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Naturals Pomegranate & Mango Shake Body Lotion

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Brand: Avon / Type: Body Lotion

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    3 Reviews
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      19.09.2012 10:17
      Very helpful



      A beautiful product from the Avon Naturals Range..

      Any regular readers of my reviews will be aware by now that I work part-time as an Avon Representative when my poor health allows. This means of course that I get to try out the newest additions to Avon's various ranges but it also means that I have an enormous stock-pile of assorted Avon products to try out at home as I will often 'bulk buy' when I see offers and promotions running in the Avon ranges that I like best.

      I decided to use up some of this stock-pile recently, mainly because I had to make room for more products that are on their way from Avon at the moment! One product that I had not used before is from the well known "Avon Naturals" range which covers both skincare and hair care products in its range. The "Naturals Pomegranate & Mango 'Shakes' Body Lotion" is no longer being sold in the Avon brochures, having been replaced by newer additions to the range. If you still want to try it for yourself however, you shouldn't have too much problem in tracking it down as it does appear in the Avon 'Sale' brochures from time to time, and is regularly sold on eBay (www.eBay.co.uk) from around £1 plus postage costs. Similarly, there are regular listings of the product on Amazon, but I always recommend speaking to your local Avon Representative who should be able to track down most of Avon's products for you without much hassle to the customer.

      The packaging for the 200ml product is extremely attractive and I think it is rather cute as the small white bottle is designed to look like a bottle of milkshake, hence the 'Shakes' part of the product name. being completely white in its colour, there is an attractive label on the front of the bottle showing a pleasant image of the fruits contained in the product. There is a sturdy 'flip up' cap on top of the bottle, underneath which is a small hole to dispense the body lotion. All in all, I think the packaging is extremely cute and I think the product would make a lovely gift as a result.

      The packaging DOES have a downside however, in that I discovered the plastic bottle was quite hard which makes it difficult to squeeze the lotion out. This is even more difficult for me, as I suffer with mobility problems and this includes weakness in my hands, so I am unable to squeeze the bottle particularly hard. This wasn't such a big problem when I was using the bottle for the first few times, but when it became about half full I started to really struggle to use the lotion and had to eventually call on my husband to dispense the lotion into my open palm. This is a rather unforgivable flaw as far as I am concerned and is therefore deserving of one star being removed from the product rating score.

      What a shame, because the product itself is really lovely, and combined with the attractive look and image of the packaging, I felt I had found a winning product!

      The lotion is just that - a liquid lotion, NOT to be confused with a body cream or body butter type product which are much thicker in their consistencies. It is true to say that the Avon Naturals 'Shake' doesn't spill and run all over the place when it is being dispensed or applied to the skin, but it is certainly much more 'liquid' than other body lotions that I use regularly. The colour of the lotion is a pale pinky-white, which is attractive enough and looks like a baby lotion product to me.

      The wonderful, fruity aroma of the 'Shake' lotion is evident as soon as it is dispensed from its adorable bottle. Being entirely uplifting, the mango makes its appearance first which is surprising as it is listed second in the product name. The mango scent is quite rich and sweet, but without the familiar 'sickly' tone that so many sweet scents contain. The Pomegranate is more difficult to pick out, but it is my understanding that this fruit does not contain a particularly rich fragrance anyway. There is a pleasant 'earthy' scent that sits comfortably alongside the mango fragrance and I can only assume that this is the pomegranate although it is difficult to tell as it is quite understated. The two 'accents' combine beautifully to provide a wonderfully fruity aroma with an 'earthy' backdrop that feels extremely uplifting when it is being worn. I find too that the scent lasts very well on my skin, with it whispering its presence for several hours following application. This is very welcome as I love the scent so much and I have been impressed with how well the aroma has fared in terms of longevity.

      The product is not as light as I had expected, although to be fair it didn't take an excessive amount of time to become fully absorbed. There was no unpleasant 'greasy' feeling to be found either during the application process or once the product had become absorbed, which is a definite plus point for me.

      The product is of course designed to moisturise skin, being a body lotion and I have found it performs very well, with the dry skin on my arms being completely softened after use. I could not admit to finding the effects being particularly long lasting, especially when compared to other moisturising products that I use regularly such as body butters and creams, but when compared to similar body lotion products I find the Pomegranate & Mango Shake Lotion works just as well as most of these, providing a pleasant 'nourishing' feeling to my tired, thirsty skin. There was no irritation evident to either my sensitive skin or my eczema so I did feel that the product had a rather mild and gentle formulation - quite surprising, given the 'robust', fruity fragrance.

      All in all, I was very pleased with the Avon Naturals Pomegranate & Mango 'Shake' Body Lotion and I have already repurchased it for myself. The only thing that let the product down for me was the fact that the bottle was far too robust, making it difficult to dispense the lotion by myself. Other than this fault however, I have nothing negative to report and would therefore award the lotion four stars out of five.


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        05.01.2012 21:47
        Very helpful
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        If you like fruity scents then you will like this 'shake'! :)

        In summer last year for my friends birthday we rented out a big house with a swimming pool and cinema room for a night. All of the bathrooms included lots of toiletries and the owners had told us to just help ourselves. After being in the pool for hours my skin went very wrinkly and so I went to search for some moisturiser to apply, and I came across this Avon pomegranate & mango shakes body lotion from the Naturals range. (I ended up keeping it and taking it home with me.)

        I did have to look twice when I saw this as it can easily be mistaken for one of those little yoghurt drinks! The bottle is just like that in the image above and shaped like a milk bottle.

        I love the scent of mango and so decided to try this. On opening the lid of the bottle the smell is very strong and fruity, which I loved. If you like mango scented products then you will love this. The texture of the lotion is quite watery, which I don't usually think is good for a body moisturiser, especially as I am used to using body butters. However, despite its wateriness it still did a good job at soaking into my skin quickly. It didn't make my skin feel greasy, just wet, but not for too long. It doesn't soak into your skin as quick as other body lotions I have used in the past, but because I love the scent of this one and the scent actually lingers on my skin for a long time, I don't mind.

        I am not usually a fan of many Avon products but this one surprised me. It made my skin feel very smooth after applying and so serves its main purpose well.

        I now use this on a regular basis after showering or having a bath, but mostly before I apply my fake tan. I always apply a moisturiser before I apply my fake tan and the reason why I use this body lotion in particular for that is because of its scent. Most fake tans don't smell particularly nice and it can be hard to cover up that smell, but I have found that smell isn't as strong as it was before I started using this pomegranate and mango body lotion. The lovely scent of this overpowers the fake tan for a little while and if I keep regularly applying this it keeps on doing so.

        Overall I do like this product and so will be tempted to try out the other products from Avon's Natural's range. I am deducting one star because of its watery texture, if it was thicker then it might soak into my skin that bit quicker, but other than that I like everything else about this. I have been searching for this product on the Avon shop website but can't find it so I am not sure if they have discontinued it, or they might bring it back like they do with many of their products. It is still available on eBay though for around a few pounds.


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          21.03.2011 21:02
          Very helpful



          Fruity body lotion.

          Recently I have reviewed a few Avon products as I have been buying things to help my friend's Granddaughter earn some pocket money.

          I like natural products and as I love to eat Pomegranates and mangoes I decided to try the body lotion as it was on offer. It looks very modern in a small milk bottle shaped white plastic bottle, the shape makes it easy to hold. A pretty but small label on the front shows the seeds of the pomegranate and a slice of mango, the name in English and French and the amount which is 200mls. On the back the label gives the name in 12 other languages and peels back to give details in English and other languages. It suggests that you indulge your skin with this creamy body lotion, which leaves your skin feeling soft, supple and smooth all day long. It also suggests applying all over your body whenever needed. A word of caution states that it is not a food product! And it should be kept out of the reach of children. It is made in Poland and the bottle is recyclable.

          The body lotion is a very pale pinky peach colour and smells heavenly. I can see why they say it is not a food product! It certainly smells like a lovely yogurt! It is a nice consistency not too runny but easy to massage into your skin and easily absorbed leaving my skin feeling smooth and moisturised and smelling deliciously fruity! Even after a few hours my skin still feels soft and moisturised - not so sure if I would say supple though!

          For people who like to check the ingredients it is as follows

          NATURALS Pomegranate & Mango Shakes Body Lotion
          STEARIC ACID
          PEG-100 STEARATE
          C12-15 ALKYL BENZOATE
          YELLOW 6/CI 15985
          RED 33/CI 17200
          BLUE 1/CI 42090

          Cost is currently £3.10 a bottle - not cheap but it goes a long way and does smell delicious! It is worth looking out for when it is reduced and buying then. This is described as a shake and looks like a bottle of milk, it maybe just a gimmick to encourage you to buy , but it looks like fun and will appeal to young and old alike.


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