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Narciso Rodriquez Essence Body Lotion

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Brand: Narciso Rodriguez / Type: Body Lotion

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    1 Review
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      30.01.2012 15:25
      Very helpful



      not worth the high price tag

      Narciso Rodriguez is a Cuban fashion designed who is based in New York.


      Essence is one of the female fragrances from Narciso Rodriguez. The Essence scent is available in different formats including an Eau de parfum, a natural spray, body cream, deodorant, shower gel and a body lotion. The various products can be used alone or layered on the skin for a longer lasting scent. Essence is described as :

      "a fresh, sensual and luminous fragrance"

      The body lotion in this fragrance range, carries the same scent as the perfume and creates the perfect base on which to build the Essence scent upon. This body lotion should moisturise your skin and leave it smelling beautiful. It contains B endophins which help to promote well being.


      Considering the price (and brand name) I would have expected something a bit fancier. The full size bottle is a simple affair - a white plastic, sort of curvy bottle with a pump dispenser. There is minimal writing on the bottle and it does look rather basic and cheap. The body lotion has a shelf life of 12months from first use.


      A woody/musk scent. So what can we expect in terms of scent from this body lotion?

      *Top note - rose petals
      *Heart note - iris powder
      *Base note - modern musks


      The full size body lotion is 200ml in size. It can be sourced from the following stores :

      *www.escentual.com - £22.88
      *House of Fraser - £28.50

      *~*My Thoughts*~*

      Narciso Rodriguez isn't a brand I was familiar with until I acquired the body lotion and shower gel from the Essence range. My sister had received the gift set but doesn't tend to use the matching body products so I received them. I have a tube of each product and have used them together and alone as well as sneaking some of my sisters perfume! I cannot say that Essence is my favourite scent but it isn't unappealing.

      *~*The Heart of The Essence*~*

      I normally wear scented body lotions as a light alternative to wearing perfume. I find even using the shower gel then topping up with the body lotion to be too overpowering a scent for my skin. I tried spritzing on the EDP (from my sisters stash) and it totally overpowered my nose. So for this reason, I prefer to use this body lotion as a stand alone product to scent my skin.

      The lotion dispenses easily and is white. It has a creamy, lotion consistency which feels rather cool on my skin. A tiny blob of this lotion glides effortlessly across my dry skin coating it in a light weight layer. The lotion takes a short while to absorb - possibly 5minutes of having a slight sticky feeling on my skin which means I cannot dress straightaway.

      Once absorbed, my skin feels refreshed and hydrated. This isn't an amazing moisturiser - it doesn't moisturise deep down and is more of a surface moisturiser for my skin. It leaves the surface of my skin feeling hydrated and with a light, powdery softness like I have just applied some fine talc. The results are short lived and I would have expected a bit more intense moisturisation considering the price of this body lotion.

      On to the scent..whilst I much prefer sweet, fruity scents, I can adapt my senses to other types of scents as long as the scent notes are well appointed. Essence is quite a strong scent - one which stands out from others and oozes feminine confidence. When this lotion is first applied, the scent is intoxicating and isn't to my tastes. It comes across as heavy floral but as the lotion soaks into my skin, the scent reduces to a more appealing level.

      The scent settles to reveal a light and airy floral scent. The rose petals are presented well - not too cloying or *too* floral but more fresh with a sweet undertone. The rose scent is shortlived with the iris heart making an appearance 30minutes or so after application. The iris is quite light on the skin and adopts a powdery, talc like aroma. It isn't very strong at all and lacks anything particularly special.

      After a few hours, the scent changes. A woody aroma with an earthy undertone becomes noticeable for a short while. The closing scent on my skin is predominately musky with a woody edge. I'm not a fan of overly musky scents as they can come across as too mature. I think Essence has captured a light musk scent - noticeable enough to give depth but not overbearing.

      The scent of this body lotion fades from my skin after 5hours or so.This quite disappointing given how strong the initial scent was. Wearing with the perfume increased this time to around 9hours.


      Essence is a nice enough body lotion but for the price, I would have expected a more appealing bottle, long laster scent and deeper moisturisation. I wouldn't go out of my way to buy this for myself as it doesn't have the wow factor for me though everyone is different. I wouldn't say it gave me a well being feeling either!

      Overall 3 stars - nice enough but not worth the price.

      Thanks x


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