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Simple Kind to Skin Nourishing Body Wash

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Brand: Simple / Type: Body Wash / What it does: Nourishes

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    4 Reviews
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      09.03.2013 18:04
      Very helpful



      A great for sensitive skin

      I first came across this product when showering some of the residents at work, as rather a lot of old people end up with dry skin with tend to use this shower gel so that not to use anything on the skin which may irritate.

      When I saw this product in the local Poundland I decided I would have a bottle to try for myself as I quite liked the impression I got of it at work. You can buy the Simple range in chemists and supermarkets but best of all it features regularly in the discount style stores.

      The product comes in a see through bottle where you can see the liquid inside which has a very slight tint of green however that could actually be due to the green detailing printed on the bottle. The bottle has a flip top lid on it and it stands on its lid so it makes it easier to get the lasts bits out of the bottle. On the bottle it is claimed that the product is perfect for sensitive skin and it has "vitamin goodness to cleanse and purify your skin."

      The product doesn't really have a smell as such but simply smells fresh and clean, the liquid is pretty thick and you only need a small amount as it lathers up really well and the lather feels really silky. I used shower gels on a shower puff and find that this makes shower gel last longer and this one is no different, I am just coming to the end of my bottle and have been using this along with a couple of others since just after Christmas so it does last really well.

      My skin isn't really sensitive apart from on my hands where I have contact dermatitis, I find this shower gel is really gentle and my skin feels nice and refreshed after use. The shower gel has cucumber, chamomile and vitamin B5 so it is actually good for your skin too rather than just actually being to clean your skin.

      My only drawback from this shower gel is that it doesn't really have a smell and I tend to like fruity smelling products and like a smell to remain on my skin after showering. I would rate this 5 stars as the lack of smell really is due to it being a product for sensitive skin and therefore I don't feel that it would be justified to mark the product down because of it.


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      17.09.2012 11:30



      Love this product!!

      This body wash was on sale at our local supermarket a few days ago at 1/3 off and as we are trying to save money i thought i would give it a go.

      I have very dry/sensitive skin and I have to be carefull what prodcuts I use. I have used other Simple skincare products in the past and never had a bad reaction, I like the fact they dont use Perfume or colours in their products.

      The bottle is very simple in design (if you excuse the pun) but feels lovely to use, it is a nice soft plastic so the product comes out easily.

      The body wash is a think, creamy consistancy and it produces a lovely rich lather. It left my skin feeling great.

      although it was not fragranced it did have a nice 'clean' sort of smell to it.

      It left my skin feeling moisterised and not at all dry.

      Its fair to say this is not the most exciting body wash on the market, it wont stand out on your bathroom shelf or fill the air with exotic fragrance. But if like me all you want is a nice body wash that will leave your sking clean at a good price you cant go wrong with this!

      I will be buying this one again.

      FULL MARKS!!


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      28.03.2012 20:25
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Great product, will definitely continue to use.

      -- Reasons for buying --
      On my weekly shop around Asda, I was in the beauty department and came across this body wash. I have used Simple's skin care products and they were absolutely brilliant. As this stated it was refreshing, I thought it would be excellent to use first this in the morning before my daily routine to give me a little boost and wake me up.

      -- The claim --
      Our refreshing shower gel is a perfect blend of active ingredients and vitamin goodness to cleanse and purify your skin. Perfect for even sensitive skin.

      -- Price and Availability --
      I bought this from Asda for £2, it is widely available in super markets, drug stores and in many online stores varying slightly in price. I believe the price is very reasonable for the 250ml that your receive, I use this most morning and it lasts me about 3 weeks which I think is ideal.

      -- Appearance --
      The body wash is a gel like texture, the gel is white in colour and very creamy. It comes in a plastic transparent squeezable container. The lid is attached at the bottom of the container, which makes it easier for you to retrieve the product inside. Displayed on the bottle, is the name of the product, the brand logo and so information about the product including all the ingredients and directions of use.

      -- My experience --
      As I have very sensitive skin and find some other brands tend to leave me with irritation and redness, this was brilliant. The body wash smells absolutely delightful, I was quite surprised as it states there is no added perfumes. I believe the smell is made up from the cucumber extract and chamomile.

      I like to use this along with a douche, I tend to use only a small amount as it tends to lather and expand. This is enough to effectively cover my whole body. This really does awaken me and leave me feeling refreshed.

      The product contains 1 Vital Vitamin B5 which actively restores, softens and smoothes. It also contains 2 Skin Loving Nutrients which is cucumber extract which naturally invigorates and chamomile which gently softens and soothes.

      After using I do find my skin to be more soft, supple and much smoother. This feeling lingers throughout most of the day which is lovely. Also the gel is very thick and feels more like a moisturiser, rather than a body wash, which is why I believe my skin feels so silky smooth and soft.

      I can't actually fault this product, as it does live up to its claims and leaves my skin feeling its very best.

      -- Conclusion --
      I would highly recommend this product to anyone who has sensitive skin, the price is a small amount to pay for all the benefits of using this body wash. It smells great, it leaves your skin smooth and soft and it doesn't irritate. What more could you ask for?


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        31.10.2011 03:25
        Very helpful



        Highly recommended


        Having extremely sensitive skin, I have purchased many of simple's products over the last ten years and whilst I have found some to be lacking in efficacy and others a little sub-standard, none have ever irritated my skin and more often than not I have considered most of their products to be of predominately superior quality comparably to other brands with an equivalent product range vying for the same consumer loyalty . Having recently purchased their Nourishing body Wash, I again found myself delighted with another one of their products but also one I felt might quite possibly be the jewel in the self proclaimed "experts in sensitive skin care's" crown and certainly my favourite Simple sampling to date.

        ~~~Cost, Packaging and Availabilty~~~

        Simple's Nourishing Body Wash comes in a sturdy plastic 250ml translucent bottle with an easy to use flip top lid, the translucent bottle displays the white contents of your body wash inside. You will find this product in most cosmetic stores, selected supermarkets and many online stores including Amazon at a cost of around £1-£2 depending on where you go.

        The 'skin health, over product glamorisation' tactic is never more evident than in the labelling of this product. You'd be forgiven for thinking it a little mundane or perhaps even a touch unimaginative at first glance, but contrary to first impressions it has been well thought out with a clean lined approach and minimalistic style that mirrors the companies ethos well- they do say "we only use the purest possible ingredients" and the simplistic packaging certainly reflects that in my opinion.

        ~~~Active Ingredients~~~

        I have taken the following from Simple's product detailing in a bid to demonstrate some of the body washes benefits:

        PRO-VITAMIN B5 - actively restores, softens and smoothes
        VITAMIN E - moisturises to improve skin condition (I also know that it can help skins elastisity and prevent excessive scar tissue formation)

        GLYCERIN - hydrates and nourishes
        CHAMOMILE - gently softens and soothes

        NO PERFUME, NO COLOUR - (Perfect if you are suffering from sensitive skin or dry skin conditions)

        "No unnecessary ingredients so it won't upset your skin" - This is a must for me really. I suffer with eczema that can be very easily irritated by a whole host of products. Having used this product for sometime now I can safely say that this body wash is very unlikely to irritate anyone's skin.

        ~~~Use and Overall Opinion~~~

        The body wash has a very thick consistency perhaps more akin to a body lotion than that of a wash, you might even pessimistically doubt its ability to lather well at first, but ruffling up your sponge with a little splash of water you soon find it actually lathers with greater effect than most, whipping up a thick, fluffy snowball of bubbles. With all the texture, feel, and appearance of a creamy pre-baked meringue it really does look good enough to eat, but I wouldn't recommend it because I'm pretty sure it won't taste very nice and your belly won't like it half as much as your skin.

        Washing becomes an effortless task using this body wash as the product spreads evenly and plentifully across your body like a soft velvety blanket, instantaneously removing all the day's pollution and rehydrating your skin as it goes. I found my usual scrubbing antics unnecessary and adopted a more gentle approach than usual. My moisture hungry skin certainly felt relieved and satisfied as it absorbed the goodness of the mixture with almost immediate effect.

        I was also surprised to smell such a delightful fresh, clean and relaxing aroma considering the wash doesn't actually contain any perfume. How is this possible, a perfumey scent in a wash that doesn't contain any perfume? Have they sneaked some in and fibbed to us about it or am I lacking in sufficient sniff expertise? Perplexing, but who cares because it doesn't irritate, on the contrary, and really does smell fantastic. I have to say though, that it is perhaps a more feminine scent than a blokey whiff as it does smell a little flowery, but it's also mild and unobtrusive so not likely to put anyone off. Alas, the scent did last for quite some time, long after I had dried off, which I found tremendously pleasing and a cherry on the cake of cleanliness.

        Reluctantly getting out of my bath and drying myself off I noticed that my skin felt far softer and smoother than usual. Feeling slothful after such a relaxed bath I opted out of my usual post bath body lotion routine but didn't feel guilty or incomplete because I had felt positively pampered by my new wash and my skin by equal measure felt just as soft, supple and smooth as it would if I had used my lotion.

        Having used my wash for about 3 weeks now, I can honestly say that my skin has never felt so first-class soft and silky. Using the wash in my bath is a thoroughly relaxing affair, an almost heavenly spa like experience. I always feel extremely clean, detoxified and fresh after using it and smell utterly fabulous to match. Even my eczema has significantly reduced with the wash helping to lock in moisture and rid pollutants.

        Try as I might I really cannot find fault with Simple's latest concoction, the only thing really worth mentioning is that the wash doesn't last all that long (mainly down to my liking and greed of the product) and it would be nice to see a more family sized option of 500ml alongside the 250ml bottle. Other than that, this product really is the jewel in Simple's crown and highly recommended to anyone in pursuit of healthier looking skin.

        ~~~Also on ciao under the same user name~~~


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