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Lush The Greeench Dusting Powder

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Brand: Lush / Powder / Type: Dusting Powder / Subcategory: Powder

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    1 Review
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      14.02.2011 20:23
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      Natural deodorant powder

      In my quest to try every Lush product in existence, I added a tub of The Greench to my post-Christmas online order. I thought it sounded like a bizarre, if interesting, product and wanted to see what it was like!

      Lush make a number of natural deodorants and dusting powders and The Greench seems to be a combination of the two. It comes in a black pot like other dusting powders, and to use you shake a little out of the holes and apply it. However, it is described by Lush as a "hardcore herbal deodorant", and contains sodium bicarbonate to absorb sweat, as well as sage, tea tree, rosemary and thyme to combat bacteria and stop you smelling.

      In appearance, the powder is white and completely resembles other dusting powders I have tried from Lush including Karma and Vanilla Puff powders. The smell, however, is something else! The herb smell is really strong and it reminded me of the kitchen cupboard. Don't leave this lying around while you're cooking as you might end up adding this to your food instead of your pot of mixed herbs!

      To apply the powder, I usually put my towel on the floor (so my dark blue carpet doesn't get covered in white powder), then shake a little out of the container and apply it to my underarms. It does go on white at first, but before long seems to 'blend in' to the underarms and you can't tell it's there. Naturally you've got to be careful because the powder is white, and if you apply it while wearing clothes you will get white powder everywhere! However if you're careful, and let it settle for a minute or two, you shouldn't have a huge problem with white marks although personally I don't wear black clothes while using this deo!

      When I first apply it, I can smell it quite strongly and this worried me at first - who wants to smell like herbs? On the other hand, anything is better than smelling like BO! I did find that the smell wore off as the day wore on although I could still sniff it if I stuck my nose close to my armpits (which I don't make a habit of doing - purely for review purposes!). I could never detect any sort of bad smell.

      On that note, I was pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of this deodorant, one of the most effective natural deos I've tried. I wore it all day to work and I was fine. I don't think the deodorant can cope with heavy exercise or really hot weather though. It does a reasonable job and can compare with a lot of 'ordinary' deodorants, although on my more energetic days I stick to a different one!

      Only a small amount of powder is needed for each application and this means the large tub will last for ages. The £6.45 price seems reasonable when you think how long it will last. Because the product is a powder you could use it all

      over your body in the summer, unlike other deodorants. In fact you could just use it as a particularly effective dusting powder. It has been suggested that the product can be used on the feet. I did try this once and it did seem to make them smell a bit better, although it's hard to judge in the winter as I usually have my 'foot odour problems' in the summer!

      Because of the product's name and scent it could easily be used by both sexes. In fact, men might like it more than women as women might prefer more girly scents! In all honesty if I'm faced with using this dusting powder or Vanilla Puff to scent my body I'm not going to choose to be smelling like herbs!

      Because of the risk of white marks with this deodorant I've tended to stick to using it when I'm staying in the house all day, or at night after my post-gym shower. It should last for ages and it saves me using my 'proper', non-white-mark producing deo when I don't really need to. If I wore lighter clothes more often, I'd be happy using it during the day too.

      Overall, this is an effective, unisex, versatile deodorant and it's worth a try if you fancy something a bit different and/or like to stick to natural deodorants.


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