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Molton Brown Ultrasmooth Coco de Mer Body Lotion

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3 Reviews
  • It is very beautiful to use
  • It makes my skin soft
  • There are no disadvantages
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    3 Reviews
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      19.11.2014 12:09
      Very helpful


      • "It smells very pleasing"
      • "It makes my skin soft"
      • "It is very beautiful to use"


      • "There are no disadvantages"

      Molton Brown ultrasmooth coco de mer body lotion

      WHAT IS IT?

      This is body lotion that is made by Molton Brown.


      This body lotion is packaged in a bottle that has got a pump on the top so that you can dispense exactly how much you need. The pump is very good and it always works not like some of the Baylis and Harding produce I have used recently because they have tried to look like Molton Brown but it is obvious that when the pump does not work properly that they are not quality like this.


      I like this body lotion very much because it makes my skin feel soft and smooth. It is very beautiful to apply because it is a very soft body lotion and it sinks into my skin immediate so I do not have to spend alot of time rubbing it in.

      As soon as I have applied it my skin feels better because I think this is a very soothing body lotion and I used it all the way through the summer because when my skin was hot it made it feel cooler instead of warmed like alot of body lotions do.

      I have used up all of my bottle now and I think there is a difference in the feeling of my skin because it feels more moisturised and smoother, the lotion is very pleasing to use because it has got a beautiful smell that I like very much. It says on the bottle that it has got coconut extract in it but I cannot smell coconut and think the lotion smells more like a mix up of fruit and flowers, the fragrance does not linger on my skin for very long after I have applied it and I am happy about that because I like to wear perfume and I think a smell like this would spoil the fragrance of my perfume.

      It does not feel greasy at all and has got a very creamy feeling on my body that I like very much, I can tell that it is quality from the feeling of it and from the effect it has on my skin also.


      A bottle of this body lotion costs £16.50 and I think that is value because it works very good and it feels like luxury to use this after I have got out of the shower or the bath.

      5 Dooyoo Stars.


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      06.03.2013 12:30
      Very helpful



      A gorgeous body lotion from Molton Brown, my new signature body care product!

      I adore Molton Brown but unfortunately, due to ridiculous prices, don't get to use their products as much as I'd like. Recently however I'd had the good fortune to have no fewer than six different Molton Brown products in my bathroom, including this gorgeous Ultrasmooth Coco de Mer Body Lotion which I absolutely adore.

      The lotion comes supplied in a pump action bottle, it's extremely smart looking with a plain yet stylish appearance. I think the beauty of Molton Brown is the packaging actually as it's so gorgeously understated, the addition of the pump showing to me that they've put much consideration into its development simply due to the fact that it's far easier to push down on a simple pump when my hands are slippery with body lotion rather than trying to squeeze and coax it out of the neck of the bottle. The pump works beautifully and dispenses just the right amount of lotion for each application, I've had no problems with 'gunk' around the pump area with it depressing smoothly with no catching or stiffness whatsoever.

      The lotion itself 'squirts' (although this seems a horribly uncouth term to use considering how luxurious this is!) out of the pump accurately and smoothly, I dispense into my hand as I find this an easier way of applying but the pump is angled so that you could squirt it directly onto your body if that's you're preferred method of application.

      The first thing I always notice about this lotion is the smell, it's absolutely wondrous - if a little hard to describe! It has a rich creamy smell but over this is a beautiful perfumed fragrance; it's slightly floral and very grown up, completely different to any other body lotion I've ever smelled and so incredibly addictive that I keep sniffing the skin on my arms just to get a whiff of this lovely fragrance. It lingers for hours on my skin despite the fact that it's not an amazingly strong scent and smells extremely stylish, I personally think that just by fragrance alone someone could tell that this is a premium skincare product and although I love my body lotions of any price I feel a certain sense of pride when I wear this one.

      The consistency is perfect, I'm amazed that a body lotion can manage to be both light as a feather and as rich as butter both at the same time. It feels extremely nourishing from the instant I begin the application process and the fact that it begins absorbing into my skin straightaway means I can start feeling the benefit immediately. It's a light and creamy preparation which feels soft and instantly smoothing on my skin, there's no greasiness whatsoever and after a few seconds spent massaging it in it absorbs to a finish which is decidedly talcum powder-like. I can dress within just a couple of minutes after application thanks to it drying so quickly, and when you're as busy as I am on a daily basis you'll agree this is an absolute bonus to using this particular body lotion over any other.

      From the very first application I could both see and feel a huge difference in my skin. I don't have particularly problem skin, but have noticed a level of dryness starting to creep in now I'm in my mid-thirties which wasn't there before. Some lotions and potions are struggling to deal with this dryness at the moment so I was actually astounded that this Coco de Mer managed to kick the problem into touch very quickly indeed, my skin once again feels silky smooth and completely free from dryness despite the fact that I've been using it for a relatively short period of time. One area it has really helped with is a small patch of dry skin related eczema which has appeared on one of my shins; this has been the bane of my life for the past nine months (it occurred initially as an odd hayfever symptom) and while it didn't shift instantly, after twice daily applications of this lotion for less than a week I can now no longer see even the slightest hint of this eczema on my leg and am proud of my skin once again rather than being embarrassed by the condition.

      This is the only problem area I have really, but I can feel the benefit of using this gorgeous Molton Brown offering on the whole of my body. Overall my skin feels smoother, it certainly looks brighter and healthier, and I can feel an incredible softness as I run my fingertips across my body - the moisturising properties of this lotion are second to none, within a week my skin felt as supple and healthy as it did ten years ago and it smells amazing to boot! I can imagine that this would suit any skin type; greasy skin would benefit hugely from the lightness of the preparation, while dry skin obviously needs the surprising level of moisturisation and nourishment provided by Coco de Mer.

      I absolutely 100% recommend this body lotion, although the £18 price tag (more in some outlets) is higher than I'd usually pay for this type of product I do think it's well worth the money as not only is it an incredibly beautiful lotion to use but it also works wonders on my skin. I'm a convert for sure and when my bottle has been used up I'll definitely be replacing it, I've never used such a fantastic body lotion - and this is testament to the high quality of this particular one as I've used literally hundreds over the years. This one's a keeper.


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        02.09.2010 12:27
        Very helpful



        A wonderful indulgence

        Starting life as a London hair salon back in 1973, Molton Brown has become a well-known luxury brand. The company sells a wide range of hair and bodycare products for men and women, as well as candles, room sprays, make-up and gorgeous gifts! I've reviewed a few Molton Brown products on here, and this review is for their Coco De Mer body lotion.

        * Packaging *
        As with all Molton Brown products, the packaging is smart and simple. This lotion comes in a see-through plastic bottle (you can see that the cream inside is white) with cool grey writing and a silver and black pump dispenser. It would like great on any bathroom shelf or dressing table.

        * What's inside? *
        The cost of the body lotion is £17 for 200ml. Cheap it is not! There is a matching shower gel in the range (which costs £17 for a larger 300ml bottle), and the lotion is recommended for everyday use.

        The cream claims to be deeply hydrating yet ultra-light, and the product combines wild honey with pure coco de mer (sea coconut) fruit extract. It's also known as the Maldive Coconut and is found only in the Seychelles. The coco de mer palm produces the largest seed in the plant kingdom, weighing up to a rather hefty 30kg!

        * Trying it out *
        The lotion itself isn't as thick as I expected. In fact it's a really lovely consistency and is absorbed into the skin immediately - it literally melts away, leaving skin feeling instantly smoother and beautifully moisturised. The scent is quite subtle and doesn't, as you may expect, smell at all of honey or coconut to me. Instead it is quite a fresh and light floral smell. It isn't at all overpowering so you can apply perfume afterwards without it clashing. I wouldn't say this is my favourite smelling lotion, but it is definitely pleasant and inoffensive!

        This lotion really left my skin feeling incredibly soft, and had the same moisturising affects of a body butter, but in a much lighter format. I would say it is a very good option for dry skin that needs a little bit extra TLC.

        * Overall *
        Of course the one thing that is off-putting about this product is the price tag! Although it is very effective and lovely to use, it is a lot of money for a body lotion! But it would make a lovely gift for someone - preferably yourself!


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