered and also that you have been given a good massage and allowed the ingredients to work as they should work and for the reasons they have been chosen. With this particular bar more attention was paid to my shoulders and my lower back where I ache most when I am under pressure and stressed and it was so relaxing I almost fell asleep! After using this product it is fair to say that I smelt like a chocolate bar but more importantly my skin was totally moisturised and soft and the aches and pains soothed away.

      So do I recommend this product? Well you won't be surprised to learn that I would recommend this bar and any other massage bar to anyone who loves a good Lush product and one that is quite unusual. It does what it claims to do which is relax, relieve stress and anxiety and you get a massage for free from a loved one, what more could you want?.


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