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Pure Calmille Face & Body Cream

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Brand: Yves Rocher / Texture: Cream / Type: Body Cream / Subcategory: Face Cream / Suitable for: Face / What it does: Calms,

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    1 Review
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      13.01.2012 23:17
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      Bit of a let down..


      I am a fan of the french beauty company Yves Rocher as many people who are familiar with my reviews will no doubt be aware of by now. I have recently been uber` impressed with a cleansing milk and facial toner from their Pure Calmille range and this is a review of their Face & Body cream from the same collection. Though there will be references to the cleansing milk and toner at times this review will focus on my experiences of using the face and body cream.

      *~*Price, packaging & availability*~*

      As this face and body cream is an Yves Rocher product it is exclusive to them and can be obtained from the following places:

      * Ordering from their mail order leaflets

      * Online @ www.yves-rocher.co.uk

      * By phoning 0870 049 22 22

      * In store or by checking on Ebay

      The packaging for this cream is in the form of a tub which is a flat discoid shape. Whilst this looks to be of a reasonable size depth of 1 inch but looks can be deceiving (more on that later). The tub is predominantly white, as are all of the products in the Pure Calmille range, and comes decorated with a single image of a flower. The whole appearance is very minimal and the whiteness gives off a very clean and pure aura to it.

      Price wise, I purchased this for £3 in November 11' when it was on a half price offer of 50% off. Having checked their website I can see it is still being offered at this price so for a 125 ml tub this is quite reasonable.

      *~*My experience of using the cream on my face*~*

      The tub has a quite easy to remove screw off lid which is almost half the size of the overall depth. The reason this is being mentioned is because the deepness of the lid gives the impression that there is far more of the product inside the tub but when the lid is removed it's clear to see that there is far less than expected.

      Once the lid is unscrewed I was met with a silver foil that seals the entire cream, and I have to say though the lid is easy to remove (for once as Yves Rocher lids seem to be super glued down at times) the actual foil seemed like mission impossible to open. There was no overhanging foil to grasp hold of so piercing the foil seemed the only way to access the cream and which proved rather messy to be honest and didn't really impress me much.

      Once the foil is out of the way (eventually) there is a blindingly bright white cream that greeted me, and just as the cleansing milk and the toner before it it emanated a fresh and clean scent tinged with a floral hint.

      The texture of the cream is almost waxy when touched and appears to be quite solidified whilst still in it's container, so I wasn't surprised one bit that it's consistency is on the thick side when scooped out.

      On applying the cream to my cleansed face I found it felt almost greasy and I wasn't as keen nor as impressed as I was hoping I would have been at first. Though only a small amount was used on each occasion I found it took an impossibly long amount of time to actually rub into my skin and it just didn't seem to absorb very well at all.

      Once I felt it had finally soaked in as much as it was going to I was left with a slightly clammy and uncomfortable feeling skin that had a slight tautness to it - not ideal at all.

      Though it scores points with the fact that it is 'enriched with chamomile and offers instant hydration' it doesn't offer any SPF so a separate one is needed, which in this day and age of creams and lotions and potions is a bit of a pain of having to apply everything separate.

      *~*My experience of this as a body cream*~*

      As I wasn't very impressed with it's effects on the skin on my face and neck, I decided I wasn't going to waste this so started to use sorely as a body cream.
      I found that it was best applied to my skin after I had showered/ bathed as my pores being open helped the cream to absorb slightly easier, though not much.

      A reasonable sized blob (around a 50p coin size) seemed enough to suffice my entire body as it is such a thick cream that it does spread all over with it's waxy texture. That's the only convenience of it feeling waxy as again it seemed to take a very long time to rub in and even after a good few minutes of doing so I was still left with a slight residue.

      Though it does absorb (or so it claims) my skin has never felt truly moisturised like other creams have left it and I was left feeling bitterly disappointed given the fact that I'd been so impressed with the other two products from the same collection.


      This smells divine there is no doubt about that, but it just doesn't leave my skin feeling as silky soft as I was hoping or indeed the blurb would have us believe. The cream lasts quite a long time given the fact that only a small amount is needed on each application so it's certainly economical if nothing else.

      I will say that it feels very soothing when applied, especially to the face, though the fact it just doesn't seem to absorb very well has really let itself down and I can't help but feel slightly cheated as it promised so much and gave so little in return.

      All has not been lost though as I have found it to be adequate as a hand and foot cream on an evening when using cotton gloves or socks (whichever is appropriate) as this does help the cream to soak in a little, so at least the product isn' going to waste.

      I'm only going to give this 2 out of 5 as I feel it has such potential but the thick consistency and waxy texture makes it impossible for me to conceive it being appropriate for a face cream as it just feels too 'wrong' a combination. The cream instantly seems to be suited for the body as soon as you try it so if you buy it with this in mind then maybe it will suit others?

      Not for me unfortunately but if you don't try then you don't know, and just for the record it is suitable for all skin types if interested..


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