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Nivea My Silhouette Body Gel Cream

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5 Reviews

Brand: Nivea / Type: Body Gel / Subcategory: Body Cream / Gel

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    5 Reviews
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      03.09.2013 01:40
      Not Helpful



      A great toning cream but maybe not for the price...

      I first bought my tube of the NIVEA My Silhouette Body Gel back in 2011. I really wanted to lose a couple inches around my waist and for a quick toning of my stomach. The product claims that you will lose up for 3cm and results will be visible after just 4 weeks of use. So I switched in this gel over my own lotion.

      First Week
      In the first week I felt my skin felt tighter and more toned which I was really happy about. The only thing I didn't like about it was that it was slightly sticky after you have put it on which was slightly annoying. When I applied the lotion, I would rub in circles and continued until it absorbed.

      Week 2/3 (end)
      I only used it for a little over two weeks because I used up the cream really fast and because I was traveling to different countries at the time. I couldn't find it everywhere. During this time I felt the same effect i had from the cream in the first week. My skin doesn't feel as loose and "wobbly" but I didn't feel as if my dress size has gone down. One thing I should have done but didn't was started off with an start measurement and then measured again in the end.

      I think this cream gave me great toning but before I have included something I have read online that confused me me slightly.

      I saw multiple lawsuits against the company Beiersdorf (the company who produces NIVEA), in different countries saying that they have mislead consumers in to thinking that they will lose up to 3cm in size when in fact there are no evidence supporting this. These lawsuit have been settled and the company payed $900,000 fine and pulled back all the advertisements. Below I have attached the statement from The law firm of Balkan & Patterson and Consumer Law group in canada displaying the settlements. There are also PDF versions of the official settlements available for download if anyone would like to give it a read.

      I'm not exactly sure how this applies but from my personal experience, I don't think it helps loosing up to 3cm but I do think it does help toning up your skin and you do see this effect immediately when you start using it. I'm not claiming that the lawsuit is right or wrong but from my own personal experience it's better used as a toning cream and a good toning cream. I'm not sure you would spend the price for it as I bought mine for about 13pounds in boots. I thought it was quite expensive.

      I personally want to buy it again just to see if it really does help lose up to 3cm.


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      30.03.2011 10:11
      Very helpful



      a nice product but perhaps not worthy of the hype.

      I have to admit that I am a bit of a sucker for new products that come onto the market from time to time claiming to help you lose inches or weight and even though deep down I am sceptical that anything other than a sensible diet and exercise can do this for you, there is still a teeny tiny bit of me that still believes...

      Nivea My Silhouette is a gel-cream that claims to slim and reshape your sihoulette with a bio-slim complex comprising particular ingredients such as White Tea and Anise extract which offer a high-performance dual effect of slimming and re-shaping.

      Nivea go so far as to list the proven results on the back of the tube as follows:

      a reduction of up to 3cm on targeted body parts such as thighs, hips, waist and stomach;
      first measurable slimming results after 4 weeks;
      skin is noticeably more toned and elastic; and
      your silhouette is reshaped.

      This all sounds fabulous so following the instructions I started to massage this gel-cream daily into the parts I wanted to see a reduction on the most, namely stomach, waist and the inner thigh area (I use a different cream for my outer thighs where the cellulite lives (also reviewed)).

      The instructions say to massage this in to your skin 1-2 times a day but I tend to use this only once post shower so perhaps results would be more obvious if used twice a day, I don't know but I wasn't prepared to spend that much time on it and also then use up twice as much product and then require more before knowing if it works!

      The gel-cream is pale green, COLD on application and neither too thick nor too runny and it does take a little while to absorb - perhaps though I use too much hoping for better results lol!. I do have to wash my hands after use as they can feel a little sticky but the gel once absorbed feels cool on the skin and does provide an instant smoothing effect.

      After 4 weeks of using this product (although there would have been days when I missed an application) I did notice a slight difference to my skin particularly on my stomach area. I couldn't say that it had melted any fat away but the skin did seem tighter and definitely smoother. The inner thighs were another matter although this is a particularly tricky area of the body for a woman to lose anything from as many of you will know whether you are dieting, exercising or using products such as this one and I did not see a difference here.

      Overall, I would say this is a nice product that does improve the skin but it is not in my experience a miracle cream that reduces inches and any weight loss I have experienced is probably more likely down to the fact that I also exercise fairly regularly and eat sensibly (most of the time).

      The 200ml recyclable tube costs around £12 and has a life span of 12 months so it's not cheap and of course results will differ from person to person. I do thing it is worth a go in case it works better for you but I would only give this three stars as I am undecided about it but I would suggest that if you do give it a go combine its use with exercise and diet too for optimum results in changing your silhouette.

      Thanks for reading. x
      also on ciao


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      17.07.2010 10:09
      Very helpful



      A cream-gel that works to tighten and reduce cms off a specific area of the body

      Well I first tried this product when I was staying at my mum's house one night. I had just gotten out of the bath and was looking for some body lotion. I spotted this in its very distinctive green tube with a curved top to the tube and thought I'd try it. I have never dieted and luckily don't have the need to; I have a high metabolism which is lucky for me since I eat far too much. But if something is going to help me tone up or help to keep me slim then I'll try it if it doesn't involve giving up cakes!

      So Nivea's My Silhouette comes in a white and green box with a picture of a lady on it dancing and black lines going around her stomach to form a bio-slim complex. The tube inside is green with the same dancing lady on. It is a 200ml tube which retails for £11.79.

      ***What is a bio--slim complex?***

      It is the combination of two key ingredients:

      * white tea (which naturally reduces fat) and
      * anise extract (which increases collagen production)

      In summary the white tea slims and the anise extract reshapes.

      The instructions on the box claims reduction of 3cm when the gel-cream is used on a specific part of the body for 4 weeks, once or twice a day.

      ***My thoughts***

      Well when I squeezed the tube I was surprised to see an unusual green gel come out. I was completely intrigued by it. I first of all massaged it onto my stomach and then my legs. It felt slightly sticky once massaged in but this went away quite quickly. I was pleasantly surprised by the gel, it gave an instant feeling of tightening. So when I was in Boots a couple of days later I saw this on the shelf at half price and I thought it felt quite nice so I bought one. I wanted to see if I would actually see any difference after the 4 weeks of usage. It has been 4 weeks on and I think it is hard to see whether there is any change or not because so many factors would affect any reduction on areas like the stomach and legs like exercise and food intake. I think I will still continue to use it because it feels so different to a body moisturiser and I love that it instantly sinks in despite the first off sticky feeling. However I think I will only buy it again if it is at half price again. I can't see how it is worth £11.79 to be honest but £5.90 I can just about justify. I give it 3 out of 5 stars, one star is lost because of the price and another star is lost for the slight stickiness and my unsure head on whether it actually reduces centimetres off specific areas or is it psychological because of the feel of the product tightening on the skin. I suppose the only way to know is to actually measure yourself at the beginning of the 4 weeks but I can't see myself ever doing that.


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      04.10.2009 20:42
      Very helpful



      Doesn't really live up to expectations

      I am making a determined effort to improve my health and loose some weight. With this in mind I have also been trying to look after myself better as well. I have been using scrubs and moisturisers and generally going in for a bit of pampering. However I do feel that the skin around me legs and stomach is definately looking a bit sad and could do with some help. With this in mind I set out to have a look through the shelves at Boots.

      I spotted the Nivea My Silhouette Gel-Cream immediately. The tube is packaged in a cardboard box and it claims to "Slim and Reshape your Silhouette". Obviously I could not resist such claims so at a price of about £10 I purchased the 200ml tube.

      On opening the box at home it revealed a lovely mint-green tube with a slim lady on the front and states that it contains Bio-Slim Complex (whatever that may be!). The product states that it has White tea and Anis Extract which will have dual effects on the skin. The gel makes claims of measurable slimming results after 4 weeks and more toned and elastic skin.

      There is a long list of ingredients including perfume but full details can be found at www.NIVEA.com

      That evening I decided to give it a go. the gel should be applied once or twice a day. I squeezed some into my hand and proceeded to rub it into my stomach. The gel is a pleasent pale green colour and it has a very pleasant aroma, not too perfumed but quite fresh smelling. The problem came in actually trying to rub the gel in. It does not sink into the skin very well at all. I seemed to be rubbing for a long time and the skin still felt greasy. I decided at this point that it would certainly produce inch loss on my arms because of all the effort required! I also tried some on my thighs and eventually went to bed with my skin still feeling tacky.

      The next day I tried it again after my shower. I still had difficulty rubbing it in but I had used much less so it didn't take as long.

      I tried to use it twice a day (but sometimes I forgot). After about a week I did notice that the skin on my stomach did actually feel smoother. I don't know if this is due to the ingredients in the gel or the regular massage effect. However I was pleased with the feel of my skin.

      I did try to persevere for the four weeks required to decide if this actually produced slimming results. However I found the greasy residue left on the skin a nuisance when I was trying to get ready in the mornings so I gradually forgot to use it. Having come across it in the cupboard today I think I may give it another try because it would be great if it really worked so maybe I just need to try harder.

      Overall I would not really recommend this product. It makes great claims but it is not overly nice to use, the smell is nice but the greasiness isn't. If you are the sort of person who always remembers to use their skin products you may get good results if you are determined!


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        18.08.2009 19:16
        Very helpful



        A really good product to use with a balanced diet and exercise. Excellent results!

        From around age 14, I've been very unhappy with my body and shape, I have done some very dramatic things to get to a size 8, and then I've had my body ballooning to a size 16 (the biggest I've ever been.). I've been yo-yo dieting for years, have bursts of starving and then eating loads, which is really, really unhealthy. But the scariest thing is, I only feel really happy when I'm watching the calories. But after years, of punishing my body, I have totally no confidence in my body. I'm a size 10/12 in clothes, which isn't overly big, but curvy, I'm a petite 5ft and have pretty big breasts, so I think I look abit strange and not 'properly' proportioned.
        Personally, I've tried many creams and lotions, which claim to give or improve self esteem and improve my confidence in my body, and I know this is silly, because I need to develop my own confidence, but I have tried some really good products which have made me feel confident or slightly happier with my body, but I've tried others which have been useless. So when I was recommended Nivea My Silhouette! by my best friend, I was a bit reserved, and thought it would just be another useless product, but thought 'nothing ventured, nothing gained.'


        Nivea is a company which specialises in products for skin care for men, women and babies, but also hair care, make up and lip care for women. Nivea was founded in 1911 by the German company Beiersdorf, and in the mid 1980, the company became more well know around the whole world, because of Globalisation. And more recently, Nivea has been using famous faces, such as Robert Patterson, Jane Seymour, Suzanne Black and Olga Otrokhova, to promote their products in a range of countries.

        -My Silhouette!-

        Nivea's My Silhouette! is a newly released Body Gel lotion, which Nivea claims to "reduced 3cm of target areas of the body" and your "silhouette with be reshaped" after "4 weeks of using My Silhouette!". The ingredients in Nivea's My Silhouette! include White Tea, which apparently, has Natural Fat Reducing properties, that helps the body fights away excess Fats in the body. Also includes Anise, which apparently, increases Collagen production, which makes skin much tighter.
        The actual Body Gel, which was a very surprising Green colour, and has a really freshly and fruity smell, and the smell reminds my best friend of Estelle Lauder White Linen Perfume, so if you've tried it, it may smell like that. I personally really like the smell, as I do love fruity, nice smells, but it might not be for everyone as it is a fairly strong smell, and just won't be everyone's cup of tea, so I would advise that you open the tube, to check the smell or try some testers, which as it's a fairly new product, most places are doing testers.


        Applying the Gel Lotion was fairly easy, apply a blob, not too much or skin will become greasy and oily, and use your hands to massage into the target areas of your body, where you want the best results. I personally applied the Gel on to my stomach, top of my arms and my thighs, which are the bits I am most unhappy with. My Silhouette! Gel Cream should be used and applied like a normal moisturiser, so should be applied after a bath or shower, and massaged right into the skin, to get best results from the product. Also on the back of Nivea's My Silhouette! it recommends using the Gel Cream twice a day, do I decide to use it in the morning and the evening.


        Around a month ago, I was going on holiday with my Boyfriend, up North, and my best friend was going away with her Girlfriend to Spain, so we both decided to give Nivea My Silhouette! a go, because we wanted to have really amazing Beach Bodies, and make our bodies more toned. So we gave it the 4 week test to see if My Silhouette actually lived up to the promises.

        First Use.

        After first using it my skin felt moisturised and much, much softer, and using it a 6am, when I got up, made my skin feel really refreshed and hydrated ready for the day, which was the best way to start the day. The only thing, is that the smell, as I've mentioned before, is not to everyone's tastes, and the smell tends to linger on the skin throughout the day, which I love, but if your not keen on the smell after trying it, then I wouldn't advise using this product, as the smell doesn't really go away, but it does stop becoming as strong as it in the tube, so just be aware. My best friend, who was using the product as well, said the Gel Cream was good as it moisturises your skin, but for the price, she wasn't overly impressed with it during the first use, but can the My Silhouette change her mind and covert her to it?

        After 4 weeks.

        So was My Silhouette actually the 'miracle' product that all the magazines are calling it? Did it reduce my measurements by 3cm? Did it help my confidence or body image after a lot of the women's magazines claim it will?
        Well the answers are complicated, one hand, my best friend stopped using My Silhouette! because something in the product reacted badly with her skin, and made it irritable, she isn't sure what part of the product reacted with her skin, so if you have skin problems or conditions, I wouldn't advise this product, as it could cause irritation to your skin, and can make it become very painful, so I wouldn't recommend it.
        Personally for me, the product did work very, very well. My skin felt very toned and tightened, which was what I wanted the product to do to my skin, especially on my tummy, which was less 'wobbly' and became much tighter. Also my skin was very soft and felt moisturised while using My Silhouette! which was a nice added bonus too the product. Now the big question, did the 3cm actually go? Well, measuring myself, I noticed around 2cm had been lost from my tummy, and my arms lost 1cm, so not 3cm, but I was actually surprised that anything was lost from my body (I had not changed my diet or done any extra exercise while using My Silhouette! so I am assuming the results are coming from the product.). Very impressive for me!


        My personally opinion of Nivea's My Silhouette was a very good one, the product made my skin feel very amazing and actually took around 1-2cm of my body, which was a great surprise. Also I went to see my Boyfriend after using this product (trying to impress him lots) and I asked him last night what he thought of my actual body when he first saw me and he said that he noticed, "you were curvy, curves are sexy..", which was true, I'm curvy, always am, and un doubly always will be, whether I like it or not. But My Silhouette is one of those creams, which give me a much bigger boost of confidence, and improved my body image highly, which was really good, and helped me become more confident and happy with my curves and body.
        I highly recommend this product for firming and toning of the body, BUT this is not a weight loss product, it is not a miracle weight lost cure, and will not make you loose loads of inches off your body, nothing will do that but eating a healthy, balanced diet with a good exercise regime. In conjunction with a good diet and healthy exercise plan, Nivea's My Silhouette works very well and have good positive results.

        -Pricing and Availability-

        Nivea's My Silhouette! is available at Boots and Superdrug, and also online at Nivea's website and other pharmacist's websites too. Pricing, is around £9-11, very pricy I know, but I believe once this product has been on the shelves for a while, it will become cheaper, or will be available cheaper other places, such as markets, and independent stores.


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