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NSPA Body Balm

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Brand: Nirvana Spa / Balm / Type: Body Balm / What it does: regenerates,

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    1 Review
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      02.10.2007 12:41
      Very helpful



      A body balm from the N-spa range

      The Nirvana spa range which can be found in your local Asda store has grown in both the range and size of products it has to offer. Just a few months ago when browsing amongst the aisles for something a little bit different to purchase as a body scrub, I came across the Nirvana Spa range or N-spa to give it the shortened name.

      Having purchased the Sea Salt Scrub a few months ago I decided to go back and purchase another product to see whether or not I would be totally impressed with it. The one thing which stands about this range in my Asda is that they have an entire shelving section to themselves and above the shelf is a sign which reads “Nirvana is a state of mind… and now you can share the experience with your body. What could be more appealing than a range of products designed to recreate the Nirvana Spa Experience at home?” Well that sign alone had me sold the first time I saw it, I love the idea of having a spa weekend where I am pampered and massaged into my own little Nirvana, although the cost is always slightly off putting, but… if I can create the same ambience at home, then there us nothing to lost.

      So as I have said The Nirvana Spa range is now much more extensive than it was and you can treat yourself to:

      ~~> Hand Cream
      ~~> Flower Bath
      ~~> Firming Lotion
      ~~> Body Scrub
      ~~> Body Wash
      ~~> Body Lotion
      ~~> Body Oil Spray
      ~~> Body Balm
      ~~> Weekender Kit
      ~~> Sea Salt Scrub
      ~~> Detox Bath

      So this time I decided to try the Body Balm which is available in a 450g tub and for the price of £7.50. The price I thought I was quite reasonable because I pay similar to that when I buy the Sanctuary Spa Range and if I went to Lush I would be spending even more, so for me it is a worthwhile buy.

      The Nirvana Spa Body Balm states that it a “creamy revitalizing cocoon for the ultimate in skin nurturing softness and contentment” and inside the tub which has a screw off lid the lotion inside is a really creamy texture and quite smooth to the touch, if anyone has ever used Lush Dream Cream then there are similarities between the textures of both. I keep by body balm in a cool place and not in direct sunlight so that when I apply it to my skin it feels cool and especially nice after a long hot bath or shower and I tend to use it both in the morning and if I feel my skin needs it just before I go to bed.

      When using this body balm you do only need a small amount at any one time because it spreads quite a distance and you apply it to yourself, all over if you prefer, gently rubbing and massaging into the skin. I have had the tub itself for just over 6 weeks now im not even a third of the way through the tub and I do use it 4 or 5 times a week.

      This product contains three main ingredients and they run parallel throughout most of the N-spa range. Firstly there is soothing orange flower which definitely gives this body balm a nice citrus smell which isn’t too overpowering and Orange Flower is used for its toning and uplifting properties upon the skin, this is closely followed by energizing water mint which again boosts the circulation and rejuvenate the skin and when you are rubbing this balm into your skin there is a faint smell of mint. The final ingredient is Dead Sea minerals and they do appear in almost every product in this range and are now very popular with a lot of cosmetic companies who sell their products based upon the fact they contain Dead Sea minerals. The Dead Sea is renowned for its treatment of skin disorders and the dead sea itself is uniquely rich in many minerals including sulphur, iodine, magnesium, potassium and calcium to name a few. What the Dead Sea minerals do within this product is help soothe tired and dry skin and helps to stimulate blood circulation and cell rejuvenation. It is also works wonders for people who have, like me extremely sensitive skin and find that most products generally cause irritation to the skin. Having used one other product from the N-spa range and not had any problems with it, I knew that I wouldn’t have any further problems with the rest of the range.

      Since I bought this Body Balm I have to admit that I do love using it, it smells amazing and it certainly isn’t as expensive as some of the treatments I have tried on my skin. It does do exactly what it states it is going to do and my skin definitely feels a lot softer and fresher after using it. I have noticed a big difference with the tone of my skin in that it is no longer feeling dry with dry patches and this product does not aggravate my skin, so I would highly recommend this for people who may have skin problems or sensitive skin but also for those who like fresh natural ingredients in their products. A definite must have for £7.50 and in my Asda store it is currently on offer for £5.

      For more information on the Nirvana Spa Range simply go to their website which can be found at www.nirvanaspa.co.uk where you will find a whole host of products and treatments. You can find this product online or at Asda.


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    • Product Details

      A creamy revitalizing cocoon for the ultimate in skin nurturing softness and contentment It contains soothing orange flower, energizing water mint and dead sea minerals

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