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Philosophy Pure Grace Body Butter

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Brand: Philosophy / Type: Body Butter / What it does: Smoothes, Enricheses

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    3 Reviews
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      02.10.2009 05:49
      Very helpful



      Love this but not the price.

      I am a huge fan of Philosophy. Its the Pure Grace fragrance that drew me to the brand and I was so happy when I found the gift set on QVC as a special offer (actually the price was not that great compared to its normal price, it was £55 down from £64) but I was more then happy to oblige having been thinking about buying the perfume for £35. (The gift set had 4 times the size of that perfume, a shampoo, conditioner, body exfoliator and body butter.)

      So, this body butter apparently sells for up to £20. I took it to the gym with me and looked forward to using it. I was not disappointed.

      I have dry skin. VERY dry skin- it flakes if I don't put some sort of moisturiser over it. So straight after my shower, I sat down and began to try this to my legs.
      Its a little odd- this body butter. I am used to the Body Shop butters which leave an oily waxy film which never ever dries and makes my clothes smell nice, but never wear white after application! This body butter by Philosophy however, is another matter.
      It comes in a squeezy tube which takes a bit of a push to get the body butter out- I think it has a high water content which is why its in an air tight tube, but maybe a different type of tube- one that rolls up for example would have been better suited here. However, the look and feel of the packaging are nice, Philosophy's decoration is minimalist chic with a brief description of the scent (soap and water scent) and a black on white colouring.

      The body butter when squeezed out is a dense, thick matte cream. It feels very luxurious, the texture is odd thick but almost vanishes to a talc, I really liked it, and the scent is just the same as the perfume. Very clean and fresh. It's designed to be worn underneath the fragrance to give a layered effect and make the fragrance last longer.

      I would say, if you have this product and are reading this pre-application, make sure your skin is totally dry before hand- if your skin is not totally dry, it sort of slips all over the shop, You don't get the same 'skin satisfaction' when applying. It still goes on and dries on well, its just not as easy to feel if you have gotten every little bit covered.
      With dry skin, this is another matter, skin is easily covered and also, the body butter dries into skin very easily. This was something I was pleased with as most creams never dry, never blend into my skin and get all over my clothes. I had been told by a dermatologist that this was because my skin was too delicate and required thinner products. I had tried everything from cocoa butter to shea butter, dry skin creams like Eucerine...all to no avail. Then I find this body butter and it's excellent! My skin felt as if the cream had dried in an moisturised and ready to go in 2 minutes flat. I was really pleased.
      But down point is that it doesn't really do a great job of keeping that moisturised feeling- after about 8 hours I was feeling my skin itch as though they were dry again. This is frustrating and as you can imagine, not something I had really experienced before after using a body butter (they never normally sink in).

      The scent did stick around, for about 12 hours. I'd have liked it to stay around for longer, but I do shower daily so it's not such a big deal. I'm normally in the gym covered head to toe in deodorant and sweat so it's not like the final 4 hours or so of that 24 hours wouldn't be that important to me but it would be nice for it to last longer.

      I would advise using this just before a night or day out. The scent is nice, the cream goes on very well and is easily dried, but it lacks in its ability to properly moisturise, the scent fades too fast and the bottle needs improving. For me its 3.5 stars, it's the scent that really makes all the difference.


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        13.11.2008 13:33
        Very helpful



        Great if you layer Grace fragrances and need something highly moisturising for the body.

        Philosophy's Grace fragrant range are all quite different from each other which allows for the "something for everyone" catchment. The Pure Grace is my favourite as I love the 'clean' smell that is associated with it. I find that the fragrance itself does't last long so I try and layer them together for a longer lasting aroma and use the whole Pure Grace system to do so and this is my favourite Grace body moisturiser from their range.

        How to describe the smell ? The company's mantra says it all and goes something like "the clean smell of soap and water, the memory of fresh air woven into a set of crisp, white cotton sheets, a cold deep breath on a snowy winter night, the best summer morning you have ever known and the one white t-shirt that feels better than all the rest".

        *Who is this for ? *

        Anyone who likes the Pure Grace range and suffers from skin issues that need extra moisturisation. I have combination skin on the face but do have a tendancy to suffer from dry skin on my body and this body butter just melts into my skin. It's not the quickest body product to be absorbed so if you're in a hurry I'd use more of a lotion than a body butter.

        *How to use*

        Apply after your bath/shower. I apply onto DRY skin ( some products are best on damp, but I prefer to apply my skin conditioners first on damp skin and then this once my skin is dry ) and if you're layering products use with the body wash/gel and then followed by the fragrance as the fragrance of the three products alone don't really seem to last very long. That said, I wouldn't use if you want to layer a different fragrance on top as it may interfere with that aroma.

        *Why does this work*

        I'm a big fan of Shea butter because it works well on my skin and this product contains Butyrospermum Parkii i.e Shea butter. please note that this is derived from the oil of Shea nut, so those with certain allergies may want to be made aware. That said, the Shea nut is not on any nut allergy reaction lists so for the time being I would just treat with caution, for those who do suffer from extreme allergy reactions. However, in general companies use Shea butter for its soothing, moisturising and protecting properties and is thus great to use on drier skin types and pregnant women who want to avoid stretch marks. ( I would layer my moisturising serums, butters and balms in that situation but be careful what you can use whilst pregnant as certain essential oils etc should not be used on pregnant women.)

        Other ingredients include Theobroma Cacao Seed Butter ( which also acts as a richly moisturising ingredient, ) Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis ( i.e Sweet almond oil that leaves the skin feeling soft and conditioned, ) Squalane ( which is derived from Olive oil and also has moisturising properties, ) Beeswax ( which forms a protective barrier on the skin, since it cannot be absorbed ) Mangifera Indica Seed Butter and Oryza Sativa Bran Oil ( which are sometimes used in facial skincare for their moisturising and protection properties, ) Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil ( which is high is essential fatty acids which makes it a great moisturiser and skin protector, ) Tocopherol ( i.e a form of Vitamin E which is again a skin protector and moisturiser ) and Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice ( which is used for its healing, soothing and moisturising properties. )

        A lovely product to use with great ingredients that target dryness, however, I've taken one star off since it doesn't last too long if you use it often.


        Water, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter), Theobroma Cacao Seed Butter (Cocoa), Glyceryl Stearate SE, Fragrance, Glycerin, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Squalane, Beeswax (Cera Alba), Mangifera Indica Seed Butter (Mango), Cetyl Alcohol, Oryza Sativa Bran Oil (Rice), Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil, Potassium Cetyl Phosphate, Stearic Acid, Dimethicone, Tocopherol, Tocotrienols, Sodium Hyalronate, PPG 12/SMDI Copolymer, Allantoin, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Hydrogenated Palm Glycerides, C10 30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, Sodium Hydroxide, Tetrasodium EDTA, Phenoxyethanol, Chlorphenesin


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        26.09.2008 21:40
        Very helpful



        Pure Grace

        A month or so ago, I bought a little set containing several different Philosophy products from QVC. Amongst them was a full sized tube of Pure Grace Body Butter.

        Pure Grace is one of Philosophy's best selling fragrances. Due to its popularity, they have brought out a few other products with the same scent, one of them being this body butter.

        The product comes in a white squeezy tube with a black flip top lid and black writing, as shown in the picture above. This is typical of the Philosophy ranges packaging, but when I actually received my items, I remember thinking that the packaging did not particularly look expensive or good quality close up.

        The body butter is white in colour and quite thick. It contains mango butter, Shea butter and cocoa butter, all of which are extremely moisturising for the skin.

        Although it's quite thick, only a relatively small amount of the product is needed per use. It rubs into the skin quite easily, and surprisingly for a product which contains this amount of butters, it actually feels quite light. On a more negative note, I do find that this takes quite some time to absorb fully into the skin, and feels quite tacky and sticky for some time after application.

        The Philosophy website says that you need this product if ...

        'You love the scent of soap and water'
        'Your skin craves extra moisture and hydration'
        'You prefer a formula that is non-greasy and absorbs quickly'
        'You want to firm, tone and moisturise your skin'

        So, I will go through these points individually.

        Point one: 'You love the scent of soap and water': I wouldn't say I love the scent of soap and water, but neither would I say that this smells like soap and water! The smell is quite difficult to describe - I couldn't put my finger on the exact fragrance - but it does smell clean and fresh, whilst also being slightly floral. It is quite a pleasant scent, and it does linger on the skin - sometimes pretty much all day.

        Point two: 'Your skin craves extra moisture and hydration' : Well, yes, usually it does. I have quite dry skin, prone to eczema usually, however with the amount of lovely Lush bath products I have been using lately, I have actually found that my skin is feeling more moisturised than ever, and I can often go without using a body lotion. I have been using this on the odd day that this is not the case, like today, and find that it does leave my skin feeling very moisturised and does not irritate my eczema.

        Point three: You prefer a formula that is non-greasy and absorbs quickly': I think I've already covered this, and as I said, I found it to be slow to absorb and not necessarily greasy, but tacky on the skin.

        Point four: 'You want to firm, tone and moisturise your skin': I don't think this particularly firmed or toned my skin in any way, however it did moisturise it, which was covered in point two. It also feels lovely and soft once the butter has completely sunk in.

        The body butter costs £22 for a 5oz (that's 141.8g) tube and can be purchased from www.hqhair.com. I'm sure many of you will agree that this is fairly expensive and this is the reason I only apply it on days when my skin is feeling particularly dried out.

        Overall, the body butter is quite good, however I feel it's completely overpriced for what it is. It's great for dry skin, but I could not justify spending that much money for an every day product, which is why I am only using it occasionally as a treat. As I mentioned this was part of a set, and the whole set only cost me around £25, so I can't really complain, but if I were to spend £22 on a body butter, I would expect it to be outstanding, and unfortunately, although this is a good product, there's nothing about it that makes me think it's worth spending that much on.


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        Your skin will never feel so smooth after using this blend of shea, mango and cocoa butters /

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