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Skin Doctors Powerbrasion Intensive Crystals

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Brand: Skin Doctors / Type: Body Scrub / Contents: 50ml

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    1 Review
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      27.07.2011 11:21
      Very helpful



      Brighter cleaner skin!

      I look after my skin by cleansing and using suitable creams for my age and my skin type. Brand Loyalty is something which many people attend to, however I do not really care about what the brand is, hence me using a variety of products. One of the brands I used was Skin Doctors Cosmeceuticals. I first came across this brand two years ago while I was browsing through the health and beauty category on Amazon.co.uk; I never heard of this brand before but after reading about it and exploring their range, I wanted to try a few products using my vouchers and ever since then Skin Doctors became one of my favourites.

      == Skin Doctors, who are they? "Clinical strength skin care without prescription!" ==

      Skin Doctors Cosmeceuticals are an Australian based health and Beauty Company that was founded in 1998. Skin Doctors products have been available in the UK since 2000. The company produces a wide range of effective body and facial cosmetics that focus on skin problems. Skin Doctors products results in general are so impressive that it makes surgery look a tad mediocre and expensive compared to their reasonable prices and the top results you obtain.

      They have solutions for many skin problems you may have, like ageing, problems such as capillary damage, stretch marks or even acne with quick and fast results.
      Skin Doctors is not like your usual beauty products, it's a serious product that works effectively to solve your skin problems not to cover it with fancy smells or colours.
      I'm not going to bore you with more details about their expanding range, but I can assure you from my own experience over the years that Skin Doctors is very trustworthy and yields effective results, which is why it makes it worth every penny.

      I bought facial and body creams from the Skin Doctors range via Amazon.co.uk and I used them for many years and I'm very glad that I found and tried them because I obtained the most perfect results without having to break the bank.

      I'm going to review Skin Doctors Powerbrasion intensive micro-dermabrasion crystals. From the name of the product, you can realise that it's a strong exfoliator which I consider as a form of "extravagant" treatment for many skin problems.

      These are things such as wrinkles, whiteheads, blackheads, scars, enlarged open pores, sign of sun damage, dry skin, dull complexions and ingrowing hairs which can also be used for body too. They promised great results which were "revealing a fresh, glowing and younger skin."

      == What is so special about it? ==

      It has a unique combination of micro-dermabrasion crystals together with a deeper Hydroxy acid peel. These two combinations work miracles together! You get the exfoliating and the deep peel at the comfort of your home and virtually pain free.

      == The packaging, appearance, smell and texture ==

      The mixture is stored in an opaque glass pot. The silver coloured lid is made of hard plastic. I opened the plastic cap to reveal a protective plastic cover for extra security and to avoid any spillage.

      Unlike some facial creams, this one has no fancy smell, though I must say it's not that bad either. I could describe it as an artificial smell. However, I could smell something minty as well. The mixture looked brilliant white, and I didn't see any coloured beads like the usual exfoliators. As for the texture; the mixture was light and fluffy, but surprisingly it wasn't dense or creamy. Rubbing it between my fingers so I felt that most of it was made of very tiny particles, they called them crystals. This luxurious cream scrub has a coarse texture with nearly invisible micro-beads.

      == Ingredients ==

      Before I start, please read the list of ingredients making sure that you are not allergic to any of the components.

      Water(Aqua), Polyethylene, Cetearyl Alcohol, Glycerin, Ethylhexyl Stearate, Squalane, Bis-PEG/PPG-16/16PEG/PPG 16/16 Dimethicone, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Tocopheryl Acetate, Phenoxyethanol, CetearethCeteareth- , Imidazolidinyl Urea, Xanthan Gum, PEG-60 Almond Glycerides, PEG-6 Caprylic/Capric Glycerides, Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil, Disodium EDTA.

      == How to apply ==

      Just to clarify, Skin Doctors Powerbrasion intensivemicro-dermabrasion crystals is a part of Powerbrasion complete program. This program includes three main steps, Skin Doctors Powerbrasion intensivemicro-dermabrasion crystals, Skin Doctors microdermabrasion system, which is a special system that can be used at home for skin resurfacing and when it is finished we use a high quality skin moisturiser which is Skin Doctors Powerbrasion Resurfacing Cream. You can of course use it on its own without the machine. However, the results won't be as effective, and it will take longer time to get the desired results.

      == So the main steps for using the cream scrub are the following: ==

      Cleanse your skin from, oil or dirt then pat dry. Dot Skin Doctors Powerbrasion intensive micro-dermabrasion crystals on the cleansed area that you want to treat and then use the machine or your fingers and start massaging the treatment cream into your skin using the circular motion method in addition to applying gentle pressure for 5 minutes per area if using the machine . If you are doing this using your fingers, this should take a little bit more time, however don't exceed the 8 minute mark

      After you finish, rinse the treated area with plenty of lukewarm water then pat dry. The final step is applying your moisturiser and I highly recommend using the cream suggested by them to get the perfect results.

      == My experience ==

      I have been using Skin Doctors Powerbrasion intensive micro-dermabrasion crystals from last year and I'm confident to say the results were excellent.

      I use the cream scrub twice a week and I don't use it only on my face but also on my knees and heels too.

      I applied the cream into my cleansed skin by using the machine previously mentioned above; I massaged it in a circular motion, the cream sunk quickly into my skin leaving only the crystal beads on the surface of the skin as a dust. I used a flannel cloth to dust off the crystals from my skin before washing it off.

      The crystals beads so tiny yet so gentle on my skin and unlike some harsh exfoliators. When these beads contacted my skin, I felt that they worked fine as they didn't scratch or damage my skin. However to be completely honest here, my skin was slightly reddish and stung me for a good 30 minutes but that again depends on your skin type. That is nothing to worry about as your skin will be perfectly back to normal when it cools down.

      The smell was ok and as I mentioned above, there was definitely a minty smell, which was quite refreshing. While scrubbing, I could see layers of dirt and dead skin are coming off. It is not a pretty scene however it shows that the product actually WORKS! The exfoliator contains Melaleuca alternifolia an Australian tea tree's oil works as antibacterial treatment to cure skin acne and some infections.

      While exfoliating my skin, I SAW the difference instantly and after finishing, I not only saw the results but also felt them. My skin was very soft and velvety from the very first application. They said you can see a visible result within 10 days. However, from my experience it took me a few months with regular usage twice a week to get a good result. My fine lines are less visible and my skin looks healthier, younger with brighter complexions.

      == As a result ==

      I'm very happy with the results. I like my new shiny skin which I obtain whenever I use skin doctors. I also liked the results that I get when I use it on my heels. It works for me and I consider it as a miracle treatment if not magical.

      == And finally ==

      Please note that your skin will be more sensitive to the sun so you should follow the instructions carefully. You need to apply a thick layer of a high quality moisturiser on a regular basis and use a good quality sun block and even better try not to expose your skin to the sunlight for longer hours.

      == Prices and availability ==

      Skin Doctors products are only available online. You can't buy them from high street shops, but I recommend that you do a little research as the prices can vary. I bought mine using my Amazon vouchers for £15. You can find it somewhere else cheaper if you did your homework! If you want to buy Skin Doctors Powerbrasion System Pack 5 Piece Pack, it's a bit expensive, paying nearly £40 for the machine.

      == Contacts ==

      Holland Court
      The close, Norwich
      NR1 4DY
      United Kingdom
      0044 208 240 4498


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      Skin Doctors Powerbrasion Intensive Crystals uses micro-dermabrasion and Hydroxy Acid exfoliation to boost skin's health and radiance / It works to boost dull and dreary looking skin effectively resurfacing the outer layer / '

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