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Philosophy Pure Grace Perfumed Body Lotion

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Brand: Philosophy / Type: Body Lotion

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    3 Reviews
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      23.03.2013 14:41
      Very helpful



      a lovely, clean smelling lotion

      ~Pure Grace Perfumed Body Lotion~

      This body lotion is produced by Philosophy. It is part of the Pure Grace collection which also includes a perfume and a shower gel. For those who aren't aware of the Philosophy brand, they offer a range of beauty products which have been created with scientifically-proven ingredients.

      This body lotion contains a formula which is rich in anti-oxidants. The ingredients list includes aloe, vitamin E and other natural extracts. The promise is that your skin will be left feeling velvety smooth and hydrated. This body lotion carries the same scent as the Pure Grace perfume which is described as being an 'ultra-fresh, infinitely clean smell'.


      Pure Grace Body Lotion is presented in a rather simple looking bottle. The bottle is made from white plastic and has a pump dispenser. As with all Philosophy products, there is a lot of wording on the bottle which forms a little poem of sorts. The bottle can be recycled and this body lotion has a 24month shelf life.

      ~Price and Availability~

      This body lotion is available online and from your local Philosophy counter. Stockists include Debenhams and www.boots.com. Expect to pay £29.00 for a 480ml sized bottle of this body lotion. At the moment, Boots have the Philosophy range on a 3 for 2 special offer.

      ~My Thoughts~

      I love the Philosophy range but can rarely afford the products at full price! As well as receiving a few Philosophy gift sets as gifts last year, I also bought a few things on Boxing Day from my local Debenhams store. One set that I have offered lots of miniature products include the Pure Grace Body Lotion. I have also used other products in this collection and find that the scent is consistent across the collection.

      As I have extra dry skin, I need to apply some form of body lotion/cream/butter on a daily basis in order to keep it hydrated. I switch between perfumed body products and lighter scented products depending on what I fancy using. The Pure Grace lotion is one which I use occasionally rather on a regular basis. I have a small bottle but I do feel a tube would be prove to be a more practical way of packaging this type of product.

      ~Graceful Philosophy~

      This body lotion is a treat to use. The white lotion itself has quite a thick, soft and creamy consistency which spreads like a dream across my skin. I find this lotion to provide an instant cooling feeling to my skin which in turn, is soothing and calming. I have quite a lot of spots on my arms from a skin condition and they often leave my skin very red and sore looking. This lotion calms the redness and leaves my skin in much healthier looking state!

      This lotion does feel very luxurious to apply. Despite being quite thick, the lotion melts into my skin quickly and with very little effort on my part. No residue or sticky feeling is left behind which is always a good thing as I hate waiting around for lotions to sink in. For this reason, I find this body lotion to be very practical to use in the mornings where time is in short supply. I can get dressed quickly and be confident that my clothes won't cling to my skin.

      I have been impressed by how well this lotion performs and it is definitely of a high quality. I expect this from Philosophy anyway and given how expensive this lotion is, I would expect it to work to a high standard. I apply it all over my body (excluding my back, face and feet) and find that it leaves my skin feeling very soft and smooth to the touch as well as cool and refreshed. It moisturises the extra dry areas effectively and evens out the surface of my skin by leaving it feeling less bumpy and rough. If applied first thing in the morning, most of my skin is still lovely and smooth by bed time but of course, some dry areas start to become noticeable again. I have yet to find a lotion that provides all day moisturisation to the extra dry areas but I think this may be down to my skin being difficult!

      This body lotion does smell nice and compliments the other Pure Grace products. It is a very simple scent but one which I feel would appeal to most women as it is light and feminine smelling. Philosophy describe it as a 'soap and water' scent which gives the impression that you have just 'stepped out the shower'. I would agree with this. The scent is very clean and fresh but perfumed at the same time. It is a pretty scent but quite non-descript. I don't think I would bother buying the actual perfume as it is quite a plain scent but I like the way my skin smells after applying the body lotion. The perfumed scent lingers for a few hours but my skin smells beautifully clean for most of the day.


      This body lotion is very expensive but you do get a lot for your money. Not a lot is required per use so it is long lasting and this makes it better value for money in the long run. I do like this body lotion as it leaves my skin feeling, looking and smelling lovely. The scent is light enough for a subtle fragrance to the skin during warmer months in my opinion. I wouldn't pay full price for it but have enjoyed using my gift set bottle.

      Thanks for reading :)


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        17.03.2013 14:32
        Very helpful



        nice for a treat

        Pure grace is one of the many ranges from philosophy they describe it as 'pure grace is the clean smell of soap and water; the memory of fresh air woven into a set of crisp, white cotton sheets; a cold deep breath on a snowy winter night; the best summer morning you have ever known; the simple, pure pleasures of life; the refreshed feeling as you step from the shower, renewed to life; the one white t-shirt that feels better than all the rest.' (taken from my bottle) Hmm to me it's a gorgeous, clean smell that you can't tire of, it is inoffensive and subtle but you know it's there.

        For best effect the range is best used as a layering technique, starting with the shampoo, bath shower gel, followed next by the body lotion and finally a few sprays of the perfume. Used this way the smell lasts all day, yes really.
        You can apparently mix and match the smells but I have only ever used the pure grace as I like it. It cleans well, gives good moisturiser effect and nice soft skin. You will be asked what you are wearing, even I was and I'm not that sort of person, especially at work! It's a real treat to perk you up on a bad day.......... If you can afford it because it really is expensive.

        It can be bought from many outlets, looking at boots (because you at least get points!) the shower gel is £19.00 for 480 mls, the body lotion £29.00 for 480 mls, fragrance £29.50 (+p&p) for 60 mls (could only find this on QVC) I find the lotion needed replacing first so I now limit it to arms, chest and tummy, still on the original perfume though. A little does go a long way but it is easy to use more than you need. It comes in a wide range of fragrances but you'll have to look these up as there are too many to list. Reviews are varied some (like me) find it lasts all day, others complain it only lasts 20 mins whether this is affected by laying is unclear.

        What really puts me off the product is its ingredient list : water (aqua), sodium laureth sulfate, ppg-2 hydroxyethyl cocamide, lauryl betaine, glycol distearate, disodium laureth sulfosuccinate, glycerin, fragrance (parfum), polyquaternium-7, isostearamidopropyl morpholine lactate, phytosterols, tocopherol, tocotrienols, squalene, oryza sativa (rice) bran wax, polyquaternium-10, methyl gluceth-20, sodium benzotriazolyl butylphenol sulfonate, buteth-3, tributyl citrate, sodium chloride, citric acid, tetrasodium edta, methylchloroisothiazolinone, methylisothiazolinone. (list on bottle)

        Now I really am no expert but none of that sounds remotely natural to me. According to their website their products 'are formulated with scientifically-proven ingredients' Following the stories on each bottle and the product names this does not seem to be a good fit indeed one could easy say it is misleading.

        Have removed one star for price and one star for ingredients!
        Thank you for reading my review


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          28.07.2011 16:26
          Very helpful



          A beautiful smell you will love wearing

          Being a mummy to an 11 month old, I can't remember the last time I indulged in a nice bubble bath, with a glass of wine and finished up with some nice body products to leave my skin feeling all a-glow. That doesn't mean I don't wash of course, I am in fact uber clean (rest assured) but thanks to my 100mph lifestyle I now only have time for the quickest of quick showers! As we all know having showers are quick and easy and usually when we are using them for their speed we don't have time for the whole beauty regime afterwards. Philosophy products have transformed my shower time routine and this is surely the first of many Philosophy based reviews from me!

          Philosophy Pure Grace Body Lotion was bought for me as a gift, a very nice gift I must say! And when I read the front and saw it was perfumed body lotion I was really pleasantly suprised because I don't really use moisturiser or body lotions, well ever. I don't like how your clothes stick to you after you apply things like that so I usually avoid them. So when I saw this I just initially assumed it was another item for my bathroom shelf, that would get minimal use. I first used it after I applied my fake tan and need something to intensify the length it lasted for. After that it became a regular part of my regime!

          Philosophy Pure Grace Perfumed Body Lotion is a beautifully scented body lotion that leaves your skin feeling baby soft and very hydrated. The scent itself is light, fresh and clean not musky and heavy as I partly expected. And the scent is added purely from the actual fragrence of this range. A very feminine smell, it's not too heavy and won't out-do your perfume or stick to your clothes.

          With the infusion of the Pure Grace Scent, aloe, vitamin e and all the natural extracts within this lotion your skin will instantly feel revitalised and softer after the first use. The idea behind this particular product is to provide you with that soap and water clean feeling without the tightness it can sometimes leave on your skin. And this is something I can deffinately speak for, as my skin feels very clean after I've used this product.

          The instructions of use advise you to use a generous amount each useage, however I never find that I need a huge amount because it's so rich my skin benefits from the smallest amounts. I think if you did lather it on you would get that horrible thick feeling when a moisturiser does stick to your clothes and takes forever to dry. On that front though, I can't complain as the lotion dries quickly and the scent stays after it dries too (for a short while). In fact the only disappointment I have with this product is that the scent doesn't last long enough. As long as your skin is still showing signs of the lotion the scent is strong but once it dries you can't really smell it for very long. This is disappointing because it's usch a lovely smell I want to smell it for longer!

          I apply this body lotion after I shower approximately two or three times a week, I would use it more if I had the time. But if you applied after every shower or bath I can only assume your skin would feel magnificant as each week my skin feels softer and cleaner and I don't even use it every day. Another brilliant use for all us ladies out there is for your feet! When my partner is trying to bribe me in to having the football on television all he needs to do is give me a foot massage with this while he watches it and I'm happy-it's pure bliss! My feet instantly felt softer after the first massge. So ladies everywhere get ready to be bribed and men-well now you know what to buy in order to watch the football or go to the pub with your friends!

          The bottle itself is pure white with black writing and a black pump lid. When purchased as a stand alone product it comes in a 480ml bottle which costs £29. Steep for a body lotion and luxury product but as you need so little of it at each use, it will literally last forever! As with all philosophy products it does come with a philosophical quote on the front-which I wont spoil by revealing as that is the beauty of buying any philosophy product! All I will say is it's a very sweet and simple message and perfect for this product!

          On the safe side of things:
          This product is designed only for external use and should be kept out of reach of children. Avoid contact with the eyes too.

          I would give this product 5 stars as it's a real luxury, and a proper indulgence for me. Something I wouldn't have purchased for myself due to the price but I love it because it was a gift, and now such a usual and well used and loved gift! The Philosophy Pure Grace range has many other items to experiment with too-from the fragrence on it's own to shower creme and hand or cuticle cream. Any type of body luxury item can be found within the Philosophy ranges and this particular range 'Pure Grace' is a great place to start your Philosophy journey.


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