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Lush Honey Beehave Dusting Powder

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Brand: Lush / Powder / Type: Dusting Powder / Subcategory: Powder

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    1 Review
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      30.09.2012 10:19
      Very helpful



      Retro dusting powder from Lush

      If you read my reviews regularly you'll know that I am a huge fan of Lush and I am trying to try all of their products. However I do like to try products from other companies too and I've recently been using some shower gel and moisturiser from Burt's Bees.

      Because the Burt's Bees products are scented with honey, I thought I would use this dusting powder to go with them. Lush's dusting powders are better than boring old talc. They are scented, feel luxurious to use and some of them contain glitter! Honey Beehave doesn't have glitter in, but it is a lovely dusting powder nonetheless.

      The product is designed to smell like the Honey Waffle soap and Flying Saucers bubble bath, both of which smell of honey and ylang ylang. All three products come from Lush's Retro section - these are the products that have been discontinued from shops but are too popular to get rid of completely. I have tried both of those other products and liked them.

      As mentioned, this dusting powder has a fragrance of honey and it also contains tangerine oil. The resulting scent is a lovely honey scent which is not cloying because of the floral undertones. It's really lovely, comforting, natural and relaxing. Other ingredients included sweet geranium oil, which is good for toning the skin, and benzoin, which is a scented gum from Java and Sumatra with a vanilla-like fragrance. This adds a sweet edge to the powder, while myrrh adds a darker edge. Sodium bicarbonate, kaolin and magnesium carbonate make up the bulk of the powder. Because of the inclusion of honey this product is not suitable for vegans, though like all Lush products it is suitable for vegetarians.

      Lush's packaging for their dusting powders has changed several times over the years, but the Honey Beehave powder comes in the Retro style container which is short and round. The label is bright yellow and there is a black talc-style top (I'm sure it has a proper name but I don't know what that is!). You can twist this around to reveal an opening with holes, and a large opening (which I never use as too much product would come out!). To use the product, all I do is shake some powder onto my hands and apply to my skin. I usually do this after I've showered or bathed and have slightly damp skin, often I've applied my body lotion too.

      The powder isn't as fine as some of the other Lush powders, and in some cases has formed very small lumps. I think this is because of the honey, but it isn't a problem as it goes onto the skin very smoothly and doesn't form lumps at all. The powder is very absorbent and makes my skin feel soothed and soft. This dusting powder manages to soak up all the moisture without drying out my skin.

      The powder has a delicious floral honey scent that unlike real honey isn't too sweet and isn't cloying. It does last on the skin for a bit but the smell isn't really strong so if you want to put perfume on over the top it won't clash.

      Another use I have for this dusting powder is to shake some over my bedsheets to make them smell nice. I've also done this on the carpet though this only works because they are cream! That's the only bad thing about this dusting powder - it is white so will make a bit of a mess on dark surfaces! I wear a lot of dark clothes so always make sure the powder is properly absorbed before I get dressed.

      I don't use this powder every day, just when I can spend a bit more time layering up my products. I have been using it more recently to take advantage of the fact that I am currently using a honey shower gel and moisturiser, and this product can match. A tub cost £6.40 for 100g, which I feel is worth it for a product of this nature and quality which will last a long time. Dusting powders last a lot longer than some of Lush's other fresh products too - normally anything up to three years from the date of purchase, though this one has a slightly shorter shelf life because of the honey. The date on mine is November 2012 and it was made in April 2010, so it does last a while!

      Honey Beehave Dusting Powder is no longer available on the Lush website. However Lush have recently revamped their Retro section and will be releasing a number of limited edition products every couple of months. This product may well be among them, so if you like the sound of it, keep an eye on the site!


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