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Marc Jacobs Daisy Body Butter

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Brand: Marc Jacobs / Type: Body Butter / What it does: Enricheses

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    2 Reviews
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      01.04.2012 19:27
      Very helpful



      love it

      The Marc Jacobs label initiated in 1986 and specialises in fashion, shoes and fragrance. Marc Jacobs offers a fragrance collection for men and women including scents such as Lola and Bang.

      ~Daisy Velvet Body Butter~

      'Daisy captures a youthful spirit, a compulsive smile'

      Daisy is probably one of the most well known fragrance ranges offered by Marc Jacobs. The Daisy range includes an Eau de parfum, a natural spray, shower gel, body lotion and a body butter. Each product may be used as a stand alone product or layered on the skin for more noticeable results.

      For the purpose of this review, I will be discussing my use of the 'Daisy Velvet Body Butter'.

      The body butter offers a more intense moisture boost for the skin when compared to the Daisy body lotion. Marc Jacobs claim that this body butter will leave the skin 'silky soft and radiant' whilst providing an ample amount of the lively Daisy scent. Marc Jacobs promises a 'sunny' scent of violet, grapefruit, wild strawberry, gardenia and jasmine. Vanilla and musk is also mentioned alongside white woods. Daisy is categorised as a 'floral/fruity' fragrance for younger women.


      This body butter is presented in a round, plastic pot. The tub has a clear bottom half and a white, screw top lid with the Daisy name and a ring of daisies. Personally I find the packaging to be nice but nothing overly special. It serves its intended purpose and an addition lid is inside the outer lid allowing the butter to remain fresh. This body butter has a shelf life of 24months and the tub can be recycled.

      ~Price and Availability~

      This body butter is available in a 140g pot. It has an rrp of £26.00 but is available at the following prices :

      *www.escentual.com - £22.10
      *House of Fraser and Amazon- £26.00
      *John Lewis - £25.50

      ~My Thoughts~

      I have some wonderful friends and family and in amongst my beautiful Christmas gifts last year, I received a pot of Daisy Body Butter. I am a huge fan of body butters and also a fan of scented products in general. My skin is incredibly dry and sensitive and I have been using this body butter on special occasions rather than daily (I use Soap and Glory normally for daily use!).

      I am a fan of the Daisy scent and still have a small amount left from a bottle I won last year so have had the pleasure of witnessing the effects of the body butter alone and as a base for the EDP. Both products compliment each other perfectly and the scent is incredibly intense - it may be too intense for some but I personally adore the layered aroma and it is noticeable practically all day.

      ~Appearance, Benefits and Scent~

      On removing the top of the pot, I am met with a bright, almost luminous white body butter. The richness of this butter is very evident - it is extremely thick and needs to be 'scooped' out of the pot. I personally LOVE applying this body butter. Once the butter is in contact with slightly warm skin, it turns creamy and feels cool and soothing on my skin. It spreads effortlessly with a little blob being more than sufficient to coat my skin. The butter 'melts' into my skin and doesn't leave any tacky feeling so I can dress instantly.

      Daisy Body Butter is highly indulgent and feels very luxurious - much more pleasant to use than a regular body lotion. My skin feels pampered and is left with a velvety soft finish. This body butter penetrates my dry skin and moisturises deep down allowing my skin to feel soothed, comfortable and ultimately hydrated. These benefits last throughout the day and prove that this butter is of a high quality and not a typical 'standard' body butter from the shelves of Asda.

      Scent wise, when I open the pot, it doesn't immediately jump out at me but up close and when applied to the skin, I can appreciate how gorgeous the Daisy scent actually is and how much character it has. It is different from many other scents I have tried and is quite individual and distinctive - something I have came to appreciate of Marc Jacobs fragrances.

      I actually cannot wait to use this during the warmer months as it is very fresh and invigorating. Once on the skin, the scent almost 'illuminates' but doesn't overpower - it is noticeable with a gorgeous, youthful presence which simply makes me feel special when wearing it. It sits on the skin neatly and gives off a continuous, beautiful scent with little bursts of some of the fragrance notes. It doesn't smell of actual daisies but name is fitting as the overall scent reminds me of Spring and Summer when the flowers are blooming.

      Once applied, Daisy offers an addictive fruity aroma with sweet and fresh undertones. There is a hint of sharpness to the scent which I can assume is offered by the grapefruit but the strawberry is evident and gives off a juicy flavour to the scent. After a short while, the sweetness starts to dwindle but can be noticed as an undertone to a beautiful, floral scent. Just like the perfume, the floralness is a bit different to many scents and is more leafy - fresh and airy with a touch of sensuality from the jasmine. It really is gorgeous and has a very 'clean' feel to it.

      After a few hours, the floral heart can still be witness but is a bit more subtle as it makes way for something a bit different. Daisy is rounded off with a delicate and natural combination of vanilla and hints of woodiness. This scent sits quite close to the skin and offers the perfect opportunity to spray on a little EDP or EDT to intensify the scent. The overall scent is noticeable in various strengths for 5-6hours or so without any help from the fragrance itself.


      This body butter is kind to my skin and my skin really appreciates how well it performs. It smells divine and is a lovely youthful, airy scent which is perfect for keeping your skin scented during the warmer months - the perfect Summery scent! It is expensive but it lasts so well and is definitely worth the high price tag.

      This would make the perfect gift for a Daisy fan and I certainly appreciated it. It is ideal to wear during the day as a light version of Daisy before increasing the scent in the evening with a spritz of the perfume. I can highly recommend this body butter!

      Thanks for reading :)


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        26.09.2011 13:49
        Very helpful



        Go for an alternative!

        I'm not one for buying expensive perfumes or body butters, so when my partner gave me a Marc Jacobs Daisy gift set for Christmas last year, I have been using the set (very moderately) ever since.
        The set at the time, for a perfume and a 140g body butter was priced at £45 in boots, which I thought was a horrendous price for a set of smellys! But looking back, it was quite a good price considering the individual prices of the items.

        This velvet body butter by Marc Jacobs, is currently priced between £21 and £26 in most places for a 140g sized pot of lotion.
        £26 at House of Fraser
        £21.99 at Fragrance Direct
        £25.50 at John Lewis online

        I personally think the prices are ridiculous and I would never spend so much on a body butter when there are so many cheaper alternatives.

        ...The Pot...
        The pot, considering the price, is actually quite plain and boring. You'd think with a selling price of around £25, the pot would at least have a fancy design to it.
        The pot is.. Well just a pot really! With a very simple white screw on lid with the Daisy Marc Jacobs logo printed and a floral design... Both are actually on the pot by a sticker, so the pot itself is just a cheap plain pot.
        However the pot is sturdy, the lid fits really well and ive not had any problems with it leaking.

        ...The Product...
        This Velvet body butter isn't the best ive ever used. In fact, I much prefer the cheaper body butters on range at the body shop!
        This velvet body butter comes in quite a large tub of 140g which is a decent amount although I think it would be a good idea to have these on sale in smaller versions with smaller price tags.

        The body butter has a very slight tint of sparkles to it in what looks like glitter to me. I love this aspect to the lotion and it looks great applied on tanned skin.

        When I apply the body butter, I usually use it straight after a shower to sooth and keep my skin moisturised. The lotion I find isn't too thick which I like as some body butters can be very thick and hard to use. This lotion is easy to smooth over your skin and spreads easily, meaning only a small amount of the product is needed.
        I find using the body butter on recently shaved legs helps to sooth and provide a barrier against my skin feeling sore or dry. Although I can't say this gives me a reason to pay £25 for a pot of body butter, as I get this same result when using cheaper products too!

        This velvet body butter is very smooth, however I don't think it sinks into my skin very quickly and if you are wanting a product which is quick and easy and allows you to get dressed straight after applying, this one won't be the one for you.
        Because of this, I don't use the body butter very much and it isn't one of my favourites to use.
        The product also feels quite greasy and makes my skin feel a bit sticky for a while after; especially on my hands and legs.

        As this came with my Daisy perfume, I did expect it to resemble the perfume in terms of its smell. I can say this does smell a lot like its partnered perfume, however I am disappointed with its lasting factor.
        The lotion smells very floral which is what you'd expect from a body lotion named 'Daisy'. It also smells very fresh and I personally think the lotion smells creamy. I do like the smell and find it pleasant, however I think for the price of it, it should at least last!
        I apply after a shower, once I have gotten dressed got myself ready and got out of the house, the lotion has eventually sank in and it is by this point the smell starts to go completely.

        The price is ridiculously high! I would not recommend spending this much on a pot of body butter, go for something cheaper!
        This lotion is...
        * Soft, easy to apply
        * Spreads easily
        * Soothing
        * Smells nice
        * Has a lovely unique sparkle to it

        However, it is...
        * Very highly priced
        * Doesn't sink into your skin very quickly
        * The smell doesn't last

        Thank you for reading, I also post on Ciao


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