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Prada Hydrating Body Lotion

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Brand: Prada / Type: Body Lotion / What it does: Hydrates,

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    2 Reviews
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      16.07.2010 20:11
      Very helpful




      Prada was founded my Mario and Martino Prada in 1913. Initially selling leather goods and handbags and then progressing to tote bags, clothes, perfumes and beauty products.

      Prada is a fashion house and boutiques can be found globally. Prada products are of exceptional quality and for that, you will be expected to pay and exceptional price..just watch out for fakes!!!


      Prada may be famous for their bags and clothes but they also have a rather exclusive beauty range. This includes makeup, skincare, bodycare, and perfumes.

      The product I will be reviewing is Prada Hydrating Body Lotion.

      This body lotion is described as being "a rich, creamy body lotion enriched with shea butter and avocado oil". It is designed to moisturise skin and leave it gently scented.

      The body lotion is based on the Prada Amber scent. The Amber scent is combined in 4ways as described below :

      -it is pure with sandalwood from India
      -it is addictive with patcholi leaves from Indonesia
      -it is precious with labdanum resin from France
      -it is profound with benzoin from Siam.

      I have read further into these descriptions and obtained the following information.

      Sandalwood is an aromatherapy oil derived from an evergreen tree. It has various uses including medicinal and can be used for skin care benefits such as cracked skin.

      Patchouli leaves are from the Patchouli plant. The scent is heavy and is used to scent many products including laundry detergents. Over one third of high end perfumes contain this.

      Labdanum Resin is obtained from Cistus shrubs in the Med. It is known for its uses in herbal medicines aswell as perfumes. The scent is described as being sweet, woody or leathery to name a few.

      Benzoin is a resin obtained from the barks of certain trees. It is used for incense and perfume as it is known for its vanilla ice cream properties!


      The body lotion comes in a quite basic yet gorgeous white, plastic bottle. Despite being a high end product, the packaging is rather cheap feeling. The bottle is rectangular and comes complete with a shiny, silver lid which screws on and off.

      On the front on the bottle, there is a delicate pink label which simply states the Prada logo and the body lotion name in English and French. The back of the bottle has the contact details for Prada and the size.

      The body lotion should be used within 12months of opening.


      This should be used like other body lotions. Squeeze a blob out onto your hand and massage into the skin.

      **Availability and Price**

      This body lotion comes at a price. A full 200ml size can be found in Prada boutiques and if you happen to live near a Prada counter!

      I have performed a search of the net for current prices and have discovered the following.

      www.boots.com - £26.50
      www.fragrancedirect.co.uk - £21.99
      www.amazon.co.uk - £26.00

      You may pick it up on ebay. You can also purchase the Body Milk and Shower Gel in the same range.

      **My Opinion**

      If someone mentioned Prada to me..expensive and chic comes to mind. I have tried the Prada scents in shops but I personally cannot afford them. They are equisite and of super high quality but my limit is Soap and Glory!A few weeks ago, my lovely sister mentioned she had made me up one of her regular goody bags! She buys alot on ebay and at carboot sales and although she sells most of it, she loves to treat me. One of the items in my goody bag was a 100ml (gift set size) bottle of Prada Hydrating Body Lotion.

      I normally use my S&G butters for daily moisturisation but last week, I felt like treating my skin and out came the Prada!

      The bottle is very simple and not what you really expect from a fashion house brand. Despite this, I still like it as it isn't fussy and the pink label still allows it to remain girly! The lotion is quite difficult to dispense. You need to screw off the cap and tip it upside down. Squeezing the bottle is rather awkward and this proved an issue as more came out than I planned.

      The body lotion is quite thick and is a quite dull, peachy shade. The scent is strong and incredibly refreshing and welcoming. Due to the thickness, you only need the tiniest amount. Once applied to my skin, the body lotion smoothes out perfectly and I can feel an instantly cooling and hydrating sensation. The strength of the scent becomes more apparent as you massage further.

      I found that due to the thickness of the lotion, it took a little longer than others to full sink into the skin. Once rubbed in fully, there was a slight cool layer sitting on the skin. This was in no way greasy or oily and my hands did not feel icky either. My skin felt possitively soft and I felt really pampered.

      The scent is gorgeous and inviting. So much so, I keep smelling my arm once applied. There is a stunning combination of scents depending on how far you are from where the lotion has been applied. By this I mean that the scent differs from how close your nose is! From afar, there is a fresh and vanilla type scent which is sweet but not sickenly so. Once you get closer up, the scent changes and is very warm and almost sensual. The scent that sits on my skin is sexy and a tad spicy mixed with sweeter tones of amber and vanilla. It is truly gorgeous.

      The sensation on my skin remained for the full day and the scent was still extremely evident later in the day so it last lasted very well indeed. For this price, this is to be expected. At approx £26 a bottle, this isn't going to be sitting alongside your Dove and Johnsons lotions. This is high quality stuff.

      In my opinion, I would love to be able to afford to buy this for myself but can't. If I happen to be given this as a gift again, I will be over the moon. The gorgeous scent is so strong but not overpowering, that it would be suitable to wear instead of a perfume. Perhaps a squirt of the Prada Amber perfume would be appropriate if for a night out but any other perfume would simply waste the spectacular scent of this amazing body lotion.

      Thanks for reading :)


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        22.08.2009 12:16
        Very helpful



        A sensual smelling body lotion


        I was given Prada Hydrating Body Lotion as a gift by my aunt and uncle for my 21st birthday. I do love a good body lotion and the fact that this is produced by Prada gave me very high expectations. Read on to see if it lived up to those expectations...

        *The Claim*

        A rich creamy body lotion enriched with shea butter, avocado oil and urea that it delicately perfumed with the amber-based Prada fragrance.

        *About the Product*

        Prada fragrance re-explores the spirit of Amber, an inherent component of the roots of ancient perfumery. In four characteristic ways, each based on one ancestral ingredient:
        - Pure with Sandalwood oil from India
        - Addictive with Patchouli leaves from Indonesia
        - Precious with Labdanum resin from France
        - Profound with Benzoin from Siam

        This rich, creamy body lotion enriched with shea butter and avocado oil leaves skin moisturised and delicately scented.


        Do not smoother a lot of this body lotion on to your body. It is not required. Only a small amount of the lotion should be tipped from the bottle into your hands and then gently rubbed onto your skin. I only tend to use this body lotion on my arms and sometimes legs as it is so strongly scented and I don't feel that application on all of my skin is necessary.

        *Price and Application*

        This can be bought at the very expensive price of £25.50. Yes you did hear me write, £25.50. This is probably the most expensive body lotion that I've used. Is it value for money though? Only you can decide whether you would spend this amount of money on a body lotion. Even after I have experienced it luxurious qualities, I'm not so sure that I would buy it in the future. After all, I haven't got money to burn. A lovely gift though.

        Prada Hydrating Body Lotion isn't widely available to buy. You can buy it from the majority of larger Boots stores as well as Debenhams, John Lewis and House of Fraser. The one other place that you can buy it from is online at www.boots.com.

        *My Opinion*

        The packaging: Simple, classy and stylish are all words that describe perfectly the packaging of this product. It is a white, plastic rectangular bottle with a small light pink sticker of the front. The lid of this is a small silver one that can be found at the top of the bottle in the centre. It is fairly easy to use although the style and shape of the bottle doesn't look like it will allow you to get all of the product from it. I'll find this out for myself when I get to the end though.

        Colour and texture: Prada Hydrating Body Lotion is white in colour and the texture of this body lotion is very creamy but light. It rubs into your skin easily due to its light feel and a minimum amount required.

        The smell: If you have smelt Prada Eau De Parfum and liked it this body lotion is one that will be of interest to you. It has exactly the same scent: woody and a combination of many ingredients notably sandalwood and amber. What I like about the smell of this lotion is that it will linger on your skin for up to five hours and then start to fade. So if you want a lotion that just softens your skin without a scent that stays, this is not the one for you.

        Is it a rich creamy body lotion that is delicately perfumed? It is certainly a rich creamy body lotion but I'm not sure that I would describe it as being delicately perfumed. I would say that it is powerfully perfumed which in this case is not a negative as the smell is delightful.

        I love the feeling I get in myself after I've applied this body lotion. I feel sexy and sensual largely due to the smell that is left lingering on my skin. It's the lotion that I apply if I'm going out for the evening to give me a little bit more confidence. And my boyfriend loves the smell which is an additional bonus.

        Longevity of the product: I was very stingy with my administration of this body lotion simply because of how much I know it costs. I refused to lather it all over my body like I would with the Sanctuary Body Butters that I use quite regularly. This means that the length of time that this product lasts me is well and truly drawn out. I could have used it all easily within a month but I have been more cautious because of the high price tag that I looked up. So far, I've been using this since the end of April and I still have well over half of the bottle left. I do try to keep it to more special occasions though.

        *Would I Recommend This Product?*

        Based on the product quality alone I would undoubtedly recommend this hydrating body lotion brought to us by Prada. Your skin is left feeling sensationally smooth and fabulously fragranced. My issue is the price that you have to pay for it. It is extremely high but you would never have to wear perfume with it so perhaps this is where you would sacrifice perfume and replace it with a body lotion.


        Prada Hydrating Body Lotion is complete and utter luxury. The feel that you are left with after rubbing this body lotion into your skin truly is divine. You feel perfectly pampered by Prada. The fact that I didn't buy this body lotion makes the product even better for me but I'm not so sure that I myself would be so willing to shell out over £25 for a body lotion.


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