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Parrs Manuka Honey Body Butter

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Brand: Parrs / Type: Body Butter / What it does: Enricheses, Nourishes

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    1 Review
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      27.06.2008 01:40
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      An almost all natural body butter lotion which is quite a miracle worker for dry skin.

      During the late 1980's it seems that the wonder drug for skin was Boots' oil of Primrose cream, launched in a myriad of versions from talcum powder to enriched night creams and body creams to counter act mild spots and alleviating sunburn. It did a lot more for me when a visit to India for three weeks meant 400 or as many mosquito bites and the cream prescribed by the doctor out there did very little other than alleviate the itching. When my mum sent over night cream however not only did the Primrose cream soothe my skin but also, somehow reduced the spot areas.

      These days Boots still sell Oil of Primrose but in limited quantities whilst Superdrug sell their own versions I find their range lacks the same potency. Changed days for many then for keeping skin soft, moisturised and helping out with other skin ailments such as dry skin, sunburn and the odd bite not to also mention a cheap price which goes with the product when it comes to purchase.

      Which brings me onto Parrs Manuka honey body butter. In the summer I was recommended to try this body butter since I had developed heat spots from dry skin around my arms and legs, due no doubt to me wearing t shirts and shorts out in the garden with the full heat of the sun around me. Of course I had tried other creams and other potions, spending a relatively large amount of money on creams that promise to get rid of spots or at least bathe my dry skin is something a bit more comfortable than the pain of searing damaged dry skin. Normally I plump for E45 or a Sudocream but they both lack a scent as well as appear too greasy and need to be applied sparingly. Parrs Manuka Honey Body butter however isn't a means to an end and shouldn't be purchased on the strong belief that it will cure skin ailments such as eczema.

      Now as far as I'm aware Manuka honey is like any other honey; it's for eating, not for applying to the body!! But as it turns out, Manuka honey can be good for the skin rather than just your digestive palette and that is what makes the vital difference to this type of honey. Manuka honey on its own can be applied to skin as a temporary antiseptic patch on a bandage and has a wonderful healing property that miraculously can repair skin. It is also a great remedy for mild dry skin, blemishes, cuts and bites, even general wounds. Sadly its not the type of cream you can eat as well as pasting your body in it! So in terms of what it is actually for, forget the idea that this is an all-moisturising antiseptic cream - it simply doesn't have enough antiseptic additives to be treated as a clinical cream.

      What Parrs Manuka body cream does however is ease dry skin beautifully and does it in a way which leaves your skin feeling smooth, supple and smelling sweetly of honey and almond oil - one of its many natural ingredients.

      The product however isn't cheap; for a 250ml, or half the size of the tub that Superdrug call their Vitamin E cream, Parrs' Manuka body cream comes in at a rather expensive £4-95 and this is with the mark-up applied, so from a mass supplier such as Holland & Barrett shops, discount this product at £1-00 or less. Even at that I still think that's quite expensive for the capacity of this little round "cup" of wonder cream even though it has to be used sparingly.

      The scent of this body butter isn't just of honey but also of fruits such as fresh melon, perhaps mango, but definitely very sweet and yielding. There is no citrus there however, yet the scent will either appeal or you wont like it. The colour is a bit like the clouded honey itself even though there is a closer relation to Oil of Primrose cream rather than golden yellow honey on appearance so for the most part it resembles a slighter darker butter colour, like that of Vitalite.

      When applied to skin it can feel quite thick even though thanks to its price, it's a bit like Boots' Royal Jelly; you are made to feel that it is expensive because of the thickness of the cream, the delightful scent and to a certain extent the packaging, which in this case for Parrs' lets the side down; it's a cheap frosted plastic round tub with a screw top lid; nothing too fancy and nothing over the top. However apply sparingly and the cream will go on in a matt consistency; not milky and not too greasy to the touch. Apply too much to your body however and the sweet scent of the cream can be too overpowering at times.

      The results however on my skin soon made me realise why this recommendation came from my mum; it works. Works by constantly keeping dry and damaged skin soft for around six hours infact! Any small imperfections on skin started to clear up sooner than I had dabbed antiseptic cream on. No stinginess, no sharp pains; just cleared up skin. Dry skin patches feel wonderfully soft and supple too but it was the fact that the cream managed to moisturise the dry patches as far as the rougher parts of my body - my feet! The product does claim to be "rich in minerals," and increased protein but a quick look at the label shows that the cream contains Shea butter (ideal for dry skin), beeswax and sunflower oil, both of which is known to give skin a golden glow. On appearance after the cream dissipates on skin I have noticed a certain shine to my skin, very similar infact to the appearance I've found with Dove's ProAge shower cream, itself containing sunflower oil.

      On areas where "other" spots have appeared such as pulled hair follicles which men suffer from most compared to women, when the cream was applied it took a day or two for the spots to calm down; even on minor cuts, this body cream seems to be able to work miracles compared to antiseptic cream.

      Which brings me onto the next aspect; despite the healing properties of Manuka body cream it doesn't contain any antiseptic or antibacterial properties, so it can't be wholly trusted to be a good antiseptic cream replacement. It can heal cuts but only when skin has started to repair itself and must never be applied to open wounds as a result of its lack of antiseptic properties. You wouldn't buy this product for the miracle action it does on minor cuts however.

      For the price it's a good introductory offer on what seems to be a very well thought out body lotion. Although essentially a butter rub, Parrs Manuka Honey body cream hails from New Zealand, which may well account for the high price. Available from most privately owned health food stores, it remains to be a good seller just from the point of its all-natural ingredients. I've had one tub for a year and its still quite potent even though I am beginning to get to the end of the tub. Thankfully the Body Shop haven't cottoned onto this product, otherwise the price would be a whole lot more expensive. Thanks for reading. ©Nar2 2008



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    • Product Details

      Use Manuka Honey Body Butter daily or when ever required / Apply to all or any parts of the body / Not recommended for facial use / Parrs Manuka Honey Body Butter is a luxurious body cream that contains Manuka honey, Shea butter, Beeswax and Sunflower oil / This wonderful cream lightly fragrances the skin and helps with cell renewal / Manuka Honey Body Butter also nourishes and soothes the skin / Honey has long been renowned for its healing properties / Honey contains antibacterial properties including an enzyme which is a proven antiseptic / Manuka honey has higher levels of this enzyme /

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