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Naturals Cherry Blossom Hand & Body Lotion

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Brand: Avon / Type: Body Lotion / Subcategory: Hand & Body Lotion / Suitable for: Hand & Body

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    6 Reviews
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      14.03.2013 19:54
      Very helpful



      Fairly standard product - delicate smell but nothing remarkable.

      ===The Product===

      Avon Naturals - Juicy Moisture, Cherry Blossom hand and body lotion.
      tall straight bottle with screw top with a flip lid. 200 mls.
      Has large image of pale pink blossom on the front. Made in Poland and use within 12 months.
      Very pale pink thickish liquid.
      'Formulated with cherry blossom flower extract. Provides long lasting moisturisation to leave skin feeling soft, supple and smooth.'

      ===Current Varieties on Sale===

      Naturals Apricot and Shea Hand and Body Lotion
      Naturals Black Cherry & Nutmeg Hand & Body Lotion
      Naturals Cranberry and Cinnamon Hand and Body Lotion
      Naturals Raspberry & Hibiscus Hand & Body Lotion
      Naturals Strawberry & Guava Body Lotion.


      £3 each but currently the Body Lotions are selling as 4 for £5.

      ===My Opinion===

      I enjoy trying out various Avon products and this one was for sale a little while ago so I decided to treat myself.
      This hand and body lotion comes in the standard bottle that Avon use for all their Natural lotions and is reasonably plain and basic but they always have a reasonably colourful label on the front.
      Avon have lots of different varieties from time to time but the problem always with Avon products is that they are continually phasing old favourites out - which is what is happening with this product as it is not in the brochures or on the website any more..
      The colour is very pale pink and there is a pretty image of blossom on the front of the bottle.
      As soon as you flip up the cap you get a faint floral aroma. When used this lotion is not an intense body moisturiser but does give a good smooth feel to your skin and is non greasy and soaks in very well. To begin with the smell is reasonably sweet, light, delicate and floral. However it soon fades down until there is hardly any smell at all. It does not have an especially strong smell and does not smell of cherries, being more floral.
      I like using these products on my arms and hands and the delicate smell is quite nice and inoffensive. However this is not one that I would rave over and I think some of the Natural's lotions are just as good and have a more appealing smell - the Strawberry and White Chocolate one being my favourite so far.
      This variety is not currently for sale but Avon do continually bring out new fragrances and sometimes bring back discontinued ones. If there are any you especially like they are usually still on sale on ebay.

      ===Star Rating===

      3 stars.

      ===Would I Recommend?===





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      08.03.2013 08:16
      Very helpful




      I suffer with contact dermatitis which means when my hands are really bad I have to use medicated creams however in between when my hands are stable I still have extremely dry hands and doing the job I do as a carer I have to constantly wash my hands. I end up going through masses of moisturiser and I get bored with the same scents so I often chance what I am using, I am very lucky that no products seem to aggravate the situation it is simply water!

      I often buy the Avons range of hand lotions as they come in some lovely scents and if you wait for an offer which is pretty often then you can pick them up pretty cheaply too, I always carry a decent sized bottle of hand lotion in my work bag and literally use about a bottle a week so getting it at a decent price is important to me. Last time I stocked up on the product they were on offer at 5 for £4 so less than £1 each for a 200ml bottle.

      The product comes in a see through plastic bottle with a flip top lid, you can see a lovely pale pink lotion inside the bottle and on the front of the bottle there is a picture of cherry blossom with a pink band around the label, I think the bottle is pretty attractive.

      The lotion inside the bottle smells lovely nice and floral yet sweet but once you have actually rubbed the lotion into your hands the smell is barely existent which is a shame as I do like things that smell nice. The lotion is pretty thin so you have to be careful not to dispense too much in one go but it does rub in easily and doesn't leave your hands greasy. The lotion leaves my hands feeling soft where my skin is in a normal condition however between my fingers and on the other dry patches it really doesn't moisturise very well.

      If you have normal skin then this will probably be a nice product for you however if you have dry skin then don't expect much from this product, the product is easy to rub in and a decent price however it doesn't smell very strong and isn't really moisturising so I will rate it average.


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      15.07.2012 22:18
      Very helpful



      I'd probably not buy it again as it feels too 'average'...

      Any regular readers of my reviews will be aware by now that I work part time as an Avon representative when my poor health allows. This allows me great access to many of the ranges of cosmetics and skincare items that are available from the Avon company.

      One Avon range that I really like is the "Avon Naturals" range, that has undergone a small facelift in recent times, seeing many new items being added to the overall range. A new addition stood out to me as being an appealing product and I decided to try it out for myself.

      The product in question is the "Avon Naturals Cherry Blossom Hand & Body Lotion" and the product normally retails at £3 per bottle. I was able to purchase the lotion for only £2 however, and I would point out that the Avon Naturals range is often subject to promotional deals, so it may well be worth keeping an eye out for up and coming offers within the range.

      The packaging for the product is fairly simplistic, in keeping with most of the other products in the same range. Comprising of a cylindrical bottle made of clear plastic, I am able to see the pale lotion through the bottle. The bottle is quite a neat size, being 200ml and is quite thin and petite, although this makes it ideal for storing easily and also for travel purposes. As with all body lotion products from the Avon Naturals range, there is an attractive label on front of the bottle that co-ordinates with the scent and image of the product overall, in this case showing some attractive white flowers with pink tones that are in full bloom. There is nothing unisex about the product's appearance or overall image and I think it is presented as being fairly feminine.

      The product is more perhaps more versatile than similar offerings as it claims to be suitable for use on body and hands, although I personally think most body lotion products could be used on the hands, unless perhaps they were particularly sensitive and required something a little more nourishing or mild, being suited for sensitive or extremely dry skin.

      There is a flip up lid on top of the bottle which allows the product to be dispensed easily. The consistency of the lotion is slightly runny, so it was easy enough to decant it from the bottle. In saying that, it wasn't so runny as to spill or drip everywhere, but it is certainly without any sort of fluffy 'whipped' texture to it. This is not a criticism however, as the lotion felt quite pleasant to use on the skin.

      I found too that the lotion spread easily around the skin, without much work or effort being required. This made a little go a surprisingly long way and I felt the bottle was rather economical as a result, making the normal £3 price tag seem like excellent value. Also, the lotion felt pleasantly 'light' when applied to the skin and so it was rapidly - and easily - absorbed and so very little was required in the way of effort from me to achieve this result.

      I liked too the fact that the lotion felt non-greasy, even though this has not been what I have found with a couple of similar products from the Avon Naturals range that I have tried out before which had a slightly greasy 'residue' left behind on the skin after use. The Cherry Blossom Hand & Body Lotion in comparison felt quite smooth and light and without any stickiness or 'slicked' feeling being left behind.

      The aroma of the lotion is quite understated and unfortunately it didn't live up to my expectations which surprised me as most other body lotions from the Avon Naturals range have had gorgeously-rich, fruity aromas for the most part. The Cherry Blossom offering didn't contain nearly as much 'oomph' to its scent as I would have liked, instead being rather understated. I found that once the product was being applied and had absorbed adequately the fragrance took on a little more hold and I was able to detect a citrus-like accent that reminded me of lemon, within the pleasant overall 'delicate floral' scent. This balanced nicely with the pleasant floral contained within the fragrance but to be honest I found the overall fragrance was quite generic, and it felt like a rather mundane product that I may have purchased from a supermarket. This was a bit of a let-down as I had been expecting a more powerful aroma, and to be honest if you had blindfolded me I wouldn't have been able to identify the scent of the product at all, such was its rather 'mundane' aroma.

      On the plus side, the product left skin fully moisturised and softened, and without any unpleasant greasy residue as I touched on earlier. I felt that the overall condition of my skin had been adequately moisturised, but the effects didn't blow me away. Whilst skin was softened, I felt that the troublesome patches of dryer-than-average skin that have recently 'flared' on my arms were largely untouched by the use of the Cherry Blossom Lotion, and their appearance remained the same as before after using the lotion. To be fair, using the product did nothing in terms of causing further dryness or aggravation to these sensitive areas, so I do feel the product has a rather gentle formulation.

      Overall, I thought the Avon Naturals Cherry Blossom Hand & Body Lotion was ok, and I did use up the remainder of the bottle. However I have to be honest and admit that I didn't feel that the scent or the results achieved from using the product were outstanding or even above average, and for that reason I would probably not repurchase the product again in the future.

      If you want to try the Cherry Blossom Lotion for yourself, you can purchase it online at www.avonshop.co.uk, where the usual price is £3.00, or you can order directly from your local Avon Representative.


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      14.07.2012 20:00
      Very helpful




      I do like to use products from Avon. I used to be an Avon rep so used to buy lots of things to support myself and I got the products cheaper if I took off my Commission. I still use the products as prices are usually good too - every other book there seems to be be a discount on most products.

      This scent hasn't been out all that long. This is from the Naturals range which is a range of Shower Gels, Room Sprays and Shower Gels. This body lotion comes in a 200ml bottle and I think the normal
      Price is around £3. This was on a 3 for £4 offer when I bought this but sometimes this can be as low as 99p
      Which I think is a great offer. The bottle for this isn't all that fancy looking and a pretty basic plastic bottle with a flip top lid. You can see the Lotion through the bottle so will easily see how much you have used. The picture on the front of the bottle looks alright with a little Cherry Blossom
      pattern on it.

      This Lotion is quite runny so it is best just to squirt a little of this out to run onto your skin instead of pouring loads of this out and it running all over the place. The scent of this is light but is a nice fresh scent with a hint of Cherry Blossom but once you have rubbed this all in then you don't really smell
      this at all which is a shame. This isn't overly Moisturising so I wouldn't expect this to tackle
      any really rough or dry bits. It does moisturise ok though and it soaks into
      your skin quickly enough.

      A nice enough Body Lotion and a nice scent but it would be better if you could smell it more.


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      12.07.2012 00:02
      Very helpful



      A nice everyday body lotion from Avon

      WHAT IS IT?

      A body lotion by Avon to be used on the body and hands.


      It has a Cherry Blossom fragrance and is very floral smelling but fruity as well. The smell of cherries is not very strong but the fruity smell lasts for a lot longer on my skin than I thought it would because the lotion smells very light when I'm using it.


      It's a nice everyday body lotion but like a lot of the Avon Naturals collection is nothing special. The lotion is very thin but it has a nice creamy feel so feels good on my skin. It absorbs quite quickly but only if my skin is dry, if it is still damp from the bath it takes longer to absorb but it is still easy to massage in.

      I don't use it as a hand cream because it leaves my skin with a greasy feel and I always have an urge to wash my hands after I've used the cream. When I use it on my body it's lightly moisturising when my skin is in good condition but if I have a spell of dry skin the lotion isn't moisturising enough and I have to use a butter or heavier cream.

      I like this body lotion but only buy it when it's on promotion in the Avon catalogue, I have tried other lotions from the Naturals collection and this one smells the nicest even if they all work the same. I like the tall bottle because it's the right shape to squeeze the correct amount out, that's a good design for a thin lotion like this as it prevents wastage.

      3 Dooyoo Stars.


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      09.06.2012 22:05
      Very helpful



      Nice light weight body lotion

      *~*Introduction and reason for purchase*~*

      I've used Avon products on and off sporadically over the years, mainly depending on if I knew anyone locally that was a Rep. I briefly became a Rep myself but after a year found it too much hassle due to awkward customers, so gave it up thus meaning I had no easy access to Avon products anymore as if buying online there is an added cost of P&P. Around a year ago my best friend became an Avon Rep so I had 'Avon on tap' so to speak and started ordering anything that took my fancy once again.It's i
      I like Avon products but as I've mentioned before in reviews I can find them a bit hit or miss so I tend to stick with products and ranges that I am already familiar with. In the past I have used many of their Naturals toiletries so when I saw this body lotion with a Cherry Blossom fragrance a few months ago I was instantly drawn to it.

      My review will now focus on my experience of using Cherry Blossom Hand & Body Lotion which is part of the Naturals Collection by Avon..

      *~*Price, packaging & availability*~*

      Cherry Blossom Body Lotion is an Avon product as if you hadn't of guessed and is available by ordering from a brochure through a local Rep or alternatively you can buy from Avon direct @www.avonshop.co.uk where it's usual RRP is £3 for a 200 ml bottle. It can often be found on offer and is currently (June 12') on sale at half price, which is also the price I paid a few months ago so it seems to be regularly sold on offer and is worth noting if interested.

      The lotion comes presented in a slim line bottle which is cylindrical in shape and upright standing. Made from a plastic material there is an element of transparency about the packaging though a hint of opaqueness makes viewing the lotion clearly quite difficult, though you can tell how much remains in the bottle - something I am a fan of no matter what the product. The colour scheme is mainly white with pink and there is a large image of cherry blossom aptly enough on the front with a swirly font for the logo, with directions for use on the back.

      Access is gained via a flip top lid which is located directly on top of the bottle, and not only opens with ease but fastens with satisfying loud click which gives the indication that it's closed securely.

      *~*What Avon have to say about this*~*

      "...Surround yourself with cherry blossoms in full bloom, and indulge in their lush, delectable scent with this lotion.."

      *~*My experience of using this product*~*

      What mainly drew me to this product was the fact it's fragranced with cherry blossom as I am a big fan of anything cherry scented but in particular cherry blossom. I go through equal amounts of body lotions as well as hand creams so I liked the fact this advertised itself as for both the hands as well as the body thought for £1.50 it was a real bargain, presuming it was any good that is.

      On opening the lid of the bottle I was expecting a welcoming cherry aroma, but was slightly disappointed that there was only a very faint hint of fragrance which to be honest seemed more lemon than cherry, though was pleasant enough. I found the lotion emitted easily enough from the bottle when tipped and ran out fairly quickly as the consistency was quite thin, this was somewhat surprising given the fact this is also for hands and I did expect it to be thicker but didn't let this deter me at this point from using it.

      The lotion is a pale and is almost white in colour but with the exception of a very faint pink hue to it whilst the fragrance is just as faint even when poured from the bottle. Sometimes the scent of products can come across as weak whilst still in the packaging yet when applied to the appropriate area they seem much stronger and I was really hoping this would be the case here..

      *~*Results and Recommendations?*~*

      On applying the lotion to my skin I found it was effortless to apply as it simply melted in within seconds, so I was happy with one aspect at least! The fragrance is actually very nice though reminds me more of sherbet lemon - it's not remotely like cherry blossom at all which is disappointing as I was expecting a cherry fragranced product at the end of the day and not something random like lemon.

      The actual lotion does absorb extremely well, and I can't say anything negative as far as it's moisturising properties are concerned as it leaves my skin feeling very soft after using. The lotion is incredibly lightweight and glides over the skin with ease whilst taking seconds to absorb and ultimately leaving my skin feeling very soft and velvet like with no 'tacky' residue after which is always a plus.

      I've been impressed with how this lotion has left my skin feeling despite it's lack of cherry blossom fragrance though the 'sherbet lemon' it reminds me of does actually smell very nice indeed so all is not lost.

      The lotion leaves my body feeling soft and smooth and is particularly effective when used after I've showered as my pores are still open so it seems to intensify the moisturising actions though I do this with all body creams/ lotions not just this one. As a hand lotion though I'm afraid to say it left little to be desired as every time I have used it on my hands it has made little or no difference at all and is far too light to hydrate my dry hands unfortunately.

      I would actually recommend this as a light everyday body lotion as it does leave the skin soft and delicately scented..though just don't expect it to smell of cherry blossom and you wont be too disappointed. It's ideal to buy when on offer but wouldn't part with £3 for it though if it pops up half price again in the future I wont rule out buying it again as it does leave my skin silky soft even if it does smell of sherbot lemons!



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