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Palmer's Olive Butter Formula Organic Body Balm

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Brand: Palmers / Balm / Type: Body Balm / Subcategory: Butter / Skin type: for dry skin / What it does: regenerates, Enricheses,

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    1 Review
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      30.12.2008 18:21
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      A body balm with great skin smoothing qualities.

      I have loved the Palmers skincare range ever since my boyfriend introduced me about two years ago. He always smells of lovely sweet vanilla and I found out it is down to his daily use of Palmers Coco butter, which is the range they are most well known for producing. They have been making the Palmers range for over 160 years now, so they definitely know what they are doing and they specialise in skincare so trustworthy they seem to be!. However on one of my many shopping trips I found that they had begun a new range with Olive butter rather then coco butter. Whether I had just never seen it before I don't know, but as I am open to all things new, I gave their body lotion a try and Wham...I was besotted with the stuff. (Although I am still a loyal follower of their coco butter formula!) I was really lucky to get a special promotion at the time where I bought the full size cream and got a small tub of the body balm as a free gift. I was more then happy to take that home! So this review is based on the free gift, well not quite, because I loved it so much I went and bought a full size pot!

      ** What is Palmers Olive Butter Formula - Organic Body Balm? **
      What a name!! Try saying that if you've had a late night! This is a product from Palmers which is aimed at moistening the skin. It comes in a balm which is a fragrant oily substance made from the resin of various trees and comes in a solid form rather then a liquid. A bit like hard wax. The Palmers olive butter contains Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Vitamin E and Shea Butter. All known for their skin smoothing qualities. Palmers state that this rich creamy balm instantly soothes and softens rough, dry skin. Which seems pretty believable, they also state that it helps keep your skin looking youthful... well, we shall see about that!

      ** What is it like to use?**
      The balm itself is an odd mushy peas colour. For some reason I expected it to be a yellowy colour because of the oil, but I learn something new every day! When you apply it to the skin it goes on clear, so no need to worry about turning green!
      You apply it really simply by rubbing your fingers onto the balm and then massaging it onto the skin. The balm is quite hard and when it is cold it because almost impossible to get a decent amount onto your fingers. My suggestion is, if you are at home, pop the hairdryer on it for 20 seconds, it creates a top layer of oil which is really easy to apply to the skin and when the balm cools down it returns to its solid state. If you are out and about, just warm the tub in your hands for a few minutes and it softens the balm. This really makes a difference to how much you get out of the tub at one time. Otherwise you have to rub your fingers on the balm about 4 times just to get enough to cover one hand! Once the balm is on it feels wonderful! It instantly makes your skin feel smoother. It spreads easily, but because the balm is quite hard you get a minimal amount out at one time. Doe to this, I would recommend using it on the really dry areas. Places such as elbows, hands, knees, feet and face or any other small dry patches you have.
      Although the balm looks greasy, it sinks in to the skin in super record time. After 20 seconds your skin is back to its normal state but just feeling moisturised and looked after. It also adds a nice shine to the skin, not a shimmer or anything glittery as it does not have that in it. But the skin looks healthy and dewy. This is what I think they mean when Palmers state that it helps keep the skin looking youthful. The balm revives the skin and this in turn seems to enhance the look and appearance. Making the skin look younger.
      The smell of the balm is really hard to describe, it is a very light fragrance which is quite refreshing and I really like it. A thin line between lemons and vanilla. I know that sounds strange but pop in and smell it yourself and you will know what I mean. It lingers in the skin for 10 minutes or so and then slowly fades. Perfect for refreshing yourself in the afternoon. Lovely stuff!

      ** Virgin Olive Oil - The main ingredient and the main selling point**
      The main ingredient of the Olive Butter is Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This has been used for hundreds of years as a skin moisturiser as well as a host of other things (like frying eggs and lighting lamps!) The olive oil is full of antioxidants which help protect and renew the skin. This makes it a great after sun for when you've fried yourself a little too long or if you have any scratches or scrapes. I have also just got over a cold and my nose was really sore and dry. I rubbed a little of this on and it made the dry skin feel a lot better. The skin was softer and not as dried out. It also stopped the skin from peeling when my cold had gone. Thank you!

      Off topic ever so slightly... Jeanne Calment, holds the record for the longest confirmed lifespan, (122 years of age!) Apparently she said her youthful appearance was down to olive oil, which she poured on all her food and rubbed into her skin! Well, we know where Palmers got the idea from then!

      **Price and packaging**
      After realising I loved this so much I went on the search of a full size tub. It cost me around £4.99 for a fairly large tub of 142g. This sounds a bit pricy but the use you get out of it is brilliant. The tub will last you a good number of months. You can buy it online a lot cheaper and often they have special offers in places such as boots and Superdrug's. It comes in a simple yet pleasant silver tin and has a light green sticker on top with the original orange 'Palmer's' logo. You can't miss is but always best to know what you are looking for.

      Brilliant as an on the spot, deep moisturiser for the dry bits of your skin. It will last you a radically long time because it is a balm and not a cream. The effect o the skin works wonders in seconds. This is now a staple of my beauty bag!


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      Palmer's Olive Butter Formula has the power to transform your skin / Extra Virgin Olive Oil is naturally loaded with antioxidants that help keep skin looking youthful / This rich creamy balm instantly soothes and softens rough, dry skin / The unique blend of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Vitamin E and Shea Butter penetrates deeply so skin looks and feels its best /

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