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Lux Light Reflect Body Lotion

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Brand: Lux / Type: Body Lotion

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    1 Review
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      26.06.2008 17:52
      Very helpful



      A nice easy to use body lotion with something a little bit extra!

      When I'm getting ready to go out with my friends on a night out I do put a bit of effort in. Not alot these days I must admit cos as I'm getting older and I'm just not so bothered anymore as I used to be! Don't get me wrong I like to look the best I possibly can but as for spending hours in the bathroom titivating about with myself, preening, plucking and pruning to come out looking virtually the same, forget it, I have a life to live!

      As for body lotions etc standing around for ages not being able to sit down or touch anything cos I'm like a greasy damp squid really does my head in. However like most of you ladies (in particular) I do sometimes suffer with dry skin and of course I am aware that some lotions and creams do give benefits and that's why I chose this.

      I do like products that offer me quite alot and I can use them to multi task because no matter how much time I plan to give myself I never have enough time to get ready so using a body lotion and then finding some sort of body glimmer and rolling or spraying that all over myself is simply not an option, it really isn't my thing.

      This jumped off the shelf all by itself into my basket in Superdrug. I've owned this a long time now because like I say I don't have time to use it so I don't know if its still stocked in Superdrug anymore but I have seen it around and about in discount stores etc at about £2.99 a bottle.

      The packaging....

      A 250ml white, shimmery opaque, plastic recyclable tapered bottle with flip top lid. On the front in gold writing I'm told it is Lux and then I'm told in dark red writing that is it 'Light Reflect, Body Lotion'. Then in small gold writing once again I'm told it is Shimmer Effect, Light-Reflecting, Micro-Crystals and is for radiant skin. On the back all in gold writing I'm told that it is 'Lux, Light Reflect' and I'm told what its for and what it should achieve, loads of stuff in a foreign language (I don't understand), ingredients, a bar code and the size is stated, and the recycle symbol is on there as well. All in all nice packaging but do be careful when opening and closing the lid because it's on a hinge and it looks fragile. Also make sure after using the product you wipe excess lotion from the little hole because it does dry up and go crusty.

      What It's For And What It Should Achieve....

      Make your skin look as pampered as it feels by smoothing on this luxurious moisturising lotion. Enriched with light-reflecting micro-crystals that capture the light like little diamonds it enhances your skins natural beauty with a subtle, delicate sheen.

      Lux light reflect - for irresistibly soft & radiant skin everyday.

      Instantly absorbed
      Dermatologically tested
      For all skin-types

      Using It....

      The liquid pours out of the small hole in the top and it's quite runny so don't go squeezing the bottle too hard or it just oozes out all over everywhere! Because of the fairly thin consistency the white shimmery liquid really is instantly absorbed into the skin as Lux promises. This lotion doesn't take ages to rub in and isn't clumpy or greasy and you don't need loads of it. It just takes a gentle hand and voila it's gone and you can dress immediately when you've finished. The fragrance of this is very light and airy with a creamy sort of smell. It's so light that you can use this underneath your body spray, deodorant and perfumes etc it really isn't overpowering in any way its just very delicate.

      The feeling on the skin is a moisturised and hydrated one in a very subtle way. As it isn't greasy you cant feel it that much, you just feel naturally soft.

      As For The Shimmery Body Do You Get One?

      Not shimmery no and that's what I was expecting but calling it 'shimmer effect' is a wee bit misleading in my opinion. Yes it does light-reflect ever so slightly and the reason for this is if you use it then look closely at your skin there are the tiniest bits of glitter within the lotion. It's not an in your face glitter look and the glitter doesn't flake off or transfer on to clothes and neither can you feel rough bits of glitter on your skin or anything. It's actually a great product for someone a bit older who wants to try this kind of product without looking like they've fell off a Christmas tree! Whats more this washes off very easily in the bath or shower so you don't get a caked on build up or have to wash the glitter off for a few days till it's completely gone!


      A really nice, natural feeling body moisturiser. I love the way I don't need a lot of product and I can dress straight after applying it. I like the smell not being too overpowering so it's perfect to use on a night out when I want to fragrance myself up! I also like the subtleness of the soft sheen this gives. It's grown up and great to use on arms and the decolletage
      area and anywhere you'd like to draw a little attention to! This is just a real nice, simple and easy to use lotion. None fussy and suits me perfectly! If you want a really in your face shimmery look this really isn't for you, think subtle! It's lovely and I'm a fan. This is my top product for giving me a healthy look and this is best when applied to a tanned body believe me! Suitable for even the most sensitive skin it hasn't given me any problems at all!


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