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N Spa Angel Cake Body Cream

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2 Reviews

Brand: N-Spa / Texture: Cream / Type: Body Cream

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    2 Reviews
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      29.03.2011 17:45
      Very helpful



      An super body cream from the amazing N-Spa

      I have been meaning to review this body butter for a while now, but the outfit reviews kind of took over a little bit. A couple of weeks back now I had to have yet another operation on my knee, feeling rather down in myself my friends, family and partner did a huge basket of goodies for me to cheer me up. And in the wonderful basket I had a lot of new N-Spa goodies I hadn't tried!

      N-Spa Angel Cake Body Cream 200ml:

      'Angel said the wise man, is my guardian of the fluffiest lemony cake. Frosted like pink marshmallows with generous helping of dreamy white chocolate. She is a forbidden fruit that deserves forgiveness'

      I well and truly adore most of the N-Spa range and this one is no different I'm simply in love. This body cream is from the indulgent range from N-Spa and I sure do indulge myself! I recently reviewed its matching bath and shower, so now its time for the body cream.

      My Findings:

      For me this has become one of my all time favourite body creams, I really can not get enough of it and within two weeks used the whole tub! Now I'm onto my second tub I being a bit more careful not to use it all up as soon as I really don't want to get board of this one.

      This cream comes in a rounded tub with a thick looking twist off lid, very easy to un-screw. The packaging is very basic, clear tub at the bottom with a black lid and a sticker on top with the products details. They still had the quirky quote which they have on most of there packaging which has always been on of the reasons I like them.

      The first time I had used this I just had a soak in the bath with its matching bubble bath so already loving the smell. I un-screwed the lid and wow it smelt just as yummy as the bubble bath. I took a huge blob of cream and started to rub into my legs. The cream was soft, very light like air whipped; with a medium consistency.

      On my skin this cream was truly indulgent; the smell for me was amazing again like its matching bubble bath. You had the scrumptious smell of sweet strawberry, with melted marshmallows then hints of vanilla and then lemon - sheer heaven in a tub. The scent really has good staying power, I can apply after my bath on a night time then in the morning I can still smell the cream on my skin.

      I do love how this cream makes my skin feel, after a really hot bath my skin can sometimes feel a little tight but some of this delicious cream and my skin feels great. It glides over my skin with ease and absorbs well, it doesn't leave me feeling clogged up or oily - just lovely soft moisturised skin.

      Price and Availability:

      So far I'm only yet to find N-Spa at Asda or online, mine was purchased as a gift set on offer at Asda for only £2.50 with the N-Spa Fudge body cream too. Which is a complete bargain as one will normally cost you £2.00 plus.

      Right now at Asda the Angel Cake Body Cream will cost £2.00 for the 200ml tub which should last you around three to four weeks depending how much you like to use.

      You can also purchase this from the N-Spa shop but it is currently out of stock.


      This shall be in my beauty box for a long time yet, I'm clearly just mad about it! For me it ticks all the right boxes, the smell is out of this world, it makes my skin feel soft and wonderful there really is just faulting the product what so ever.

      If you like your sweet scented items then I would certainly be recommending this one for you!

      A huge five out of five stars from me.

      Thanks for reading :o)

      Additional Information:

      N-Spa is one of my favourite bathroom treats, they are not cheap but don't cost the earth at the same time. They don't just do bath syrups they also have -

      * Shower Sorbet's which are moisturising and cleansing body washes, again come in amazing fragrances.

      * Hand and foot 'Scream' which are scrubs

      * Shower and Bath Gels many I have reviewed now, they are body washes which can be used in the shower or bath.

      * Body Polish which is a gently exfoliater, the scent so far are limited in this range but I can wait for more to come.

      * Bath Melt this is gives the same effect at the shower and bath gel on your skin however this is just for use in the bath.

      * Body Shimmer Oil

      Although they don't state this on their packaging and I really don't know why they don't add it on their label. N-Spa do not test on animals, I'm surprised they don't add this to their packaging as it's something a lot of people look for.



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        07.03.2011 18:00
        Very helpful



        One Of The Best Body Butters Out There!

        Until I started here on Dooyoo Id never even heard of the N-Spa range. I dont have an Asda store nearby so I never really saw it being sold anywhere but as soon as I started reading reviews on the brands products I really wanted to try them. Their products sounded fantastic and even better quite cheap which are two brilliant qualities in my opinion. Luckily my mom is as much of a beauty junkie as I am and she proved that when she came home armed with loads of N-Spa goodies for us both to try out, one of which was this 'N-Spa Angel Cake Body Cream'. Getting this really couldnt have come at a better time for me as Id just ran out of my usual Bodyshop body butter so I needed something to replace it with sharpish - however I never thought in a million years that this cream would be as good or better than my usual one. But Im very shocked to find this is actually amazing! In fact Ill never use body butter from another range again - so I really love this one.

        Useful Information:
        Price: I got this as part of a 2 tubs set - the set was £2.50 - Im not 100% sure how much this costs individually.
        Stockists: Asda, Amazon & eBay.
        Other Info: Promises to intensely moisturise your skin - for best results N-Spa recommend applying this after a bath or shower. This body butter is available in MANY other different scents including - Blueberry & Hot Butter Fudge (which is gorgeous!!). This particular one is suitable for all skin-types - it works wonders on dry skin in my experience!

        The packaging for this cream - and by the look of it the whole N-Spa range is very simple yet effective and colourful. It comes in a large 200ml, plastic tub that you would expect from a body butter - it has the clear plastic on the bottom and then a black screw off lid on the top. Which as always with tubs like this is very easy to remove but a little bit more difficult to put back on when you have the body butter all over your hands - but like I said thats an issue I have with all body butter tubs, not just this one. On the top of the tub is a hot pink sticker with the brand name and a little bit about the product overall - the hot pink will certainly attract your attention in the store, the rest of the information can be found on the bottom of the tub - directions for use, ingredients, shelf life, tub size etc so any information you need should be somwhere on the tub - there is an address and website on there though should you have any other queries.The packaging is simple yet effective in my opinion.

        You simply apply this like you would a normal moisturiser - all over your body [although this would be too thick for my face!] and apply more to the drier areas which on me are my elbows & knees. N-Spa do recommend applying this after a shower and I have to agree as I think my skin feels so great when I apply it that way and I feel the effects are much better - although I do apply this onto totally dry skin as well and it works brilliantly that way as well, so I guess it doesnt really matter. The consistency of this butter is just right for me as its thick enough to feel really creamy and nourishing on my skin without being so thick that my skin feels clogged or heavy so its just right for me. And even though it is really thick it doesnt take long at all to sink into my skin so I can apply this just before getting dressed and not worry about getting it all over my clothes - and normally body butters take ages to sink in so thats another advantage for me.

        The cream itself is a sort of candy pink in colour and does look very creamy and nourishing even just from looking at it - and usually if something looks that good then the results are normally good as well - which happily in this case it totally true. The cream also smells AMAZING! Id never eaten angel cake before so I had no idea what this would smell like or whether Id even like it but I really do. This to me smells like vanilla, chocolate and the scent reminds me of candyfloss or marshmallows - it truly is gorgeous. The scent obviously with notes like that is quite sweet which means it wont be for everyone would I wouldnt say it is overpowering or too OTT in the slightest. Thats not to say the scent doesnt linger on your skin though as I applied this last night after a shower and I can still smell it on my skin now so thats really long lasting I think. I did get this alongside N-Spa's fudge body butter and even though I do prefer the scent of the other one in all honesty this one is still really lovely.

        The effects of this body butter are just as brilliant and are equally good [if not better] than my usual, more expensive creams for my body. This does intensely moisturise my skin and the dry parts are even starting to look much better and much softer since Ive been using this which is amazing as those parts are very dry normally. My skin feels much softer and smoother as soon as I apply this but it doesnt feel too heavy at all or have any of that greasy residue left behind so this is perfect for everyday use I think - for me anyway. It has a gorgeous scent, fantastic results & its dirt cheap so for me I cant see any problems with this one. Now Ive found these body butters I doubt Ill ever go back to my more expensive tubs - theres no point when I get the same results with these and I save a shed load of cash - whats not to like?! Cannot recommend highly enough & I cant wait to try out more scents of this.

        Thanks For Reading.

        x0 Salz 0x


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