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Primark Cocoa Body Lotion

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Brand: Primark / Type: Body Lotion

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    2 Reviews
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      02.12.2008 12:01



      great moisteriser for little money!

      Primark may be typicaly associated with clothes rather than personal grooming produccts, but recently their product range has expanded to include make up and toiletries.

      Here is an example in the primark cocoa body lotion. As a student, finances are always on a budget, so coming in at a bargain £1 i felt it was definately worth giving a go! For that you get a 250 ml plastic bottle with a pump nozzle on the top, like you would expact to have a bottle of handwash in. Using it is really simple, you just pump a bit into your hand and rub it all over. The best time to use it is after the shower, and i always moisturise the tough bits twice (knees, feet and elbows). i've even used it on my face with no bother. It is a creamy colour, and about average consistancy for this type of moisturiser. Surprisingly, for the price it isn't greasy in the slightest, and a little bit does go a long way.

      For cheap moisturiser, it really is great!


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      28.10.2008 14:08
      Very helpful



      Lovely smell and for a pound you really can't complain!

      I adore Primark. I spend loads of money in the store because I love my clothes and fashion in general and while I concede the clothes are not really very good quality at all and are basically wear, wash, wear, throw out items in the main and the jewellery falls apart etc, me well I continue to buy at 'Primarni' because it's affordable and I do love to shop!

      It's the only store I go into and can buy a whole new outfit, a duvet cover, some wrapping paper and a pair of earrings all under one roof for minimal spends. I always go through the checkout with the weirdest filled up basket ever. Primark is purely designed to make you spend money on what you don't need and not on things you do. Everything is so cheap that you fill a basket and don't even realise your doing it!

      The most interesting place in store I think (well in the Primark's I have been in) has been near the tills. A massive selection of cheap bits and bobs whether it be Christmas wrapping paper, the new Primark reusable cotton bags at a pound each (which are rather nice to be fair but I always forget to take mine out with me to use for shopping lol), socks and slipper bootie type things all hang to entice you. I don't know about you (if you shop in Primark), but me I always spend a fiver just on things that are there while I'm browsing whilst being stuck in a huge queue! The one thing that always catches my eye is the make up and toiletries of course. Everything seems to be priced around the pound mark and although recently I have purchased a couple of make up items to try out of pure curiosity (I never need anything after all lol) I always end up buying say a nicely fragranced shower gel or something but like I say it's out of boredom in a queue!

      Body lotion and creams are something I own so much of it's unreal. I love the concept and the results of course and I do love a good pampering session. I love smelling nice (especially since quitting smoking last week) but I don't like applying them to my skin at this time of year as it's freezing so as I say I have a huge collection building up and never use them with all the best will in the world and I do promise myself to regularly! So I've stopped buying them but for a quid I couldn't resist this and I do love the smell of cocoa butter so there was another item that went through the till with me that I didn't need!

      The Packaging....

      250ml tall roundish frosted white recyclable plastic bottle with a pull up and down button/lid that opens and closes the product of which you squeeze the bottle gently and it comes out of the hole at the top of. On the front length-ways down the bottle in beige writing the word Cocoa is written and then at the side of that I'm told it's Body Lotion. On the the top of the bottle on the right hand side I'm told it's Primark Essentials in a small square box. On the back of the bottle I'm told 'Pamper and moisturise dry skin with this body lotion containing indulgent cocoa butter'. I'm then told how to use it , given a warning (about not getting it into eyes and what to do if you do), ingredients are listed, I'm told it's a Primark own product and given contact details if I need to contact them, size is stated and finally there is a black and white bar code at the bottom. I can see the light creamy/beige lotion through the bottle and all in all there is enough information on there and it's a simple but tidy looking bottle that doesn't scream economy 'I cost a quid' body lotion. It's simply....simple and nothing crappy looking or outstanding either. It is what it is!

      Directions For Use....

      Drench the body with Cocoa Body Lotion to quench dry and thirsty skin.

      The Lotion....

      As I said previously the lotion in colour is a light creamy beige. To get it out of the bottle you have to squeeze it out. You loosen the lid, tip the bottle upside down and no drips appear. So you control the amount that you want out and to use. When you splodge a bit out it comes out of course cold and the texture is not runny but not a thick cream either. If you look at it you can see there is a water content to it and what made me look at the lotion because it's shiny and appears greasy and I was slightly worried.

      However it isn't greasy at all. A small amount of the lotion goes a long way so I apply some and add more instead of slapping on handfuls at a time. The smell is lovely and light. It's distinctively cocoa but is isn't too sweet and sickly and still remains light and creamy. Once applied on the skin you can smell it for a good few hours lightly though of course the smell does fade off over time but for a cheap product this really does hold it's fragrance for a long time and in an entirely none invasive way so you are free to use deodorants and body sprays and perfumes and the like without over fragrancing yourself up or getting to sticky or anything like that.

      Applying it is simple enough. As I said a little goes a long way so be sensible when applying it. Gently layer it on rather than scrub it on and into skin because it goes white like soap and you have to rub it in then and it takes a bit or time and patience but although it does that the good thing about it is it doesn't flake off or go crumbly anyway. I just gently sweep it on and my skin absorbs it in straight away.


      Soft, none greasy, lightly moisturised skin. It isn't greasy to use it and doesn't feel greasy when it's on. You can use this and get dressed a couple of minutes later providing you only use what you need to use. Use too much it takes work to get it absorbed and it does transfer off a bit in the way of a wet mess. Do be very careful if applying it near your hair and try to keep it off it as it can make hairy bits and bobs greasy.

      There is no doubt in my mind that this is lightly moisturising. I suffer greasy bits of skin and dry skin patches and it doesn't make my greasy bits worse even after a whole day and night of having this on my skin and my dry bits like my arms do feel a little more hydrated though if your looking for a really great moisturising cream/lotion this probably isn't it to be fair.

      This for me is just a gentle, lovely and fresh everyday type of body lotion. Lovely just after a bath or shower and makes clothes and you smell nice. I'm quite a fan of it because I have very sensitive skin which is prone to spots and blackheads on my chest and back and this doesn't make them worse though of course it's not a cure for anything. I like the fact I can have it on my skin for hours and the smell doesn't become unpleasant, in warm conditions I don't go sticky and it washes off easily and if you do get any on clothes it washes out simply. It's just a simple body moisturiser that's easy to use in every way just don't expect amazing results for a quid but very worth a try!

      Only available in Primark priced at a pound! Worth a go ladies!


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