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Nivea Light Touch Body Lotion

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3 Reviews

Brand: Nivea / Type: Body Lotion

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    3 Reviews
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      11.01.2014 14:49
      Very helpful
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      I got this Nivea light touch body lotion as part of a gift set a while ago, but as I have
      so many body lotions I have only just started to use it recently.

      ~ Packaging ~
      My bottle is just a mini travel size 30ml bottle.
      The bottle is made from white plastic. It is tall and thin with curved edges.
      There is a clear sticker on the front of the bottle with the familiar white, dark blue and metallic silver Nivea logo at the top and then, 'Light Touch Body Lotion' written underneath in blue lettering.
      There is a picture of a splash of water below and the words, 'Fresh Sensation Sea Minerals 24h' in smaller light blue letters.
      This body lotion is for normal skin.
      The back of the bottle has a clear sticker on it with a list of ingredients, the company address and the web address, www.nivea.com.

      ~ In use ~
      I have always been impressed with Nivea body lotions in the past. I have used a few of the different body lotions they have available.
      This light touch body lotion is white in colour and has a light, pleasant, clean scent, although it is quite subtle. I find the scent lingers on my skin for a while after I have applied this body lotion.
      The body lotion is quite thin in consistency, which makes it easy to rub in to my skin.
      I have found that it sinks into my skin very quickly and leaves behind no residue or stickiness.
      I usually apply this body lotion after showering and I find that it sinks into my skin quickly and easily and it leaves my skin feeling really soft, moisturised and smooth.
      My skin feels hydrated and I don't notice any dryness in between applications.
      I don't need to use much of this body lotion to get a good coverage on my skin so I have found that the 30ml bottle has lasted me a good few applications.
      It feels like it is of good quality.
      I often find that I prefer to use body lotions by the likes of Nivea and Dove rather than body lotions by more expensive brands that you get in gift sets alongside the matching fragrance. Although they are usually more expensive I have occasionally been disappointed with the quality.

      ~ Price and availability ~
      This body lotion is available from most supermarkets as well as the likes of Wilkinson's and Superdrug.
      A full size 400ml bottle costs £4.00.
      You can sometimes find the small 30ml travel size bottles for about £1.00.

      ~ Conclusion ~
      I really like this body lotion. It has a clean, pleasant scent to it and it leaves my skin feeling soft, smooth and hydrated. It is good quality and has lasted me well.
      If I ever ran out of body lotion, which to be honest, would be a very unlikely thing to happen, I would consider buying this one again.
      It is reasonably priced and has met my expectations.


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        06.09.2011 11:54
        Very helpful



        great product, great price

        As I've been away from home a lot recently, I've been using lots of travel-sized products, one of which is the Nivea Light Touch Body Lotion. I got this in a gift set for Christmas along with lots of other products. I always have a large amount of body lotions waiting to be used, which is why it's taken me so long to get round to using this one.

        The lotion is for 'normal' skin and contains sea minerals and vitamin E. Nivea claim it will give 24 hour moisturisation and has a light feeling formula which is fast absorbed into the skin.

        The lotion comes in a white bottle with blue accents and is an unusual curved shape. I have to admit, I don't really like the shape of the bottle, I don't think it's particularly attractive and I feel it makes the product look cheap. Although luxurious packaging isn't an essential requirement, there are plenty of budget brands who at least try to make their products look special, and that would have been a nice touch.

        The lotion is white in colour and has a rather glossy appearance to it. It has a thin consistency, but isn't so thin that it's runny. The lotion feels very light on the skin, which I think makes it a good product for the summer when you may not necessarily want to be using thick body butter. It doesn't take a lot of rubbing into the skin before it starts to sink in, and so application is a rather quick process.

        The scent of the lotion is much nicer than I had anticipated. I read 'sea minerals' and was expecting it to smell masculine or like a cheap shower gel. In actual fact, it has a soft, slightly fruity scent to it, which is quite summery and reminds me slightly of suntan lotion. The strength of fragrance is quite gentle and I would say that the scent is suitable for both men and women.

        Once it sinks in (literally seconds) there is a very slight tackiness to the skin, but this does disappear within a few minutes. The feeling that is then left on my skin reminds me of the feeling you get from liquid talc (can you still buy that?!). It feels very soft and silky, but there is a very slight powdery residue almost. My skin feels lightly hydrated too - my skin is dry rather than 'normal' but this product hydrates even the driest bits of skin on my elbows, so it is rather an effective moisturiser. Saying that, I think the claims to provide 24 hour moisture are going a bit far, this only seems to last about 8 hours or so before I feel I need a top up.

        I've found sometimes applying lotions can improve the appearance of my skin, however I didn't notice any difference to the way my skin looked after applying this.

        The lotion is available in both 200ml and 400ml sizes. It doesn't seem all that widely available - I can't find it on the Boots websites or any of the Supermarket sites either. It is available to buy online however, Chemist Direct have the 250ml size for £3.59 and the 400ml is on Amazon for £5.69.

        Overall, I was quite pleased with this lotion. I didn't particularly expect much from it, but it provides a good level of hydration without feeling heavy or sticky, smells lovely and doesn't break the bank. Given this, I would recommend it, and will consider buying it again in the future.

        *also posted on ciao under username pink_champagne


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        31.07.2010 04:43
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        does what it says, long lasting; ideal for everyday use. attractive packaging.

        I purchased this for £1 when it was on special offer quite some time ago in Boots and must say that I have been very happy with the results so far to date.

        The lotion itself is very easy to dispense and does not stick or become difficult to use - even after having the product for months and using it on a regular basis. The bottle I have is almost empty now and it is still of a similar texture to what I had originally.


        In order to use the product, one must flip up the lid, and turn the bottle upside down so that it can be squeezed gently and the product will be released from the bottle. Only a little of the product is needed at a time whcich allows the lotion to be spread as and where needed and moisturised. The product does absorb quite quickly and easily into my skin which makes it quote favourable for day-to-day use.

        The product makes the following claims/promises:
        - This light feeling formula provides fast absorbing moisturising
        - Helps to maintain skin's moisture balance
        - Attracts and increases moisture to the skin

        The result is meant to be that of healthy looking skin that feels beautifully soft and smooth.

        For once, I can actually say that I can agree with the claims made!! The product is ideal fort daily use and absorbs into my skin right away while moisturising properly. I do not use it all over my body as my personal preference is baby oil - but I am happy with moisturisation levels when I do use it on occassion on my body, but moreso on my face, hands, arms and legs from time to time.


        For more details, visit www.nivea.com


        I would definitely recommend this product - especially at the price of £1 because this allowed me to purchase a bottle of 250ml which has lasted me over six months and the product is still working well. It is ideal for daily moisturisation and lives upto all expectations (as on the back of the product) so I would be happy to purchase this again, even if it were slightly more expensive.

        As a product which lives upto expectations, is ideal for daily usre and is fantastically priced, I shall issue it with 5 dooyoo stars!!


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