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Seacret Body Lotion

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Brand: Seacret / What it does: Nourishes / Type: Body Lotion

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    1 Review
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      12.03.2009 08:53
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      I love the feeling that I've just walked out a nail salon but it's all natural :)

      As part of my 4 year university course I was required to undertake one full year of work experience which allowed me to travel all the way to the US to live for the year whilst completing the requirements of my course. Whilst I was living in Houston, I was walking through one of the nearby shopping malls near to where I lived when this woman working on a stall asked if I could spare a moment of my time.

      My first inclination was to say no and to keep on walking which is what I normally do, but on this particular occassion I was every so slightly intrigued by the products being displayed and sold so I allowed the woman to demonstrate her product.

      The brand of course was Seacret, a blend of dead sea skin care and spa products. The products being offered related to general skin care both body and face and also body care such as nail kits. It was this particular nail kit that was being demonstrated at the stall.

      The woman asked me to hold out my hand and inspected my nails. She pointed out that I had a number of ridges on my nails making them a little uneven and unhealthy looking and proceeded to pull out a small buffing block complete with 3 different coloured faces. The first face that was used was grey in colour and quite rough to the touch although not as harsh as say a nail file. The purpose of this rough grey side was to remove the ridges that had been pointed out to me before. As with any new product I was ever so slightly dubious that this product was as magnificent as it was claimed to be but I let the woman continue with an open mind. After my nail had been attacked by the grey face on this buffing block my nail looked decidedly dull and a chalk like substance which I'm sure was just a layer of grated nail appeared on the surface, I'm sure at this point I must have screwed my nose up a wee bit.

      The second side that was used is Blue in colour and although not as rough as the grey side still has a roughish texture, it is this blue side that is used to actually buff the nail and make it smooth and even to the touch. I have to admit after this had been used my nail did look decidedly more healthy although it still had a dull finish.

      The third face was white in colour and is super silky smooth to the touch. It is this white side that is used to really bring the shine out in your nail - almost like a polishing effect. I was amazed as my nail quickly changed before my eyes and it looked as though I had applied clear nail polish, but no, the effect was all from this little rectangular block with it's 3 different coloured faces, at this point I was sold.

      Also applied to my nail was a nourishing cuticle oil which is applied to reduce the appearance of your cuticles by softening and nourishing them.

      I was so impressed by the effectsof this buffing block and the cuticle oil that I decided to buy a kit. The kit came in a nice compact gift box with a clear panel on the front so you can see exactly what comes in it. The kit includes a nail file, the buffing block and cuticle oil, both of which were demonstrated and also a 200ml tube of body lotion. I had the option to choose from three different kits all determined by the scent of the lotion which came in Ocean, Wild Kiwi and Cucumber and Melon. I ended up choosing the kit with the wild kiwi because the smell was just gorgeous.

      The kit probably lasted me about 6 months in total, just as I was due to come home, the only thing that was still standing was the buffing block which was used to death but still very effective.

      The products from Seacret as previously stated are all sourced from the dead sea and so originate in Israel and are completely natural. It has been found through medical research that the minerals and salts from the dead sea have healing properties for the skin and can be used to help combat skin allergies and so this makes seacret a very appealing product indeed.

      I have continued to use the nail kit as it is sold here in the UK at shopping centres at the same familiar stalls I encountered back in 2005 when living in America. You can get this kit for around £25 which isn't exactly cheap but well worth the money and a small price to pay for natural beauty.

      Every time I use this product I feel as though I have just been to a nail salon as my nails look smooth and perfectly polished and best of all healthy. You only have to buff every couple of weeks and the block lasts for up to a year. I use the block for both the nails on my hands and my feet and am still constantly amazed at the end result.


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      A unique collection of skin care and spa products, with nutrient essentials that your skin needs /

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