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Marks & Spencers Formula Body Cream

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2 Reviews

Brand: Marks & Spencers / Texture: Cream / Type: Body Cream

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    2 Reviews
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      30.06.2010 22:49
      Very helpful



      Not a bad economy offering from Marks and Spencers!

      Before I start this review properly I must let you know that I am not reviewing this cream as depicted on the title or in the photograph at the top of this review page. Dooyoo have asked me to put my review here so just to be clear I am reviewing the lotion of this!

      Knowing me and my mate were going on on holiday (we went on a month long sabbatical back in January) we both stocked up on a few new products to use and treated ourselves. My mate purchased this body lotion and I used to nab it a fair few times instead of using my own lol!

      The Packaging:

      250ml white plastic, cylinder bottle with a flip top lid lid to the top of it concealing a small hole. On the front of the bottle I'm told it is Marks & Spencer 'Formula', Body, Moisturising Body Lotion 'Shea butter to soften Vitamin E to protect Aloe Vera to soothe'. On the back of the bottle other information includes being told a bit about the product and we're told how to use it, ingredients are stated and contact details for Marks & Spencers are given. It's a nice enough, sleek and plain looking bottle and it costs a pound to purchase it and sort of looks a bit economy but it is informative enough and not ugly or anything like that.

      A Bit About The Product According To The Back Of The Bottle:

      This rich but light body lotions moisturises, conditions and nourishes your skin, leaving it soft and smooth. With Shea butter to soften and nourish, Vitamin E to protect and Aloe Vera to soothe.

      To Use it:

      Massage all over your body both morning and evening and particularly after bathing for smooth, soft, moisturised and conditioned skin.

      Me Using It:

      Well the lotion is white in colour, runny enough but not like water and squeezes out of the bottle with total ease. It's glossy in appearance and has a sort of unisex 'green' sort of smell to it which is really light, sweet smelling but very pleasant and natural!

      All you do of course is gently wipe it over clean skin and massage it in. A little of it goes a very long way indeed and it really does absorb very quickly indeed. It doesn't feel greasy or anything or skin drying and once applied it dries within seconds leaving a subtle soft feeling on the skin but no feeling of any residue at all. The smell lingers freshly on the skin for a good few hours and leaves skin very delicately moisturised until it's actually rinsed off.

      This may be an economy offering from Marks & Spencers but in my view just as good as many more expensive leading brands and is good as any product you would expect from marks & Spencers. None skin agitating (great for using after shaving) and simple to use I think this is a great every-day type of light body moisturiser!

      Only available in Marks & Spencers stores costing a pound a bottle.


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      10.08.2008 19:22
      Very helpful



      A body cream by Marks & Spencers.

      I'd love to have the money and the time to moisturise everyday as I can't stand not have soft skin, but sadly by the time I get out of the shower in an evening I can rarely be bothered. Therefore when I actually get around to moisturising I like to make sure that I'd using a product that really works and despite having about ten different moisturisers on my bathroom shelf at the moment, I always seem to favour the cheapest on there!

      One of the best buys I've had is the Marks and Spencers Formula Body Cream Tub which I've been using for a good few months now and have just invested in a new tub. It's part of the Formula range at Marks and Spencers which prides itself on offering affordable skin care products that actually work. I've tried a few products from the range in the past and have had some mixed results really.

      The moisturising body cream comes in a white circular tub which is quite clinical looking and surprisingly doesn't look very M & S. It's a screw on lid which isn't ideal as when you've got your hands covered with cream it can be a bit of a chore getting the lid on and off. The tub sits quite nicely enough on any flat surface and I found it ideal for taking on holiday as there's no chance of the lid popping off and the cream going everywhere!

      The cream itself is white in colour and doesn't really have that strong a fragrance to it; it's got a hint of aloe vera to it and is much sweeter than something like E45. It's certainly not a distinctive or strong fragrance although it is one that is probably more suited to the female as it does have a perfume smell about it. However the fragrance isn't long lasting really as I find that it disappears within about an hour after application.

      The cream itself is much thicker than a lotion which tends to just pour out almost, it's not nearly as runny which means when you do scoop it out of the pot you don't need to worry about it going everywhere. However the only downside to this is that it does take a little more effort to rub it in completly whereas with a lotion you find it's absorbed quite easily and disappears from the skin within a number of seconds.

      I find it's best to scoop out a little and then gently massage it into the required area, you do need to work a little harder than you would with a lotion but for that reason I feel a cream is actually a better option. Within a minute or two I can get both my legs covered and although it doesn't absorb quite as quickly as a lotion, I find it normally soaks in within a couple of minutes so it's best to hold of getting dressed straight away.

      The instructions suggest that you massage it all over your body although you can just use it on areas you like, whenever you like. I find that after I've applied it the areas feel instantly softer and smoother and this effect does last for a good couple of hours. If I apply it at night my skin feels much more conditioned and moisturised come the morning although by then there's no grease or residue left at all on my skin.

      The moisturising body cream is priced at £2.50 for approximately 200ml which I think is pretty good value. When you compare it to other products on the market such as Dove you'll find that the Marks and Spencers option is cheaper. There's also a lotion, an exfoliator and a hand cream in the same formula range which are all priced at £2.50 making the whole range good quality and affordable at the same time.

      So next time you're browsing in Marks and Spencers and fancy an affordable treat, why not pop a tub of this into your basket?

      Thanks for reading.


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    • Product Details

      This caring body cream helps to provide your skin with a gentle moisture boost, leaving skin radiant and supple

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