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Madonna Truth Or Dare Body Lotion

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Brand: Madonna / Type: Body Lotion

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    1 Review
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      18.04.2013 17:58
      Very helpful



      A lovely product

      ~Truth or Dare by Madonna~

      The Truth or Dare range is one that I came across by accident a short while ago when I noticed the fragrance and its matching body care products stacked to the brim in the beauty section of a well known department store. I am so pleased that I came across the range of Truth or Dare fragranced body care products such as the lovely body lotion I am reviewing here, as they have a really nice long lasting fragrance to them that sits on the skin for hours after application when layered together. There are some lovely florals in the fragrance mix that come through rather well in the Truth or Dare body lotion such as gardenia and soft and creamy tuberose which together add a classic feminine feel. The mix of ingredients in the body lotion enhance what I find to be a nice lightly moisturising product that is quick and easy to use. The body lotion has a softer feel to it than the actual fragrance does, yet its lovely aroma manages to adhere to the skin for a number of hours after it has been applied. The truth is that I really love this body lotion and the way it works with with the other products from the same range, as it has a wonderful feminine appeal that works so much better than many of the sugar candy sweet body care products and perfumes that are on sale these days.

      ~I Dare you to find out the Truth about this Body Lotion!~

      In my opinion the body lotion from the Truth or Dare range is really nice, it has a light and easy to use texture that I find is easy to work into the skin. The fragranced effect that the body lotion has is rather good in my opinion, with it having all the lovely influences in it that the Truth or Dare fragrance has. As with the shower gel from the same range I find that the body lotion has a slightly softer fragrance, although I rather like it as it sits very nicely on the skin once the lotion becomes absorbed. When applying the body lotion I find that a little goes a long way, meaning that I don't need to use too much of it to be able to get the best from it. I feel that the super light texture of the body lotion certainly works in my favour as it is easily absorbed and dries down in a flash, leaving my skin soft and smooth, as well as wonderfully fragranced. I find that I get best results when I use the body lotion on freshly washed skin, as it adds extra moisture and fragrances my skin really well when used in this way.

      Once I have applied the body lotion it has a fresh feeling tangy floral edge to it that reminds me of fragrances such as Deci Dela by Nina Ricci, which I used to wear all the time. I really like the tangy floral feel that I get from the body lotion when it is first applied to the skin as I find it so very appealing. Once the body lotion has dried down I find that it softens quite quickly and becomes a much more subtle yet sultry floral with an amber and musk based influence as time goes on. In my opinion this softening of the fragranced effect is to be expected, as I find that with most other premium body lotions (except for a few fabulous exceptions to the rule such as the original Miss Dior body lotion) the level of fragrance does dip a little. If layering the fragrance with the other body care product (the shower gel) from the same range and the actual fragrance, this slight softening down of the body lotion is kept to a minimum in my experience. I find that even after a prolonged wear time the Truth or Dare body lotion remains on the skin for a number of hours after having used the product which is why I feel it is so nice to use.

      When I want a lighter fragranced effect from the body lotion I simply wear it on its own and don't add the fragrance itself. If doing this I have found that the body lotion can be used as a light feeling fragrance substitute for day wear without having to use the fragrance itself. For evening wear I like to use all 3 products from the range for a really long lived fragranced feel as Truth or Dare makes a stunning evening scent in my opinion. In my experience the body lotion always leaves my skin feeling softened and lightly hydrated without ever feeling oily or greasy. When using the product I haven't found there to be any issues with the body lotion that have caused redness or irritation of the skin. I find that as long as the lotion has had time to dry down on the skin it won't leave any marks on clothing, which some over rich body creams and lotions can do. I like the way that the body lotion echoes the original Truth or Dare fragrance and leaves my skin feeling nicely scented for a few hours at a time even when used as a stand alone body care product.

      ~Even body lotions need fragrance notes!~

      The top notes: Gardenia, tuberose and neroli which echo those of the fragrance

      The middle notes: Jasmine, benzoin tears and white lily petals
      The strength giving base notes: Vanilla absolute, caramelized amber, sensual musk aura

      The top notes of the body lotion are full of beautiful white flowers in my opinion with the tuberose scent feeling like the more prominent note. The effect of the tuberose becomes creamy and silky over time which is very pleasing. It has been said that Madonna wanted to create a fragrance that was similar to those used by her mum, which is where the influence in the scent of the body lotion come from. I feel that there are aspects of other fragrances that I am reminded of in this body lotion. I am reminded of fragrances such such as Deci Dela in the tangy and appealing opening moments, elements of Fracas in the way that the tuberose comes to the fore, as well as their being hints of Giorgio in the mix, which adds a softened long lived creamy feeling effect in this lotion. Whilst these brief jumbled hints of other fragrances are pleasing to the nose I feel that the well rounded Truth or Dare fragrance makes the body lotion very easy to wear, as it works so well with its modern take on a classic vintage appeal. There are strong influences of jasmine that hit the senses quite soon when you use this product which remind me slightly of Chloe Narcisse, as well as a generous blast of gardenia and soft caramel like vanilla that feels warm and inviting. Over time the florals settle giving way to a more mature powdery vintage feel that gives off a classic aspect, which I feel is very appealing in this body lotion.

      ~Product presentation/ ease of use~

      In use I have found that the storage tube that the Truth or Dare body lotion comes in works well enough. The tubes lid is easy to work with and opens and closes with ease, providing a reliable seal that keeps the contents of the product tube fresh and ready for future use. I find that the tube can be stored upside down, standing on the product lid if wanted, as it makes a neat little stand whilst drawing the remaining body lotion towards the applicator end of the tube. I find it quick and easy to squeeze out as much or as little of the lotion as I require from the product tube as the simply made white plastic container is flexible enough to be able to be handled without me having to use too much pressure to get some of the lotion out of it. I feel that the body lotion tube looks neat and clean, with minimal design detailing to it that show it is part of the Truth or Dare range. The tube feels compact and light enough to be held in the hand with ease when using it to apply the lotion to the skin. In my opinion the soft feeling plastic materials that make up the product tube feel smooth, but not so smooth that the tube slips out of my hands when in use. My over all opinion is that the body lotion tube looks neat and clean and functions as it should.


      A 200ml sized tube of Truth or Dare body lotion can be bought for £12, although I bought my lotion as part of a fragrance gift set, which I bought at half the original sales price. The Truth or Dare gift sets offer really good value in my opinion as they can be found for between £30 to £35 in many high street stores and are sometimes reduced in price at sale time. Buying a gift set gives you access to all 3 products in the range (fragrance, shower gel and body lotion) which means you can use them together to get the best results.

      ~Product rating~

      I really like the fragrance used in the Truth or Dare body lotion and I find that I only need a small amount of lotion in order to fragrance my skin around the arms and neck area when I wear this product as a combined moisturiser and light day wear scent. The effect of the body lotion is good in my opinion, as it leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth with a lovely fragranced effect that is a softer version of the Truth or Dare fragrance. I must admit that I would never have considered this body lotion product prior to having sampled the fragrance in store, although now I have done so I feel that it is worthy of a 5 star product rating. For best results I recommend layering the body lotion and fragrance together, as this gives the fragranced effect far greater longevity.

      Summary: A wonderfully scented body care product


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    • Product Details

      Truth or Dare by Madonna will be a signature floral fragrance. Its unique blend of narcotic florals, balanced with addictive woods and vanilla, creates a scent that is timeless, yet contemporary, simultaneously dark and light. The bottle plays up the Truth or Dare duality - a classic and sophisticated shape, with modern and edgy detailing.

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