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N Spa Indulgent Gingerbread Latte Whipped Body Cream

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6 Reviews

Brand: N-Spa / Texture: Cream / Type: Body Cream

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    6 Reviews
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      29.08.2012 07:12
      Very helpful
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      Another delicious product from N-Spa!

      One product i have an abundance of, but still use on a daily basis is my beloved body creams, with me having around 30 pots at the moment (that is all i get of my relatives at christmas!).

      I love having the choice of what scented potion i can use depending on how i am feeling that day, with this particular one being my absolute favourite, hence the reason this is the first one i have finished to review!

      To me "n-spa" is a bit like the "original source" brand, with there being very few scents and products i dislike and wouldn't use again, though this one is seemingly coming tops at the present!

      The pot for this cream is pretty bog standard as far as the product goes, a squat round pot with screw lid!

      The blurb on the label describes this as an "indulgent gingerbread latte whipped body cream", which as someone who loves all fruity and sweet food flavours appealed to straight away!

      Instructions for use with this range is quite florally in text, insisting that you should turn your bathroom into a spa experience, i personally wouldn't pay spa prices if they had my kids knocking on the door every two minutes demanding to know what i was doing!

      The product does advise that the product should not only be smooth and massaged over freshly washed skin, but also your hips and thighs to create a healthy glow but to also stimulate the circulation, though i have tried this and have had no such effects!

      The first time i used this (straight after bathing of course!) my skin felt quite dry and tight, so when i initially scooped a blob out i wasn't holding out much hope due to the consistency of the cream, which is a bit like Angel delight, and as someone who is used to body butters, and also due to me having skin like a lizard i rubbed over my skin with little enthusiam!

      The cream itself is a lovely beige colour, with the scent being the initial draw to it, having a lovely spicy ginger/Christmas scent to it, which lingers for quite some time afterwards.

      Surprisingly the cream actually alleviated the tightness in my skin straight away, and after an hour of soaking in to my scales, softened up my skin beautifully, though not quite as well as an actually body butter would.

      The pot itself holds 300ml of cream, and has a shelflife of 12 months, though i did manage to eek mine out for around 5 months, which for the price of a pot (around the £5.00 mark) is really good value.

      I really liked this cream, though more for it's scent than anything else, using it as a base to some of my spicier scented perfumes, i have actually been complimented on it!

      Skin wise though it did work, i felt that for someone who has skin like mine, might find a slightly richer body butter a bit more effective, though i will probably still get some more of this just for the scent!

      Availability for this product is quite wide spread now, with it being almost always on offer in Asda!

      For more information visit - www.nirvanaspa.co.uk

      Thanks for reading x


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        10.09.2011 16:01
        Very helpful



        A strongly recommended body cream, particularly now the winter months are setting in.

        Although the N-Spa Fruit range is a range of products I am a massive fan of, I normally shy away from the indulgent fruit range which is what this gingerbread latte body cream is part of. The scents in this range, although very nice upon the first sniff, are extremely sickly in my opinion and I couldn't imagine having my entire body smelling like 'chocolate waffle'!

        However, when I recently took a trip to my local Asda and inevitably ended up looking at the N-Spa products I couldn't help but notice this gingerbread latte body cream on offer for just £1 for a 300ml tub. Upon noticing such an good price (the rest of the N-Spa body creams are priced at £3 for a 200ml tub) I decided I'd have a smell and see if it was worth buying. It definitely was!

        As the product name would suggest, the first scent that hits you when you screw off the lid of this product is quite a strong gingerbread smell. Smelling it for a little longer enables you to detect a slight cinnamon scent as well. Personally, I found this scent reminds me of Christmas time and it's definitely what I would consider a winter scent. It's a very 'cosy' smell which I don't find to be sickly in the least bit. I wouldn't describe it as a particularly feminine scent but it's still very nice.

        The body cream comes in a clear plastic round tub with a black screw on lid. There's a long black sticker stuck around the tub which supplies you with the product name, ingredients list, how to apply and of course, that little warning about not eating the cream as it's not a food product. This sticker also informs us that the product is not tested on animals.

        I'm undecided about the cream's colour. It's either a very pale brown or a very pale orange, I can't quite make my mind up! It's colour does match it's smell in terms of how appealing it is though. Very appealing to me at least!
        The cream is quite thick but I find my skin absorbs it quickly and easily and it doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy at all. To apply take a generous helping and rub into dry skin after a bath or shower. As the cream is so easy to apply I don't find this process takes very long at all. If your skin is still a little damp when applying this though I do find it takes a lot more effort to rub in so I would recommend thoroughly towel drying before applying.

        The effects of applying this cream are amazing. I've noticed significant improvement in the softness of my skin since using this and you can pretty much feel the difference straight away. My skin has also developed that 'healthy glow' people seem to go on about so much these days which is another added bonus!

        The scent doesn't really last all day which is my only fault with this product. It does last a good couple of hours though and the effects of the touch and look of my skin do last a lot longer which I feel is the most important thing.
        I imagine this product will last a good while as well. I've been using mine on near enough a daily basis for the past two weeks and my tub hardly looks touched.

        I never would have pictured myself loving anything from the N-Spa indulgent fruit range anywhere near as much as I love this product. I'm definitely pleased I decided to purchase the tub as it's quickly become one of my favourites and something I will certainly be applying through the month of December.


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          06.07.2011 16:47
          Very helpful



          A fantastic moisturising product!

          I love body products that remind me of food. A chance walk around the local Asda inevitably lead me to the N-Spa Indulgent Fruit section in the toiletries aisle, and while perusing the coconut and fruity products, I saw a tub what appeared to be an ideal for a foodie.

          Indulgent Gingerbread Latte Whipped Body Cream. Part of the N-Spa Indulgent Fruit range, this product is currently priced at £1.50 in Asda but I would happily pay up to £3 for this moisturiser. It comes in a circular tub emblazoned with the title on the front in attractive white print on a plain black label. On the reverse side of the label is a description of what the product is and the directions followed by a piece of advise I had to laugh at:

          "Do not eat, this is not a food product."

          It certainly smells like one. It reminds me of baking day. On opening the lid, the first thing you notice is the sweetness of the cream, followed by the sharpness of the ginger and at the back there is a warming note of cinnamon. Looking at the product you see a bright and shiny looking cream which is pale orange in colour. Pressing a finger to the glossy cream's surface, a small amount of product transfers to your fingertip but when you rub it onto your skin it melts in.

          As to body moisturising, it is best after a hot bath or shower. When I dried myself off I reached for this cream and tried it. I dipped a finger in and applied a layer of cream all over my body. It rubbed in very easily and didn't leave my skin feeling greasy - it actually left my skin feeling supple and smooth, and after a couple of days of it, I began to see that there was a bit of a difference to the condition of my skin in general. And the best part of it was that the gorgeous scent lingered for quite a long while. Every time I caught a whiff of it, it was like having a cuddle in front of a warm fire. And while the scent didn't last all day, I can see it as being a wonderful base for an Oriental scented perfume or aftershave.

          There is a generous amount of product in the tub, 300ml, which I can imagine will last quite a long while. I think this would be a great gift for anyone that likes food, beauty products or comforting, homely scents and personally will be buying this product again. At £1.50 for a tub that will see through many daily moisturising sessions, this product is a bargain. 5 Stars.


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            07.08.2010 10:08
            Very helpful




            Gingerbread whipped body cream

            This is one of the gifts I was recently given,and since at the moment my skin seems to be less than soft, it was very gratefully received.

            I had never heard of the product before but a the product does have details of the website, www.nirvanaspa.co.uk., and a quick look showed me that the place is a rather nice spa, which sells a range of products. This seems to sell at £3.95 for 300ml, but there are several different smells as well as bath and shower creams and gels.

            The body cream comes in a plastic pot with a screw on/ off lid and all the information about the product on the back of the pot. When I unscrew the lid the first thing I notice is the smell It really does smell of gingerbread; I love the smell of ginger but for those who don't, this may be a bit over powering as it is a very definite smell. The cream is a dark cream colour and when I put my finger into the cream, it feels really light aand already I am sure it is going to live up to its name of being a whipped body cream

            The instructions tell me to take a generous amount and smooth onto skin after a bath or a shower. It should be massaged into thighs and hips to kick start circulation, although how this works I am not sure and no explanation is offered. It is a very silky light cream and when applied to my skin, it is really easily absorbed and leaves no greasy or sticky residue, but rather, my skin does seem to get a bit more of a healthy glow and does look more silky.

            There is a warning on the side of the tub telling people not to eat the stuff. A bit surplus to requirements because although it does taste good enough to eat anyone who could read the label would almost certainly know not to eat it whilst those who may be tempted would probably be too young to read the warning label.

            WHAT I THINK OF THIS...

            I really like this body cream. It feels lovely when applied to skin, and doesn't feel at all heavy or as though it will clog the pores of my skin. It leaves my skin looking and feeling silky and smooth and although there is a shine to my skin after application this isn't any stickiness but rather just the shine of the cream. The smell whilst strong in the pot is less strong after application although it does still linger- probably one to apply at night time before bed rather than just before applying perfume- the two would almost certainly clash!

            A lovely smelling moisturising cream which is especially useful coming as it does in a pot rather than a tube- I can ensure I get every bit of the product out of the tub, and not a bit is wasted

            Thanks for reading

            Daniela x


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              02.04.2010 13:32
              Very helpful



              See review

              I got this N-Spa Indulgent Gingerbread Latte Whipped Body Cream for my birthday last year but i have always had other things to try first but having two weeks of with a bad back I have got lots of time .

              When I first applied It I rubbed it in very easily and I found it was not greasy at all .When I first looked at the tub and took the lid off I was not sure if I was going to be very happy with this item .

              Whan I tryed the Indulgent Gingerbread Latte Whipped Body Cream I found that it sinks in nice and easy and leaves your skin feeling amazingly smooth and moisturised and smelling absolutely sensational. some might say that this item is Probebly best used in Autumn and Winter due to the scent but i would use it on the once a week because I do like it a lot .

              This N-Spa Indulgent Gingerbread Latte Whipped Body Cream
              comes in a tub with a twist of black lid and has a black and white cover with the name of the item on it .
              The ingredients and the directions are found on the back of the tub with contacts you can email them on www.nirvanaspa.co.uk for any info you might want to know about the products they have to offer .

              Price is just 3.95 pounds for 300mls but I think when they got this for me it was on sale because I got two more of the range with this .

              Contains ginger extracts and shea butter.
              Helps kick start your circulation when masseaged in to your skin.
              Gives your skin a healthy glow.

              This product has given me somthing else to use when im having a feeling good day that I try to have once a week . Im very happy with this item and will be having it on my list of must haves
              thanks for reading .
              Dave ..


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                14.01.2010 19:12
                Very helpful



                A great moisturiser though for some the scent may be too strong - Good value for money!

                - Price and Packaging -

                Individually priced at £3.95 for 300ml. Asda recently had an offer on these products, 3 for £10 so this worked out so a slight reduction at £3.33. This comes in cylindricial tub with a screw top lid. Great packaging as there is no waste, unlike a tube, every last bit can be scooped out!

                - What's on the packaging? -

                ~ Contains ginger extracts and shea butter.
                ~ Helps kick start your circulation when masseaged in to your skin.
                ~ Gives your skin a healthy glow.
                - My Experience -

                ~ Smell and Appearance

                This has a very strong smell and it's therefore not ideal applying this before a night out as the aroma lingers for quite some time and would either clash or overpower any perfume you may want to wear.
                It reminds me of home baking and as odd as it may sound, it's a warm, rich wintery smell, lovely to apply after a bath on a cold winter's evening and let it soak in!
                It is a light beige cream which when in the tub, looks very thick, however when you scoop a small amount out, it's not as thick as it first looks.

                ~ How does it affect my skin?

                Fortunately I don't suffer from any skin conditions like eczema etc but I do, unfortunately have quite dry skin, particularly on my shins in the winter months.
                This is a lovely, rich feeling cream when applied. A little really does go a long way and it absorbs quickly in to my skin without leaving any stickiness. I can't go so far to say that it gives my skin a healthy glow but it certainly moisturises it without any irritation whatsoever.

                - Other products in the range -
                N-Spa Indulgent collection:
                ~ Hot Butter Fudge Sugar Body Polish
                ~ Toffee Shimmer Body Oil
                ~ Chocolate Waffle Bath Syrup
                ~ Hot Butter Fudge Bath Syrup

                For more information, take a look at their website: www.nirvanaspa.co.uk

                - Overall -

                Although the smell of this will not be to everyone's taste, I feel quite pampered on a cold winter's evening after using this body cream. It leaves my skin feeling fully moisturised but I won't be using it before a night out because of it's quite heavy scent.
                All in all, I'm very happy with the product and for once, a product that doesn't promise unattainable miracles for my skin!

                Thanks for reading :-)

                N.B. This review also appears on ciao.


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